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  1. Possibly the £80m valuation included the 'potential' value for the stadium if the roof went on. I'm sure I recall Mel Morris saying he'd spent a 7 figure sum on the extensive plans for this - not just for the roof but a surface that can be used for events whilst not affecting the quality of the pitch I know PPS would no longer be owned directly by the club but it was when it was sold to Mel Morris - hence the high value for a potential sports & events arena - £80m would be cheap for such a thing
  2. So what exactly was DCFC guy & EFL board member Stephen Pearce's role in all of this circus ? I assume he will have kept Mel Morris informed of what was about to happen but surely would have had some influence within the EFL and point out how foolish they were going to look Or is he working from within to finally take the EFL over the edge and allow Mel to carry out his DCFC master plan and abolish the EFL as an authority once and for all ? Premier League 2 is looking more and more likely to me
  3. i'll take a wild guess that most of the "it's an ACL & he's out for a year" posters are under age 30. They love a bit of over the top drama. It's the modern way you know ( i'd use a hashy tag or whatever it is if i knew where it is on the keyboard )
  4. I must admit, I was more of a 'bottle it up' type, rightly or wrongly but being actually at work helped me forget
  5. https://mlsplayers.org/resources/salary-guide I don't know of the accuracy of this website but it says at DC United a 'base salary' of $3.5m & 'compensation' of $3.5m - whatever that is I assume thats per year
  6. Yeah you could be right, i'm just jumping on the £100k a week band wagon
  7. My Dad died when i was 30 and it was actually being at work that helped mask the pain, especially in the first year. But I didn't go driving over the limit and when I was at work I tried hard , kind of to honour my dad's hard working attitude. I know everyone's different & I wasn't under public scrutiny but even so !!
  8. 18 months of Rooney is approx £ 7.5m (allegedly) and 32Red pay us an extra £1.5m (allegedly) - that's quite a shortfall unless other funding is coming our way
  9. I've been very impressed with Max Bird in recent games. It could be awkward for Cocu when Bielik is available next week
  10. This season he has impressed for 30 mins in game 1 at Huddersfield, & for a couple of games after he was reinstated after boozegate. Beyond that nothing really, he's just getting in the way of one of our academy players i'm afraid As for all Derby players I want him to succeed but it's just not going to happen
  11. Apparently Northampton Saints Rugby Union are at home that night as well (also on BT Sports) and it's it's only half a mile between the two grounds. The locals are expecting terrible traffic problems
  12. I agree with this Ilson, proper protection for the defence with either Bird or Bielik also able to support the attacks & the energy and craft ahead of them with H,R & K. Just need Marriott to get his confidence back in front of goal & we have the proper balance at last Plus Rooney spoke after the match of wanting the full backs to get forward more for him to pick them out After a season of potentially going down the toilet my enthusiasm and hope has been restored
  13. Me too Angie, he's destructive, energetic & devastating Love to watch him play
  14. I think most of us realise that this season is now about finding some tactics that work, introducing a few academy players and making a few astute signings to prepare us properly for genuine progress next season. I'm happy to wait for that
  15. Once January ends we have 16 games left to play In that 16 games we have to play all of the current top 11 teams
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