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  1. He was below average. I would say at times he hindered our play and that he offered little to nothing in most games. We don't need to rewrite history because he's doing alright somewhere else.
  2. He was rubbish here. Him doing well in another club doesn't change he was rubbish here.
  3. Nobody has been sensitive about either. You came to a thread commemorating the life of someone to essentially say you don't know why people care, and you fail to see why you got criticism for this? This says more about you than anything else. If you don't care, why comment at all?
  4. I don't get it either. How can changing tactics every match be easier for the players to adapt to than finding something that works and sticking to it? At least we could then build off something. Currently we have nothing to build from.
  5. Out of respect? The topic of conversation is a fine one, maybe don't discuss it on a thread in remembrance of somebody who died today, it's classless, in my opinion.
  6. Nice to see you're feeling more positive than usual 😂
  7. Isn't that exactly what Fawaz used to do? It's natural people are cautious.
  8. Good for you. Couldn't you have saved that for a thread that wasn't about a death?
  9. Hmm. Do we give the benefit of the doubt to the man who won the Eredivisie title 3 times as a manager, or a rookie who seems to be taking us backwards? Pretty easy to see why you'd be more willing to be patient with one than the other.
  10. It's tiring seeing people lazily repeat it.
  11. Lack of plan B is a poor analysis of Mac 1, and it isn't why we fell away. We fell away because we got key injuries and couldn't maintain our level without the two most important positions being filled. A certain style of play if done well enough is all you need. I don't remember Leeds and Bielsa being fluid. Or Wolves with Nuno. Or Leicester with Nigel Pearson. I can keep going. In fact, I can't think of a team in this league that is good at multiple styles.
  12. Give him the Ballon d'Or.
  13. January to March he was pretty good. That's not that many games. After that he was barely able to keep up with play.
  14. Yup. Watching him waddle round the pitch this season was cringe worthy. I mean he was. What he achieved at Man Utd or elsewhere is completely irrelevant to his performances here, which weren't very good.
  15. Yes, stability is the magic fix to all issues. Rubbish coach? Just stick with them, obviously. It's not like the Championship has dozens of clear examples of coaches coming in who automatically improve the team. Oh wait.
  16. Rooney was a rubbish player for Derby.
  17. We were 2 points from safety when he took over. Cocu would have had Bielik fit if we'd stuck with him, and we'd probably be out of it anyway. Yeah what a **great** job he's done, having scored less than half the goals we scored last season.
  18. Seemed pretty harsh on Roos to drop him when Marshall was back, to be honest.
  19. Is it controversial to say Roos is having a better season than Marshall?
  20. Unfortunate we couldn't take our chances when they arrived. We played alright, I fear for us in the second half though.
  21. Anyone other than Nigel himself? His second spell where he saved the team that was struggling and won a bunch of games in a row? Both spells were great, he should have been fired on neither occasion.
  22. 54% win rate in his first spell, 44% win rate in his second spell. This is better than any recent manager, by a *huge* margin, oh and the football was great. If you think McClaren was an awful manager here, you don't know football.
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