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  1. I think all managers can give a good interview, they all know the right things to say and how to say them. unfortunately words alone don’t get you anywhere, you have to back it up with actual talent, Gary Rowett and Paul Clement stick out like a sore thumb in that regard, great talkers, average/poor managers
  2. And absolute silence from the club as it breaks across all media platforms. The media team at Derby always seem to be totally inept and 4 steps behind. another embarrassment for our club
  3. So my point still stands, do you want him leading and mentoring our young players?
  4. unpopular opinion I’m sure, however; Do we really want him as a mentor for our younger players? he didn’t appear to have an issue with members of our playing squad getting so intoxicated on a weeknight they were spewing in a toilet whilst other members of the squad happily filmed it. He also didn’t have an issue getting into the vehicle of a clearly intoxicated colleague so they could carry on their night. Is that role model and leadership material? He (although not directly) has caused untold reputational damage to our club, we were dragged through various national media outlets and the actions of our “captain” and other players have caused significant issues for their employers. in any other profession, Bennett, Lawrence, Keogh and anyone else involved would be sacked under Gross Misconduct. that man should be nowhere near our young players as a role model and “leader”
  5. Good job they’ve already wrapped the league up in September ay?
  6. Can someone like, message Chris Hughton and see if he fancies returning to management?
  7. An half crocked Van Ginkel, lacking fitness and still half limping, you just know it
  8. What has Holloway got on his feet!?! 😂 look like booster shoes something you’d see on a 15 year old school girl in the nineties!
  9. Depends on who’s investing, hope it’s not Gillette’s son, they nearly crippled Liverpool
  10. If I was on a work night out for team building, which this was, and my boss told me transport is booked for 8, you can have a couple of beers but that’s it, I’d respect that decision and go home when asked. The fact players stayed out, got wasted and caused a multi vehicle RTC is a disgrace, not to mention completely undermining the club and the manager. The fact that the club captain was part of that shows what respect he has for Cocu. Richard Keogh should be setting the example for the other players, he should be the first one out the door and into that transport, encouraging the other players to do so. Clearly there is a poor culture at the club and it needs eradicating
  11. I know who it was won’t say how and I’m obviously not going to say who as the post will he removed. Put it this way, if I told you, you wouldn’t be at all surprised. . . Idiots all of them
  12. Hate to say it but we look a poor side and Leeds should have been out of sight, which makes for a very poor start to the season. P The more I see of Cocu the more I think he is another Frank De Boer at Palace. The players don’t look like they’re buying into it, just my opinion. I’ve never seen a Derby side make so many mistakes, we look utterly atrocious at the back and clueless in midfield. Again, unpopular opinion but I don’t think we improve with Cocu, I think we slowly get worse until we’re in a relegation dogfight. 18th- 21st Will be amazed if he survives the season. Tin hat on
  13. I like Bielik but his comments frustrate me somewhat in the sense that he wants to be playing top league football in the next 2 years, doubtful he’ll achieve that with Derby so where does that leave us? transfer request? unmotivated player in the dressing room? left on the bench to rot? To much of a gamble at £10 million in my opinion, we could have bought in 2-3 players for that will be an unpopular opinion but hey ho
  14. Anyone got Chris Hughtons phone number??
  15. I think we’re going to be on the end of an absolute tonking. Leeds High press will expose our seemingly inept inability to play the ball out from the back, I would put good money that at least one of their goals will come from a mistake at the back. Cardiff are complete cloggers and tore through our back line at will on occasion, Leeds will force our back line into all sorts of chaos. 4-0 to Leeds, more head scratching from Derby
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