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  1. This really is the pits. Luton hasn’t won for yonks. It’s simply nowhere near good enough.
  2. Is it obligatory that we concede three times away from home?
  3. So, when is the day of reckoning? Does anyone have any idea?
  4. Wouldn’t pay him in washers.
  5. Never heard of the guy. Scraping the barrel if this is indicative of the talent we’re scouting.
  6. If his parent club wasn’t one of the top Prem Clubs, nobody would be interested. Why don’t we shop in the lower leagues and get a permanent. That lad from Northampton looks a decent prospect.
  7. Rich investors have ploughed money into clubs whose status may be described as “tinpot” before, and will do again. They exist and are ready. Leicester and Bournemouth are two. Wolves another.
  8. Well, they’ve had their chance. More than 48 days has well and truly passed. If I were Mel I’d tell the Duet company to stop singing because the fat lady has gone. I would start looking for another investor - someone could guzzump Gaby with a far more lucrative offer, after we’ve driven the elf out of town.
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