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  1. Problem is your idea of mismanagement or management of the finances is based on what you think the goal should be ,,, perhaps ,just perhaps mel s goal is to push as close to ffp and find ways of being able to invest as much as poss to give Derby the best chance of competing for promotion as fast as poss as it’s getting tougher and tougher to compete with the parachute money clubs , being able to attract the best managers and players we poss can in the championship, in which case mel is managing the finances brilliantly and given the choice of what we are trying to do under him than under the American s and clough hands tied years I’m enjoying mels time far more and I reckon the crowd figure and the way they were heading under the Americans tell us the majority feel the same,
  2. Archied


    My old man and brother were at Measham too, got to be said that the crack working down the pit was spot on ,had some proper laughs
  3. I’m not sure that the 80 hours community stuff is the right thing ,,, for me it kind of taints the fantastic stuff players do voluntarily as they are there putting back because they want to and it earns our respect and affection different if the two off their own bat say they are going to up they’re work in the community stuff but I’m not sure the club using it as a punishment is the right thing as it loses a lot of its value if you know players are being forced to do it ,,, nit picking maybe but it’s just my view
  4. Could well be that he is banged to rights and is going to plead guilty therefore feels his best course of action is to put his hands up early and arrive at court with the impression he has been punished by the club , is very sorry and is already on the rehabilitation trail , would that course help with his sentencing if he is to plead guilty?
  5. Archied


    Cadley hill for me
  6. Yep it’s also worth considering our only home win this season came without Lawrence or Bennett in the team so it’s perhaps not such an outlandish idea that squad moral wise it may be a real positive to reward professionalism, just for a moment take away the criminal side of the debate and for me at this point both those players don’t get in my team , I have defended Lawrence many times on here and thought people were perhaps a bit too harsh on his performance s but at this point for me if I was picking the team he would need to be having a spell out change attitude and also give someone else a run who may grab a place with a run of games,, pretty much the same for Bennett
  7. Zoon , Paterson, Holmes ,Mitchel Lawson , ,,,,,,, theres a host of good young talent waiting to break through if you listen to the club and those who watch the 23 s
  8. I don’t , their level of performance over a period of time are not good enough to warrant staying in the team ahead of other more committed players at the club and youngster busting a gut to break into the team
  9. Archied


    Yep that don’t make a lot of sense ,, i was down the pit in 1978 for a few years and I’m only 58 ,,, thinking old miner might be more owed guffer
  10. Archied


    There really isn’t anything that would stop me being a Derby fan ,it’s just ingrained end of
  11. A point we agree on , apologies are just a very small start , it’s changing behaviour that only really means a can of beans
  12. No prob with Lowe , purely a football decision, major problem with Lawrence for zoon as I thought my Bennett post would make very clear oh and I did not say I was disgusted that was your exaggeration, I said it was wrong wrong wrong
  13. Could be but having been many many games I know what my money is on
  14. Can we put this stupidity to bed please personaly I have broken the law lots as a kid/ young man as I’m sure others you question have too ,, the point is I was always punished for it and rightly so , I now consider myself a decent human being and behave accordingly and if I’m honest I have very little time for asshxles who get so drunk they make everybody’s life a misery at games ,in pubs ,on the streets , on holidays abroad , let alone the next step of getting behind the wheel of a killing machine , theres a formula ,, crap behaviour, cost/ punishment,rehabilitation over time if you choose it
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