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  1. Canero has nailed that one, this is the problem with using gaming names though 😂
  2. Annoyingly, my Leeds supporting friends are cheering on Derby for the next 2, we can do them a massive favour if we get results from WBA and Brentford.
  3. I'm finding the circular argument pretty tedious now, so this will be my last post on it - I find the notion that it was Forest's plan for all of our players to have a collective off day pretty nonsensical, Bird and Rooney being wasteful on the ball wasn't due to some supreme press, it was just slack passing. Martin blocking the ball away from Sibley who has a tap in behind him, did they plan for that too?
  4. Honestly not really a game that sticks in the memory. We had the ball plenty of times with the fullbacks in good positions to cross, Sibley had good positions, Duane Holmes had it in dangerous spots at times. We just didn't use the ball well on Saturday. Not sure how it's got anything to do with Nottingham Forest when our players cross without looking up or slow the tempo down completely.
  5. We had the ball in the right positions plenty of time, just a lack of quality from our part. A better team than us would have opened them up.
  6. Every time we got it in the final third the ball was terrible or a first touch was heavy and it was cleared. Our attackers were poor and we don't have a deep enough squad to really provide more creativity. I honestly don't think it was about the opposition in the slightest.
  7. It's a 6 point gap with 5 to play. If Cardiff win the game, and we don't beat WBA it's virtually impossible for us to still make it.
  8. Cardiff winning. If we don't win tomorrow, the playoff hopes are over.
  9. But I thought that Forest were incredible and stopped us playing completely the other day, and it was nothing to do with us being rubbish.
  10. Really we can't afford a draw even here, we need to get a win to keep the playoffs alive. I've never been overly impressed by WBA. They have a few really good players but never struck me as much of a team.
  11. We were terrible. The first 30 minutes was really turgid. Woeful. Forest didn't make us play badly, we just played badly. Us not being able to pass the ball to each other at any pace wasn't due to any wonderful play from them, we were just rubbish. Rooney has no real excuse for some of his passing today. It was just sloppy and not good enough. He was good vs Preston, but I think he's not been great since we've come back from lockdown to be honest. I don't expect him to be infallible, but to move the ball quickly and accurately shouldn't be any different for him whether he's up top or mid
  12. We were pretty terrible today, whilst obviously the ending has very much brightened everyone's opinion of the game, we can't get past that. We moved the ball too slow. The first 20-30 minutes was the worst we've played since before the Charlton game. It was really passive, we weren't getting stuck in, we were sloppy in possession. We got better after that, but we were still just doing neat and tidy side to side passes and then having rubbish crosses into the box. The lack of movement up front was pretty worrying, nobody was trying to get into space, Rooney and Bird were pretty waste
  13. Forest have pulled a Derby 😂😂😂😂
  14. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what a goal LMAO
  15. Not for me. Bit clumsy. Never a straight red. We've not had a decision go our way all game.
  16. Today he's barely had chance to do anything. Barely got the ball. Rest of the team let us down, but you're targeting him.
  17. Not sure what Jozefzoon has done worse than anyone else?
  18. Rooney doesn't deserve to escape blame for today. He's been terrible.
  19. Nice and positive taking Sibley off for Shinnie 🙄
  20. I think his crossing has been poor, dribbling sloppy and has offered very little.
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