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  1. A belated happy birthday to the grumpiest but most handsome poster on the forum
  2. With our form in front of goal last season, Jason Knight came pretty close to achieving it with his goal against Preston.
  3. @Eddie, I don't know if you're following the eruption in La Palma, but after nearly a month it's only growing in strength. There are some incredible images this morning.
  4. I didn't realise times were that hard Mel.
  5. @Unlucky Alfis technically correct. If you look closely, that's white and black.
  6. Bielik should just about be fit for when we sign them in January.
  7. I never said that you smoke, it's the jacket that's smoking. I agree with you about whiskey, it's horrible. I'm not going because I can't be arsed 😂 😢 I would go if I could, honest.
  8. I was going to call you an armchair fan, but I know that you're more of a sofa, or even a chaiselongue, fan. Sat there (reclined) with your 50 year old scotch whiskey, smoking jacket and zapper!
  9. Wouldn't it be fun if one of these mega mega rich groups bought say Burton Albion or Doncaster Rovers, and then won the Champions League in front of their 2000 loyal fans?
  10. Peas in paella, that's like mushy peas with you battered cod.
  11. Do you not like 🦃? I'm sure you've never mentioned it.
  12. Those tablets finally taking effect?
  13. Read that as Dave Watson. I know he was pretty good, but I'm sure we've had better since 😀
  14. Many say it was the best goal ever scored by a Derby player. Hinton beat three men on the wing before firing in a pinpoint cross which O'Hare brought down with his chest, and in one movement laid it off to Hector. King Zac swivelled, taking out two defenders before nutmegging a third and firing an unstoppable shot in off the post and bar. Ok, I haven't really got a clue, but if it makes you feel better, it bounced off his knee, onto his arse and bobbled over the line.
  15. Who ever would have guessed it, @Angry Ram comes from a long line of criminals! 😘
  16. Is that the Royal "We", or are you referring to @Eddieand yourself?
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