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  1. The same could be said about last season, how many goals did Wilson score from outside box? Outstanding shots, but you don't expect to score so many from that range in one season.
  2. You've got to be kidding! Try living and working amongst villa fans. The ones you spoke to, must have had memory loss. It's not just the fans either, when you go to Villa park, you can see the commentary of villa's winning goal plastered to face of the stands on the inside of the ground.
  3. I suspect we'll be looking at him returning for Cardiff at home on 13th September. That way we can use the international break to give him an extra 2 weeks to recover.
  4. What about playing 3 Centre backs, letting the fullbacks spend more time doing what they do best, going forward. This takes away the need for out and out wingers, giving our forwards flexibility to roam and play 2 up front in the middle.
  5. On this occasion, the penalty should have been retaken. That useless referee didn't enforce the new rules whereby a keeper is not allowed to jump up and grab the bar before the kick is taken.
  6. It was too hot in there and there needs to be a bigger outside area for those who smoke or like to be a bit cooler.
  7. Dunno wether anyone else has put this up, but Adam Reily of PNE sponsored by red32, has a squad number of 32. Nothing said about that though. Plus Stephen Wearne of Boro.
  8. it is relevant though, have you never been in the newsagents when the person in front of you is buying their weekly 20 or 30 lottery tickets, that they dare not give up, in case that one line gets the jackpot? Because of this the national lottery is harder to give up than normal gambling. When it first started 25 years ago, I told my wife not to have the same numbers. I changed my numbers every week and soon got bored and gave up, she could never give her numbers up and now we pay by direct debit to make sure we don't miss out. Fortunately, it's only one line, but those numbers are imprinted in our heads.
  9. This doesn't make sense at all. Pep likes his keepers to be able to play the ball with their feet, which is Carson's big weakness.
  10. But, the club have negotiated a new deal with 32red for shirt sponsorship. Its no coincidence that his squad number is 32. So they're giving Derby an extra sum of money which will help pay his wages. So, in practise, they are paying for part of his wages, just not directly.
  11. Maybe a little carried away, I didn't realise the away fee was so little. But you forgot to add in the 3 fa Cup games making a total of 5 Cup games, bearing in mind that the previous season Derby at Man U was the only non televised Man U cup game for over a decade. The league games were 5 home and 10 away. If those stats are swopped and the cup runs repeated, there's your 1 million in a season.
  12. Maybe worth pursuing a 6 month loan until Rooney appears, somebody like Drinkwater who may be kicking his heels for the next few months. It could put him in the shop window and so be a win win situation. A nice free loan off FL would be nice.
  13. Still got plenty of fork handles left, though! 🙄 One for us olduns. 👍
  14. We saw the Lampard affect last season with extra tv coverage. How many extra games at over 100k per game are we likely to have in the next 2 seasons? I would estimate at around 15-20 games bringing in at least 2 million, when you add on extra advertising revenue.
  15. Talk sport is all about interaction with the listeners. The way to get the listeners to interact is to have controversial views. There are usually 2 presenters, one of which is Mr Sensible and the other Mr Controversial (Durham). I'm sure they have a good laugh afterwards on how they have wound up the listeners. I used to find the channel amusing, now it's just boring rubbish that insults our intelligence. BTW, this love in between Jim White and MM is a bit different to him slaughtering MM over the sacking of Clement a few years ago.
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