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  1. Kuzszack

    I hope Carson’s not picked up an injury and this is a reactionary signing
  2. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    I actually get this signing, lets take a look at some of the positves to signing Jerome: Apparently has an excellent attitude and character, something we now have throughout the side and has served us very well Has both experience in this league and has been promoted out of it, even scored the winner at Wembley Is a bully on the pitch: strong, tall, athletic - in previous years we were to powder puff for this league and got bullied out of games quite often, this season we are like the schoolyard bullys and Cameron fits that role perfectly. Last season, he scored 16 goals, we have seen players rediscover form under Rowett and improve, he could be a very valuable asset scoring vital goals in the second half of the season If he is to be used predominately as a sub striker, which i expect, there is nothing worse for an opposition defender having had Vydra and Nugent run you ragged all game to look across at the touchline to see Cameron Jerome about to come on and throw you round like a ragdoll I for one think it will be an astute signing
  3. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    So powderpuff and slow, it’s pathetic, I almost feel sorry for them
  4. View from the outside

    “Keogh remains a complete b*** end. Awful person.”
  5. View from the outside

    Vile team lots of players to hate and as Saïd constantly boggling the referee exactly the kind of side we thrive on supporting we need to add that kind of backbone to us, you hit me or my mate and I will hit you ******* harder!
  6. View from the outside

    “Easily the second best side to visit St. Andrews this season. They didn't play the prettiest football but as a complete team they were excellent. - Organised - Crisp and precise on the ball - Niggly, dirty and downright vile off it - Tactically they all knew what they had to do at all times. - Took their chances well. We were the better side until they scored and then they took advantage of our frailties to be comfortable for the rest of the tie, from that point on they were never really in danger of losing the game. The second half was largely a procession for them, don't let our bad luck with hitting the post fool you. It's a shame their support was so poor really, good numbers but pretty quiet compared to others and certainly not as good as we are at their place. Oh well, singing doesn't get you points. If they don't do their usual choke they will be in the top two at the end of the season. The main difference in personnel? Two good ball playing midfielders. Apparently everyone at the club except Greedy Rat Dein, Fatima Vetere and Young Roy Cropper can see we need one. A final thought? Weimann is a fecking *****. He's not even any good.”
  7. Ryan Woods

    Very good player, would be a welcome addition to the squad and would improve us.
  8. Rowett Signs 3 and a Half Year Contract

    Does this now mean Gary is the highest paid manager in the league? £1 million a year is a lot of money. Wonder if actually that is more than some Premier League Managers are getting
  9. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    It didn’t go well for Peter Coates representatives, Mel doesn’t take kindly to tapping up.
  10. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Well given the fact it has "break your own news.com" watermarked in the top corner, i'd hazard a guess at yes
  11. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Jesus Christ, some of you lot need to pull yourselves together, like hysterical women! Rowett will not go to Stoke, they haven’t even made an official approach!! He lives in Derby, his son is Derby mad, we’re second in the table, he’s got some of the best facilities in the country at his disposal. Hes probably sat at home, p*****g himself over his bacon sarnie at the hysteria of some of our fan base. I’ve no doubt a new deal is being negotiated with Mel and Gary just isn’t the sort of character to walk away from a club half way through a project. Hes openly come out and stated he was baffled at Birmingham fans claiming that he was tapping up other clubs behind the clubs back. He has staunchly defended that he would have happily stayed at Birmingham for the long term, as I expect he feels exactly the same here!! Im that confident he’s staying, i’d put my mortgage on it. Chill out and let’s all get behind the club for the second half of the season, instead of creating panic, create some unity and lets build on the pride and togetherness that was felt by everybody after the Man Utd game. COYR!!
  12. Manchester United F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    2-0 lukaku
  13. Manchester United F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Team selection is very important, let’s say we get spanked here 5-0 and they absolutely muller us. That may well dent our confidence and affect our league form, next game is a tough away game against a Birmingham side who just beat reading away. I understand the changes, all of them bar Pearce. You don’t start a player in a key, critical position who’s hardly kicked a ball all season against The likes of Rashford and Lukaku! Will do his confidence no good either if he gets turned inside out.
  14. Manchester United F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Slap in the face for those who have travelled up to the game really, I totally understand why he’s done it but I would rather start strong and sub the likes of Vydra etc earlier than just start weakened. Alex Pearce hasn’t started a game all season, he gets his first start against some of the best players in europe. I fear an absolute hammering

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