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  1. Potential there, certainly. I'd certainly like to see some more composure in the final third, but he's been solid. He has the unfortunate situation of coming in after Mason Mount, one of the best midfielders we've had in recent years, if not the best. I think he'll come good.
  2. What has he shown to be over Jason Knight, who as a young player, hasn't put a foot wrong?
  3. I've been to Stoke away, and I have been to Scunthorpe away, but since I was in the overflow end at Scunthorpe, it's unlikely I'll get tickets. Balls.
  4. Christ, why does it bloody matter. Fully grown adults shouldn't need a manager to wave at them. Or players.
  5. Marriott. Feel confident he'd be able to take a good pen. Or Keogh, 100% pen conversion rate.
  6. I don't agree. I think Marriott would lead the line fine, and I'd prefer to see Waggy over Flo on the wing.
  7. Really, really hoping. Considering our circumstances when Cocu took over, not having a proper preseason, injuries to important players like Holmes, Marriott, him not being able to get players in until later in the window due to him joining fairly late on. I think with all that considered, it's been an admirable start. I think the Rooney signing pushed expectations up, which has negatives to it. If Cocu beds in the youth and has a solid top half finish, he's done well.
  8. For me, Knight absolutely has to start. Really liked what I saw today, loved what I saw away at Scunthorpe. I think the most balanced midfield we can put out is one of Bielik, Knight and Dowell. Marriott looks ready to me now. Looked sharp when he came on, made a huge difference. Hope we unleash him from the start, I think I'd put Waghorn on the right wing, Lawrence on the left with Marriott leading the line.
  9. May I remind you, last season we struggled quite badly against the poo teams at the bottom. Lack creativity? We gave Waghorn an absolutely golden chance to win the game. Why does it have to be either? There is some middle ground. This over sensationalising of things is what gives fans ridiculous expectations.
  10. I like what Cocu is doing. He isn't rushing and making brash changes like fans would have done ( I would have done) he's sticking with his team, and learning how he wants to utilise the players. Been a very solid start, haven't set the world alight yet, but we're unbeaten after 2 tricky away ties. Cocu is trying to do it in the right way. I feel absolutely positive that we'll get it together, seeing players like Max Lowe play out of position and yet perform absolutely brilliant feels amazing. Not to mention Jason Knight, who looked very good when he came on too. What's paramount is, that we as fans stay patient. It's all been good so far, but we're early days. If it starts getting more tricky, that's when we have to stick by him. I'm convinced he's the man to take us forward, whether it'll be this year, or in two years time.
  11. 😂😂😂 calls someone else a snowflake whilst absolutely raging for no reason 🤦‍♂️.
  12. Huddlestone and Evans in midfield is too slow and immobile. We were getting overrun in midfield as those two couldn't get close enough to the ball before it was moved past them. We looked much better with Marriott. An absolute must that he starts on Tuesday. Knight looked bright when he came on. Max Lowe was terrific. Filling in admirably at right back. It's not often you give stick to a striker who scored 2 goals, but I didn't think Waggy was brilliant. Missed a sitter, and wasn't great in all round play. Dowell looks promising, but it just isn't quite coming off for him yet. What does Flo offer? Genuinely. I don't see it.
  13. I don't consider fifties or seventies achievements much either. Including Derby's. When footballers started taking care of themselves, and becoming athletes and not just footballers, that's when the game changed for the better, for me.
  14. Can't agree. Leicester winning the other year is far more impressive than the teams winning, in a time of sports science and professional athletes, as opposed to half the players going to the pub and playing with hangovers like they did in the past.
  15. They're seeded, because they're just better teams than most of the dross coming from the smaller leagues of Europe.
  16. Probably what will happen. I'd like to see them both from the start though. Don't rate Huddlestone, and whilst Evans has been good, I like what I see from Bielik more. No complaints really if Bielik isn't fit enough and Evans starts over him. Definitely would like Knight over Huddlestone though.
  17. The butchering of Bielik's name is already taking place. Would like to see him start though, if he's fit enough. I think Knight did enough to earn a start too. I'd like to see a midfield 3 of Bielik, Dowell and Knight.
  18. Reminds me a lot of the George Thorne we got on loan, only better in the air. Could boss a midfield by himself. Composed, strong in the tackle, good eye for a pass. Been a long time since I have been that impressed with a Derby player.
  19. Just got back in. -Bielik already looks a wonderful signing. Really, really impressed. Won everything in the air, extremely composed with the ball at his feet. Monster. -Knight dropped a fantastic performance. Pulled the strings in the middle, got around the park. Great game. Should be in contention for a slot in the midfield 3 for me. -Lowe, out of position, but I liked what I saw. Got up and down the sides well, always tried to be positive, a little too left footed for that position though. -Buchanan, worked really hard, great finish. Looks a decent prospect. All in all, a good work out, a good way to include some of the younger players, and a positive night all round. Fans were really good too.
  20. Well yes, clearly, but I struggle to see anything in Bird. He's half okay, but he doesn't really do anything. You could forget he was on the pitch if it wasn't for his off target passes
  21. In what position? He's not got the physicality to be a holding midfielder, and doesn't have the technical ability to be an attacking mid. Nothing player.
  22. But the whole thing about Winks is he's technically brilliant. He's not physically good. Bird is Winks without being technically brilliant, aka he's a bit poo.
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