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  1. Birmingham steward now also arrested for pushing and kneeing Grealish during the celebrations after he scored. Birmingham in trouble for this you would feel, failing to control a fan is bad enough, failing to control one of your own stewards? ouch
  2. if you enjoy somebody getting punched from behind for no reason, there’s something wrong with you . . . Lets hope it never happens to one of your loved ones ay.
  3. Those quotes last night are savage, he could be referring to a whole host of people. he eludes to “people within the club” wonder if he means some players who aren’t in the squad but won’t leave, spreading negativity? could he even be referring to Mel? My only question around this is that if Lampard is eluding to these people in the club causing issues, what steps is the club taking to address it? on the evidence of the last 4 seasons , not very much
  4. Reckon if we lose this Lampards gone
  5. Yes it was, that was horrendous goalkeeping, his positioning was abysmal, didn’t make himself big or attempt to stop
  6. Jokanovic or Wagner 😍
  7. Comes across in that interview like he’s totally out of ideas I’ve got zero confidence that Wigan is going to be any different to the last few games. Worrying
  8. Agreed, Coles always appears terrified of confrontation
  9. We need a Savage vs Gibson round 2
  10. Ramage kicking off on RD Derby, Frank eluded to a “negative agenda” in his interview, RD think it’s aimed at them, Ramage is firing shots
  11. Wonder if David Wagner fancies a go? 😂
  12. Players went over, Frank didn’t
  13. Not a good sign, be interested to hear his post match interview
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