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  1. Trivia: Floodlights

    A friend says its to keep the grass growing because the roof creates a lot of shade- makes sense to me. I did a Barcelona stadium tour some time back. They had fans (big electric ones before you joke) on 24/7 apart from match days for the same reason
  2. Trivia: Floodlights

    I know they are a lot less than the old types but still it seems a waste to me when it is of no purpose whatsoever.
  3. Trivia: Floodlights

    Saturday was a bright day with sunshine a times. Sunset was about 3 hours after the game ended so how come the floodlights were on all match? Were they expecting an eclipse?
  4. Giant Scoreboard

    Neither of which is right!
  5. Giant Scoreboard

    Only when we score and they are not that clear anyway! The whole thing needs reworking. The sound (West Stand Middle) is appalling and that includes the bloke on the pitch!
  6. v Bolton (A) - Predictions

    Bolton 0 Derby 2 FRGS Vydra
  7. Electronic advertising boards

    To put a bit of perspective on this: 1: The club presumably makes money out them so will not switch them off 2: The players are employees so have no say 3: The fans are more of an irritant so what they say on the matter doesn't count At a party last year sometime we played advert bingo, where you had to remember as many adverts as you could in30 seconds. None of us could remember any of them. SO: 4: Advertisers be aware you are wasting your money! PS Who pays for the hoardings because they aren't cheap. Must take years to pay back on the investment.
  8. Kevin Phillips

    Not a nice thought! The root is the whole team ethos. When other teams go one or two down they ramp up the tempo, start to load the box and generally turn the screw. We saw that loads of time here last year. What do we do-nothing! Same old slow build up, lazy passes, no movement, no urgency. Every year I start the season with renewed hope, optimism and enthusiasm. Usually lasts about 5 home games before dejection sets in. I had hoped that GR would turn it round, Improve the fitness, speed things up. My optimism dimmed at Sunderland and went out completely after that pathetic display yesterday. I might get some enthusiasm back when the players show some!
  9. Ramage talks sense

    "Ramage talks sense" Well there has to be a first time I suppose, but stating the bl***ing obvious of offloading is not it!
  10. Best matches ever....oh yes

    You're right of course. It was a long time ago! Should have checked properly. Still remember the goals tho' even if the team was wrong!
  11. Best matches ever....oh yes

    Derby Juventus with Charlie George and Derby Spurs with Roger Davies scoring
  12. v Grimsby - (A) Cup Predictions

    1-3 Vydra
  13. Rams and Radio Derby agree new deal

    Will this new deal allow the internet radio feed. Its really annoying having to switch to FM or DAB and when I'm out of area its a total pain!
  14. Sunderland's Shrinking pitch

    My understanding from a similar thread last year was that within the limits you can do what you like but have to declare before the first game and stick with that all year. Derby were fairly average last year (talking pitch here) I hope we haven't narrowed it down any, we hit too many over long crosses as it is!
  15. How good is our scouting?

    i'm sure it was an off the cuff statement but often things said in jest actually mimic the truth. So the problem "could" be that next time we bring another player who is not as good as advertised. Then its an issue around our scouting!

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