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  1. 660 passes, 73% possession, 1 (ONE) shot on target. Total embarrassment to watch. At one point I counted 15 passes in our own penalty area. Often yards of space in front but another sideways or backwards pass. At 8:00 I actually gave up and switched to Man City for a minute but that seemed disloyal so went back just in time to see the next goal. Wadaamistakkatomakaa!
  2. We were in the pop side, crammed in like pilchards. At end this bloke near us was lying on the terrace. Seemed he'd been taken ill sometime earlier but was held upright until the crowd eased off to go home. When he came round he thought score was 3-0! Nearly fainted again.
  3. You are right but certain gender traits are obvious: Picture this scene: You and wife visit friends (remember that!), after a convivial chat mainly split on gender lines, men on beer and footy, women on someone not there, one of the women will say "must go!". So we all stand up, put our coats and drift to the door. Except the women haven't moved they are on to something else for 20 minutes! Happens every time. Then, when we get home they are on the phone to our host to say thanks for a lovely time for another half hour.
  4. Just like the Rams I'm bumbling about mid championship table. Seems like fate.
  5. Roos 6 Byrne 6 Wisdom 5 Clarke 5 Buchanan 5 Knight 5 Shinnie 5 Bird 4 Waghorn 5 CKR 7 Jozwiak 5
  6. Where was the fighting spirit. We caved, which is what we always seemed to do. In last 9(Sky stats?) games when we concede first we do not go on to win. Our passing was dreadful, only 78%. It was just rubbish all round last night, glad I hadn't dragged myself down to PP to watch it live!
  7. Marshall 6 Edmondson 7 Wisdom 7 Clarke 7 Byrne 8 Knight7 Bird 6 Shinnie 7 Buchanan 6 Gregory 6 CKR 8 Jozwiak 6 Waghorn 6
  8. Has to Alan Hinton, poor pitch,, heavy ball, still plonk it on a sixpence. Alan Durban when he got out wide was good as well.
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