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  1. That’s like giving the fat kid a medal for “trying” after coming last in a 100 metre race.
  2. Another name to go in the absolutely pointless signing category. Bloke was 3 stone wet through and looked absolutely terrified of the big ugly lumps that play as championship centre forwards Another Raul Albentosa, Efe Ambrose
  3. This reminds me of a situation I was in with ex employer just last year. they were the subject of a takeover bid and we were assured “everythings fine” “exciting times ahead” then the takeover started to drag on and on and the company became more and more cash strapped “it will be fine” “still nothing to worry about” etc was the daily party line from our CEO and General Manager. not long after all redevelopment and major projects stopped, suppliers stoped being paid but still we were told “nothing to worry about” “just a hitch it’ll be fine” we were also fed the line that
  4. It was mooted that this may have been correct but not confirmed until today
  5. Confined by both Nicholson and Percy, club is currently under a transfer embargo for failing to pay players wages. Wonder how that has affected targets etc we may have already lost out on our top priorities. again, absolutely astonishingly poor from the club, wonder what Wayne makes of it all?
  6. John must have had some solid assurances from the club that it was 100% happening this coming week. I can imagine him being rather hesitant to report any further updates from the club given how so far nothings been proven correct and I’m pretty sure he’d ask for some solid guarantees before printing anything.
  7. This. it’s just downright disrespectful
  8. Sorry but this is an absolute disgrace from the club, shambolic and not the first time it’s happened. I’ll be surprised if the the players aren’t seriously thinking about, or have already contacted the PFA about this. I don’t buy the “he’s on x amount of thousands a week I’m sure he’ll manage” completely irrelevant! Wether you’re on £100 or £100k a week your employer has a legal responsibility to pay you as per the terms of your contract, to breach that twice in a short space of time is disgusting. We’re in a relegation dogfight and the last thing we need now is unmotivated, u
  9. After a set period of time I believe yes
  10. I think that makes sense, in essence it’s a level of posturing and “look how much money we have to buy these things” until of course, they actually have to pay for it
  11. Eddie Hearn suggested that every time he’s tried to take boxing out to the Middle East, those financing it were keen as mustard, months of meetings, dinners, promising the biggest shows in the world etc. until it came time to pay up, then the money never arrived, every single time bar the latest occasion. im not suggesting for a second this is what’s happening with Derby, but it does happen
  12. He seems to have a habit of good spells followed by a significant drop in form. I think the majority of his issues are psychological, not general ability. On his day he’s a superb player to watch. He needs to believe in himself more and step up consistently otherwise the game will pass him by and he’ll find himself heading further down the football pyramid.
  13. All the fees I’ve seen on here are laughable, £15/20 million We’re Derby County, he’ll leave for £4-5 million, guaranteed
  14. Hopefully they can get Knight round a table and convince him to stay
  15. Its instantaneous, or can take up to a couple of hours at most but certainly not days etc unless they’ve written them a cheque! I would probably suggest the delay is the lawyer themselves, having to confirm the funds have arrived and notify the other party, much like selling /buying a house.
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