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  1. Be like Eddy Murphy in Beverly Hills cop and stuff a banana (or several) up the exhaust.
  2. is it still free? I though it was going payware.
  3. At the moment the ball I struck the keeper has to have one foot on or above the line, i.e not forward but he can jump.
  4. The racket is so load that even with fingers in ears its painful. It is a health issue at these volumes. Maybe a deaf old guy is on the volume control. As regards the youth of today liking it, none of them are in the ground till 5 minutes before kick-off so its irrelevant and we should be looking after their hearing for them. The poem has had its day, let the teams run out to Steve Bloomer and stop playing it 12 minutes before 3:00.
  5. Oi that's my job! Anyway I'm abdicating that particular crown. Where team is concerned I'm going to be Mr Happy Clappy- We'll see how long that lasts. Anyway my ears have stopped ringing from the prematch sound system so I'm happy now!
  6. I do hope Malone is not becoming our team scapegoat for the season, seems to a be toss up with Waggy, Lawrence for now off the hook. Hardly anybody played that well apart from Clarke and Keogh. So give it a game or two. The BBG the crowd were within spitting distance (literally) of the players and the "banter" in the 60's and 70's was a lot more vitriolic than now! Gladys used to get horrendous stick, although it never seemed to faze him. Maybe someone needs to do a Cantona!
  7. What a weird comment. Moaning about the price but still buying will achieve nothing. When they feel the loss off revenue, that's when it will change things.
  8. It seemed to me the queues in the concourse at half time were shorter than usual. Maybe people are voting with their wallets.
  9. Well I'm saving £96 per season and around 50000 calories by no longer buying a £4 pie served by a guy who doesn't understand the term "meat and potato pie please". This after the indignity of being told my small ruckie with a flask and rolled up raincoat won't be allowed in the ground next time! Do these idiots actually want fans inside the stadium?
  10. My how time races by! 6 years gone in a flash.
  11. Papers don't do self awareness. I bet (geddit!) their own advertisers are pressuring them to slag off 32Red because they didn't the idea first.
  12. I'm excited to see how it all plays out with so many new aspects to the team. We seem to have a competitive squad but a team is more than the sum of its parts. If they all gel, and quickly, we'll be up there. If they take time to bed in then by October we could be lower mid table. But on the whole I'm (unusually for me) pretty optimistic.
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