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  1. Paul Peschisolido, was one of Sheff Utds best players and was on fire when we signed him out of the blue the sheff utd fans were livid
  2. One thing stood out today- identity absolutely clear how Cocu wants the team to play and although it’s still a work in progress, we looked a well drilled, disciplined side. compliment that with some quality loan players and we’ll be there or there a-bouts 100% reminded me a lot of Mac 1
  3. Frank won’t be doing Leeds any favours, that’s for sure no love lost between him and that club
  4. What we know about Harry Wilson: - probably worth £50 million - his free kicks are ******* brilliant - he hates forest its a yes from me
  5. Love it how Mel has so much input into our transfers that he takes each one of them Morley Hayes 😂😂
  6. Are we actually even interested in him?
  7. Can’t wait to be honest, the day I take him through his right of passage and up those pride park steps for the first time will be one of immense pride!
  8. Love seeing things like this, my lads 4 in November and is starting the Derby County weekend coaching in September. He’s football mad already, can’t wait for his footballing journey to begin
  9. Nobody’s going to run through Shinnie, he’s slight framed but he’s a pit bull and he’ll and a proper scrapper
  10. Hope to god we don’t carry his song over, it’s ******* embarrassing
  11. Reckon it will be tomorrow morning then, 9am as per today
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