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  1. Abu Derby

    Walk Out Music

    Shout, by Lulu.
  2. Abu Derby

    Martyn Waghorny - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Ten years is a lot and what’s the ‘y’ on the end of his surname? Thought it was Waghorn, with Waggy as a nickname. The chant could go something along the lines of: ohhhh, waggy, waggy, waggy, waggy, waggy, wagggy waggy horn, Repeat numerous times over.
  3. Abu Derby

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    If they paid out £15m for Wood last season, why is Vydra worth £4m less? Both Golden Boot winners, surely worth the same. I really hope that we’ve not been had.
  4. Abu Derby

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    What, their clogs won’t fit him?
  5. Abu Derby

    Are we "arrogant" ?

    We are the best club in the Championship bar non.
  6. Abu Derby

    v Coventry (A) Match Thread

    I thought Bailey was a decent Clough signing when he first arrived. Football obviously didn’t work for him.
  7. Abu Derby

    Derby 14-1 for to win league outright

    I think it’ll be all over bar the shouting after the Reading game on August 3rd.
  8. Abu Derby

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Apparently it’s between us and Leeds - according to Natty.
  9. Abu Derby

    Harry Redknapp - TalkSport

    I certainly would not be holidaying in Skegness if I was Mel and had all of his money. I’d be on Love Island for a month or two.
  10. Abu Derby

    Florian Jozefzoon - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Who is this Nixon guy and why the hell does he deal in cryptic clues. Does he set up stalls on various seafronts purporting to be a clairvoyant?
  11. Abu Derby

    Mason Mount - Signed on a season long loan

    I’ve just mounted something on hearing this news.
  12. Abu Derby

    DCFC Website / DET

    There’s absolutely nothing on there of any interest, so I wouldn’t waste any time in looking.
  13. Abu Derby

    New Ticket Office opening hours

    So that precludes a lot of people who work a dayshift five days a week from attending the office except for Saturdays, a day of leisure (football matches excepted). I for one think it’s a backwards step.
  14. I’ll name that toom in one.
  15. Abu Derby

    18/19 Fixtures

    Forest away first match. We win - this time with nine men. Jubilant scenes ensue along with weeks of p** taking.

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