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  1. That’s how they qualify for the elite European football. They aren’t gonna do it on merit anytime soon 💩💼
  2. Do the players of these 6 disgraceful and morally bankrupt clubs have their contracts registered with the said 💩💼 clubs because both players and their employers are currently affiliated to UEFA, FIFA, FA etc? If so does this mean due to the actions of these elitist mugs are the clubs in question no longer affiliated to the aforementioned organisations and in turn the contracts players currently have with their current employers are now defunct? Therefore when they all decide to move to implement this mutiny, can players terminate their contracts? If they wish to represent their Countr
  3. The final paragraph explains the sudden interest from Spain and Italy doesn’t it. The foreign clubs have had the money the Premier League has had over the last 20 odd years and are in a state of ruin. However the clubs in our country are an utter disgrace and if the greedy bar stewards do go ahead with this and in the future wish to return to the English setup I would suggest they are forced to re-register just like Wimbledon were forced to do. Start from the very basement of our football pyramid.
  4. Love Gary Nevilles passionate reaction to these power grabbers, I agree with him. Fine the greedy b-stards, relegate them, take their titles away from them. We the working population are being cast aside of a game that was arranged by the people foe the people. Sack them all off and let them die on the vine.
  5. We could do with a win against PNE and that also helps pile the pressure on Rotherham. It’s all about who can hold their nerve as well as a nice slice of luck/ good fortune from other fixtures between now and the end of the season. 🤞🏻We can pull the rabbit out of the bag 🤞🏻🤞🏻
  6. He’s done well in a few but terribly in others. Throwing the manager under the bus is unfair, it’s the players the coaching staff and the manager as a whole. Win together lose together, that should be the ethos of the team and club.
  7. The recruitment staff has been given a free pass by the club for far too long and for the coaching staff.... when Cocu got the axe they should’ve all gone with him out of the PP door. I think Rooney had a 10-20% chance to avoid absolute failure as he was surrounded by the same ingredients that an experienced coach and staff couldn’t get a tune out of. Complete farce when sacking Cocu (which he had to go) nothing in place following his departure and now we have a manager without experience or qualifications WTF 😳 😢
  8. It’s in our hands, how much does the management and squad want it?! We have no other option than to stand up and be counted. It’s on the Management and the players that are selected to prevent relegation, professional and personal pride is in question. Who has the whatsits to drag us out of the mess in essence they are all responsible for. It’s a shame we haven’t been allowed to attend matches, I feel the situation would have been pointed out far sterner than it has without us there. Nobody can have any doubt whatsoever of our impact as the 12th man on evidence of the last 12 months.
  9. Marshall 6 Byrne 6 Forsyth 5 Wisdom 4 Clarke 6 Bird 5 Shinnie 5 Roberts 5 Sibley 4 Jozwiak 4 Lawrence 5
  10. Big ask at Blackburn, hope you’re right though 🙏🏻
  11. Id be quite content if we finished there 😳
  12. See Coventry are still cheating bar stewards diving at the slightest touch and screaming like they’ve had a limb lopped off.
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