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  1. We were fortunate to get away with only 4, it could have been that many at half time. I turned off at 3, in disgust.
  2. Is he spending too much time concentrating on how the opposition set up? Surely, a good tactician will set up a team to nullify the opposition's strengths, but also to capitalise on their weaknesses? Unless you're a Man City, you have to change your tactics, otherwise, the opposition are able to set up to nullify your favoured set up, even Mac1's dream team came unstuck against teams that just sat back. Further to this, we don't know what formation, we're likely to play before each game, so neither does the opposition and they can't just concentrate on one plan in training all week.
  3. I take your point and that's why I'm going to monitor it over the next few games, to see if the pattern continues.
  4. We'll see, Tammy. Since I picked up on it at Rotherham, it seems to have been pretty one way in most games. Last night's was typical, Forest players rolling around in agony, not one needing treatment. I don't recall any Derby player doing the same, including Waggy when he was kicked twice in retaliation. We'll see how the next few games progress.
  5. The team in red were well practised in the dark arts of gamesmanship I noticed tonight. Waghorn was kicked twice in retaliation by the one player in the first half, had he'd been playing in red, he would have gone down rolling in agony and got the player sent off. I agree that it's not what we want to see, but when you see virtually every other team at it, are we missing out?
  6. And if my auntie had.............😉
  7. The trouble with this plan is that when the ball goes out near to 2 corners of the pitch, there is no linesman there and the ref is likely to be a fair distance away, resulting in more wasting of time. Surely, it was down to one of our players to remind the ref that the ball hit the corner flag before going out, when the ref doesn't do his job?
  8. That sounds possible in theory, but all championship grounds are equipped with a system of cameras for goal line technology and the quality of lighting to go with it, I'm not sure that Loughborough would meet these standards, then you'll need further facilities and camera locations, etc.
  9. Watching recent matches has led me to believe that we are struggling in the dark art of gamesmanship which is surprising with Rooney being the manager. Last night, there were several instances, Buchanan got a yellow only after their player rolled around and Hughes had a word with the ref. Hughes, on a yellow, made a bad challenge, but no histrionics from the Derby player fouled nor any teammates, to get him sent off. Wisdom constantly being grappled at corners has got to bring the ref's attention to it. One of their players loses a headed challenge just outside their box, not
  10. Coutts is definitely a shout, do you remember that challenge on Sky where they challenged players to take corners and curl the ball into the goal before it hit the ground? Many top players never managed it even after multiple attempts, Coutts did it from BOTH sides using a total of 3 attempts, only missing the once.
  11. He seems to have some ability, but his decision making is poor, like many others. Hopefully, he can be encourage to use Byrne when he's overlapping rather than cutting in every time, this will put the defender in 2 minds, which will result in giving him more space to cut in. When he does cut in, he was always looking for a killer threaded pass, when one wasn't on. Instead, he could have tried curling one to the far post for a cross come shot. I think that his lack of clearance for the second goal was down to him waiting one more pace, so he could clear with his left foot rather than his w
  12. And Wisdom was being wrestled in the same incident.
  13. Unfortunately, that's an incredible stat, we've only equalised once all season. In fact, I think that is the only goal we've scored after another team has scored this season. You forgot the red dogs which was another 2 points.
  14. Isn't Huddlestone still an option, he hasn't signed for another club since he left? However, his attitude in not seeing out last season didn't do him any favours.
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