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  1. Don’t give up ,the right man may come along😀
  2. Not gonna argue with you on the move him on as we wanted and expected more ,my bug bear is with some that claim him as the worst player to wear a Derby shirt 😂, similarly the few that can’t give Lawrence the due credit he deserves for his recent form make my wonder where their heads are and if they may have the odd injunction knocking about
  3. Agree ,, it’s just stunning how some latch on to a player and just go way way over the top and blind,,, we have just not seen enough of him in game time to make such an outrageous claim, chances are those saying it are the same that tell us others like Marriott just need a run of games to be fairly judged , from what I’ve seen it’s a case of zoon perhaps not bringing enough when we don’t have the ball that is stopping him getting a run to show what he can be with it when on form
  4. Some real gems on this thread tonight from cocu picking a team to park the bus to carthorse waggy to zoon the worst player to wear a Derby shirt to pc making us sit deep once we score ,, yep we have the full gammit tonight😂
  5. Think he is doing a decent job of it lately
  6. New to the thread ,, sorry Regardless of the subject matter I just find her really irritating , bit like some friends you have that like to wheel their kids out to perform for friends and visitors ,as parents they think they are wonderfully talented but your sitting there thinking let me out ,give me a break from these precocious little shxts but you just smile sweaty ,grin and bear it and gush at what wonderful children they are ,,, there. I’ve said it
  7. Young lad , plenty of promise but he is in a battle for the starting spot with wisdom who is a decent player and in decent form so perhaps he will have to get his head round that rather than perhaps feeling he was first pick ,yes it can give you a knock but it’s very much part of being a young pro breaking into the first team scene at the moment for me wizzy gets the right back spot ahead of him and Bogle needs to get his head down and graft to win it back then keep it , all this kid gloves stuff about not wobbling his confidence spouted by some on here is not real world and does him no favours, he has not got to the point he’s at now without hard work and good attitude so he knows what it takes
  8. will give the programme a watch , may have missed out if not for this topic ,,, with this topic , the Katie Hopkins one and similar debates on free speech ,, there’s a bit of me that kind of feels safer knowing where these loons are and just how barking they can be
  9. Yep no doubt what he said was very wrong and the crux is for him to be asked what exactly he meant by what he said so the exact wording is important to make it poss to figure what level of ignorance or stupidity he is operating at
  10. Not so sure on that,,,, too easy ,there will be positive stuff that he could get involved with that could be positive for him as well as influencing others positively
  11. 😀, wife reading over my shoulder has just informed me Hopkins is a not very nice woman who was once on the apprentice
  12. Ahhh,,,,,,,,,,,, is Morgan not woke then?
  13. Guessing she is some kind of racist figure?
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