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  1. It’s hard to take but he’s a wise old head, Donnarumma is a 6” 5 monster, he’s never lost a penalty shootout for club or country.
  2. I agree it was too and I was screaming at the tv for him to be sent off. It was also very clever as If he’d not done that, Saka was away. He’s the epitome of self sacrifice, he bleeds Italy. He was fully prepared to be sent off to prevent a goal and give Italy a chance. The guy is probably the best defender in world football right now. He was Uber respectful in his post match interview, he did what he had to do for his country, that trophy’s heading back to Rome, not London
  3. Second to who? Who are we comparing Southgate to? Let’s also not forget the FA’s agenda to appoint “safe” managers. You Reckon Cloughie couldn’t have gone on to win owt with the England team?
  4. That’s cool, let’s stick with Southgate then and win absolutely naff all
  5. Don’t agree, Mount, James and Chilwell (who didn’t get a sniff btw) just won the champions League, Stones just won the premier league, Sancho scored 16 goals and notched up 20 assists in the Bundesliga, Trippier just won La Liga with Atletico Madrid. We have one of the best international squads in the world, unfortunately the manager doesn’t reflect the squads ambition
  6. Ah cool, I take it the trophy stays at Wembley then? awesome, I must have been Mistaken, apologies
  7. Chiellini just gave an interview on ITV, that man is an absolute warrior and is so humble In victory, you just can’t buy that level of class. Him and Bonucci are masters of their trade, legends of defending
  8. Nonsense Mancini was 1-0 down after 2 minutes. His tactics, proactiveness of substitutions, experience and general nouse won them this game. Italy are unbeaten in 30+ games under Mancini, after we scored the goal he changed it up and they absolutely dominated us. we’ve got a better team and squad than Italy, 100%, and he made Southgate look like an amateur.
  9. It’s almost like we let a 19 year old kid take the most important penalty in 55 years 🙄
  10. Better team won, but we won’t win anything with Southgate, ever. I love the bloke, he’s smart, articulate, likeable but he’s just doesn’t have that nouse, that experience that it takes to win the Euros / World Cup. Mancini absolutely schooled Southgate tonight
  11. This was Southgates Lampard playoff final moment, his substitutions were horrific tonight. Apparently we’ve practiced penalties constantly leading up to this. Why, why, why, why do that stupid stutter run against one of the best goalkeepers on world football, the guy is 6”5 and we’re ******* around with soft stupid penalties. what I must say here though, all props to Saka to stepping up to take a penalty when our “senior” players hid in the shadows, I sincerely hope he isn’t to badly affected by this, well don’t young man and keep that chin up.
  12. 100% don’t get it at all, surely we went in to penalties with some strategy?
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