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  1. Hanley is a very good player at this level and not to mention a horrible b*****d, just what we need. always used to bully Chris Martin whenever we played Blackburn
  2. Kettering town - Northampton town
  3. Monk to Sunderland or Palace then at a guess
  4. Vile, manipulative individual. No doubt his smug, self righteous, slimey self will be plastered all over the tv as a pundit in the near future. Certainly up there with the biggest b***ends The premier league has had to endure.
  5. Steve Morison in his post match interview said that the pitch invaders ruined it for him, he was pretty scathing!
  6. Wells is a clone of Johnny Russell, full of running but absolutely 0 end product he could have had a hatrick tonight
  7. They remind me a lot of Middlesbrough, negative but effective in this league. They'd get mullered in the prem
  8. Be interesting to see how Wednesday get on next season if they don't go up this season. They've splashed the cash like we did trying to get promotion, where does it leave Carvalhal if they fail again?
  9. Worst. Atmosphere. Ever
  10. Forest have let pinillos go, very good player imo would definitely like him here
  11. Why are we all certain that Filnt is Keoghs replacement? For all we know Rowett sees Keogh as captain for next season and Flint is replacing Pearce?
  12. Sadly, despite my Sabre rattling toward the EFL you are spot on. There has to be changes to legislative powers where the FA and the EFL are concerned, to often are we seeing historic clubs, rich in heritage being slowly killed off by megalomaniac, corrupt owners. Surely new powers need to be granted that give these bodies power to remove owners that are placing these clubs at risk, or safeguarding clubs by ensuring fans have to have a certain stake or percentage of shares in a club. Something, anything!
  13. This is the EFL we're talking about, about as much integrity and spine as FIFA. The fact that creatures such as Karl Oyston and Francesco Beschetti are seemingly able to slowly destoy their clubs from within with little to no assistance from the EFL suggests Marinakis will pass the test without hindrance. They haven't got a clue.
  14. Yes but he says, "at the very,very least" - thats ballsy
  15. Wow, talk about heaping pressure on yourself. Does that mean he considers top 6 a failure? Big statement that