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  1. Hang on, it’ll be easier for us to win the Champions League if this happens.
  2. They have fight - something that you need when relegation is beckoning. Something that we’re short of and have been for years.
  3. Is his name Darren or Dave - Just asking for a friend.
  4. I think we will get 4 points from our remaining games, and can see it coming down to goal difference on the final day.
  5. Think the fake shake had sommat to do with it. Couldn’t make it up could you?
  6. Oh dear, this season is an absolute disaster.
  7. Linked with the mighty Rams apparently.
  8. Get Stuart Webb back ASAP.
  9. I’ve heard another 48 hours or certainly before Christmas.
  10. Is this the longest appeal ever? Getting on for 8oz’s now.
  11. Can see Rotherham winning this one.
  12. Roberto Carlos would be a good buy except that he’s going on a bit, however he would have the effect of increasing the average age of the squad.
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