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  1. Probably. I don't think of EFL as some benevolent organisation. It is a political corporation and comprised of individuals with all sorts of agendas and is influenced by all sorts of outside forces. They (whoever the anonymous EFL officials below board level are) have had months to object to our accounts but choose to do it at the most difficult time for us. Life has taught me that coincidences are rare and suspicion where politics is concerned is justified.
  2. I may have missed it in the 70 pages of this thread, but do people think the timing of this charge is extremely malicious and deliberately designed to disrupt our transfer intentions and scupper any incoming investment?
  3. Famous last words: Abraham Lincoln: " Lets go to the Theatre tonight" Dick Rowe (Head of Decca): "Reject the Beetles, Guitar Groups are on the way out" Spike Milligan: "I told you I was ill!" Bill Gate: "640k is enough for anyone"
  4. I think players height has some effect, longer limbs mean more torque into the knee for any given load at the foot. Also the lighter ball today with lighter boots means (with a longer leg) a different kicking style than in the old days. A quick unscientific google of old footy pics seems to show old 60.s 70's players tended to hunch more over the ball and the kicking leg was very bent. today more upright and straighter legs---any sport science folks on here?
  5. You really think people are that weak willed? I bet (deliberate word) that only 1% of Derby fans have ever played Roulette and even less do it regularly.
  6. Was told today, by someone who seems on top of the news, that Mel had said in an interview "no business this window" AND "next season half the first team will be from academy". Not been able to find it anywhere. Anyone else heard it?
  7. Hope so! At least it will be different! 😁
  8. Being deliberately facetious I'll be 200 years old by the time Derby have 10000 observed shots! More seriously I've worked with statistics for 40 years and Project Managed several (successful-my words) computer systems with statistical analysis at their heart, I agree, with enough data and some good AI you can squeeze a lot of info out of apparently nothing. The issue I have with expected goals is not only do I think that the human error rate is quite high (given the guy is inputting tackles, fouls, shots, saves, possession etc) but the chap(ess) at another game is probably calibrated completely differently. Also over time with teams evolving you never get enough consistently good data. A simple example: Look at the BBC stats after a game then compare it to Google stats or Sky stats. The variation is often significant. The only thing they ever agree on is Derby shots on target--NIL
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