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  1. Maybe he'll get Martin back on loan in January?
  2. OK, own up, who put a fiver on Big Sam?
  3. Maybe our players need to download that app, 'couch to 5k' ?
  4. Surely, all work should be made as pleasant as possible. The happier you are in your work the better your output, whether it's on a football pitch or on a factory shopfloor.
  5. I see the France manager is telling Giroud that he needs some game time before the summer, he could always come to Derby on loan in January.
  6. He was too fast, replay the video in slow motion and you'll see him.
  7. Great play from Buchanan to set up the second goal.
  8. It could be argued that premac1 with Jim Smith was the best football in over 40 years which came to an end when he left for Man U. How much was down to him or Smith, is unknown, but the magic left soon after Mac. He was considered ahead of his time then, nut that was 25 years ago and football has changed and would it work now?
  9. I didn't like the Pearson appointment at the time, but thought that he may get the best out of the players. The signings of Butterfield and Johnson were wrong from the outset, but were done in a panic. We had just lost Hughes and Bryson for most of the season, but we should have signed 2 players on a season long loan instead. Spending that amount of money on transfer fees and salaries and then higher salaries for other first teamers to match them was obviously going to cause problems financially. When Hughes and Bryson were fit again, how were Butterfield and Johnson going to fit in?
  10. Whoever, it is, let's hope it's the one that allows us to become the next Leicester/Wolves. Clubs like these are no bigger than Derby and there is no reason why we can't join them. I just hope that this will be our time and the manager we get will be effective and more important, if successful, won't clear off to the likes of Newcastle, Stoke or Chelsea. Who knows what Mac1, Rowett and Lampard may have achieved?
  11. Howe had a great record at Bournemouth, the only time he left the comfort of his spiritual home, to go to Burnley, it was a failure.
  12. He got them up, only after spending a mega fortune, even compared with us, to get promoted. He then spent another £140M to keep them in the premier, thanks to a dodgy var ball over the line incident. He's followed this up by massive spending, second only to Lampard at Chelsea, for this season. He's got players worth well in excess of a 100M not getting in the team.
  13. If all the first team were happy and jolly, we'd be moaning that they weren't taking our position seriously.
  14. I play over 60s walking football and our team has more pace and energy from 7 of us than Derby's 11.
  15. I remember it well, Derby tried to get the FA to transfer the ban to just the domestic games, but the for runner to the EFL had it in for us, even then.🙄 I think we wouldn't have got knocked out if Franny had been able to play in that second leg.
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