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  1. The stats show that since Rooney took sole charge, we would have been 12th in the league over his 28 games - that's even with our terrible run of recent form and some difficult off the field situations to deal with. Don't forget after 13 games we had just 6 points I guess he will be fully judged after the next 5 games
  2. I guess it's perfectly normal for fans to be concerned. After all, we're getting a new member of our family, of OUR club. If your parents got divorced and your mum gets a new partner, you'd rightly want to know about them, to meet them and make sure they are going to treat her well, look after her etc. Anyway, Erik, treat our mum well, she's high maintenance & her kids are very demanding !!
  3. So Calderon has locked horns with the powers in the Spanish FA - on behalf of Real Madrid But he won't have dealt with the clowns at the EFL before ? That'll be an eye opener for him
  4. That's good info GoC. Any idea what the rules are for 'loan' players ? I wonder if it may be easier for a 9 - 12 month loan period than a 3 year permanent contract
  5. You would hope that the EFL might go half heartedly into this appeal as now is not the time to be chasing clubs down financially Unfortunately, Ursula von der Leyen has just been appointed to the EFL board
  6. I guess there will be complacency in the short term as fans have got used to just watching the games from home. But of course, once the stadiums reopen to fans, the games won't be shown live in the UK (apart from the Sky games) so fans will trickle back to the stadium Maybe, the initial take up will be reduced but there will be a surge in half season ticket sales at Christmas ?
  7. I'm assuming that as I paid in full for this years ST, I'll just be offered a free ST for next season instead of a refund ? That will be bad enough for the clubs finances but if people actually want a refund AND don't have a ST next season, that will be disastrous for the club Plus, me & my mates are absolutely chomping at the bit for the awaydays
  8. Not wishing to rock the boat but the mention of Colleen in this thread is an important one. He apparently returned to England to spend more time with his wife and 4 kids and as a player that will have happened - training in the morning then go home Being a manager is a very different proposition. The time required at the training ground etc will be far greater and I'm sure he doesn't get to spend as much time at home as he did as a player. Also the stresses will be higher as a manager which could potentially affect home life So let's hope that his family are fully supportive as
  9. Did anyone hear the commentary team explain that the strange whooping noise coming from the pitch was CKR alerting the other players that he wanted the ball - so funny
  10. Rooney has now been in sole charge for 18 games with a win rate of 50% Based on points per game (31 points in 18 games) that would currently put us on 53 points over the whole season so far and on target for 79 points for the season - better than the playoff teams of Lampard, Rowett & Clement/Wassall - and with a far inferior squad whilst battling with unpaid wages and transfer restrictions Impressive
  11. One final stat before the game When we've scored first, we are unbeaten this season - 👍 When we've conceded first, we've lost the lot - 👎 So never has the 1st goal been more important COYR
  12. So, in our next 360 minutes of football, we're facing Will Hughes, Richard Keogh, Duane Holmes, Cyrus Christie & Harry Wilson Question is, which ones are going to lay off us & which ones are going for the jugular
  13. This was the league table after we lost 3-0 to Boro on Nov 25th although I think we first went bottom before that
  14. Still one of my favourite Rams goals & celebrations. This video, whoever's it is, always makes me smile Craig Bryson 2014/15 in a 2-1 win
  15. Low scoring draw, 0-0 or 1-1 FRGS Matt Clarke (finally)
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