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  1. Great shots of Jim at full time - 7 mins into this video
  2. Wanchope was sent off after play acting by Andy Townsend. It was my Dad's last ever game before he died - a game i'll remember for a number of reasons
  3. Like most Derby fans, I was completely underwhelmed by his appointment and then spent the next 3 or 4 seasons absolutely loving his football with a young Steve McClaren by his side
  4. https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/former-manager-jim-smith-mourned-by-portsmouth-oxford-birmingham-and-Derby-1-9170756
  5. A number of tweets stating that the Bald Eagle has passed - sincerely hope not
  6. Bit strong but I do seem to remember that FFP was introduced following their financial screw ups - so thanks Leicester 🤬
  7. BTW I'm still adding DCFC match vids to my YouTube channel & I'm missing much of the period from 2003 up to 2013 so if anyones got any season review videos/DVDs then I'd very much like to borrow/buy them - PM me if you can help To see what i've got so far click on the link below and then on my channel name DerbyCountyHighlights - there's about 600 vids
  8. Anyone remember that we had our own channel on Sky TV late 90's early 00's. Never watched it though but think just us Liverpool, Man U & Glasgow Rangers had one
  9. Bravery is the key. If someone 6ft5 charges into an opponent then sometimes one of them gets hurt - but how many times have you seen Roos needing treatment or one of his opponents ?
  10. The fact that we've sent him out on loan 5 times and I don't remember any of them hinting that they'd like to sign him says it all
  11. Feel sorry for Cocu. 3 loan signings - Dowell has been poor, Paterson obviously didn't want to move here & now Clarke out injured for a while. Huddlestone, Shinnie, Bennett, Malone have injury problems Bogle & Holmes have missed games through injury Jozefzoon has been invisible & we have a 'flappy' goalkeeper Add to that the Joiners incident with Keogh out for the season & the circus surrounding it I'd say that Cocu has done pretty well all things considered !!
  12. I used to play with the goalkeeper Paul Reece, he played for Grimsby. West Brom, Stoke & Oxford in the early 90's ( anyone remember his MOM performance against us for Oxford ? ) Anyway, in training he would always play up front !! & he was good
  13. I like it. And some centre backs are failed centre forwards - I was one of them !!
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