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  1. Wowsers what a line up, come on Jack bag us a hat trick tonight dude 🙏🏻👍🏻🐏
  2. Jack Marriott is only as good as the service he receives. Once he’s had a run of matches with Rooney and Martin in the same starting 11 watch the net burst regularly. He needs a good run in the team, he IMHO is the best striker we have (ignoring Rooney, obviously).
  3. Thinking about it from another angle... This would be like driving at 38mph in a 40mph zone before Christmas and then receiving a speeding fine this morning because the speed limit for that area was reduced to 30mph yesterday. The EFL are p##sing in the wind with this one 🤷🏻‍♂️🤭😂
  4. what Ainsley Harriott was doing these days 🤔😳🤭😂 whoops attached to the wrong post!🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  5. Get what your suggesting, but the clubs statement clearly announces that we have written confirmation of our compliance from the EFL. Surely the statement that was made and published for the world to see must have been done so by a member of Mels legal team to ensure there are only facts reported. With that in mind an official response of written approval and confirmation is in our possession as reported, therefore the EFL are going to have to retract this Steve Gibson driven none sense. There is no way DCFC would have published such a strongly worded statement as we did last night. I don’t see how we do not get a written public apology from the EFL once this has all been dealt with, I would expect Mel to insist on it.
  6. Wondered what Ainsley Harriott was doing these days 🤔😳🤭😂
  7. Enjoy your trip home Gibson, feel free to drop by our £80m stadium on your way 💩 💼
  8. Uncle Mel can smell 💰 and lots of it, we could use that compensation to help balance the next round of accounts. Thank you very much “Smoggy Gibson” and the EFL our bank details will be with you in due course 😇😇😇😇
  9. The fact the club has received written acceptance from the EFL, has to conclude with “Nothing to see here people” the fact they are now stating that they’ve made a mistake doesn’t allow them to chase us on differing grounds. We’ve adhered to and operated within their guidelines and have written confirmation, heads will have to roll with the EFLs Ivory Towers. They've picked a fight with the wrong Chairman here, Go get em Mel! COYR 🐏
  10. Not that bugger on the shelf, he’s a reet pain in the arse
  11. Exactly Mel has got this, I’m not that concerned. All bases will have been covered, why else would Mel have bought the ground. Mel is a very shrewd and successful businessman and has surrounded himself accordingly with legal eagles etc. I am sure that the EFL and it’s legalities were checked and double checked and no foul play was uncovered not that long ago. My guess is this is potentially a case of misdirection on the EFLs part, there’s possibly something else going on that they are trying to brush under the carpet.
  12. Let’s have a good old siege mentality, Galvanised and ready for the fight... duck em all! COYR
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