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  1. Also gone since the 17/18 season, are the likes of Shackle, Bent, Blackman, Vydra, Jerome, Wiemann, Baird, Carson, Nugent and Bryson. That is a huge amount off the wage bill in the 19/20 season. It's not just the wage bill either, their transfer fees are also spread over the length of their contracts. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that these 12 were costing us £25m per year between them.
  2. ram59


    Have we given any thought to what options the club had last night. If Marriott had been fit, maybe neither player would have been selected. Otherwise, we would have had to play Flojo and had NO senior forwards available on the bench and knowing the CM isn't up to a full 90 mins yet.
  3. ram59


    After rereading this, I can't help but think it smacks of hypocrisy. I would have accepted refusing to go to any more games, but to see out the season because you've paid for it, it's no different to the club playing the players because they've paid for them.
  4. ram59


    These are very difficult times and these players have put the club in an impossible position. From a business point of view, remember football is now a business, the club and management have to weigh up their options whilst not damaging the business either financially or morally. Would we be happy if we didn't play them and then got relegated by 1 point? On a personal note, would you throw out your son or daughter if they are caught drink driving? Some people would say letting them continue to live at home would be like condoning their actions. The authorities will deal with punishing these players and the club will also deal with them, as they see fit. Whatever they do, will be either too much or too little, depending on your point of view. At the end of the day, we will still be supporting the club long after the current owners, staff and players have left.
  5. Let's not be misguided by Saturday's result. The bench was really poor up front and despite all the stats we managed to win thanks to a penalty save and 2 all mighty defensive errors. Lawrence on the bench would be a better idea though and a case of only use in an emergency. Many have said that this is a crucial week which needs 3 good results, Cocu must be given the freedom to choose who he likes and live with it.
  6. It's better to try them in an away game, first.
  7. You could follow the u18s. Minsk on a Wednesday.
  8. I wonder if Martin will take over penalty kick duties, if he's playing.
  9. Maybe Waghorn did just encroach, but look at the blues player to his right. He has run through the 'D' to get where he is, he's no more than 4 or 5 yards away from the taker.
  10. Nice to see Fozzy get a full 90 minutes under his belt. A bit early, but he would be ideal on the left of a back 3.
  11. The decision that surprised me was the yellow card for Bielick just before ht for climbing on their player, which didn't look too be a foul anyway.
  12. What about Wisdom? I don't rate him as a full back, but he played rt cb for wba in the Premier league. They did get relegated though.
  13. I think we need to know a few more facts before having our kangaroo court. We don't as yet know the circumstances relating to the accident. We don't as yet know the level of alcohol in their blood. Many people drive unwittingly whilst over the limit and whilst not appearing to be drunk. A friend of mine had a few drinks at lunchtime and was unfortunately involved in a fatal accident early evening. It was a few years ago and he provided a positive breath test and was arrested for causing death by drink drive. There was a lynch mob at the police station waiting for him. The results of his blood test were just below the limit and all the witnesses proved that he was totally not to blame for the accident. He didn't appear to be intoxicated in any way at the time, but if the accident had happened half an hour earlier, he would have been locked up. I'm not condoning drink driving in any way, but we can all make errors of judgement. It may well end up proving that they're just a bunch of piss heads, but we don't know that yet.
  14. Goalkeeper distribution has changed dramatically this season. Previously a keeper playing out short had to accurately find a player on the edge of the box or just a bit further out. With the new rules he can play it 1 yard to an outfield player who then has a little bit of space and time to use it. This negates one of Carson's faults, however, I'd love to find another Poom, who could command his box.
  15. Although we haven't been brilliant this season, we haven't had much luck with referees. Albion's late penalty was a blatent dive, Cardiff's was immediately after we should have had one ourselves. Yesterday, a number of decisions went against us. I don't think we know our best team yet, hopefully with Bogle's return, we will find out. The team will be more balanced both side to side and front to back. 12 months ago, I would never have thought that he would be such a key player for us. Look how many assists he had last season and then think how many other goals were at result of his forward play. His outlet on the right takes the pressure off the defence, even when it doesn't result in a goal.
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