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  1. we could be down to 11th by end of the weekend. Playoffs are a fantasy with this injury and suspension hit team. Play for fun, give the youngsters a run out and don't worry about results. Get them ready for next year.
  2. FindernRam


    So apparently yesterday: 3 referees awarded penalties 3 VAR officials confirmed these penalties Now some unnamed people have declared that their view, these were all mistakes. Who were they? How did they reach their conclusion? Why did they feel the need to publicise it and further undermine the reputation VAR has of getting it wrong. Perhaps all VAR decisions now should be referred up to FIFA for arbitration. The whole thing is a farce, we wait minutes to get an incorrect decision, takes all the emotion out a game as a spectator. Maybe they should do like Srictl
  3. I'm definitely in a minority on this one and watching it back I have changed my mind. Ref was correct.
  4. I've long had a feeling that our white shirt sleeves and socks make it easer for refs to pick up on misdemeanours. For a while on televised games I started to see if there was any correlation with strips and fouls given , and there did seem to be some, but maybe I was looking for it. It is noticeable these days that away teams often wear very drab almost camouflaged colours. Possibly they have made the link.😁
  5. 5 scores showing we lose but only 4 lose votes
  6. Not something we will have to worry about.
  7. 2 out of three down to poor reffing: Lawrence no issues-idiotic Waghorn harsh by ref yellow at best Sibley totally useless referee
  8. My Doctor says it that way. I'm worried now! I'm told he dictates his prescriptions into the computer!
  9. A grim way of looking at it but possibly true. A good friend passed away with the virus but was terminally ill already. May have lasted a few weeks longer without it.
  10. So what this says is that even with Covid the UK has miraculously healed itself in other areas, despite there being no cancer checks , delayed treatments, avoidance of GPs etc. So being facetious here: staying away from the NHS actually improves life expectancy! Moral of the story here is avoid statistics like the plague (Covid).
  11. That is true, but until it translates into a solid defence on the field it means nothing. Our goals conceded is diabolical, and shows no sign of improving. Saturday was case in point. West Brom will outrun and outshoot us. They have stuff to play for and we have lost motivation and key players and have lack of pace through the team.
  12. By the canal yesterday, big ugly hairy dog leaps in, gets out and shakes vigorously thus soaking the owner who'd let it off the lead and for two bonus points 2 cyclists belting down the towpath yelling at people to get out the way.
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