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  1. I just find it cringeworthy patronising 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Cant knock the fact wizzy has some good bits in games 🤷🏻‍♂️,, but he really does have at least a minimum one bad mistake per half , think he’s got lucky not to have a lot of those punished lately , I like the bloke but I don’t see the player some rave about
  3. Yep ,I don’t get the wisdom love in from some , scares the life of me , if you thought keough always had a mistake in him then wizzy is treble that
  4. Van tam needs to quit with the silly football comparisons , he’s extremely irritating
  5. I think you will find it was you who gave it to me big boy
  6. Nope , he’s too busy selling books on getting to zero carbon emissions now the vaccine is a goer 😂
  7. Thank Christ somebody does😂, mind you my daughter s dachshund puppy adores me❤️
  8. 😂👍,, I would never rule out lockdown s in certain situations as I said , when this started we were being shown footage of people dropping down and dying on the streets, what we have had in this country in my opinion is very hard to justify and as much as people want to blame it on the public not following rules it just isn’t that, we can compare with other countries till the cows come home but we all see those stats differently 🤷‍♂️ hindsight is a great tool too and we all use it, we are where we are now and in my humble opinion the lockdown needs to end now with vaccines done
  9. Again that was very different for some , I fully remember watching the briefing whilst my family said we were in full lock down I said nope that’s not the case ,,, the next morning showed precisely that with construction sites left open , so go to work archie and risk this virus that’s killing everyone in its path or don’t go and have your jobs and contacts taken by those who will work😂, but remember your unsafe and need to be locked up in every other area🤷‍♂️, been like that from day one and nothing has changed, I know you fully understand that but others either don’t or won’t
  10. Nope again reading into what you want, ive said the the lives of me and my family have been and still are way down the priority s list for gov or plenty joe public during all this , can’t be denied, nope not saying if I’m locked down so should everyone else , that’s been Eddie’s domain through shielding, what I am saying ( again ) is that whether you believe lockdown in this country has been right or wrong from day one it certainly isn’t now , tipping point lives v lives has well and truly been reached and they need to be stopped and that’s from a position of probably being in t
  11. That’s actually what’s turned out to be the most shocking thing for me as this has progressed , the amount of people who you would normally expect to be understanding of others who have shown a whole different side, on another note , I have never voted conservative in my life , I don’t particularly like Boris , his actions, words or what he stands for BUT that does not mean that I can never agree on ANYTHING he ever says but this seems to be the rule of thumb for some , pick a side and one side is always wrong and should not be listened to the other always right and every word trusted ,
  12. I’ve been pretty clear that the lockdown s and restrictions in the way they have been implemented have actually turned out to attack peoples lives more than they have attacked the virus in real terms , rather than look at the issue some just cry conspiracy 🤷‍♂️ for the umpteenth time I will repeat for them yes I believe there is a virus out there yes I believe it dangerous and kills do I agree with how it’s been handled in this country? NO do I believe there’s plenty of not letting a good crisis go to waste ? hell yes
  13. But aren’t I saying I know full well I’ve had it easier than a hell of a lot of people🤷🏻‍♂️,, what’s fascinating about the blunt undeniable truth? why would someone living in a high rise flat with kids ,on universal credit , no or poor internet for kids to learn let alone feed them have a different perspective, selfish buggers ,don’t they know we are all in this together 🤷🏻‍♂️ especially now all self proclaimed social justice warriors can’t be seen for dust
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