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  1. Mike Ashley - We actually know who he is and can vouch for his net worth- check Experience of running a football club - check Experience of getting a football club promoted multiple times - check Experience of running a football clubs finances and operations on a sound footing, proven over a prolonged period of time - check Has the proven finances to run the club with no danger of running out of cash - check Is not Mel Morris - check it’s a yes from me
  2. I’m shocked, didn’t see this one coming
  3. Horrible, bitter little ****. I bet he’s a joy to be around and so much fun at parties, the miserable prat. Pursuing this legal claim whilst the club is on its knees and people are losing their jobs and possibly their homes as a result shows what a vindictive, nasty little bully he is. And I bet he’s got a small d*** rant over
  4. Looks that way, couldn’t face the fans either. Happy to stick his head all over the media when things were going well, funny that.
  5. And yet Mel had the nerve to sit there praising Rooney in his interview the other day. Cowardly ****
  6. Listening to Wayne talking on RD now, he’s handling this situation with absolute class. My respect for that man could not be any higher and he deserves all the time in the world
  7. An extra 5000 fans going to the game will make a huge difference in revenue. Fans turning up so important You heard them people, let’s get the stadium packed to the rafters
  8. Any buyers for the club will receive a huge discount, anywhere between £10 and £50 million
  9. Administrators being open, honest and direct what a nice change from being fed absolute waffle from Morris and Pearce
  10. I think once all of this is over and done with and however it turns out we’re going to have to borrow Milwalls no one likes us chant for a few seasons. People really don’t like us, do they?
  11. True, just want the football bug to get hold of him, like it did with me. That first game is so important
  12. When my son was born I always said I’d take him to his first Derby game when he was 5 years old. I wanted him to experience the same buzz outside the ground before a game, the smell of the hot dogs and burger vans and the sharp intake of breath the first time he ever walked up the stairs and gazed upon the pitch. He just turned 5 and I’m absolutely devastated, this was a moment I’ve been planning since before he was even born. I can’t bring him into this, this is not how he should have to remember his first few months supporting a club that will become a part of him for the rest of his life. my worry is, if I don’t take him soon there might not be a club to take him to for much longer. This whole thing is devastating and you can feel how it’s affected the whole City.
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