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  1. FindernRam

    Bloated Squad?

    You mean like Lawrence, Ince, Russell, Weimann? I don't think Martin is particularly sharp or indeed spectacular in any particular aspect BUT just like John O'Hare the package is better than the sum of the parts. If he keeps his head up he is worth a place.
  2. FindernRam

    Bloated Squad?

    He has attributes but I've never seen him beat anyone for pace!
  3. FindernRam

    Who looking forward to new season

    Off peak train to Oldham £45 and no match ticket included😁
  4. FindernRam

    Who looking forward to new season

    Pretty much agree with you on everything Angry. Just one little rider: Early Cup games are usually priced pretty low and I would think everyone knows its going to be a "B" team. Does give the lesser players a run out. The break thing is not so much physical as mental. Even in their cossetted lives the relentless travel, busses, trains, Hotels, sharing with some hairy bloke who is not your WAG, just gets to you. Ask any person who travels regularly if they think its fun.
  5. FindernRam

    Is this season a write-off already?

    I agree completely, but its not January yet----Damn there goes one of my resolutions!!!😖
  6. FindernRam

    Who looking forward to new season

    Boo hiss! Even I am feeling a frisson of anticipation.
  7. FindernRam

    Bloated Squad?

    When does loan window slam shut?
  8. FindernRam

    Bloated Squad?

    With a squad that size keeping everyone happy will be a nightmare. Even a seasoned battle hardened manager would struggle. Good luck Frank! The issue for me is as other have said there is no visible demand for any of the players we would possibly let go.
  9. FindernRam

    Thoughts to myself for season

    Ah the memories of standing outside the council house watching the team celebrate on the balcony! Despair when Clough left, then joy again under the only Mac worth mentioning. We may never hit those peaks again, but I hope to get to the prem before I'm too old to understand what I'm seeing. My Mother is a sprightly 94 so there is some hope for me😀.
  10. FindernRam


    And I thought I was a pessimist!
  11. FindernRam

    Thoughts to myself for season

    At my age this is a limited time option. I wasn't born when we won the FA Cup, I was 26 last time we were Champions. How long can I wait?
  12. 1. Do not write the season off if we don't win any of the first five games unless Frank quits in disgust. 2. Do not write season off if we don't sign anyone semi famous 3. Despite all instincts do not moan about any individual player as long as he puts himself about in a game. 4. If we are leading the table at Xmas do not say January is coming! 5. In January book 2 month trip to Patagonia or desert island until spring for health reasons. 6. When the Early bird deadline is in the middle of a bad run, again, do not say I'm not getting a ticket this year just go and do it! I'm hopeless at keeping resolutiions so will I manage these good intentions!
  13. FindernRam

    World Cup VAR

    In the England Croatia game the pundits were all on about Kane's miss hitting the post and he was "definitely" on side. In all the hullabaloo everyone missed the fact that the linesman flagging for "ball out of play" was actually signalling a very late offside at the beginning of the move. The proof was that the restart was about 8 yards out not the 6 yard area. Had it gone in there would have been so much trouble when it was disallowed.
  14. FindernRam

    Is this season a write-off already?

    I go along with that completely if we don't get regularly thrashed. We will soon know how it will shape up.
  15. FindernRam

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Pessimists are rarely disappointed. Pessimism is the triumph of experience over hope.

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