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  1. Sorry , don’t agree , he was part of a group that broke club rules , got drunk and got into cars together At the end of a drinking session ,his injury was a direct consequence of his and his friends reckless behaviour NOT an accident of the kind your 2 years before medical severance is meant to cover , he was not sacked as a punishment, he was Offered a reduced contract that totally reflected the position he had put himself and the club in ( very fair of the club ) which he refused ( stupid ,greedy, unable to take responsibility for his actions?) at which point the club very rightly decid
  2. I’m with you on all of the above , liked keough and rated him , that said the club acted 100% the right Way for the position they were placed in
  3. I think your looking for too much in the reasoning behind things , Richard was the only one who injured himself in the incident to the extent that he could no longer fulfill his contract and as such was quite naturally treated in the way his situation dictated ,, football clubs are not charities they are business s and I’m really stunned that people don’t see this , coupled with the fact that players are on such high wages making it a massive loss to the club to pay him, buy a replacement and pay his replacement I’m at at loss as to why the club is expected by some posters to do anything else
  4. If we are talking present then it’s Sibley , looks a real prospect and a true Derby fan too , not just academy product ,you just know he will be as excited as us fans every time he hits the back of the net for Derby , Roy ,,,, yep I know you will miss Martin but look forward to enjoying this lad
  5. Here’s the thing , for almost every club at this level every season IS a transitional season simply because of the financial model that you have to adhere to , take a club like Brentford ,the players they bring in and improve are nicked by more money bags clubs every season they don’t go up and they have to find more players to start again , they are having a good run just now where they’re buys have worked well but make no mistake that can turn and you get a run of players just as easily for various reasons that don’t cut it ,,,football clubs at this level are in a constant transition
  6. It’s not a proper fight ,,, give me the politics thread any day , that’s when fights were fight s ,,, oh and I were right about that saddle
  7. Hand up the poster who asked if I had been drinking when I said lampard and chelsea wouldn’t win the FA cup final, forgot who it was 😂
  8. Wasn’t a direct comparison with Martin as to who should be player of the season just an observation as to why I could understand someone could pick him as their player of the season based on all round input and attitude, to be honest I’m not sure who I would see as player of the year as it’s been such a disjointed season
  9. Not sure it’s just goals , waghorn has played centre forward ( his preferred position) and wide right because we needed him there so he’s a valid choice for anybody who sees him as player of the year , grafts his nuts off and just gets on with it for the manger and the team, goals too
  10. For me I think how this is panning out is about right , I would have concerns if cocu didn’t see a decent player worthy of a contract offer and by the same token I would worry if he saw him as vital to Derby and a keep at all costs option , Derby have worked out what’s right for them to offer and Martin thinks he’s worth more than the offer , I don’t buy all this he loves DCFC stuff , he’s a pro footballer who has and will continue to do what’s best for him and his family and rightly so , he’s had a good career at Derby whilst Derby have had the best from him ,he owes the club nothing whilst t
  11. Maybe we should retire the position and play with ten
  12. I like Richard k as a player for us , stood up for him when people with a different opinion stayed him but do me a favour ,,,, HE LET THE CLUB DOWN ,that means the people who pay his wages , the fans , his team mates who didn’t behave like spoilt brats , now I wish him well going forward but if anybody should feel shame it’s keough not the club
  13. Think after Liverpool chelsea game we could poss think cocu is a capital C for class and lampard is a capital L for lout ? just my take , actions speak and it may turn out we are left disapointed with cocu s actions in the future but my gut feeling is we won’t ,lets wait and see
  14. Raises the old question on here again,,,is goal difference worth a point?
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