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Britain's Funniest Person


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I remember listening to Billy Connolly in the car on an old C-90 tape and having to pull over I was laughing so loud. I remember watching Life Of Brian and literally having tears rolling down my cheeks. 

I genuinely cannot remember the last time I laughed out loud at anything on the telly, save the odd quip on Gogglebox. I know, it's me, and I don't quite know when it happened. Don't get me wrong, I'm a jolly chap, enjoy a laugh with my mates but on the telly it just doesn't cut it any more for me.

To answer the Q, I'd probably go Ronnie Barker / Stewart Lee

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Rik Mayall and Lee Mack. I've been a fan of Rik Mayall since "A Kick Up the Eighties". Actually had the pleasure of meeting him once after his standup show. He was a gentleman and much missed. Lee Mack is great on Would I Lie to You and Not Going Out.

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