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  1. I’d go all out for Chris Martin on loan seeing as Mad Nige don’t see eye to eye. Then I’d go for BJ. These two love it here and I think would jump at the chance of a return.
  2. He’s big and tall, can kick a ball, give him a call.
  3. We’ve got ages to wait yet. Remember that Pearce said it’d be done for Christmas. At no time did he state which year.
  4. Worth minimum £7.5m.
  5. Hmmmm, where are the two stars?
  6. Baldrick was a useful player once, however he’s gone off a boil somewhat.
  7. Are you being genuine? Kev Poole must be at least 57!!
  8. Italy were miles better than us. One shot on target in 120 minutes is simply not good enough.
  9. Thank God for that, it looked very tacky and third rate before.
  10. Bloody hell, no wonder that they won it. Must have been the easiest passage in the history of the competition.
  11. He’s obviously been undercover somewhere, perhaps spying in St George’s Park, the *itty Ground or perhaps a bit of the old dog thing.
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