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  1. It seems that instead of giving both clubs about 40,000 tickets, the powers to be have decided to hold back a few thousand and try to sell them at rip off prices. Villa fans, in desperation, have bought them all. Derby fans have said forget that and now Wembley have given us the ones they couldn't sell. That's my take on it, anyway.
  2. Just hope that people who have already got theirs, don't log on to make a fast buck.
  3. This game feels totally different from the QPR game. On that occasion we felt that we'd already done enough to get promoted and then we totally dominated the final. On this occasion we have hovered around the edge of the play offs all season and after Blackburn, felt our chance had gone and that there were better teams than us who would go up anyway. Again, we go into the game on Monday, as the underdog. Win on Monday and we will look forward to a season of struggle, lose and we look forward to a similar season to this one. Certainly, the club will benefit from promotion and will be strengthened in the long run, as long as the money isn't wasted.
  4. I was going to post something similar. Come what may on Monday, we've certainly had a roller-coaster season. We've had quite a number of disappointing performances which matched any of the Rowett era. But, we have had so many fantastic performances, many of which we've all been able to enjoy live on TV. We've achieved a much as anyone could have expected at the start of the season and games like man u and the dirties have been 2 of many cherries on top of the cake. Hopefully, there is room for one more, if not, we can still look back on the season with great affection.
  5. Is there any post delivered on a Sunday? Besides, us out of towners will be struggling if we wait until Sunday. Print at home would have been a lot simpler.
  6. Between us we've only been allocated 72,000 tickets. I can't believe that there are that many neutrals wanting to go to the game, in order to get to capacity.
  7. Alls well that ends well in the semi against the dirties, but surely VAR would have confirmed the penalty at PP and disallowed their second goal for offside. How we would be complaining now, if it had turned out differently.
  8. So the Football League have decided that there will be no VAR at the play off final, because it will give 'an unfair advantage'. Advantage to who, the wronged team in the most expensive game in football? It'll be a traversy if the game is decided by an awful decision, when the Premier league is to use the system in 3 months time.
  9. And will any of them be going back to their villa forums? Desperate people can do desperate things to get a ticket. Maybe these newbies flying in from all over the world are genuine or maybe it's a desperate brummie pulling on the heart strings, to get a ticket. Remember, there are far more regular villa fans missing out than Rams fans. Or am I being too cynical? 🤔
  10. Could you imagine it, if the dirties centre half had done that, the sky commentators would have had an orgasm. They kept on purring over their fullback going forward and their young 19 year old, but Bogle hardly got a mention. It was so bad that I turned off the sound half way through the first half, until just on half time.
  11. I don't think the club have any control over the price of the tickets. There is usually a gentlemen's agreement that the losing team have all the proceeds from the final.
  12. There needs to be a better way of sorting it out, but unfortunately there will always be some regular fans who will miss out. I was fortunate to get tickets for my sons today. They haven't been too often in the last couple of years because of moving away, but had season tickets for the previous 20 years. The thing is, I usually purchase their tickets, so they wouldn't have their own purchase history. It's just a pity that some of the 25,000 fans who have actually been to virtually all the home games, will miss out when 36,000 tickets have been issued.
  13. I think you'll find that the club level tickets on sale there are those belonging to Wembley club members. These members pay a large fee that gives them a ticket to most games at Wembley, but aren't bothered about the championship play off and are putting their tickets up for sale to get some money back. Or it could be someone who buys a club Wembley and sells all of the games individually to make a profit. BTW, your place in the queue today was random and we were told this, to avoid people logging on too early. Me and my sons logged on for their tickets, I've already got mine, and I got the lowest number, in the 4000s, despite logging in last at about 1.55pm.
  14. That'll be an improvement on last time then. I think we were relegated by spring. 😔
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