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  1. Not here it isn't. Personally I'd be amazed if any loanee is back next year. Done a quick troll (in the fishing sense) and couldn't find any obvious second term loans anywhere. But as I say (Keogh) it was a quick look!
  2. If as you all think I'm way off on the odds I have to think of my pension so I bow to your better judgment and no bets--But listen to me crow if we drop points at Brum or Bristol!😁😁
  3. Can't see Coe here next year as a player, Fozzy, much as I like him , be surprised if he's the same player. You mention Shinnie the reverse is true in that Olsson has played midfield. Going to be interesting next year!
  4. Apparently looked really good for U23's. Hope its a sign he's coming back soon. Probably not this season but ready for next!
  5. Probably right. Had a second divi on pools about 50 years ago and won £50 on Grand National same year. Reckon used up all my luck so never placed a serious bet since!
  6. Reckon your a bit of an optimist mate. I would go 5 / 1 on playoffs but 500/1 on promotion
  7. The thing with short corners is you have to keep possession. If your CB's go up for the header and you lose the ball out on the wing you are very vulnerable to a quick counter, and they have players out already. Thought against Bolton we could have mixed it up a bit more. Better teams would have sussed it out much sooner.
  8. I have a slightly different view of the ear cupping. When he scored I suspect 90 % of the crowd were looking at the "penalty" incident immediately before Bryson, alert and lively, hit the goal. So we didn't really register it, we were still yelling at the Ref. Consequently the normal cheer for a goal didn't happen. No wonder he had to listen extra hard by cupping his ear!
  9. There's a lot of discussion here about getting on players backs and the possible effect this has on them. Obviously people are going to comment during the game, partly it's why we are there, and in itself generates the atmosphere good or bad. In an exciting game where your own adrenaline is flowing you will express frustration at a poor decision or pass, whatever. Equally cheer a good bit of play. In dull game frustration kicks in. Although some individuals are particularly loud in the main its a collective thing. Yesterday was a prime example to me. for the first time there was no collective groan when Lawrence had the ball. Tons of cheers for Mount and Waggy. Frustration over Wilson (although he was getting kicked to death). didn't hear anything bad about Bryson after first 10 minutes (which seemed to be a reaction to the Blackburn game). But some total idiot behind actually booed a Keogh sideways pass when we were 4 up! Heck we all see the game differently and crowd noise is democracy in action!
  10. Opposite of the earlier thread on things you wish you'd tried earlier. List things you tried and regretted. Marmite Peanut Butter Octopus Sushi Potholing Saki Pirate Boat ride
  11. Or he's being saved for Blackburn.
  12. Today, now they have my money having renewed on-line, they ask for Age Verification. did this last year and as Seniors,much as we'd like to we aren't any younger. Last year went in with Passports, this year sent scan of them. We'll see if that's acceptable! Drivers licences and Birth Certs are also good!
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