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  1. Why Derby play the way they do

    It is said that all players want to play for their national team. To do that you have to show that you fit the style of play. So it came to me why Derby play like that: England play veeerrry slooow with lots of sideways passes, no movement off the ball, pointless possession, few shots on or off target. No excitement. No wonder we play like that if our players are emulating the "best". It is up to us now to help by making the paper airplanes for the next home game to create that international atmosphere!
  2. v Cardiff (A) - Predictions

    Cardiff 3 Derby0
  3. Our next 10 fixtures

    I see nil points or goals from next five games. Then maybe 6 from the next batch if the Manager is still here. "Ipswich will be the first game ever recorded where both teams get under 30% possession but expect us to lose" Love the concept- who has the 40% stewards?
  4. Anything DCFC do is good right

    That was my reaction initially but on reflection: Hughes was distinctly average of late, Butters was elegant but slow of thought, Bryson has lost that energy that was his hallmark-wish him well, Hendrick is a big loss but Johnson is sort of a replacement. So midfield may be light on numbers but the incomers with Thorne back soon will be fine I think as long as they play in positions that suit them
  5. Not you personally! And I don't know you or your background but the general state of this country is going downhill in terms of manners and behaviour and repeat crime, and rehab does nothing. Look at the repeat offending. Those comments may affect Billy Sharp for the rest of his days. The moron should feel the pain as well. Being banned is hardly a punishment anyway, he'll go elsewhere, watch it on TV and get to be the big man with his mates. I do not dispute your motives are honourable but misplaced.
  6. Actually I have never done any of that and would support banning anybody who has! In your world an embezzler who served a stretch should be allowed back in the accounts department of the company he defrauded! Its not right!
  7. Has it been a good or bad start to the season.

    Bit lower than average for me. It is the lack of drive that concerns me. I wouldn't mind losing so much if we at least seemed to be trying, but this one (slow) pace drives me nuts!
  8. This sort of apologist appeasement is half the problem we have in this country. Apparently no-one is to blame for their actions, its their parents, area, poverty, drug habit, add your own excuse here! Then when they are caught you get an insincere apology and they get hugs and sympathy. No sympathy for the victims. You crack down hard in the beginning and stuff stops. Let it go and the boundaries get pushed a bit more next time. Any parent will tell you that. The club has the right to ban whoever it wants and was right to do so. Do you want to get back to the crowd problems of yesteryear?
  9. Ball out clock stopping

    Has anybody timed the actual game time we have seen at Rams games? The 30 minute half thing has raised its head again after Burnley treated its fans to only 46 minutes of actual play. Initially I was against it after initially negative effects in American football, but I think if refs put a hard time limit on throw ins and free kicks before giving it to the other side it might work. Anybody?
  10. Trivia: Floodlights

    A friend says its to keep the grass growing because the roof creates a lot of shade- makes sense to me. I did a Barcelona stadium tour some time back. They had fans (big electric ones before you joke) on 24/7 apart from match days for the same reason
  11. Trivia: Floodlights

    I know they are a lot less than the old types but still it seems a waste to me when it is of no purpose whatsoever.
  12. Trivia: Floodlights

    Saturday was a bright day with sunshine a times. Sunset was about 3 hours after the game ended so how come the floodlights were on all match? Were they expecting an eclipse?
  13. Giant Scoreboard

    Neither of which is right!
  14. Giant Scoreboard

    Only when we score and they are not that clear anyway! The whole thing needs reworking. The sound (West Stand Middle) is appalling and that includes the bloke on the pitch!
  15. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton 0 Derby 2 FRGS Vydra

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