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  1. Mods move this to the politics thread please😀
  2. Every time I think I'm getting a grip on FFP something tells me I'm not. Can someone explain in simple terms apart from wages and buying/selling prices how a player under contract affects FFP? Is a player under contract classed as an asset? How do you value him? Bought at £10m 3 year contract, 1 year left, therefore current value £3m, linear write down? Wages £1m so net value £2m to club. This puts asset value higher but net revenue stays same. If we dump, asset value is reduced, costs are reduced so net income rises, isn't that why we sold PP? We sold ground so reduced asset value for increased revenue. Makes no sense to me. No wonder accountants are rich!
  3. I'm not aware of Americans dropping like flies due to Chicken poisoning. Given their propensity to sue for everything I'm sure its not much of an issue! The food supply chains from our European partners is often highlighted in various food scares or recalls. In the UK we are less than pure with several companies in trouble. Look at the council hygene ratings. Puts you off eating anything you haven't killed or grown yourself.
  4. Didn't we have a vote on that so time ago. Another democratic choice being ignored by the losing side!
  5. That is exactly the point: The "Remain" obvious lies about crashing the economy, emergency budgets, crushing unemployment, made me completely disbelieve the (very few) positive arguments they made for staying in. I voted out and today's nonsense from Barnier about British nostalgia confirms my view.
  6. Just curious has this debate some of it thoughtful, some vitriolic, nearly 1800 posts caused anyone to actually change their mind about anything? I suspect not. As a race we are incredibly entrenched in our views, which is why a second referendum or even a general election is unlikely to change anything! I'm off for a digestive sandwich and rue the hours lost forever by reading this thread.
  7. With all our navel gazing over Brexit it is easy to overlook what a divided shambles the EU Parliament has now become. No wonder the EU Commission runs the place, and parliament rubber stamps the commission policies. So the bureaucrats run the show, which is why our Civil Service are so enamoured of the EU; its heaven for them! Democracy is a dead man walking!
  8. Anybody old enough to remember the original reality show, a fly on the wall thing called "The Family(?)" ? Outrage at the time and it was nothing compared to today. PS True reality shows like Helicopter ER, Lifeboats, Inside the ambulance are fine by me, highlighting real heroes
  9. I switched touch control off. It was driving me nuts. Speech is reasonably OK though the family laugh when I talk to it. As a normal remote I think its poor design. Hard to hold and not particularly intuitive or consistent (you press up to increase channel number in some modes but down in others). Borrowed a Logitech universal that worked with pre Q boxes, but couldn't get it to work at all. Another thing I wish when you switch on it always went full screen to last channel not the menu screen.
  10. Whilst I really appreciate the sentiment here, I'm not sure it might not be totally overwhelming for the guy. You can have too much emotion sometimes and you just need to focus something else for a bit.
  11. Do they even accept their first goal was offside and under VAR would have been cancelled.
  12. We were undeniably more direct last night and did play several very long forward passes. Define hoofball?
  13. I might be reading too much into it but in his post-match didn't FL have a little pop at Jack regarding work rate etc.?
  14. Seem to remember a thread earlier this year where the answer was apparently "Sorry but no". Be grateful that if we go up we don't charged at top up fee!
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