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  1. Cant wait. 4 hat tricks first game.
  2. Some ouchies are on the inside.
  3. Mmmm. Not much to say really. I thought we played ok. Bar a couple of horrendous mistakes that cost us dearly
  4. Good luck lads. Derby have this one!
  5. Roos got a clean sheet. Got to state that.
  6. Good to hear us playing so well. Onward and up?
  7. I think we should sue the sun... Here is my logic. The sun provides sunlight for wheat to grow. The wheat produces alcohol. That alcohol forced its way into richard keoghs team mates. Am i clutching at straws? Keough vs the sun. A celestial body vs international footballer
  8. I have nothing to add. Just wanted to be here.
  9. The drinky-drinky vroom-vroom incident did affect us. I thought we would be higher, but injury woes hit us hard. I hoped to be chasing promotion early. But we lost drive, lost form, and maybe focus. The championship is getting tougher and tougher every season. With stronger clubs going for promotion. Its getting tougher to maintain squad, performances. It wouldnt suprise me if we went off the boil. Then came back stronger. We can only do that with dedicated staff. The investment on cocu. Is the start of a beautiful relationship. I was getting sick of hokey cokey managers. We ve had a new manager every 10minutes. Thats not good. Loosing good players is a consequence. Relying on loanees is not good either. Cocu got dealt a doozzy, and derbys unproffesionalism shone through. Through the UKs most challenging debacle in decades. Derby still made front page news! Now, hoping its just a blip, in what could be the start of solidifying the team. Getting in quality players or value players. The Rooney thing may be a blessing. Time will tell.
  10. Ride the highs while you can! DCFC!
  11. Cant really say much. It was a very open game. Glad we snook it at the end.
  12. I just want the torture to end. Im surrounded by leeds fans.
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