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  1. What have you heard--is he coming back?🤣
  2. It took him over 6 minutes, 6 miles to gain one truck length, by then, going slight down hill he wasn't pulling away as both on the limiter.
  3. I noticed it as well (no EFL one though). Was so depressed from the game I didn't post immediately in case people would think I was being sarcastic, if I said it was the best part of the experience. Actually the pie was good as well and the kiddy behind the counter actually knew how to use the till! Things are looking up
  4. So what is your brothers excuse? In Italy trucks are banned from the outside lane and it sure speeds up the lighter traffic.
  5. Remember when you learnt to drive? You over steered, over braked and crashed the gears! I think that's where Frank is now; there is no smoothness to his management, instead of a tweak its wholesale changes, maybe he'll learn or maybe he'll be Ranieri mk 2 the perennial tinker man
  6. Not yet, but the heady days of September are long gone. Last night I thought Clement was back!
  7. We are the main game tonight, but yesterdays QPR WBA was on the red button even though there was no game on the main channels
  8. That's what 2 sugars in your Bovril will do to you.
  9. Trucks on the limiter trying to overtake another in the outside lane of a dual carriageway. 6 miles to gain one truck length it took one yesterday, then you have a"""holes in BMWs trying to queue jump by racing up the inside and cutting in! Should be banned-both of them.
  10. If a butterfly sneezes in Peru does a tree fall in (or on) Forest?
  11. Well I suppose they could use the same builders as the quad and tilt it a bit so we could rival Pisa.
  12. Always assuming she can prove who she says she is! One paper said she had no passport.
  13. "They think it's all over---it is now!" If I could only remember the year!😁
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