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  1. Shefield United

    Oh or uck sake, must have been proo read by a uckin idiot or at the very least a lippin hal wit 😳😂
  2. v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Rams 2 vs 3 Villa FRGS Vydra
  3. Chris Martin

    To be fair we let Jamie Ward leave, but replaced him with Tom Ince. The Treetards believed they we got the shity end of the stick and fat Kenny Burns stated at the time that Florest had the better player. When we let them have JW and replaced him with a poorer version in Tom Ince! The Genius of FKB.
  4. FA Cup 3rd Round Draw - Man Utd (A)

    Does anybody understand the numerical structure of these FA Cup draws, there doesn’t appear to be any methodical pattern to the numbers allocated to any clubs.
  5. v Barnsley (A) - Predictions

    Barnsley 0 vs 4 Rams FRGS Vydra
  6. Sports Personality of the Year

    Harry Kane is a “sure fire winner!?!?” How can it be anyone else, after helping Spurs to The Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League treble its no contest! 🤔🤭🤥 I mean really world champion Anthony Joshua shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath 🤭🤐😳😜
  7. Sports Personality of the Year

    Absolutely @BurtonRam7 the compassion shown by JD made me realise footballers are human after all. He should be recognised without a doubt.
  8. Pardew appointed at WBA

    With this appointment made.... ”I would like to take this opportunity to welcome WBA to the Championship next season” 🤭🤫
  9. Golden Oldies or The end of the line !

    For me this really isn’t an issue, the players listed are all worthy of their places for the following reasons 1/ Ledley has been a revelation since his arrival. 2/ Carson has been crucial in most of our wins. 3/ Davies/Keogh partnership is as good as I’ve seen at PP in many a season 4/ Nugent has a work rate that many players should look to take as an example 5/ Tom Huddlestone is being played too deep IMO and when he gets space further forward has shown his worth 6/ Bradley is a great team player and can score goals from midfield. Last but not least 7/ Baird is keeping Wisdom out the side currently because he is a cool calm influence on those around him and allows Wiemman to get forward.
  10. v Burton (H) - Predictions

    Rams 0 vs 0 Burton another case of a side parking the bus and frustrating the crap out of us all, 10 men behind the ball at all times YAWN!
  11. Joe Ledley signs new 18 month contract

    Great news, so so happy with this one. Well done all at DCFC
  12. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    Unlucky tonight, one of those games where we deserved more but s*** happens onwards and upwards
  13. Will Hughes Watch

    Spot on @BurtonRam7 and @ronnieronalde 100% agree with you both. As for young Will, he and England IMHO is an inevitability the lad is top class both on and off the pitch. I personally enjoy watching him in the Premier League (with a heavy heart that it’s not with us) but proud all the same. It’s like watching one of your kids grow and flourish right before your very eyes.
  14. January Sales

    And laugh in their faces
  15. v Ipswich Town (H) - Predictions

    Rams 3 vs 1 tractor boys FRGS Tom Lawrence, just has to be TL doesn’t it.

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