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  1. Lee Camp, Kevin Poole or Chris Weale (If points deduction incoming).
  2. I think we’ll be given +9 points for having being mucked about by that Gibbo bloke. He’s a just a mardy nosey Parker. Keep your beak out Gibbo.
  3. Charlie George, Dave Mackay, Roy McFarland, Kevin Hector, Archie Gemmill
  4. I’d still ask Bobby to get his kit on even at his age. As for her .........
  5. There is no information whether or not the 20% refund option will still apply after tomorrow. Why do they never give you all of the detail on their website?
  6. I’d make them walk to the ground first, then leave my foot out and trip em up, one by one.
  7. There is a lot of debating Jayden’s merits on here, however no evidence that he is going anywhere. Is he going? Has he gone? Is he staying?
  8. Can’t see Phil staying around if we start next season on -12 points or worse. Or Rooney.
  9. We will win the whole thing next season. Bookmark this quote as you see fit.
  10. I think Steele is a very good summariser and Ed Dawes Is slowly improving. I’ll be listening tonight.
  11. Get that Federici guy in - just been released from Stoke and only 35 and a bit.
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