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  1. It beginning to look like the money men and me are going to get our way.
  2. I think you want to get every advantage you can, you can train on your own ground, cut the grass how you want, sit in your own dressing room and just feel more comfortable, especially if you know that the crowd is not going to get on your back after 5 minutes. Having said that, are some clubs trying to get the season abandoned, to avoid relegation. I'm sure Liverpool would happily play at Goodison, if it meant completing the season.
  3. I didn't know that Steve Gibson owned them as well.
  4. I thought this, but amazingly, they did.
  5. I remember the squeeze coming out of the Popside every game. I used to lift my feet off the ground and see how far I could go, before having to put them down again. That was a long time before Hillsborough and Just seemed to be a fun thing to do.
  6. I Can't remember why, but somehow we ended up with seats in the upper tear of the Ossie end, which was mainly forest fans. We noticed in the first half that there were a few empty seats in the C stand and at half time, got the stewards to let us move there. The goals came in the second half, god knows what would have kicked off, if we'd have stayed with the forest fans.
  7. Great idea for a thread B4. I'm going back a few years, but for me the Hawthorns was a proper football ground, terracing at both ends and seats along both sides. I think the worst was Swansea's old ground, the Vetch.
  8. ram59

    Rams 74/75

    One thing to note upon looking at that season's fixtures. The only fixture to be a sell out or even close to one, was the last match against Carlisle, after the title was already won. It seemed to be packed on the Popside every week though.
  9. A bit of a gamble there, you deliberately get the virus and then be one of the unfortunate ones who die. I think I would wait for the vaccine.
  10. I want the club to market that replica shirt, not the charity shield one.
  11. I wonder that if the antibody test gets going, then people who have passed it could be given some kind of passport, which would enable them to have greater access than the rest of the population. Cruel I know, but it would help various businesses to function prior to the vaccine being widely available.
  12. If this season is completed, I expect it to be done behind closed doors. The club could then offer all season ticket holders a free Rams TV package in lieu of their season tickets, maybe including the away games also.
  13. Yes 3 must be Frank. Is 4 Keogh?
  14. Nish wasn't part of the 72' side, I thought it was John Robson, but I may be wrong. Just checked, Robson played 40 league games and scored 2 goals.
  15. Is not like the close season though. During the close season there are set dates when things happen, fixtures out, training, friendlies etc. Also, for me anyway, there are no other sports on the TV, no golf, no F1, no Olympics, no rugby league, no cricket, just nothing.
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