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  1. Very sad. Great man and a great manager. I remember him being asked how he carried out transfer negotiations with players, and agents. He said he would take the player into a room just 2 chairs and a desk and look them in the eye as he discussed what he expected.. These days players would run out in tears 😂😂
  2. I voted in. Although in no way convinced by his woeful start at the club. Very concerned about the style of play he seems to want but will give him the January and summer window to change the way we play to actually provide some entertainment. Not the dross he seems happy with. If it doesn't change I will pay his airfare.
  3. Not deluded just because we have different opinions!!!!
  4. Simple question for me.. What is Cocu actually building? Like I've said already players here are more than good enough to be challenging at the top.. Something is fundamentally wrong when you watch the same disjointed mess week in week out..
  5. I don't think our squad is anywhere near as bad as is being made out. We should have a competitive team challenging at the top end. But at the moment Cocu and his team seem to have little or no idea about how to get them playing and playing with a threat. That is his issue and it needs sorting or he should be shown the door. I remember amid all the excitement on here when Cocu was on the way a poster said be careful what you wish for.. Cocus teams play dour defensive football. I seem to recall the guy was from Holland so saw lots of Cocus team play. Well he was right. Cocu needs to get it together and fast as all the evidence available says he is taking us backwards and the brakes are not working.
  6. And more importantly stay there when we get there..
  7. Cocu reckons we showed more pace and played at a much higher tempo 2nd half.. Couldnt see that myself..
  8. That was a really poor game to watch.. Basically a Sunday league pub game would be more entertaining.. Very little skill on show.. Even basic 5 or 10 yard passes were inaccurate.. Just not good enough at any level.. Great goal by Waggy but we really were poor.. QPR were equally useless.
  9. Long way out Tom lining it up..
  10. Derby free kick great position
  11. Derby keeper claims a cross outside his 6 yard box.. A rare sighting indeed..
  12. Malone to cross just pitiful.. Basic skill not 10 yards within our player..
  13. Apart from goal our set pieces have been bang average.. Waggy and Marriott off..
  14. No momentum in our build up at the moment just too slow
  15. Jeez it's poor so far.. Free kick dangerous position for us here
  16. Remember watching Ravanelli away at Gillingham...he was looking around all game thinking WTF am I doing here.. Didn't try an inch..
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