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  1. Even the BBC website's headline yesterday was about how Rooney wouldn't have taken the job if he had known the full financial situation. The headline should have been that the administrators are positive about finding new ownership - but that doesn't get as many 'clicks'
  2. That might explain why Mel Morris was a regular on there
  3. Yesterday was a positive day on the whole. However, a successful takeover would still leave a couple of doubts 1) Speculation that even a takeover would still incur a 2 year transfer embargo 2) The need for the new owners to work within a business plan set by the EFL I really hope these aren't true but they've been mentioned previously on here
  4. I'm sure Mel Morris said on Sunday that if it weren't for Covid, we wouldn't now be in administration - so worth a try If it works & the other offences end in a net 12 point deduction in total then it gives us a chance Especially if a few other clubs get punished too Blackpool away on 30th April may be very important & just imagine if we end up playing the last game of the season at home to Cardiff in a similar situation to last season against Sheff Wed - with everything riding on it Oh the emotions !!!!
  5. I think I love Rooney It's now only coming out what he's had to deal with over the last 10 months Also he admitted when asked, but with dignity, that he HAS been paying for some things himself Respect
  6. Sky news just claimed the administrators have received interest from 6 potential buyers I didn't hear a specific number mentioned in the press conference but that's what Sky have just said
  7. That's what was said. They used the example where if someone is owed £50m but the assets were only £10m then they have to accept a smaller amount Think they used Bolton as an example They said even though HMRC have preferential status they are still likely to have to accept what is on offer based on the above (think that was what was said anyway)
  8. In brief The club has a viable future Considerable interest in a takeover including from previous prospective buyers !! Administrator was asked to assess us 3 weeks ago & it was finally MSD who asked us to go into administration Mel Morris is owed lots of money but is prepared to write it off ? We have some cash available but probably not enough to last 3 months. Further short term borrowing is possible Every confidence that the club continues and the fixtures are fulfilled Exact club debt is unknown but is in 10s of millions - new owners would not be liable for much of that Intention is to bring club, stadium & training facilities back together Intention is to get to January transfer window and no players leave, a new owner is in place & possibly acquire more players Initial discussions with EFL were positive but possibility of further points deductions remain EFL does NOT want DCFC to go out of business The need to pay HMRC in full is not the case Fans giving donations is not as important as selling more match tickets (probably why the ticket office has reopened)
  9. I remember going to a few other grounds when I was trying to complete the 92 club & being astonished by how many fans of those clubs had a 2nd 'big' club to follow. Never happened at Derby - we are a big club and there's no room for 2nds
  10. What will Derby have left without the football club. The city has already lost the Assembly Rooms and the Council completely under utilises the Velodrome. I'm afraid Rollerworld will be the cities biggest attraction 🙃
  11. But in 10 years, the Championship, or at least Leagues 1 & 2 will contain lots of Premiership owned feeder clubs/ B teams by then - unless something is done by the authorities We could be the first of many professional clubs who cannot continue independently. The other option is the previously discussed Premier League 2 which could be a closed shop which we cannot get in to. We must survive as Derby County !! I'm sure the fans of Sunderland, Sheff Wed, Portsmouth, Bolton, Ipswich & Charlton all believe their clubs should be at Championship or even Premiership level
  12. Well we've managed an average of 1.25 points per game so far (should have been more with the Peterborough & Forest games ) so that's on course for 57 or 58 points for the season. Take 12 off that & it might just be enough. We survived with 44 points last season Jason Knight is fit again & if we can get & keep Bielik & CKR, who knows Of course any further punishment or fire sale & we're ducked
  13. What a week for DCFC 1st team beat Stoke City U23s beat West Ham U18s beat Liverpool Oh & the club goes into administration !!! Forget the owner, this great club has to be saved
  14. That's what I'm clinging onto. Much has been said about what we owe to creditors but what about debtors ? Are we still owed big money for the stadium. Are we still owed money for player sales eg Bogle & Lowe from last season ? Do we still get the Sky TV money ? etc,etc I assume the administrators chase the debtors as well as work for the creditors ?
  15. He's only worth £300m if he has made zero investment growth on his personal fortune. I would expect his remaining wealth to be far higher unless his financial advisers performed as badly as his football advisers
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