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  1. As ever, when a player is linked by HITC it's rubbish, but when they say it's a no deal they're telling the truth! πŸ€”
  2. What, after only 73 pages? How are we going to beat the Gorgeous George thread without going off topic or duplicate posts?
  3. How many did he let in in the remaining minutes? 😜
  4. I'm catching up a bit on comedians via YouTube when they pop up as suggestions, having been over here more than 20 years I'm well lost as to who's worth watching. I remember when I was very young seeing Frankie Howard in the theatre at the end of Skegness Pier. I was far too young to remember anything of the show however. I did go to see though Kevin Turvey and the bar steward Squad, which was when the Young Ones was at it's height. I shall have to look up some of the suggestions, although some I know through quiz shows (Jimmy Carr, Phil Jupitus....) like Have I Got News for You, the Big Fat Quiz of the Year....
  5. I've been waiting for an autograph since he signed for us. Fortunately I've got the kitchen and toilet in easy shuffling distance so my needs are being covered whilst I wait. He'd better get here soon or I'll start booing at my iPad next time I watch him!
  6. Well they must be good if they were playing for the under 17's at 7!
  7. Will Hughes, Jeff Hendrick, Vydra........ or Johnny Russell?
  8. Surely worth a punt at that price. He's still young and his value can only increase. And if there's a cash flow problem I'm willing to advance my RamsTV subscription.
  9. Still not recovered from your Christmas excess?
  10. I've had the same problem for a while now when the games are being shown live in Outer Mongolia and not available here in Spain.
  11. Brilliant. And so it begins. Two more games I've payed for that I either won't be able to see legally, or I'll have to pay for again to watch on a ppv channel.
  12. Although it's impossible to argue that (too) many of our players were underperforming, the creative heart of the team had been ripped out of it by injuries. Players that have some very good attributes were unable to use them because they weren't given the service they need. The strikers for example have been feeding off scraps for most of the season. They have been getting one chance per game or less. Last season they could "afford to be wasteful" because they knew that another opportunity would arrive soon after. The arrival of Rooney and the return of Huddlestone is a massive boost for the team. Add to that the emergence of Knight over the last few games after a settling in period early on, and suddenly chances are being created. Marriott on Thursday missed three or four sitters. The chances kept coming and he finally tucked one away. Waghorn also has missed many chances recently, but through sheer weight of numbers also scored. I wouldn't say that either of them are playing to their potential, but certainly look better because they are being given more service. I would say that perhaps many of the players weren't actually underperforming, more a case of they were being under provided. Mount and Wilson scored loads of goals between them last season, but they also provided loads of opportunities for others, either directly or as part of the buildup. Having an effective midfield is imperative for an effective team. When three or four players in that area are producing the goods then other players around them are going to look better also because of the opportunities that they provide. We have still got unfortunately too many average to slightly better than average players. They look much better with good players around them. Unfortunately they aren't good enough to carry the team without the others. A case of the sum being better than the individuals.
  13. I remember @Seaside Sam's version, but then my memory's bloody awful just lately.
  14. Despite my comment I've voted anyway. Was going to change my normal yes to a no just for the crack, but couldn't be bothered.
  15. Isn't that what @DarkFruitsRam7 does at half time?
  16. At last, a Cocu in or out thread πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
  17. Welcome to the forum. If you're a long time lurker you'll already know the score πŸ˜‚
  18. Can't go to the cinema, so obviously the DET!
  19. Everyone who's not in a "dark market" country! I had to watch it on a pay channel (DAZN) with Spanish commentators. I've no problem with the language, but would have preferred the RamsTV commentary.
  20. Derby 3 Barnsley 1. FRGS Holmes.
  21. I did have to watch it twice to make sure that they didn't show the penalty, and double check the score that they posted.
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