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  1. The recent one that sticks in my mind is Fulham away last season. Lawrence tackled back in the centre of the park and won the ball. He then went forward surrounded by 3 Fulham players and with 1 bit of magic left them for dead. He than spotted the run of Vydra, I think, and played a perfect pass for a simple finish. May be someone can post a link for me.
  2. From watching on Rams TV, I have found the u23 games highly entertaining over the last 2 years and that's including last season, when they played a different style to the first team. It'll be interesting to see which youngsters come through.
  3. Let's have a whip round and get him a season ticket.
  4. Nobody is unbeatable, including Villa, they were fortunate against the Blues. Their defence stood back and virtually gave Grealish his goal and the ref denied Blues a blatant penalty. They're on a good run of results atm, but to continue that for another 9 games it's asking a lot. There are a number of teams in the mix, Preston, Sheff Wed and the red dogs. They'll all be fancying their chances as a result of Boro, Bristol and ourselves slipping up recently.
  5. Bloody hell, that's scary, 90s dance stuff being classed as old. 😔
  6. It looks like 2 from 3 at the top. Whoever finishes third will be gutted and whoever finishes 6th will be made up. Classic play off scenerio.
  7. Nothing could be as bad as Millwall. Yes, he should have come out, but have you ever seen Carson come off his line? Pity. Wilson wasn't on for that Waghorne free kick.
  8. I bet we get a free kick on the edge of the box now.
  9. What do they have to do to get a card?
  10. Let's hope we outclass them on the pitch as much as off it. Did anyone notice the Ram badge on our dressing room door, whereas they had used an upside down 'w' for an 'm" and the 'E' didn't look right either, on the home dressing room door.
  11. Why would he dive, to gain a non threatening free kick? Or would you stay on your feet and go through on goal? Have we got the wrong Madley?
  12. That feeling goes with most teams. My Blue nose mates were saying the same thing before Bolton at home last night.
  13. Yes, how could we possibly lose against the likes of Bolton, Rotherham and Millwall?
  14. We're in SW upper, it's got a good view and good atmosphere without having to stand up all game and at a cheap price. One extra bonus is that although it is usually fairly full in there, your friends can usually get individual seats and on the day you can all sit together in the empty seats of the adjacent west stand wing.
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