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  1. By strictly enforcing sitting in the front few rows, you can solve a problem immediately and at no cost. I'm sure that someone can come up with the adequate formal description of this area, so as not to appear to condone standing elsewhere. Maybe they could label them like the 'singing' South stand, normal seating at the front and singing seats behind, would that do? I'm sure, that a few of us in the normal seats might break the rules and join in with the singing, though.🙄
  2. Surely, the principle behind yoyo clubs is that they spend a little bit of their cash bonanza each time they get into the Premier, making themselves that little bit stronger, until they get to the stage whereby they are capable of consolidating their promotion one season, without having to break the bank. I would have thought that by now the likes of Norwich, Fulham and WBA should be close to this position.
  3. I was at the game also and after standing the whole game, my hip has been agony today. I used to love to stand on the Popside and at away games, but now it can be a struggle. My heart goes out to those with small children or who are infirm. One possible solution the club could come up with, is to designate the first few rows of away tickets as strictly 'sitting only'. I know that these aren't the best seats to have and that the view isn't great, but it would give those people who are suffering at the moment, a choice of continuing to suffer or to sit down, even with the compromises. You could try having a seating block, but I don't that would work, as you would get a border between the 2 sections where those sitting down would have their view blocked to the side. The more boisterous element won't want these lower seats, so there shouldn't be an issue there.
  4. I don't know why, but Morrison seems reluctant to pass the ball wide right. Several times yesterday either Festy or Byrne were in space and didn't receive the ball. The stats show that Byrne is a key player regarding assists and should be used more. CKR showed the way, by holding the ball and then playing in Byrne, to cross to Shinnie for the goal. A special mention to Byrne, who absolutely bust a gut to sprint from the half way line, to get involved.
  5. Good point, especially with QPR, when we finished 3rd and were well within FFP ourselves and QPR admitted their guilt by paying the EFL 'fine'.
  6. As much as I detest the EFL, the blame here lies solely with the 19 out of 24 championship clubs who voted him on to the board. In fact, out of the 3 new members, he received the most votes. How anyone could vote him on to the board, beggars belief, but what does that say about those 19 clubs, one of which may be Derby?
  7. They have to show optimism, they're trying to sell the club and keep it in business. It's common sense to big up your product and say that you've got others interested. Even if only one of the interested parties are going to put an offer in, if they think that several other parties are also considering an offer, then they'll put in a better offer than if they knew that they were the only ones. From a practical point of view regarding the value of the club, there are many positives; 1, little or no capital investment is required on the stadium or training ground, which are both premier league standard, unlike many other clubs 2, Fan base can't be bought, but is already there and a high position in the championship, nevermind premier league, will guarantee 30,000+ crowds, unlike many other clubs. 3, Looking at what's left of the playing squad, I believe that there can only be a few high earners left on the books, with sensible player purchases, the club should be able to break even once the incomes return to pre-covid levels. The price to pay for the club is dependent on the debts, if MM is prepared to write off his debts and the other debts can be negotiated to reasonable levels, then the price should be affordable. Figures of around £50m have been mentioned and don't think that this would be unreasonable for someone to pay MM for the club, if it was debt free. It's just a pity that he wasn't able to negotiate a similar price with a buyer and for him to use the money to clear the debts and save us the 12 point penalty for administration.
  8. Looking at the foul and yellow count, Derby are the stand out team in the stats. We're towards the bottom of the foul count and 3rd in the yellow card count. Most of the league commit 6-8 fouls per yellow, Derby are way out on their own at only 4.3 fouls per yellow card. Last night, there was a typical incident, Lawrence had beaten his man and was charging into space about 30 yards from goal, he was blatantly pulled back by the defender who then after the free kick was given, kicked the ball away, both nailed on yellow card offences. The ref didn't even have a word with him. In the matches that I've seen this season, I believe that the cards given to Derby players have been warranted, the problem is that the opposition players seem to get away with murder. This then restricts the Derby players' actions for the rest of the game whereas the opposition just carry on fouling at will.
  9. We've lost 9 points from winning positions and gained zero from losing positions, resulting in minus 9 points. Those 9 points would have lifted us out of the drop zone, even with the 12 points penalty. Ignoring the 12 point penalty it would be enough for us to be in the play off positions and if my auntie had.................
  10. We've got one of the best defensive records in the division at the moment, but a majority of those have been very poor goals to concede. Out of the 10, 2 each against Peterborough, B'ham and Luton, together with the goals against Stoke and Sheff utd, have been entirely preventable. In fact, I'm struggling to think of one decently created goal against us this season.
  11. According to Lascelles, Ashley has made them play the wrong way for the last 6 years, I thought that was down to the manager. He's glad that the new owners have come in, I wonder if he'll still feel that way, when a new player gets his place in January?
  12. Unfortunately, it was the other championship clubs who voted him on to the board, 19 of them, I believe. We get the EFL, we deserve, if that's the case. I can't believe that someone with his history could still be so popular with the other clubs.
  13. But, there is a history of houses burning down, being flooded or getting struck by lightning, I've suffered the last one myself. However, never in the history of football have fans not been able to go to the grounds. It's like saying that we should insure the ground for being destroyed by aliens. You can have a 'rainy day fund' for unforeseen events, but nobody could have foreseen an event, causing as much disruption as covid has.
  14. I think that the EFL are worrying that if we're successful in our appeal against the 12 points, then a number of other clubs will also go into administration, as a means of clearing their debts. Maybe the administrators will come to an agreement by which they withdraw the appeal in exchange for no further penalties.
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