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  1. i Won’t have you disrespect the force that is Callum Ball in that manner, neither will you tarnish the greatness of Lionel ainsworth with such sustain. Golden generation
  2. Derbados


    Are we just going to ignore the fact that he looks like Tim Roth?
  3. Forsyth has been ducking awful this afternoon
  4. Forsyth gives the ball away for the 748th time today
  5. Just hope we don’t end up regretting not making it 3/4
  6. Forsyth needs to get a grip and stop giving the ball away from shocking passes, he’s struggling to move it 5 yards really winding me up
  7. Kin hell, Don Goodman doesn’t like us very much, does he?
  8. not really, I can think of at least 3 recent games where we’ve scored and then immediately gone to rat **** Luton, Huddersfield, tonight you can’t go from creating chances and scoring to forgetting how to pass a ball 5 yards until you concede again and then suddenly grow your balls back tactics a large part of it but 100% a mentality issue, also why we’ve been so bonk away from home all season, fragile
  9. Doesn’t really get a great break!? he had a tap in from 3 yards and completely missed the ball, he’s a professional footballer ffs, he’s not in there out of sympathy! do your job and score the goal!
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