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  1. SamUltraRam

    Mick driving his way over from Suffolk right now

    In those days a new manager was here for a few years, now they barely have time to have their name painted in the club car park
  2. SamUltraRam

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    Another thing with the Vydra situation and FFP is interesting. If he was sold for say £10m, we wouldn't get all that up front. It also means we are probably due more of the transfer fees for Ince, Hughes & Christie some time soon & also pay more of the Lawrence fee to Leicester. I've still got a gut feeling that the low fee for Will Hughes to Watford may have included some write off of the balance due to Watford for Vydra & Anya which remember totalled about £12m Add to this the apparent FFP offset of notional values ( which i don't actually understand ) & it's clear that the real financial situation is unlikely to be fully understood by the average fan.
  3. SamUltraRam

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    This was in the Derby Telegraph in March 2018 "Here is a full list of when Derby County players' contracts expire: 2018 Darren Bent Chris Baird Jason Shackell Kelle Roos 2019 Craig Bryson Andreas Weimann Jacob Butterfield Bradley Johnson Nick Blackman Marcus Olsson David Nugent Curtis Davies Tom Huddlestone Alex Pearce Joe Ledley Cameron Jerome Max Hunt" https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derby-county-contracts-expire-when-414294 So it's this time next year when Rowett can finally mould his own team It also means that Carson, Keogh, Forsyth, Wisdom, Thorne, Lawrence, Vydra, Martin, Anya etc are contracted to at least 2020 if this is correct. At least Vydra's contract isn't up in a year - this is when other clubs take advantage.
  4. SamUltraRam

    Fulham (A) Play Off Tickets (Sold Out)

    All tickets gone in 3 minutes & I got 4 of the bad boys Just as well cause i'd got the train tickets & hotel booked last week. I was crapping myself when they announced the allocation
  5. SamUltraRam

    Fulham away trains

    Their website says they will have blocks P1 to P4 for home fans. http://www.fulhamfc.com/help/faq/visiting-the-cottage https://www.eticketing.co.uk/fulhamfc/EDP/Season/Index/753 Blocks P5 - P7 hold close to 3,000 so with a bit of segragation that gives us about 2,750 (hopefully)
  6. Checked our historical records & if we don't get promoted this season or next, this will be the first complete decade in our history that we haven't played in the top league in English football. We came close in the 60's when a certain Mr Clough got us up in 1969 so we managed 1 season up there. The 50's, when we ended up in Div 3 North, we still managed the first 4 seasons in the top flight. Even in the 80's when we went down to Div 3 for 2 seasons, Arthur Cox got us back up there for the last 3 seasons of the decade. It will be shame for the legacy of Mel Morris if we don't do it. Come on Derby
  7. SamUltraRam

    Game management

    Got to give full credit to Gary & the team for the way they manage the games. Yesterday was a great example, get the lead and don't go gung ho trying to get more goals, defend solidly, keep the shape and pick off the opposition if we can. Just like Birmingham away, Millwall at home and Barnsley & Boro away. If the games not going too well, still keep the shape and take a point - fantastic. Under McClaren we'd still have looked vulnerable with a lead but not under Mr Rowett. Reminds me of Burnley a few seasons back. We know we needed a change of direction & it's not like watching Brazil but it's sooo effective
  8. SamUltraRam

    Nelson Oliveira

    It was Bris Vegas who was involved at HITC I think
  9. SamUltraRam


    Think Carson must have been wound up by the Tractor Fans - just look at his full time reaction It's at 10:00 mins of this vid
  10. SamUltraRam

    v Hull (A) - Predictions

    Hull 1 Derby 1 frgs Martin
  11. SamUltraRam

    The December Factor

    Make that : So far in 5 seasons the record is: Played 28 Won 20 Drawn 7 Lost 1 (a loss at Middlesbrough in Dec 2014)
  12. Which is exactly what we knew we couldn't do over the last 4 seasons
  13. SamUltraRam

    The December Factor

    I heard Craig Ramage make a comment about our record in December over recent years. I've looked at the stats since McClaren first returned in 2013/14. So far in 5 seasons the record is: Played 27 Won 19 Drawn 7 Lost 1 (a loss at Middlesbrough in Dec 2014) Hope I haven't cursed it !!

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