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  1. Not a Devonian then! I am reliably informed the at the Ritz (never been there myself) it's butter then jam then cream and pronounced scon as in gone. Saw a nice trick recently a, guy actually scooped out the centre of his scone so he could get more cream in! his missus looked really embarrassed and was giving him the eagle eye hard stare.
  2. Cream or Jam first on your Scone? Pronounce it : Scon, ScOne, Scoon?
  3. FindernRam

    Today I Learned

    Explain please. Looks like the probability of Derby defending a set piece before the next millennium to me!
  4. Charlton 2- 1 Derby FRGS Waghorn
  5. Who flogged off all our gold a rock bottom prices?- The fiscally challenged Labour Party
  6. How about a competency test for prospective MP's? 2+2= 98/6= Spell: European Union, Referendum, ignore -(This presumes they can read and copy) Summarise the Withdrawal Agreement main 50 points
  7. Its everything to do with being older. It means I have those years of experience to think back on and compare. In a football sense I feel sorry for those who missed out on that era.
  8. Thanks for putting me right, I had looked for numbers, obviously not hard enough, was going on some old paper comments.
  9. Clough and MacKay era. Really got excited before each match day, knew fixture list off by heart. Grabbed "the Green Un", read every word and again on Sunday, Queueing for hours for cup match tickets. Now, it's what times kick off? Who we playing? Meh! I don't equate position necessarily with entertainment. Very few games in recent years have made me think "I really enjoyed that". Mac 1 was good but since then... Incidentally I may groan or yell in frustration sometimes, particularly as my high seat position gives a better view of the options than the player can see, but I would never boo a player, or cheer his substitution. Biggest excitement recently is the prediction league on here!😁
  10. The whole TV rights model is falling apart. There are so many matches available now we are becoming sated. As my son in-law put it, you can only eat so many donuts before you get sick of them. Why bother watching a pretty meaningless mid table clash,when you can download pretty much anything you want instantly and be entertained that way. Audiences for BT Champions League are nowhere near expected, Championship games are watched by 10's of thousands not hundreds, certainly not millions. @GenBr asked if amazon etc, bid for some packages? Well these are pretty cute guys commercially, I suspect their market research damped their enthusiasm.
  11. Lot of debates in various thread regarding how good or bad a our supporters are. Complaints about lack of atmosphere, getting on certain players backs, booing, general moaning and such like. We have the third highest attendances in the League. Higher then at least 6 Premier Clubs. Given the size of our city, we attract probably one of the highest percentage attendances of the people available. These people do not show up week after week , season after season, to perform some masochistic self flagellation (not in West stand at least missus!). They go to be entertained and support the team, actually in recent years entertainment has been pretty dire, so it has to be to support. Because it is not cheap, fans are entitled to want to express emotion, good or bad, and in a football ground it is a good place to blow off steam which may be nothing to do with the footy. Years ago in the Normanton stand the bloke behind used to be yelling non stop from kick off to final whistle, often derisory, and this in the Champions era. Turned out he was an Undertaker! A week of sombre dealing with the dead, Saturday it all came out. Watching Sky its pretty clear many clubs have negative minded supporters so I don't think we're that bad.
  12. Coalitions just mean nothing gets done, unless the parties involved are basically shades of centrist. Here all parties apart from the Liberals (no idea what they are) are fairly extreme in their beliefs. So you just spend time arguing. Look at the Remainers in government, can't agree the time of day. Any business man will tell you the more parties involved in a decision the less likely it will happen quickly and be the right one. 52% voted leave, 426 constituencies voted leave, yet we're still mucking about, because too many politicians think they know best. Benign Dictatorship (ie agrees with MY views) sounds great to me. I see Italy is reducing its Parliament by about a third. Sounds a brilliant idea. when the EU calls the shots whats the point of hundreds of politicians drawing pay and expenses.
  13. When it is to little effect. Last weekend in 16 Prem and Championship games with a result half were won by the team with least possession. But to back up your last comment, the most lopsided possession stats 70/30 resulted in a draw. And your comment about space to exploit requires: a) Someone to run into it b) Someone to forward pass
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