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  1. Mings should be on a GBH charge, you wouldn’t get away with that in day to day life so why has this thug got away with it. He has previous too. Im amazed the Police haven’t taken this one in hand. What sort of example does it make to the footballing world, “hey you’ve dived you simulator you there’s a 2 game ban” where as “hey it’s ok to stamp on someone’s face and you could’ve blinded the poor fella, but don’t worry about no action will be taken (even though this isn’t the first time)” The FA really are a shambles.
  2. Really wanted an extended cup run, looks like that has come to an end😢😢 We need to dust ourselves down and ready ourselves for the💩👜 next week
  3. Can’t help but feel this is a massive mistake on AJs part. Why would anyone chose to fight in the USA against an American fighter when you hold the belts 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ I know some cynics will say it’s all about the 💰 and they may be right but hehas been poorly guided IMHO. I believe he will have to knock this guy out to retain his belts otherwise a points decision will go in the Americans favour as it always does. Bravery or Stupidity 🤷🏻‍♂️For me it is certainly the later 😪
  4. Which side is going down, I can’t tell. Even if we nick it (which I doubt) we are still papering over the cracks.
  5. Familiar pattern here again, as the song goes “getting way to big for ya boots” Derby. Arrogance should and usually does bite us on the arse.
  6. RIP to the original “Banksy” best in the world during his career by a long way.
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