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  1. Archied


    Were not in derby but I’m sure your right in terms of finding something smaller and local
  2. Archied


    We usually give a donation to crisis at Christmas each year ( nothing big just what we can spare ) this year we have just received a letter from them which was very much like a final demand on an unpaid bill which we found very unsettling ,we have checked out crisis and are not impressed with the amount per donation that actually gets spent on the homeless as opposed to costs and salaries , I know that sadly so many charities are professional businesses now but daftly I hadn’t realised crisis were right up there in terms of this ruthlessness , question is are there any charities / ways to donate without lining the pockets of those that really don’t need it ? Is Salvation Army still volunteer based
  3. Archied

    Alexa, tell her I’m right and she’s wrong!

    So your into briefs ??? ,, sniffer or collector?
  4. Archied

    watches....to dream on for

    Very nice ,, as I get older I’ve become like golem with watches
  5. Archied

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    Why thank you ,, much more productive and you come across as a much nicer bloke ,,, all of what you say regards the team I put up makes perfect sense , guess I’m being greedy and need 12 players a side because I really don’t want to lose tomori from the team as I think he is vital to our style of play in terms of his real pace and tackling back skills that so so often pulls our asses out the fire when all looks lost and a goal certain so I suppose I’m desperately trying to shoehorn him and Davies in but as you and others point out there’s always a trade off ,,, if I’m pushed to chose then tomori and richy 😀are my pairing and Davies stays on the bench until form or injury force the issue
  6. Archied

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    I know what you mean , it’s a right bugger as Davies is solid but I just don’t want to lose tomori s qualities from the team , glad I don’t have to pick the team😀
  7. Archied

    How Do You Think This Season Will End?

    Think we will be play offs and from there who knows ,,, would really love to se keough celebrate promotion in a Derby shirt 😜
  8. Archied

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    You really are very sad , ive just explained to you that it’s one of those words that you can correct me , I can correct myself and we can do it till the cows come home and it still never looks right to me so the only way I can comfortably post it to your standard is if I check it every single time , I’m just not up for all that silly rigmarole on a forum about my opinions on my football club so do me a favour and stick me on ignore as I’m 100 percent sure that if you trawl posts of mine over the years you will find I spell it right and wrong probably in equal measure and I just don’t have to time or inclination to role play your fantasy of being a school teacher
  9. Archied

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    😀, the edit was to put the aside on
  10. Archied

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    You STILL don’t know how to read a post and just agree or disagree with the opinion without the compulsion to feel and behave as if you are some kind of superior taking over ? If that’s what being a great speller of words does for you then I don’t want to be , give me a b4 post any day of the week
  11. Archied

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    Message to the few pedant spelling and grammar obsessive s on list ,, don’t waste your time on my my posts as I just think it’s knobby behaviour , it’s not big and it’s not clever ,it’s just knobby behaviour ,,, if I ever have to write an essay for any of the few superior beings who cling to this daft ness on a football forum then I will endeavour to use spell check and get it professionally proof read before presenting it , but until then I will bang out posts quickly and without too much drama ,, I suggest you save the pendant Show off behaviour for those who may be suitably impressed or suitably chastised , as an aside Keogh is one of those names / words that I can write a million times and still think it doesn’t look right whether it’s spelt right or wrong ,, don’t know if that’s a mild dislexia thing or not as it wasn’t a thing in my school days
  12. Archied

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    Really ??? ,, you had no clue who it was?
  13. Archied

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    You don’t know who that is ?????
  14. Archied

    Curtis Davies or Tomori ?

    Tomori is also up there as one of my favs so far this season ,,, with the fozzy injury and malone being much stronger attacking than he is defensively maybe it’s this game that we are ripe for three at the back it could be very much the right formation to counter a rowett style stoke Carson Davies. Tomori. Keough Bogle Malone Hudds waghorn. Mount. Wilson Marriott
  15. Archied

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Seems to me that wisdom has not been quite the same player since he was left out of the team for personal reasons , has he had stuff going on in the background that’s affected him attitude and training wise?

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