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  1. Harry Toffolo who plays LB for Huddersfield has ran us ragged every time he’s played against us this season. Looks a very good player and would be affordable
  2. Rooney and the 7 thousand coaching staff have got to take as much responsibility as the players for this. regardless of how this season ends, move the lot of them on and start again
  3. Just so sick of this team, same old stupid mistakes by the same players time and time and time again. Biggest game of the season, can you not just concentrate for 90 ducking minutes! You train all week for this ffs Sick of every single one of them
  4. Not sure about Bird, he goes hiding in big games. We need 11 players scrapping from the first whistle tonight
  5. I find it really odd that he is all over the media, talking about getting us to the Champions league, £150 million on players, he’s got investors, he hasn’t got investors and it’s just his money blah blah blah He doesn’t even own the club yet! Talk about running before you can even crawl!
  6. Interesting that he’s confirmed the money is his and there are no other backers, how wealthy is he? clearly he must have some significant money behind him to buy and then run the club On his own at 29 years old. something just doesn’t stack up for me
  7. His dad (Alonso) sat on Real Madrid’s board for a while and owned Lagrones, a segunda division club. I mean, Mel hired his son, so Alonso may hire his dad 🤣
  8. Only article I could find on his net worth has it at between 1-5 million sounds about right then. . .
  9. If it makes any difference, one of the major falling outs Alonso had with Chansiri was over the manager appointment. Alonso wanted to appoint Paul Cook, Chansiri didn’t. Paul Cook was my choice for us also, so although I’m clutching at straws, there is that I guess?
  10. I agree he loves the club and nobody can deny that, but that doesn’t take away from his awful decision making. passion and competence are 2 totally separate things.
  11. If I remember correctly I believe Alonso has links to Malaysian / Thai businesses that were looking to purchase / finance a club so will be interesting to see who’s investing. part of me has a sick feeling in my stomach though, sorry but wouldn’t trust Mel to run a bath let alone choose a stable, sensible buyer for the club. No doubt we’ll end up with SISU mark 2
  12. Blatant dive from the Birmingham player
  13. For a central defender, that’s a quality finish from Maguire
  14. He’s awful, he just lumbers round the pitch and does his finest Max Bird impression passing backwards and sideways, hardly ever takes a risk. He overhits his passes and blasts them into the receiving player and more than once they’ve miscontrolled it I don’t get him at all
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