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  1. ram59

    EFL appeal

    I think it's actually called the League Arbitration Panel, but, yes, it is independent of the EFL and God knows why it's taking so long. Surely, when punishment, if any is given out, the continued suffering to the club, by this drawn out process needs to be taken into consideration, just as a convicted criminal's time spent in prison on remand is knocked off his sentence.
  2. I expect virtually all restrictions to be lifted by 19th of July. The only ones not to be lifted may be high risk ie: night clubs or standing at a bar, inside. Outdoor spectator events should be restriction free, except maybe for mask wearing inside the ground. They're increasing the numbers going to Wembley for the remaining Euro matches, Wimbledon for the tennis, the British GP at Silverstone and the test matches. Data will be collected from all of these events, in time for the start of the football season.
  3. I think Jozwiak's best period last season, was when Bielik was playing. This could be for a number of reasons: A, he felt more settled with a fellow Pole in the team. B, he benefited from having a better player giving him quicker and better passes. C, he benefited from playing in a team playing with more confidence at the time. Like many players, past and present, he seems to be a 'confidence' player. Hopefully, he can get and maintain that confidence next season.
  4. I think that the goalkeeping Union of Steve Cherry and Lee Camp should be on the list. Although, I think the Derby fans started the bad feeling with Cherry, when he was hammered for conceding direct from a corner against Plymouth in a cup Replay, when it was down to him, that we earned the replay in the first place.
  5. The International Football Association Board have decided to continue with 5 subs for next season. Do we really need it? Players will have a normal break and pre-season before next season, so I can't see any justification on health grounds and do we want the disruption that comes with up to 10 players substituted each game? Another rule which favours the big teams.
  6. ram59

    EFL appeal

    But, have we been found guilty? From what I understand, the EFL appeal has only allowed their 'expert's' evidence to be submitted to the LAC's hearing. There is no proof that the addition of this evidence will change the result and/or punishment arising from the new hearing.
  7. ram59

    EFL appeal

    On that basis, we didn't gain an advantage during the seasons in question because we didn't get promoted and we were so far from relegation, that any points deduction wouldn't have been enough to get us relegated.
  8. ram59

    EFL appeal

    In all fairness to Wycombe, they have brought out a statement denying that they are considering any action regarding Derby getting a points deduction for 20/21 season. Good luck to them for next season.
  9. So, we've managed to avoid relegation. Much has said about the players 'bottling' it, but let's give some credit where it's due to some of them. Davies, yesterday and Edmundsen a couple of games ago, both not contracted to the club now, put themselves forward after being out injured and with no training, therefore, risking long term injury. Also, CKR has being playing whilst injured and then Waggy with that bone crunching collision with post and playing on, in his last contracted game for the club. Most of that team yesterday have no contract for next season, but twice they came back and
  10. I believe Rotherham have been promoted and relegated 2x each in the last 4 seasons, we've managed to match that in one game, today.
  11. Better decision making wether to pass to an overlapping Byrne or cut inside, could make a dangerous combination on the right flank.
  12. I'm still feeling numb, just numb. I don't feel like celebrating for some reason.
  13. I agree, there didn't seem to be any contact from Fozzy, Dowell looked to have been closed down as well. If it had been Joz going down at the other end, there's no way we'd have had a free kick and there would have been those on here saying that it was embarrassing how easy he went down. In fact, Joz did make a header and got clattered by a Norwich player making no attempt for the ball, yellow card all day long, but not even a free kick. Also, with the Dowell goal, the wall seemed to be a good 11 yards back, it would be nice if we had refs give us 10 yards, never mind 11. If you look at t
  14. We'll have to agree to disagree then, Davies was captain and preferred choice over Wisdom at CB at the time of his injury, unfortunately his replacement Edmunson is also out for the rest of the season.
  15. This is the championship, all games are winnable for all teams, likewise, all games are losable for all teams. Teams who have something to play for will beat you because they're trying, or lose to you because they're edgy. Teams who have nothing to play for will beat you because they're relaxed, or lose to you because they're 'on the beach'. Unfortunately, I think that the next few weeks are going to be a rollercoaster, unless the next 11 days produce a perfect set of results, for Derby.
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