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  1. The last 9 games

    In your dreams! No chance against Cardiff and maybe draw with Sunderland. No Hudd, no Joe, Crocked GT. Who are we going to have in midfield? Slightly off topic who is close to a yellow card ban and when does that window shut?
  2. Perfect storm

    History repeats: 1 We slump big time in Jan/Feb 2 The manager gets the elbow after the Forest match 3 We fail to make the play-offs 4 I still buy a season ticket 5 Build up hope during the summer 6 We look good by Xmas 7 Return to 1. Repeat endlessly.
  3. Stadium safety

    I see the club has gone all self righteous over allowing a few slightly infirm people use lifts on the basis of clearing the stadium in an emergency in less than an entirely arbitrary 8 minutes. And thereby risking the Safety certificate. How do they know this? Have they done a test with real people ( I must have been away that day!). Are all upper tier fans to be subject to a medical in future? Not that there have been stadium evacuations for many years so the risk is very low. If certificate loss is a real problem why are they allowing all the "unsafe standing" by thousands of fans each week where a domino effect is very likely everytime something exciting happens. Of course a few oldies are easier to target aren't they.
  4. The New England

    A lot of clubs do! Can't think of where it worked though. Maybe Swansea.
  5. Regression toward the mean

    You mean calm like Nero watching Rome burn or an Osterich putting its head in the sand! The blip is a slump and if we want prem action we should be losing our calm-- so should GR or he'll do a Wenger and let us fade away.
  6. what is the point of Lawrence

    I started this thread so now its been bumped by others, thought I'd update my views. I'm still not a fan for the same reasons, but to give the guy some credit I think he has improved a bit and looks a bit better. I do wonder though if that is due to the drop of in performance of those around him making him better by comparison. Maybe he is trying to be a leader by example and trying stuff to lift the others. Not quite coming off for him, but hopefully it will come good soon.
  7. v QPR (A) - Predictions

    QPR 2-0. No Derby goal
  8. 12 remaining games - how many points?

    15 points then lose in penalty shoot out first play off match.
  9. PL/EFL Winter Break

    If they want a winter break start the season one week earlier and finish one week later. Simples Murphy's law says the week after the break will be record bad weather and fixture congestion will still occur.
  10. v Fulham (H) - Predictions

    2-2 Late Fulham equaliser. FRGS Vydra
  11. Are we in a false position? Expected goals

    Anyone remember the old pools predictor advertised endelessly on Radio Luxembourg. The Horace Batchelor "Infradraw" system at Keynsham Bristol, spelt Kay ee why en ess atch emm! Gotta love radio ads even then. That was based on some sort of predicted goals scored and other factors. Obviously didn't work or everyone would have done it. Years ago I did a Weibull analysis of playing time between goals, either from match start or last goal in any match. I though maybe there would be a pattern that if you scored, then the time to the next goal due to confidence, opposition tactics etc would come down. I expected a front loaded distribution.. Then you could predict in a match who would score or not and win a fortune (the confidence of youth!!). It came out as random distribution, no help at all. As football is essentially a series of discrete events with only minor shifts away from a random outcome I guess I should not have been surprised.
  12. Are we in a false position? Expected goals

    I imagine after Wednesday our expected goals will plummet given how many missed chances we had.
  13. v Reading (A) - Predictions

    "2-2 Jerome
  14. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Interesting that more people are coming round to my view that Lawrence is a waste of a shirt. I got slammed for that a few weeks back but he hasn't really improved. I grant he is a tryer and played a bit better last night. I certainly don't agree with Ramage that he was the centre of everything good from Derby last night. Poor decisions all the time. Tom Hud was for me the centre of good. He suddenly seems more mobile, elegant, and composed. Maybe shrugged off an injury.
  15. Stadium atmosphere

    Half our team seemed scared enough at home as it is, 20000 fans may tip them into quivering jellies. It shouldn't but who knows

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