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  1. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Surely, the two time European cup winners didn't lose to Chelsea did they? Good job they won the league last month otherwise they'd have nothing to play for this season
  2. Gary's on Sky!

    Probably the fittest 35 year old I've ever seen, absolute machine
  3. Gary's on Sky!

    Kin hell I take it back, after looks immense, pace to burn! Sign him up Gaz!
  4. Gary's on Sky!

    Pundit at the Burton Game tonight, looking smart in his jumper and tie. reckon he's got his eye on Lloyd dyer, he's 35 so fits the age criteria
  5. Ramage talks sense

    Ill break the trend here, love Ramage, proper down to earth, heart on his sleeve kind of chap. Says it as he sees it, doesn't sugar coat it and that's how it should be. He's an ex professional footballer, he's been around dressing rooms and he knows when something's not quite right. I trust his opinion more than half of our "experts " on this forum. For those now slating him for his comments at Bristol, Jesus, I bet you get "outraged" and "offended" at your own shadows, grow up. (if you're reading this Craig, a box at the Forest game would be top, ta)
  6. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    Jesus, another 30+ ex premier league player. Hasn't played a game in donkeys apart from the odd sub appearance from the Welsh bench. Derby County, where players come to die. when will this club learn
  7. Rowett didn't bounce.

    I thought it was because he hid the brand new gym equipment Come to think about it, i saw a bloke just like him, name was Saul Pennant, flogging some treadmills down donno market around that time
  8. George Thorne

    Why the f**k did they play him them?? Theres no way if he was that bad on the pitch he was right as rain in the dressing room, they must have seen he was struggling surely?? This club seems to lack a lot of basic common sense
  9. Best and worse 3 managers in the last 40 years.

    In my era - Best - Smith, Burley, Davies (Purely on achievement, I get that he's a class a ****) Worst - Jewell, Brown, Pearson I had really high hopes for Pearson, what a massive disappointment he was!! Also, an honourable mention to McLaren 1. At our best under him that season we were frighteningly good. I reckon we would have beaten most mid table premier league teams. Just think what might have been had it not been for Bobby f*****g Zamora.
  10. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    I could live with that
  11. The decline of Radio Derby (?)

    i kind of want Stone Cold Steve Austins music to kick in as @OwenB87 wades in to this thread and starts handing out stone cold stunners to every s.o.b Who's posted. BBAAAHHHHH GGGGAAAWWWDDDDD
  12. Barnsley v Derby County

    That's a very naive way to look at it. Bristol City got a very good point away at Wolves last night, their morale and momentum will be high going into the game on Saturday. We lost to Barnsley in the p*****g rain last night after a great win against Hull and lost all of out momentum, 11 changes or not. That was Rowetts decision rightly or wrongly. Weve seen it time and time again that resting players in a cup game to give them an "advantage" I.e freshness over a team who played their starting 11 midweek can often backfire because of momentum and that team having a week of no games and going in "cold i agree we should have made changes last night but perhaps not the entire 11! Make some necessary changes in positions we are light but keep the core of the squad together, winning breeds confidence!
  13. Barnsley v Derby County

    Not like Derby to bottle a game? Strange
  14. Barnsley v Derby County

    Oh dear
  15. Barnsley v Derby County

    we are getting battered at the minute

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