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  1. Rams 2 Baggies 1. FRGS Marriott.
  2. So @OwenB87, trying to get back to your original post, I would be interested in knowing the answers to all of the questions that you put 😊. I really enjoy the content, both live and pre-recorded, and would also like to know if there is anything new planned for the near future? Could some of the stuff that currently gets transmitted live on Facebook be shown as live transmission via the app/web as well? Keep up the excellent work, not just yours as I am sure that many people are involved in producing what is a very professional channel, and pass on my gratitude to all involved. Mel Morris also deserves plenty of praise for insisting on providing the quality that we are getting, and I would assume for allowing the club to use part of it's budget towards something that I presume is none profit making (after all you must be earning close to a Rooney type wage πŸ˜‰).
  3. I think that up to now they have shown the Friday games and I think the Sunday games. Doesn't help us that our games have been Monday and now Saturday lunchtime.
  4. The best, or worst, of it is that the game isn't being shown by DAZN who have the rights. The Huddersfield game wasn't shown either. It's annoying enough when the game is being screened that I can't watch it via the platform which I have already paid for, but when it's not available legally (I know that short trips to Japan, North Korea etc aren't illegal but you know what I mean) surely the club should be allowed to make it available to those who have paid. We get a brilliant service from the club in terms of content and production, but we don't unfortunately get what we are paying for in terms of games. Once Rooney joins up the situation is almost certainly going to be even worse. You @OwenB87 get the complaints directed at you because you are a known direct link with the club in general, and RamsTV in particular so sorry at least for my part, but perhaps the club could address the issues a little better. Then again, contradicting myself, I suppose they have explained why we can't watch and from where we can so probably can't do anything else about it.
  5. He's at a similar stage to Bogle last season. Needs game time in order to improve. In fact he's probably quite a bit better than Bogle at a similar stage last season (probably due to his season in Scotland), but Bogle pushed on immensely towards the end of last season. Hopefully Lowe will do the same.
  6. Having read the other comments I realise it's "La Casa de Papel". I've watched all three seasons. It's not bad if you don't take it seriously as someone said. The first two seasons were better, and should probably have been left there. The third season is even more unbelievable, but still worth watching under the same conditions. (Spoiler alert: don't expect an ending in season 3)
  7. What's happened to RamsTV meets.......? It's been a while since we've had a new one.
  8. Any chance of getting the app on AppleTV? I know the games can't be screened via AppleTV, but all the other content can and it would be much easier than screen mirroring.
  9. I was thinking along similar lines. Is he about to become a father, or is he about to partake in the act of "inseminating a female"? Does one now go out to celebrate that they are about to get their end away? (Mods, change the wording if necessary)
  10. Half agree with you, therefore half disagree. His goal tally really should be higher, but he was one of our leading assisters last year. In the first three or four games I think he directly assisted 3 goals, through sheer determination and excellent crosses. He's not the best footballer in the Championship, but there are many worse. I think that if Flojo had been the one substituted on Tuesday and Bennett put at right back then everyone would be saying how well he had done. Their left back was crying out to be run at, but Flojo absolutely refused. Bennett wouldn't have needed a second thought to attack him, they were giving so much room down that right flank!
  11. Don't understand people saying that Bennett doesn't track back. I think it's one of his strengths, for an attacking player. On Tuesday I remember a quick counter attack at the end of the first half and it was Bennett who got back to nick the ball just over the half way line. That's just one example. I can remember plenty more in other games. He may not be the best tackler, but it's not for lack of effort.
  12. If your surname is Hunt, don't call your son Jack!
  13. Saving my smart arsed comments until after the the game πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
  14. Always liked red numbers on the shirt personally
  15. Aren't they the away ones from a few years back? (Forest wear white shorts πŸ€“πŸ‘πŸ»)
  16. I would prefer him to do enough to earn a contract here!
  17. According to the DET, Cocu has said that George is heading in the right direction. Does that mean he's passing through league 1 on his way to league 2? Feel sorry for him, excellent player ruined by injuries. Hopefully a spell playing will get him back to something like his former self.
  18. Potters 1 Rams 2. FRGS Josefzoon.
  19. It would be interesting to know how many RamsTV subscribers there are in each country that could affect subscriber numbers. I would have thought that it's very unlikely that a ram, or any other team's supporter, would take out a subscription with one of these tv companies only to watch their team once or twice a season. If they want to watch Championship games having a couple of your own team's games shown would be an advantage, but not the priority. I can understand the company wanting this condition, but the EFL should be thinking more about the subscribers to what is after all their product in the live screening of all club's games abroad. I know that DCFC opted out, but didn't they have to pay to the EFL to do so even if it was as a percentage per subscriber? We pay to watch the league games, cup games never entered into the equation, yet a successful or big club can be shown live 8 or 10 times and these games are then unavailable to us. When Rooney finally arrives I hate to think how many of our games will be switched! I'm currently paying Β£12.50 a month for my RamsTV subscription, I would need to pay another 10€ a month for DAZN who don't even show all of the championship games available to them. Yes, it's much cheaper than going to live games, but is a large chunk out of my wages every month (my name is Richard, I'm not using my user name to show off). If the games can't be shown I know it's not down to the club, but once again this is a very poor tv deal for the clubs signed by the EFL. They really are screwing the clubs and particularly their fans.
  20. And the Brian Clough Trophy practically lives at Pride Park!
  21. Hector, O'Hare and Hinton have to be the best I have seen, but really all of the successful partnerships have their own special place in my memories. George and Lee were sublime. Davison and Gee terrorised third and second division defences, but never really reached the same heights in the first division. Saunders and Goddard were an absolutely fantastic partnership, they had everything. Saunders was lightning quick and excellent in the air considering his height. Goddard had the touch of the Gods. He could control the ball at any height and pace, and his vision was truly fantastic. Sturridge, Gabbiadini and Willems again were fantastic in the second division. Sturridge, Wanchope and Biano had pace and skill against the best defenders in the Prem. As I said, Hector, O'Hare and Hinton were probably the best, but Saunders and Goddard supported by Callaghan, McMinn and Micklewhite were probably my favourites because I could appreciate them more as I was older. Still proud to be able to say that I remember the very best though and Hector was and always will be my all time favourite player. He wasn't called the King for nothing.
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