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  1. Got a bit of free time now after the Boro gave you the chop Tony?
  2. The reality is Gary, I fink you might struggle. . .
  3. I think I’m going to dedicate my time tomorrow to create a post just full of Leeds forum posts before tonight’s game. The sheer arrogance and entitlement was sickening, the meltdown and tantrums that followed are pure gold! If Carlsberg did playoff semi finals . . .
  4. The thought of that smug little cheats heart breaking tonight has given me more pleasure than I thought it would! unlucky posh boy!
  5. I worry slightly for him, can he keep going for 90 minutes, every game he’s played so far bar one we’ve lost. Teams try to exploit him down the left and Villa have got some lighting fast wide men. This would be the perfect ending to his career, it would be fairytale stuff to end like that, I just worry and hope he’s got one last vintage Cole game left in him
  6. One huge bonus is that Marriotts going into that playoff final like a nuclear warhead! He’ll be well up for it, 2 goals tonight and bang in form
  7. This is the sweetest victory I think I’ve ever been apart of, to knock those horrible, arrogant d******s out of the playoffs is as sweet to me as anything I’ll ever encounter in football again how they mocked us over spygate, laughed at us with their “stop crying Frank Lampard” chants well whose crying now you daft ****!!!!! stick Bielsa and spygate up your backsides you vile club! get it right up you!!!! he who laughs last, laughs hardest
  8. Malone is a liability, he’s got zero footballing intelligence
  9. Please Derby now hold on, no more stupid defensive mistakes!!!! Keep it tight ffs!!!!!
  10. So frustrating that we’ve conceded a stupid sloppy goal otherwise it’s 1-1 on aggregate. Its no surprise that Frank brings a striker on and he scores, sometimes footballs a simple game! Balls to the walls second half, hit them with every piece of artillery we’ve got, they looked terrified after we scored and if anything it shows they’re human and vulnerable, the first time that’s happened in all three games we’ve played against them go get em boys!!
  11. Take off your best player for Bennett rather than supplementing logic
  12. What a game not to bother turning up for
  13. Lampards most important half time team talk of the season. Bielsa’s had a rent free stay in his head all season, he’s got to find a way of turning this around and more importantly, Find a way of giving Bielsa something to think about. if we play like that in the second half we’re screwed. A real test of his management credentials now, stick or twist Frank
  14. Understand Lampard is cautious of pressing to hard and leaving us exposed, you don’t want to lose at home but this is Rowett at Fulham tactics, sit back and hope for the best. Weve got to attack second half, duck getting caught out and conceding on a break, go for it and attack, all or nothing, press them high and go for jugular. Better to go out on your shields than raising a white flag
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