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  1. This is a point I have put forward before on the Marriott topic ,, I’m willing to bet if we had drawn Liverpool in the cup he would somehow be fit for that game , think we saw similar pattern last year , up for the big games ,maybe not so much for the run of the mill games?
  2. Think I would put the best under 23 side out , at least they know how to play together
  3. Please god ,how can anybody make a judgement on whether cocu is any good or not ? We DO NOT have a team with any quality, there is no one to pick from and then you add the fact that they do not work hard enough to make up for the lack of talent and we are up shat creek without a Wilson
  4. Not so much that he’s a fantastic player that winds me up when he’s not in , more the fact that it’s another player in a long line that we invest good money in and they can’t or don’t make the team with any regularity
  5. Voted no ,,, much as I have a fair deal of affection for Jim during his time with us there really is not enough to name a stand after him
  6. Some decent points and lots I agree with,,,, BUT to say the squad is not a million miles away from last seasons is ludicrous,,,, feeling cocu could/ should be getting more from what we have is one thing but comparing the squad the way you have is just blind daft
  7. No defensive error for goal and we carry on ambling around thinking we are doing enough and draw nil nil ?
  8. The organisation and communication is very much missing , far far too often we see players getting in each other’s way and two players next to the ball leave it for each other resulting in the opposition just easily nick the ball it’s amazingly frustrating to watch , you also see our reaction to second balls be so far off the pace with players face realising much too late that the ball is there to win and it’s them that should be trying to win it , this is the consistently worst Derby team I’ve seen in a long while
  9. Anybody else expecting to see a Millwall team that want it more than us and are better organised get a draw at worst ?
  10. I agree ,, my post / position wasn’t a sack cocu call but a serious question as to whether it could well happen soon
  11. On what we have available to us now we need to play 4/2/4 formation with Martin,Marriott and waghorn all on the pitch , press from high up the park or sit deep and break like fuxk
  12. Not really a workable suggestion to people who have watched Derby for the best part of 50 years and more , im not for sacking him but if there’s to be improvement he has to be backed financially but my gut feeling is we will soon see Rooney as player manager as in today’s crazy football world it’s the commercial choice
  13. Yep ,, nothing 25 mill and a decent recruitment team couldn’t fix
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