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  1. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I’m actually very pleased with the point all things considering, thought the players stood up to the test today and went man for man. Proud of the team today, well done boys
  2. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Spot on, the amount of times Davies put in a last ditch tackle to stop a cross at the lb position was far to much. Forsyths postional awareness is poor, although I will say in the first half going forward he was a threat.
  3. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    He will do, in the 88th minute
  4. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Huddlestone showing his class, Lawrence looks fired up, Bradley Johnson looks like an overweight 40 year old Sunday league player who just kicks people. Pantillimon unreal for them, unbelievable saves at the end of the half, Dare I say it . . . Carson-esque
  5. what is the point of Lawrence

    You clearly never saw the likes of Eddie Lewis trying to be a professional footballer, Lawrence looks like Ronaldo in comparison
  6. Live games 2017/18

    2-0 Fulham great finish by Mitrovic, Fulham made some very astute signings in January and boy is it paying off for them.
  7. Reading v Derby County

    They should assign a team of scientists and psychologists to come and study our players. I reckon they would would have a field day, be writing some new undiscovered psychological stuff going on. Keogh looks like he’s got a few probe up his backside at the best of times so I don’t think he’ll mind.
  8. Reading v Derby County

    Radio Derby going mad that we made a negative substitution, said Reading are appealing and had we continued to press we’d score again, we sat back at look what happens. . .
  9. Reading v Derby County

    What p****s me off is that it’s the same old faces dropping in an out of form, Olsson is a prime example of a player who plays well for 2-3 games maximum and then like clockwork looks as if he’s never kicked a football, I just don’t Weimanns exactly the same, as is Forsyth. The left hand side is our real weak point.
  10. Reading v Derby County

    Looks like we’re crawling on our hands and knees again to try and salvage something of the season. This springs to mind:
  11. Reading v Derby County

    2-1 Reading, what is going on with our defending?
  12. Reading v Derby County

    Something that everybody in the entirety of Derbyshire had picked up on, but wasn’t addressed in January which will ultimately be the difference between playoffs and automatic
  13. Derby County vs Leeds United

    What is it with Derby and February?????
  14. Championship promotion rivals watch

    Have to say Fulham look incredible at the minute, some quality players in that squad which all seem to be playing to their potential. I can honestly see them barging everyone out of the way and taking second place

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