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  1. Hang on ,, I’m beginning to wonder if he’s uncle Mel 🤔
  2. Looking like scoring a goal would be a major achievement
  3. Also don’t think £10 is too much but am aware for some it is , personally I watch every game I can , yep get it that at times it’s bloody frustrating and it would be good if I could say sod I’m not watching but in fairness the bad times make the better ones better
  4. So should I ignore them on taking the vaccine? I already use a wide range of media , learnt that many years ago, I’m well aware of tactics of click bait and controversial shows to generate phone in traffic, this is where I get a bit irked when people insinuate that the vast majority of people are not able to evaluate information and sources for themselves
  5. Think that’s probably a pretty decent figure judging only on personal conversations with friends and work mates , out of interest the amount of time I see talk radio panned on here as a totally negative misinformation platform, people may be interested to know that the bits I’ve heard they seem to be very positive towards the vaccine and encouraging people to have it , though not so keen on it being mandated,
  6. Freedom of speech, in my view it outs loons and dangerous people rather than giving them a mysterious credence, isn’t peer review a kind putting stuff out there to be evaluated and accepted or not🤷‍♂️
  7. No I’m not drawing any line, I don’t care if icke posts about lizard people , does himself more harm than anybody else, yes to a point but I’m sure you would agree by the same token that plenty plenty harm has been done by accepted science and medical thinking of its time over the years? what we ( me) are talking about here is the principle of any one side deciding what is disinformation and banning it from being seen heard or written about 🤷‍♂️ Stuff from people like yeadon and other highly qualified and respected people is not misinformation to be banned it’s opinion and theor
  8. Wow , there’s bits in there I can agree with , though it’s based on the premise that Australia response would have worked worldwide and long term once a virus as contagious as this was out in the world
  9. Might be worth looking where the money is if you intend to accuse others, careful you don’t fall off that high moral intellectual tower
  10. 😂😂😂😂😂 yep I noticed the part where mike yeadon , professor gubta (spelling?) and plenty of other highly qualified and respected people claimed the royal family are lizard people , yet again the tactic of throwing out the extreme and tarnishing all dissenting voices with it so we can ban them , gov put pressure on these platforms to ban what they consider misinformation so no it’s not just up to those platforms
  11. Just as a matter of interest how much scientific and medical advance do think has been made by people who flew in the face of they’re peers and other favoured experts of they’re time even in fields that may not have been considered they’re field of expertise?
  12. Eddie I know that and am far from without fault myself that is why we are able to argue like cat and dog but still at time s agree and have empathy for each other in the main when it counts ,this is a position I am unable to find with Albert and his posts and that rings alarm bells for me as someone who very rarely can’t find a middle ground or at least an understanding of others
  13. Ok the claims are easily disproved( in your view) what concerns you in them being posted and easily disproved in the open ? should the yeadon video be banned from this forum and everywhere else? the same for any and all content that you decide is misinformation? an elderly lady being arrested and manhandled into a van by police officers for peacefully protesting lock down policy ( she was outside) has surfaced and been questioned in parliament by an mp that witnessed it ,,, no taking the knee there🤷‍♂️, this is the kind of world you support/ endorse with your stance😂😂😂
  14. This corona virus ,like all areas of medicine overlap and intertwine so I’m ok to listen to stuff from highly qualified highly respected scientists and medical people ( yeadon and others) not just epidemiologists ,modellers and number crunchers who also have egos and poss conflict of interests of the type you put on others who don’t fit with your narrative ,
  15. Well your stuff around Eddie was cryptic at best , the problem with this topic ( myself included ) is that it’s descended into a gotcha game rather than anybody being able to talk properly, this whole misinformation guff is another part of it , we can trust Eddie enough to be sensible around and perhaps breaking them ( rules) but we can’t trust people to read , see hear stuff and form opinion I feel for Eddie , I really do but as someone who has followed the rules but been given so much stick for just arguing that what is going on is very wrong on so many levels I find the picking and cho
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