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  1. Just updated this view to include last nights great win. Amazing really that we are only 1 point shy of the first half season points total with 15 games still to play. Also shows that this segment of the Derby County season has often seen our woeful run of form - this team has already accumulated the same or more points than in 5 previous campaign with 7 games of the segment still to play! Marvellous stuff indeed..
  2. Marshall 7 Edmondson 8 Wisdom 9 Clarke 9 Byrne 8 Knight 7 Bird 7 Shinnie 8 Buchanan 7 Gregory 6 CKR 8 Jozwiak 7 Waghorn 7
  3. We certainly don't miss him now thats for sure..I was never a big fan though so...he had some great moments for us but for every Leeds forward raid there was a last minute Wembley..
  4. The big clubs know when to move in to pick them up for nothing so won't be long before anyone decent will just disappear for no value to us..
  5. I am getting concerned that this thread is losing momentum..
  6. I think it is clear that Rooney wants the team to play good stylish football, it will take time to mould the team as he wants it to be but the signs are really good already. He stated before both the Boro and Wycombe games that there are matches where 442 would be required just because of the way the opposition play, but you can tell from his responses that his vision of 442 is not hoof ball at all but it is bypassing the midfield quickly when needed..the issue is getting the players to adapt to it for certain matches.
  7. As expected stronger midfield and some width..
  8. This lockdown us getting to you Mucker isn't it...don't be afraid to ask for help..
  9. Exactly that - we just needed a winner as a manager and the risk of relegation would disappear..
  10. Can't see us playing 442 in this type of game..need more in the midfield and hopefully play with some attacking width to give them something to worry about..
  11. Marshall 6 Mengi 5 Wisdom 8 Edmundsen 7 Forsyth 6 Waghorn 3 Shinnie 5 Knight 4 Jozwiak 4 Gregory 4 CKR 4
  12. Brilliant stuff by Rooney and the team..although I was always convinced we have zero percent chance of going down its fantastic to see the current points accumulation..we have now actually overtaken 2 previous Derby totals (the 2 seasons after we came down from the Prem) and are only 3 points behind last seasons total. 19 points in the first half of this season...15 points from the next 6 games tells the story of the superb job Rooney and his team are doing in what are very difficult circumstances..
  13. Said it before we get the goals early here in Canada
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