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  1. Abu Derby

    Roach landed

    Cod only knows if this guy will hit the net with a good FIN ish.
  2. Abu Derby

    Roach landed

    Was he poached?
  3. Abu Derby

    Matthew Pennington

    My God let this be fake news.
  4. Abu Derby

    FA Cup Round 5 Opponents

    Away again. It’s getting ridiculous.
  5. Abu Derby

    O'Notts Forest

    Could I just ask how long ago Forest last won the last of their European Cups? I’m wondering because of the regularity that their fans mention it. I mean it can’t be more than 20 years ago can it? Surely not? And who was the opponent - was it the likes of Real Madrid, Juventus et al? Or was it a minnow such as Malmo or the mighty Cologne? Just curious really.
  6. Abu Derby

    Tyrone Mings - joined Villa on loan

    Going to Forest I’ve heard.
  7. Abu Derby

    'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

    Saw a suspicious bloke hanging around Moor Farm this afternoon. He had a cloth cap on and was feeding some pidgins. I reckon it was either Owd Miner or a bloke from Stanley.
  8. Abu Derby

    Bielsa to resign over spygate?

    Has he gone yet?
  9. Abu Derby

    Elite Managers in the Championship

    Colin does a pretty good job of getting teams promoted, ditto Arthur Cox and Jim Smith before him. Wouldn’t class them as elite managers, but they all have or had great motivational skills.
  10. Abu Derby

    O'Notts Forest

    I think the appointment is a good one for Forest, but as is always the case only time will tell. Will he get it though?
  11. Abu Derby

    4th round draw - Accrington Stanley (A)

    Definitely sell this one out.
  12. Abu Derby

    O'Notts Forest

    What an earth makes that Marikanniss bloke think that throwing several million at it guarantees promotion? He needs to look at those that have tried this before (including us). More often than not in this division it fails.
  13. Abu Derby

    Louie Sibley

    If true, we need to tell them to do one.
  14. Abu Derby

    Hilda is ill.

    Just wondering if Hilda packs you up with pigeon pie each time you’re on nights.
  15. Abu Derby

    Hilda is ill.

    Doesn’t look like a canary, or is it just the coal dust?

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