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  1. Gonna say it, whether it’s a popular opinion or not…. I ducking hate watching England, they are all such talented individuals, yet as a “team” they are so ducking boring, dull, turgid etc etc to watch. Even during the Euros I felt the same. Defo lost the love for the England team big yawn 🥱 🥱 I am done watching them, I personally find it an unenjoyable and uninspiring experience. The passion I once had for the national team has been squeezed out of me 😥😥
  2. Didn’t even realise Kane was playing before he shanked that effort well wide.
  3. Works for me. Trouble is we usually make such gestures in memory of someone that has passed away. Hopefully the club don’t see it as that 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️😳 obviously I’m not being serious 🧐 🙄
  4. Boro over £100m you say 🤔🤔🤔 So when do the EFL start the investigation and transfer embargo with that shower of barstewards then 🥊💥
  5. Cant speak for anyone else however….. Now the Administrators have decided to appeal the -12points inflicted on DCFC, I feel quite confident that they’ve had the time to go through our accounts and decided in their Professional opinion that (due to COVID and our previous accounts and income in the seasons prior to COVID) we have a strong enough case to call “Force Majure” on our administration. Why else would they take this course of action if there was little/no chance of success. These people are accountants after all and they won’t have taken this course of action unless they felt we had a very strong argument.
  6. Sustainability can only be achieved through a responsible experienced owner as Mel Morris proved. I however voted for The Binnie Bros/ Carlisle Group, they’re loaded 💴💸💷💰💶💵🤑🤑🤑🤑
  7. Fury has beaten him already, he beats him physically, verbally and mentally. Wilder should’ve took the beating last time with more grace and not insisted on this fight. Tyson Fury knows he has to spark him out otherwise he’s exposed to the dubious judging system in the USA. It’s gonna be done and dusted inside 7 rounds and TF is gonna play with him like a cat with an injured mouse. GO ON TYSON!! SMASH THE DOSSER 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊
  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think the ring walk is expected till 5am 😥😥 sorry
  9. Don’t know why, but something about Amanda Stavely has alarm bells ringing for me. Ive seen her interviewed on TV and heard her on Talksport, she comes across as quite arrogant, impolite and self serving. How as an English woman (with all the equal rights she has enjoyed throughout her life) can be associated with and be the spokeswoman of the people she represents simply astounds me. 💰💸💵💶💷💴🤑 I think NUFC may now be dancing with the devil in more ways than one.
  10. Unfortunately, IMHO we should have learned by now that our streams of information/ misinformation for DCFC’s ongoing struggles with The EFL are being fed to us by people and organisations that in truth we can’t really believe everything and possibly anything they say. We will never know the truth about anything regarding this whole 💩 ⛈ I believe that there has been a serious dereliction of duties within both parties and we as the “little people” have no other option than to grin and bare it.
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