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  1. No pretence there , just repeated your post back to you clearly showing your just on a wind up ,, run out of links to post?
  2. But you’ve stated no way would he come so why then post other than just wuming, mate it’s just boring when just clearly done for attention
  3. Then why suggest him as manager other than just trying to wind people up ? Wums are just boring
  4. He could be a poet but I wish he d ducking stow it
  5. Think I would go hughton too , if lampard goes at this point then I think there is going to be a dip in moral at the club and a bit of flatness and hughton for me would be a good enough manager to guide us and the players through and get us moving in the right direction,the wrong appointment could see us spiral downwards and really set us back
  6. Archied

    Jayden Bogle

    He does but finds it a pane , as does anyone having to be around curtains
  7. Imagine all of the above but with a couple of tweaks ie the Chelsea job is going to then does become available but there’s no contact from them but you are a very ambitious young manager with massive affection from the fans for your time as a player ,you are a media darling with great contacts and you stay very quiet in the background while your pr machine swings into overdrive whipping up a storm and whipping up the fans to a point where it’s very difficult for Chelsea not to offer you the job even though it’s totally outlandish for them to appoint a manager with one season behind him in the championship , every friend ,colleague and family member with ready made access to tv, radio , internet and print is engaged in pushing Chelsea to appoint you total gut feeling speculation of what could be the truth but in fairness no more or less creditable speculation than you are offering?
  8. Nope your right , we are long past the days when it’s anything other than stupid to expect open honesty but let’s not pretend that no comment can’t tell us more than comment very often
  9. Yep must have mixed you in with a post stating that you can’t blame lampard for going to Chelsea if offered which is fair enough , but stand by the stuff regards your entitlement posts ,reaching the conclusion that the time is right for lampard and Derby to part ways for the good of our club is no way what you describe
  10. Yep that’s a no , I’m from a day when football fans were football fans ,passionate about their club not desperate to appear liberal and intellectual about everything, you rightly defend lampard for wanting to move to Chelsea if offered because that’s best for lampard but if a Derby fan is happy for lampard to be moved on because they feel it’s best for Derby now then they are entitled and delusional , hip trendy at all costs😀
  11. That bloody johno and his entitlement 😀
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