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  1. Has anyone actually spoken to / heard from David this morning? Is he ok from last nights torrent on his Twitter feed?
  2. I’m wondering if this is in reference to the Henry Gabay saga
  3. It’s ridiculous, how to alienate a majority fan base is 3 easy steps
  4. I’m sure a 19 year old under developed kid who is used to playing against other under developed 19 year olds is going to do just fine against wrecking balls like Kiefer Moore and Ikpeazu Neil Warnocks going to be rubbing his ******* hands together at the thought of his team of mutants kicking our timid kids out of the stadium this season. Nice one Mel
  5. Have the paperwork ready to go through it, however this is Mel Morris we’re talking about so be prepared for another **** show
  6. I feel for the academy lads, I really do. Being thrown into a team (and a poor one at that) out of necessity and then being expected to perform week in week out in front of 20,000 people because they play well at their respective levels, when some of them have not long taken their GCSE’s could literally break them mentally and impact the rest of their careers. Mel Morris hasn’t got a clue, absolutely warped perception of football.
  7. He must be close to walking surely, no CB for the first game if the season. Absolute madness
  8. There’s no way that meeting took 4 hours to tell us everything we already knew, surely not.
  9. Mel knows better than every manger he’s hired according to himself. You cant just flood a team with academy graduates, you have to blend it with experience and bed then in gently, not just throw them to the wolves!! the bloke is ******* deluded
  10. Stephen Pearce leaving the forum knowing he’s just fed everyone a load of nonsense
  11. I think tonight’s going to be along the lines of: “Mel / Stephen, can you tell us what’s going on at the cl. . .”
  12. I demand to see Efe Ambrose on there
  13. Everyone relax, I’ve just got off the phone to Claire Ince and shes got us some absolute bargains.
  14. We need to get Jagielka snapped up quickly. He’s absolutely still got it, he was superb tonight. I can imagine there are a few clubs who sat up and took notice of him last night after that performance. Paul Cook will be working overtime today trying to convince him to sign for Ipswich
  15. I don’t think Rooney helps though, his tactics are god awful, he makes a crap squad look ten times worse
  16. My main take away from this game so far is how on earth is Graham Shinnie not Captain of this football club. should be a criminal offence
  17. What’s alarming is that Betis are spraying the ball out wide every opportunity they get because Byrne and Buchanan are so far forward. They’ve got behind us so many times, especially on Buchanan’s side. We can all see it, the commentators keep mentioning it, so what’s Wayne and the Harem of coaching staff done about it, absolutely nowt.
  18. What an utterly bizarre way of issuing tickets! why another 7-14 days? Surely this had to be linked to the Takeover / purchase of the stadium and not covid this club gets weirder by the day
  19. Can we at least just try and play some positive football tonight Wayne? I just don’t think I have it in me to watch the back four / midfield passing it between themselves for 20 minutes, looking totally hopeless and devoid of a game plan before one of them inevitably passes to the opposition from 5 yards. A couple of shots on target would even do me, something, anything!
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