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  1. You have a very good point, but if a Tweet is more interesting than the game what does that say about the game? Watched Man C on the box the other night. I would describe the atmosphere as funerial. Similarly Spurs and Arsenal games. Very few have a cranked up atmosphere these days. Seating has something to do with it, but in the later 70's days at the BBG, we were keeping the father in-law company in the Ossie end upper. It was pretty loud up there! (Pop-side pen was our favourite). Contriving to build atmosphere is a risky move -think the man with the mike- it doesn't really work. To me the braying audience on Strictly, going hysterical because someone doesn't fall over is a total turn off. I think the main problem is the game itself, more conservative in approach, tactics are more sophisticated, shots are rare, shots on target rarer (ignore Liverpool yesterday). Blood and thunder tackles pretty much gone. Refs getting things right more often. These used to get crowds going. So as I approach 70 I find I am less inclined to leap out my seat or yell myself hoarse unless something really excited happens.
  2. FindernRam

    New joke thread

    A dog lover, whose female dog came "in heat," was concerned about keeping it and her male separated. But, she had a Large house However, as she was drifting off to sleep, she heard awful howling and moaning sounds. She rushed downstairs and found the dogs locked together and unable to disengage, as frequently happens when dogs mate. Unable to separate them; perplexed as to what to do next, although it was very late at night, she called her vet, who answered in a very grumpy voice. After she explained the problem to him, the vet said, "Hang up the phone and place it down alongside the dogs. I will then call you back and the noise of the ringing will make the male lose his erection and he will be able to withdraw." "Do you think that will work?" she asked. "Just worked for me." he replied.
  3. I spent that game wedged between 2 totally oiled Rangers fans. They kept talking to me but with the accent and the drink didn't have a clue what they were saying, till the lad behind said they were asking could one of them swap seats? Could have got nasty but they were very friendly throughout!
  4. FindernRam

    New joke thread

    Last night after wine, beer and a few shots, thought I'd leave the car at the pub. so I took a taxi to avoid the boys in blue. Anybody looking for a slightly dented yellow taxi they left in the Dung and Duck?
  5. FindernRam

    Max Lowe Aberdeen loan updates

    Max appears very happy up there and that's good. He does seem to have gone a bit native though, referring to the Rams as "they" rather than "we" or "us". You never hear Wilson hint that he is other than a Liverpool player.
  6. FindernRam

    Christmas shopping

    I know Findern is not the most trend setting place, but the morning crowd in the paper shop were staggered when one person declared he had never heard of E-bay. Ordered from your expensive iPhone no doubt😁
  7. FindernRam

    January excuses early

    Your logic is impeccable, but the weight of history says otherwise, or maybe its the universe, or the old Gypsy curse! My prediction is we'll struggle but if you look at the prediction tables I'm languishing in league 1 for now so what do I know.
  8. FindernRam

    January excuses early

    Obviously I need more WUM practice!
  9. FindernRam

    Christmas shopping

    If anything defines the sexes quicker than anything else it's Christmas Shopping. I've just spent a stressful hour or so in Intu, the differences are very clear: The ladies look purposeful, a hint of excitement as they get the glint of battle in their eyes, striding from shop to shop, scattering all before them as they hunt their prey; pausing only to examine a chiffon scarf or top as they pass. (How can you tell what something on a hanger will look like on a random shaped body?). Sometimes they have servants, usually male, a mandatory 10 yards behind them! Whoops of joy indicate a successful hunt. When the quota is filled they announce to the world in a loud shriek, "That's it I'm all done"! Men, have a head down submissive posture, a look of utter defeat in their eyes.as they trudge around. Totally confused where the various departments are and praying for a fire alarm. If they linger in lingerie, a look of defiance creeps in that says "I am NOT a perv". Jewellery shop assistants are ready to pounce with well rehearsed patter. And you can always hear men humming the shopping chant--" Must keep the receipt!" Merry Christmas to one and all!
  10. FindernRam

    January excuses early

    'course I am. Wanted to see who'd bite (3 pages) and had a private bet on how many rolled eye thingies I'd get.10 so not bad but my mate said 5 so I win. Disappointed no-one picked up on my Lawrence jibe, you obviously all agree with me. But being a bit more serious there were some good points made particularly with reference to FFP and general finances. Very glad we have Mel and are not Bolton.
  11. FindernRam

    January excuses early

    That is exactly what he said. By saying we won't do much due to lack of funds he is also saying that if we had more money he would spend it and replace (or add to) a fair number of the squad, so although his words literally said he was happy with what he'd got, the deeper meaning was he wasn't.
  12. FindernRam

    January excuses early

    No chance the way he's playing
  13. FindernRam

    January excuses early

    Derby Telegraph-paper edition.
  14. FindernRam

    January excuses early

    It was reported yesterday that FL has stated that there is a shortage of funds available in the transfer market next month. This is the first time to my knowledge that he has ever raised the subject of funding and is a bit worrying. We still have the largest and probably best paid squad in the league even with a few injuries. Why now does Frank need to set expectations of not a lot happening. I think that although its probably true there's no money, he is getting us primed for the traditional new year slump and getting his personal excuses in early by blaming Mel.
  15. FindernRam

    Pre match Briefing we should copy

    You mean you have actually heard the words! Not where I sit in West.

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