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  1. I've just realised that the Yorkshire paper spoke to Kieran Maguire. He's the one who reported us isn't he ?
  2. This is from the sports writer at a Yorkshire paper mainly about Sheffield Wednesday but also about us - not sure of his expertise/knowledge but is interesting reading Derby are also being charged for the way they account for players. Without getting too technical, they appear to be saying that at the end of a players' contract they could sell him for a fee which appears to be inconsistent with our understanding of the Bosman ruling. We also saw with Derby that they physically received the cash from the sale of the stadium whereas Wednesday didn't receive any money. They ha
  3. Going further back Arthur Cox had Dennis Wise (then at Wimbledon) & Lee Dixon (then at Stoke) lined up but allegedly Robert Maxwell put a stop to it Both future England players
  4. My concern is if it's a straight 'not guilty' that could have been announced by now - although I suppose if it's the same independent panel for all cases, they would have been busy with Sheff Wed up until last Friday & then Wigan up until Tuesday Am I clutching at straws ??
  5. I love those comparisons. It's as if Mel's scientists were asked to create the ultimate 21st century football machine. "Ladies & Gentlemen, under this blanket we have created the next generation of footballing cyborg I give you ROBOSIB"
  6. EFL " Well, what have you got to say for yourself ? " Mel " We've just set up PL2 with a far better TV revenue deal & Middlesbrough are excluded, see ya !! "
  7. I've got another idea - 10,000 ST holders in for the 1st half, then the other 10,000 swap for the 2nd half PS I'm joking of course
  8. But the fear for all football clubs is why would anybody buy a season ticket to attend 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 games ? It's not the fault of the clubs or the fans but that is the financial reality of the situation
  9. League table since before we beat Charlton on Dec 29th Just look at Hull City !!
  10. One issue that may have been previously covered - I know someone in Europe who watches our Rams TV games regularly. Whilst the Rams TV coverage is excellent it's not always easy to get an uninterrupted stream ( buffering or even just getting logged in ) so I hope that the club has taken steps to ensure that the login capacity has been massively increased to cope.
  11. The coverage on the Sky red button is embarrassingly poor with one camera , no in game replays & no half time/full time replays In comparison, the Rams TV coverage is top notch with multiple cameras and replays Lets hope it's made available to UK residents
  12. Do you remember the season before at Newport County , last game of the season Div 3 1984/85? Just 4 seasons later we finished 5th in Div 1 Derby fans smashed up the ground & smashed the buses taking the Derby fans back to the station. The previous season Derby fans had smashed up Shrewsbury's Gay Meadow on the last day of the season Also, the train back stopped briefly right outside Birmingham's St Andrews where some Brum fans were trying to beckon us off the train to help them fight with the Leeds fans ( where a young fan had died ) Very different times !! Sadly, it wa
  13. That was the away terrace at Bristol Rovers Eastville Stadium, complete with the 'concrete throwing' flyover & the pitchside greyhound track
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