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Trevor Francis - RIP


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Holy crap! 😲

This is far too close to home for comfort, from an age/era perspective.  An absolute shocker, this one.


It goes without saying that we'll not mention that one particular evening in May '79 against the Swedish hairdressers, where he played a not too insignificant part in what I oft refer to as "One of, if not the most miserable week of my life". (There was more to that week than just the football, I hasten to add, but he certainly didn't help matters!)

That evening aside, he was undeniably a decent sort.  Excellent at his craft, and apparently kind of the heart, and deserves my utmost respect.

As an aside... There was once word (From Sir Brian himself?) that the transfer fee was deliberately and consciously something like 1p (or £1?) short of that magic million mark, as Sir Brian didn't want to burden TF with that particular load!  My memory is far too vague to assert whether that was true or not?  🤷‍♂️


Hey young man... sleep well, yeah!

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12 minutes ago, Van der MoodHoover said:

Always thought Francis and Tony woodcock should have got more England caps.

Always seemed to be second fiddle to players like Bob latchford or Paul Mariner.

Just looked up Woodcock and he played 42 times too, 7 more than Mariner. 

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I saw nearly every game he played for QPR, scored a perfect Hattrick away at Villa, the third was sublime. Was also responsible for bringing Ray wilkins to Loftus road but was sacked the week he signed , would have loved to have seen them play together.

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