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  1. I wouldn't expect anything from a "force Majeure" argument. I believe Watford tried that and were rejected.
  2. The really worrying thing about the EFL statement is "No timescales for this matter to be concluded". They can drag it out forever.
  3. I think its simply that more people are being tested than a year ago so more asymptomatic people are being identified. The key to me, that is never properly explained, is whether the percentage of positive tests is going up or down. Presumable that's the R number basis. I'm in this weeks stats 3 times for negative tests (Care home entry) and that is after never having been tested at all before. Think yourself lucky. For months I knew of nobody with it. Since Christmas 3 acquaintances have passed away, 2 been seriously ill and several others poorly.
  4. Thing is I don't live in a miasma of misery. Most things I am pretty upbeat about, particularly when I meet new people, or try new experiences, but decades of following Derby have generally been a downbeat experience since the 70s. And like I said somewhere else the relentless drip of scandal, poor play , becomes a form of water torture. I liken following Derby to walking into a lampost. you know it will hurt but the only question is how much? I watched the Brum game on TV and was hopeful for a bout 10 minutes then it was obvious we weren't going to win. On the plus side I could have another Scotch and not worry about getting home.
  5. Pessimists are rarely disappointed. If you expect the worst and its not so bad you are happier.
  6. If you ever watch Police Interceptors, your chances of getting anything painful are ludicrously low. Bloke the other day: 30 mile chase breaking every motoring rule going, umpteen cops involved to stop him. Weed in the car, which was uninsured, he had no licence, as well as already wanted. Got a community order, which he broke, so then gets 8 weeks in clink, SUSPENDED.
  7. I think what will happen is the people wanting to stand will outnumber the "safe" area so even more will start to stand in the "always seated" area and there will be ructions. I know several people who were South Standers and also went to away matches but no longer go because they can't sit during the match. At Derby I think it would be all South Stand plus a bit round to the East Stand that would have to be converted. Can the cost be offset against FFP or whatever its called these days.
  8. A psychologist friend of mine says its not the bridge, its the water, some evolutionary thing. Road and rail bridges do not evoke the same level of feeling apparently. He can be boring sometimes-answer for everything! Never, ever, ask why the fascination with the Mona Lisa.
  9. If you are really that bored you can help me mow the lawn, but I want dead straightlines or her indoors will complain!
  10. Derby has a bit of a head start. Tracy Emin showed off a pile of bricks in the Tate Modern to massive acclaim (not sure by who). We have our own mouldering piles already with the Hippodrome and the Warehouse at bottom of Uttoxeter road. We do lose points for filling in the hole though. On the downside it will take the council at least 10 years to decide what to do with any money coming in, a host of self appointed cultural guardians will object to everything and the city will just go on slightly decaying as it has for decades.
  11. What surprised me was just how often it does open. I'm not good on Thames river traffic so assumed it was only very occasionally but apparently it averages over twice a day (when working!).
  12. I posted this back in July 21: Did hope that as season aproached I may rekindle the spark but afraid not: I think there is a perfect storm of stuff that is contributing to me losing virtually all interest in the Rams, a club I have supported since 1967. In no particular order: On the pitch: Playing low entertainment football, no real crowd pleaser, low goals rate. Cobbled together team of old men and kids without a clear policy. Off the pitch: Total shambles of an organisation, apparently in conflict with people who can really hurt you, HMRC EFL. Owner who has gone silent. The car crash fallout really showed the club up in a terrible light in so many ways. Match scheduling: Its great to have footy available almost every night on TV but as a live football fan I want 3:00 on a Saturday. Mid week and oddball times really irritate me, particularly sitting freezing on a mid week winter game . Result I'lll stay at home and watch good football in the warm (heresy I know, but it is what it is). Price: Saving on two tickets, car park etc easily covers Sky, BT Sport, Amazon Prime subscriptions with left overs for a few decent bottles of Scotch. CoVid showed how quick you can find other stuff to do on match days. Hard fans will say there reasons for each of the above issues, but it's a bit like the old Chinese Water torture (other nations are available), the cumulative effect gets to you. AND IT HAS.
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