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  1. Just out of interest did you check how many if any , all , or any number in between were exempt from wearing mask ? Willing to bet the answer is no and you will not have a clue what that says regards what you feel is acceptable behaviour to others🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Perhaps they wanted the cucumber for the old bloke who just walked in in a mask which couldn’t cover his scowl and drown out the tutting 😂
  3. Is it poss this whole vaccine passport thing could be a decoy to bring in testing that the public will have to pay for themselves regularly if they want to live normal lives ,Coupled with the coerced vaccination of the young before September? another captive economy?
  4. Can’t wait for the zeta variant, she was a very good looking lady in darling buds of may 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Yep , covid has wiped out Chris Martin in a way countless loans and a transfer could never achieve😂
  6. Head teacher just been spoken to on the phone / after offered and head teacher now back peddling like a uni cyclist going down Everest ,
  7. School breaks up tomorrow too , but she was told that she will still be stopped from picking children up when it returns , so there you have it , people and organisations emboldened enough to think they have the right to discriminate against people exempt from wearing a mask , not only that ,the child she was picking up who she has looked after since he was a baby was a bit upset and confused and aske the teacher why she was taking him and not Natalie , he was told it was because she DOES NOT wear a face mask,,,
  8. Wow ,,,,,,,,, further from my wife being accosted the other day by some bloke for no mask ,,,, she was stopped from going on to school grounds today by a teacher who told her she had been flagged up ( obviously mr busy bully) , my wife was wearing her exemption lanyard and pointed out she was exempt also pointed that she has been picking up from there since covid began , the teacher then told her the school could make its own policy now and she was not allowed on school grounds and fetched the child ,,, so schools can now discriminate against mask exempt people ???🤷🏻‍♂️,,,, needless to say we will be taking legal action, pits your children next folks , can’t wear a mask no right to an education
  9. You say the electoral map is in the middle of reshaping itself, out of interest how do you see that panning out? I honestly find myself in a position where I really don’t see anything or anyone out there I can vote for , maybe it’s me , I know I feel I am somewhere between working class and middle class and for many years have felt I don’t quite belong or fit in either social settings as I have a strange mix/ hybrid of views, maybe the class system has changed and politics and people haven’t caught up
  10. Yep and when parents are pressured into vaccinating their children because they can’t go on holiday or take them to a restaurant or a park, football match ect ect ect ,the covbots will be telling everyone how it’s for the greater good and their little tarquin and bunty are such wonderful little caring creatures who couldn’t get the jab fast enough to do their bit,,,,, parents / guardians my backside
  11. Wouldn’t bother with the pins thing ,, I tried it for years on the wife ,,,, never did a thing🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. People get in hot water for that kind of stuff , yes there s plenty of vaccine s we have to be thankful for but there is also some real troubling stuff around some vaccines and the people producing them , it’s out there but most don’t look because it’s labelled anti vax ,conspiracy theory stuff but there really are some troubling money trails , as uttoxeter says , follow the money , have a proper sniff around 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Sorry but you just cannot say that with certainty, restrictions sent our children to school for a day to mix then locked them back indoors at home where spread is supposedly worse , restrictions sent students back to uni then locked them in ,, restrictions sent millions out to work to mix then locked them indoors to spread anything they caught when comming home , restrictions/ policy pushed old people out of hospitals and into care homes where they spread it and didn’t get the medical treatment they needed ,I could go on with more but that will do for now ,,, there are so many variables that you just cannot make the statement you’ve made🤷🏻‍♂️
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