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  1. You may be right , it seems like a case of who knows so perhaps they should make they’re minds up then which is kinda my point ,it’s in and out like a fiddlers elbow , I’m finding it harder and harder to have any faith in boris and his cabinet to get much right at the right time ,not sure if it’s correct but I heard it stated that we are now having more deaths per day than the rest of Europe put together most days
  2. Not sure which way to go , I have two season tickets and full rams tv subscription which has just had billing reactivated email yesterday after suspension through the no games period , really tough to justify the season tickets given the number of games we actually get to attend but hate not having a season ticket ,,,, oh for a big lottery win
  3. Yep, I’ve never quite understood the play on words of wearing a mask doesn’t stop you catching the virus ,if everyone wears one it MUST cut down the spread of the virus hence we all have less chance of catching it ? Got to be about shortages plain and simple and that’s my problem with this gov through all this ,, so much word play on so many issues whether it be number of deaths, testing ,care home mistakes or lockdown rules interpretation when needed and now the track and trace / border quarantine stuff that you just know is gonna turn into another fiasco
  4. Can’t see anything on iPhone?
  5. Caught good morning Britain today and I found piers Morgan totally idiotic , because the Madeleine McCann is big news again he asked the question if it was a little black girl would we have the same coverage of the case , how bloody stupid and inflammatory at a time like this , why? Well it’s very very clear that it is a class , education, money , contacts issue , NOT a race one , there are lots and lots of very distressing cases of missing white children that received next to zero the attention they deserve because the families are working class and don’t have the privilege the McCann parents have and this disparity is well documented over the years, what a stupid inflammatory emotive thing to come out with. history history history ,,, it can be helpful to a point but also wallowing in it can hold us all back too ,,,,, racism has to be approached and dealt with for what it is NOW , we ALL need to Start letting the past go , concentrate on creating a better NOW and building a better future
  6. Ok the dictatorship may be a bit of a stretch but you can see the point , we want to live in a society that allows personal choice ( that doesn’t hurt others ) Australia has been in a political mess for some time now and perhaps forcing people to vote might play into that
  7. There’s a very big difference between the right to vote and being forced to vote and I would say that it’s much the same as the difference between democracy and dictatorship,,, also you make a massive improper assumption that all those who don’t vote in an election do so because they can’t be bothered ,there is a very large and growing number of people in this country that 100% feel there is nobody that represents them and they can vote for with a clear conscience, then add in our first past the post system , the years of boundary tinkering that can render lots of people’s votes as pretty much worthless then you have a recipe for a failing democracy that more and more people are refusing to go along with the pretence ,
  8. No disrespect taken , when all said and done if I could wave a magic wand and racism would be gone I would wave it like a loon as I’m sure you would too and for that matter most people I know ,, I never throw stuff out in debate to try to be a smart ass , I hope to challenge myself and others way of seeing things , I know I get more from finding I’m wrong which happens often
  9. Nothing contentious, what we hear from people we respect carries more weight for us and we are open to hear and explore it whether we agree with it or not , your argument was perhaps that shouldn’t be the case ?
  10. That’s a very interesting question and the simple answer is yes we are more suspicious and the message is diluted , case in point tommy Robinson ,,, until recently I kept an open mind because I saw a lot of miss reported stuff , edited interviews where things said were twisted , de platforming and the prohibition of anyone being allowing to grow, learn and change now having seen a video of his recent /current behaviour and attitude posted on here I am very suspicious of any message from his mouth ,,,, is that wrong ?
  11. White privilege? What is it ? after much thought backwards and forwards since the emergence of the phrase I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a badly worded badly thought out phrase that although well intentioned can switch people off from looking at the very thing it’s supposed to get them to understand, I am no racist , my family ( the people I love ) is peopled by a mix of shades and backgrounds and as such the white privileged phrase has irked as I’m very anti racist and most certainly don’t want any privilege for being white but listening to some very balanced voices talking about this stomache churning killing ( because that’s what it is ) the bit I get now is that no matter how anti racist I am or how much empathy i have I can not fully understand the experience of facing racism , perhaps that’s what the phrase white privilege is trying to get across and to some it will but there’s got to be a better way of phrasing it to get the message across , we’ve come a long way ( perhaps much less in USA ) but maybe that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t push even harder now to stamp it out
  12. To be honest I really believe the most effective thing to beat this virus is going to be ordinary people in the U.K. using a mixture of they’re common sense and wariness of the virus , I fully believe the government has just got further and further lost the more this goes on , of course mistakes have expectedly been made due to the nature of facing a situation totally new To us but we don’t seem to be learning from mistakes and formulating well thought out reasoned plans of action that people can see make sense and get behind and there really just seems evasiveness regards figures for deaths , testing and the stage that track and trace is actually at
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