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  1. Rashford and Barkley haha. Good joke Gareth.
  2. No more Keane or Rice please. Chillwell and Trent to come back in.
  3. Shocking selection, midfield balance all wrong, Keane is a walking liability. Not good. Sort it out Gareth.
  4. Keane is crap. Rice is crap. Henderson is crap.
  5. Agree with that sentiment. Rice is a bit too poor on the ball for my liking, and not brilliant enough defensively to make up for it. I'd rather see (assuming he is well) for games like this in the future a midfield of Winks, Maddison and Mount, very attacking, but I also think they wouldn't have any trouble in a game like this and it helps us fit in players like Maddison and Mount for the future.
  6. I don't know why we need a holding midfielder at all in these games. It's not like they ever try play football against us, they all sit back and try play on the break, and inevitably lose by 4 or 5 goals to us. They won't be able to live with Sterling, Sancho or Kane. It would be a decent place to have brought in Tomori as he wouldn't have to do too much defending. Rice and Henderson doesn't work as a pairing. They nullify each other.
  7. Couldn't disagree more. Barkley occasionally looks alright against some Eastern European farmers, but never played well against a respectable opposition. Winks is a better, more cultured player and much more intelligent.
  8. Yeah, he would have been my choice if he had been available, he's been playing so well recently it would have been hard to leave him out. Henderson and Rice rarely ever work together and is too defensive against sides that are just going to defend against us.
  9. Winks is a lot better than Barkley.
  10. How the hell does Michael Keane start over Tomori?
  11. That would make sense. The Dutch link, as well as them stating about wanting to focus on academy and young players.
  12. I was wondering the same. Not seen anything at all about it other than Twitter rumours or jokes on here.
  13. Not only that, but all their teams have Redbull or RB in the name don't they?
  14. Both of them and Fawaz teaming up. Dream team.
  15. Potentially. I couldn't derive any pleasure from Rowettball, or Clement's boring style of play either. I don't expect every season to match Mac 1's for position finish, but despite us finishing higher in 2016 for example, I will always look at last season under Lampard much more fondly than I would look at 2016. Style of play is a big factor for me.
  16. Of those seasons cited, 2016,17,18 were not entertaining for me. We might have been up and around the playoffs, but some of the football during that time was absolutely dire. I think 2017 might have been the least memorable season for me as a Derby fan. The McClaren era was good, and Lampard's season was entertaining, but I think you're overvaluing position in the table as opposed to actual entertainment value of the football.
  17. No, it isn't. A lot of people on here are more than happy to slag off our fans, but we're no worse than any other team in this league. People love to cite Leeds as this great example of unwavering support, but they dipped below 20k when they were struggling at the bottom of this league. We consistently get a high number of fans in each week, even with rip off ticket prices. Our fans get a lot of undeserved stick.
  18. Off topic, but I didn't and I still don't want Curtis Davies at the back for us. Not because he's beneath us, but style of play is important. His passing isn't good enough.
  19. Did they? I always thought John Eustace was pretty highly rated by the fans? I think most people could appreciate the work he did in keeping the game ticking over.
  20. Think he's confused in general if he's advocating for playing Butterfield.
  21. Hate the fact Lowe is on the bench.
  22. Yeah spot on. It's time for us to try and move past the events, constantly fighting over the events that have been or gone won't solve anything now. Whilst I won't support the players in question, I'll support the club and focus on the football now so hopefully Derby can move forward.
  23. Just seen it, I agree with the 9/10. Wonderful film, had a great atmosphere, Joaquin Phoenix did a great job as the Joker, I probably preferred him in the role than Heath Ledger. Best film I've seen this year.
  24. I don't call falling over in the box an assist, personally.
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