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Who would play you in a movie?

Carl Sagan

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I need cheering up, so will share that there's a new film about me coming out called Voyagers, where I shall be played by Andrew Garfield:


I'll take that. Who would play you in the movie of your life?

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15 hours ago, The Last Post said:


We have something in common, He played a part in Scum which was a Borstal, I was locked away in 1975 in North Sea Camp for 6 months, He played a brickie in Auf Wiedersehen Pet...I worked on a building site in the 70s, He stared in Sexy Beast, I was called a sexy beast by a pissed up milf/gilf some years ago...and no...nowt came of it, It would be nice for him to play me as he has a full head of hair where mine waved goodbye a good few years ago 😁

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