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  1. Both arrived yesterday morning
  2. Watch Rooney interview, he’s stated clearly he has had no contact with frank or franks agent and says he may have to try to contact frank to get the low down on how the club works ,
  3. Erm, thank you MEL he was responsible for getting Lampard here he was responsible for dealing with the fall out when he went he was responsible for getting Cocu here he was responsible for getting Rooney here he is responsible for getting and keeping our club in the limelight , moving forward and getting bigger and better by the day in fact frank owes Mel a big big thank you too. Personally wanted frank here from day one , loved his time here too but left me disappointed in his integrity, no problem just move on but credit and thanks where it belongs mel he’s one of our own
  4. Funnily enough I remember him telling us in the interview after the play off final that Derby were HIS club he had two years contract and was expecting to be manager next season with meeting in place with mel about how to take the club forward ,,, oops maybe I just dreamt it? he was fully aware of the Chelsea vacancy / link then too
  5. It’s ok they can fit the Wembley steps with a stanna
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