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  1. At this point swap for toms mum looks good
  2. Yep he really gets kicked to bits
  3. Not sure I agree ,for me waghorn is the better player by some way
  4. I know what your saying but I don’t think frank wants out and out winger you speak of as he wants the width to come from the full backs with wide forwards who mainly cut inside and have a goal threat
  5. These fish puns are giving me the bird
  6. You do know it’s unlucky to correct b4 don’t you?
  7. There’s a bit of a love in rose tinted view of Marriott with a lot of our fans ,, he has a lot to prove and fits the likely to be good group , he has shown a bit of promise but very early days yet indeed given he is not established in the manager and coaches eyes as a must in the 18 let alone 11
  8. Crazy thread ,, so we are comparing derby with perhaps the top/biggest club in Holland ,,a totaly different country and division where the wage structure is very different,, if second tier British clubs could get the pick of the best talent in the country and also pay players the kind of wages Ajax do they would all be doing it ,, they get the pick of Holland’s best talent harvest it and then lose it because they can’t compete wages wise in Europe every so often they get enough at one time to make the massive spenders in Europe look ordinary but not too often these days ,,, crazy crazy thread
  9. Jeez ramnut anybody would think you don’t want our. Owner to do everything he possibly can to help us compete financially with these parachute multi millions clubs
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