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  1. FindernRam

    Real Madrid to sack Lopetegui

    Do they have snakes in Spain?
  2. FindernRam

    Dr Who

    You want really creepy-- There was a programme I guess in the very early 60's called the Quatermass Experiment, about some alien spaceship under the ground. I was banned from watching it as my parents deemed me too young. What they didn't know was the door to the sitting room had a keyhole and I could watch it through that. Mind you the hall was unheated and had lino flooring so it was very uncomfortable. They never figured out what caused the nightmares!
  3. FindernRam

    Dr Who

    This is her first series but there was a cameo regeneration scene after Capaldi "died".
  4. FindernRam

    Dr Who

    Having watched from the very first episode on a 14 inch B&W tv with glass over the screen and dodgy vertical hold I feel qualified to assess the new Doctor. She is going to be great! Needs to slow the speech down a touch but anyone who eats Custard Creams has to be good. Typical woman though! Says one thing and does another. "Guns are bad, never good. Don't use them-ever". So lets blow up the bad guys by exploding the atmosphere! Not sure about the companions yet, far too obvious a diversity box ticking exercise and that detracts from getting to know them. Bradley looks like he will bring some humour. That has been missing form recent series and some of the later ones got a bit too clever for their own good. The Riversong stuff was good to start but played out too slowly, similarly Missy. Personally I liked Capaldi, Eccleston, less so Smith. My favourite ever was Patrick Troughton!
  5. FindernRam

    Dr Who

    Wasn't her first act at the end of the last series to blow it up?
  6. FindernRam

    Unpopular topic? - South Stand

    Its nothing to do with South stand, seating or not seated, drums or PA systems. Partly its British culture, we don't do extrovert emotion unless you're in the Strictly or X factor audiences. So we only respond when something exciting happens. Partly modern football is all about tactics and not much raw excitement. In some ways it's like watching a chess match. You wouldn't cheer half way through that. When you can go whole halves and not have a shot, let alone on target, when the whole point of the game is scoring, what is there to get excited about. Sure you can enjoy the passing, occasional tackle, but the raw excitement is not there much. hence the volume of support is low. Watched Everton yesterday, deadly quiet for the most part, so its not just us!
  7. FindernRam

    False 5? First time I've heard of this!

    I think we were less adventurous than normal in the first half, protecting our spectacular lead. That let them come on to us. Second half we upped our game and outplayed them. Simples!
  8. FindernRam

    v WBA (A) - Predictions

    WBA2-0 Derby No FRGS
  9. It seems there are certain players who somehow manage to engender a lot of criticism and intolerance. I don't want to call it hate because I don't think it is. Others have quite dodgy games or spells of game without the same lack of love. In one sense it is democracy in action, because it is a largish section of the fans, and we can't all be wrong. Also social media tends to lean towards extremes of criticism rather than complements, so once started it tends to build, but what are the triggers and how does a player reverse it. Keogh made a few errors and was slated for months (but now is pretty popular), Buxton made many more but was generally liked. Ince was not popular, nor was Martin. Lawrence is in the firing line right now. Eustace was disliked, as was Shotton who is now really popular at Boro. Go way back Frannie Lee was far more loved than Charlie George, Archie over Steve Powell. Can't see any really common factors myself apart from being a totally committed team player and putting a full shift in, but some of you must have some ideas.
  10. FindernRam

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    Not sure about that I think the pass was telegraphed and a bit under hit, but I thought TL was a bit better tonight .
  11. FindernRam

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Only because JACK GREEEELISH wasn't playing!
  12. FindernRam

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    Don't go using those sorts of words on here!😀 Were leaving Europe (maybe, sometime, never), but it does give me an idea: We could flog TL to a French side for undervalued Euros and cash in if they become worth a bit more or the pound crashes.
  13. FindernRam

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    He is not young, by mid season he will be 25. Peak years for a top player. Personality will be pretty fixed and skills developed to the point where only small improvements will be made. My view is well known from previous posts, I did think at the beginning of this season that he was improving, but his stupid sending off, general play for us and Wales convinces me he will never be a top player!
  14. FindernRam

    Corporate buzzwords

    I remember going to many tedious meetings, usually run by management consultants, where this stuff was endemic. Eventually we put together a (very) long list of buzzwords and phrases and made some cards up to take and play "Buzzword Bingo". Ironically this made us listen that bit harder so probably had a reverse effect to what we expected. Senior Management caught us and were not amused. Later I had to run similar stuff, or present to Customers, and made great efforts not to include these sort of phrases, but it is very hard.. as the actress said to the... My favourite, said as a description of a colleague who was known to bend with the views of the most senior person present, was: He not only changed horses mid stream but changed streams as well!
  15. FindernRam

    Nations League - Spain v England

    We need a full squad who play at that level. A few yellow cards or injuries and we will be playing with second raters or kids.

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