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  1. This is madness. Why don’t they build the new one alongside the old bridge before knocking it down?
  2. It’s the parachute payments that should be looked at, never mind FFP. They ought to be reduced in order to permit a more level playing field. These payments are to help relegated clubs transition into the Championship. Instead they are being used recklessly to try and buy their way back up. Stoke City is a prime example. It’s nobody’s fault but their own if this strategy fails.
  3. Well, I’ve got a new kettle out of last nights debacle. Makes a lovely cup of tea.
  4. Have you seen my wife? Old battle axe springs to mind. Thankfully she doesn’t visit this forum otherwise I’d probably be battered with the rolling pin.
  5. My wife has banned me from this one. Says the money could be spent on a new kettle. 😫
  6. According to Sky sources he hasn’t signed yet, and Stoke, Bristol City and Hull are keeping an eye on proceedings as well as Dutch clubs.
  7. It’d be awesome to see Fiddler on the Roof at Pride Park Stadium.
  8. But what about Greggs? Has that been sold with it - fixtures and fittings etc?
  9. What about investment / new owners? Will it happen? How close is it? Is it £1?
  10. The last thing we need at the end of this season is yet another change of manager. It’s impossible to build the club and promote stability and unity on a base of shifting sands.
  11. Does anyone know how many we’ve sold?
  12. It’s time for the club to substantiate these rumours or consign them to the dustbin. This is doing the club no favours and is breeding uncertainty.
  13. I’m hoping it’s not Trump who will be investing. The thought of playing at Trump Park fills me with dread. That would stink rotten.
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