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  1. Derby have been nervous for a while and have last match history in the league and playoffs. I'm not optimistic even by my miserable standards. We need leaders on the pitch. Has to be Marshall, CKR, Clarke for starters. If Davies has one useable leg I'd play him as well.
  2. As Oddball said in Kelly's Heroes, "stop with the negative waves Moriaty"
  3. I heard "H" is not a copper, but on the EFL standards team.
  4. Last match was a typical TL display. Largely anonymous, then a good goal, followed by some poor decision making, then a lazy attempt at tracking back which led to them scoring. Just not what I want to see from a supposedly top player.
  5. Watching back again this morning (sad or what), He was our best player and showed all sorts of attacking activity but for all his industry and magic the end result was often not particularly useful. Towards the end of his shift he was looking a bit tired (understandable given his workrate and lack of match time) so I can see why he went off. Hopefully he will be energised for next week. Having said that I would have taken others off who were having no impact on the game at that stage like Knight Forsyth, or Waghorn.
  6. When will Knight , Lawrence, Waghorn get in the game. Forsyth rubbish , Byrne will be sent off soon he is so rash, but at least he's trying.
  7. I hope you mean condone rather than condemn😉
  8. Wife just at Arena for jab, says she saw Mourinho, Sarri and Brian Clough, talking with Billy Davies as she came out! Hasn't explained the dent on the car though!
  9. Jose says he's signing up to media work so will we see him on RamsTV or hear him on Radio Derby?
  10. That's because they are all out in the countryside dumping the trash.
  11. Ashbourne tip is no booking and queue is always very short so even with the drive it is quite an easy job. Newhall is also no book but smaller, so waiting is common and the speed bumps are vicious!
  12. One thing really winds me up to apoplexy and that's fly-tipping! Lazy b*****s just dumping stuff anywhere they like and getting away with it. When caught they should be given community service on the local landfill for a month. What really blew my corks this week was what happened in Devon. A woman saw 2 fly tippers in her lane. Rashly video'd them and yelled at them. Luckily they didn't attack her, a few locals showed up and the police were called, these low lifes started to put some rubbish back on their truck. Despite all the video and witnesses the police declined to
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