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POTY - vote for Bielik


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None of the players out there today deserve to be considered for player of the year - vote for Bielik (who prevented us being relegated months ago so) and send a message to these spineless muppets…. 

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2 minutes ago, DCFClks said:

Can we not just do what we did in the 07/08 season and just give POTY to "The Fans"? ...oh wait, they weren't even there.

just vote for Wayne to make him feel even more ridiculous.  

he'd probably take it as a compliment though?

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2 hours ago, G STAR RAM said:

Byrne and Shinnie have both put decent shifts in.

Don’t think I’m having a go mate but isn’t that the bare minimum you’d expect? 2 players try and are in talk of player of the year? It’s exactly what is wrong with us. I agree they put shifts in but so do I Monday-Friday... for much less money than they earn. 

the fact that you’ve mentioned two players as possible player of the years just for trying is why we are on this mess. 


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