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  1. Yeah totally warrants glueing oneself to the motorway , not only loons but selfish and dangerous loons , by all means protest outside the Houses of Parliament but that’s not good enough for these frothing over reactors,, jail the idiots
  2. As a said pie in the sky nonsense loons 🤷🏻‍♂️, people may not want to retro fit insulate they’re own properties for many reasons not least the issues it can and does bring up , ventilation for a start leading to damp issues , are they not to be given the choice? As I say this is the problem with these type of loons we seem to be infested with , they need to force they’re will on everybody else
  3. I do work for social housing landlords and can assure you those clowns blocking motorways REALLY do not know the first thing about the amount of grants ,initiatives and work that has been going on for years in that sector , as you claim with American politics , this is an area I have working knowledge and experience in for the last 35 years , that’s why I labelled them clowns
  4. Yep there just seems to be so so many angry intransigent people these days
  5. So your saying the majority are CHOOSING not REFUSING to wear a mask , your verging on irrational fixation now and of course the majority you speak of will be the first to moan if they try to lock us down again , in fact I doubt the majority will put up with it again ,you can only spin the figures so long before real life experience of living through the last 2 years or so kicks in we have an endemic virus that 98% of people survive even before vaccines, the vast majority of people who succumb to it are above the average life expectancy in this country and or have underlying health conditions , a large number of those people were put to the sword by the care homes fiasco that was verging on criminal, now of course I feel for you , your old ( as am I ) you have underlying health concerns but it is your job to keep yourself as safe as you can if you feel at risk NOT the whole worlds job to live unnaturally and restricted lives to make you feel safe
  6. Yep we have angry neurotic code red screaming loons from insulate Britain, yep insulate Briton , sitting down on motorways , do any of these clowns have the first clue about what’s been going on in the building trade for the last 20 years 🤷🏻‍♂️, you cannot move for insulation regulations on new builds , renovations, loft conversion s let alone grant after grant for years to bring on insulation in simple upgrades , Wheather it’s climate change , covid and or any other issue the country just seem to be full of those sandwich board type of people people who go round screaming we are all going to die ,the world is going to end tomorrow, maybe we just have it too easy now and people have too much time on they’re hands 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Don’t give me that ,, you’ve lost your lucky pen
  8. The m25 blocked again ,, it’s time these total idiots were jailed,
  9. You mean a setting where PROPER masks are actually appropriate 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Think that’s the other way round , personally I won’t go anywhere that wants me to wear a mask , I will spend my money elsewhere ,people walking round with flimsy ill fitting bits of paper or cloth on they’re face and expecting everyone else to do the same is the height of daftness and selfish , done it once in a restaurant, sit at table no mask get up put one on ,it was like a monty python sketch ,I’m happy to see a two tier society on that issue ,god I keep well away from mask zealots they give me the heeby geebys
  11. Not for me thanks but you crack on , don’t forget your mask they’re very strict at the majestic
  12. More seriously though it’s ok to do the above as long as it’s in line with your view 😂, you really are a proper proselytiser
  13. Is that some kind of show on zoom🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. Come on you know the deal by now ,, follow blindly without question
  15. Always the charmer , I take it you include the vaccinated in your rant too
  16. Given survival rate was 98% plus before vaccines I’m ok for people to make they’re own choice , smugness kills😂
  17. Deaths involving covid ? Is that a new way of saying from any cause within 28 days of a positive test?
  18. Oh yeah forgot , don’t be insensitive, that’s only a one way street , been reading headlines for almost two years now and I reckon I’ve got a handle on headlines and the headline writers
  19. How many vaccinated people with serious health conditions died? How many unvaccinated without serious health conditions died ? maybe all anti balanced stats should be deemed unacceptable,
  20. Thought you Hampshire folk were insulated from that stuff
  21. Fair enough you may have missed posts that have gone unchallenged and deemed acceptable
  22. You just may be seeing people in there who did not have the luxury of being scared and staying home but had to go out and earn a living and as such have a different experience of the virus and having to live with it , maybe you are being educationalist ,moneyist , who knows ? All I can tell you is I know plenty of both sides of that with very different views on covid so not really seeing that distinction in people in the main🤷🏻‍♂️
  23. Are you honestly telling me you’ve not seen some pretty bad posts on here regards unvaccinated dying ? Are you honestly telling me that there’s been no so called insensitively around using these stories to back up a view ? if it’s appalling to talk in general terms one way then a consistent yard stick should be applied and there’s a glaring lack of that
  24. If you are struggling to score goals then you have to become hard to beat , yes we had a bit of luck in there but when your defending as a team and giving little away the other side often snatch at chances and miss a few they should score so you kind of make your own luck to a degree , we have our share of bad luck , good point , proper fighting spirit and Roos was superb , on to the next game as they say , one game at a time and squeeze every last drop from each game , no moans from me about the lack of chances we created as we have to start somewhere and this season is backs against the wall time
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