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  1. It’s all about winning between yesterday and the end of the season ,those players have to get out there find the grit ,determination and quality to make it happen ,they did just that yesterday, watched on rt and the fans sounded great yesterday too ,best I’ve heard at home for ages and they have to buy into it and get right behind this promotion push ,, as for the derby wobble ,the frank lampard story is a bigger story so it’s overshadowing the annual media drum beating of it
  2. Fisting fee and photos????????????
  3. That’s how I would have been until recently ,, now I watch far more championship football than prem ( if not watching derby ) and can honestly tell you the reason for that is well beyond it being the league derby are in , i love to watch decent boxing and can tell you it’s not all about the supposed big names , there are real cracking fights at all levels , for me NOW the championship is the best league in the world ,it’s everything and more about English football that snared me as a kid and kept me watching for years I would want promotion for the financial boost but would miss the championship pretty quickly I reckon
  4. Think the happier and aliver are very much linked
  5. Well you say that but who ended up happier
  6. Some real great games and almost every game is a big game for those involved
  7. ,it’s real sport ,the football is vastly improved with the heady mix of passion and no fan ever turns up or tunes in to a forgone conclusion , how long before it is recognised as the real heart and soul of English football and everything that made it great to support
  8. Don’t get me wrong ,in my eyes waghorn is the player to play through the middle if Marriott is injured ,out of form or waghorn is better suited to the game or even looking better in training , just saying I can also see the thinking in pairing him and Holmes up the right last night ,
  9. Fair option but I can also see the thinking of pairing him with Holmes on the right given Holmes is out of position , I know there’s wisdom but I’m not sure what’s going on with him ,he’s been poor for some time
  10. People want waghorn up the middle but I think he is being played right tonight to protect Holmes defensively and for the pair to gel and be a real offensive threat ,, let’s see how it pans out before slating it
  11. Well he can probably see the drawbacks in renewing I won’t fall out with him about , ive got no beef with curtains
  12. I am 100% sure that frank and mel are trying the very best they can with what we have and what we can spend , our expectations have gone through the roof again because we are doing pretty well and some people want us to take the gamble and over spend ,if we do that and don’t go up we are up it with no paddle and mel is the devil incarnate with frank the arch villain failure ar his side ,,, we have bought in and brought / are bringing through some very promising young players and are building the right way again whilst having the bonus of being in the promotion shake up , beating Man U away , performing really well away at Chelsea , beating prem Southampton in the cup and our profile is right up there as a club which I’m sure is producing revenue too some people need to get a grip
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