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  1. v Millwall (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2-0 FRGS Nugent
  2. How Are We Doing? 5 Year Comparison

    So being cynical---no progress in 5 years despite all the money spent and various managers! Actually after a very poor start I think we are on the up and unless we do are new year fade(AGAIN) we should be in the mix. We need top two to falter now and they will!!
  3. Gary Rowett says Tweaks in January

    But we only faced Burton and didn't exactly rip them to pieces. Watch the top teams anywhere and the quick ball in the channel is what frightens defences-and its better to watch.
  4. McGovern flogging off Derby medals

    Not just old people: I once sold my "bob a job" achievement scout badge for half a crown to a mate who couldn't be bothered to do any. You kiddies can boggle it on the webthingy if you don't understand what I'm talking about.
  5. Seating recommendation

    Bit harsh. You don't make a noise during the opera or Ballet, you soak up the performance, appreciate the skill and applaud at the end! Or in my case sprinting to the car . PS never been to an opera or ballet--maybe its more fun.
  6. Mr Brightside

    The music is totally unrecognisable in West Stand just too loud! I see Burton fans commented on it on their site as well. Maybe its an age thing- now a nice bit of Glen Miller- that'd be good!
  7. George Thorne

    I think he may start him next time as we have a full week off to recover. Had we got a game on Tuesday then no! I thought he looked pretty good considering his lack of match time, liked his movement, and seemed a little more forward than Hud (difficult to be sure due to Burton basically conceding midfield to play 6 (and more) at the back).
  8. DCFC Staffing levels

    Last night in the warm up Derby had 34 people on the pitch (excluding Rams TV)! Take out the 18 players its still almost 1 for each one. What do they all do? Ipswich had 22. Still it must be worth it, in the shooting practice we were hitting the target almost every third shot!
  9. Golden Oldies or The end of the line !

    All players legs go at some point, the trick is to make sure they are not playing for you when it happens---Bill Shankley
  10. Derby County v Ipswich Town

    to Specsavers with the team to find out why they can't spot the runners and pick out a pass to a white shirt. Gotcha! Seriously though the amount of runs the front three made that were totally wasted as the back 4 decided a sideways pass was better was ludicrous. The front movement was there just not picked up.
  11. Rowett not in frame for Baggies

    Given our recent form and his experience of midlands clubs and cultures I am a little surprised GR is never in the top betting for West brom or indeed any of the prem jobs available. Maybe he wants to go to Wales and take over when Clement gets the inevitable boot soon!
  12. v Ipswich Town (H) - Predictions

    2-1 Nugent .
  13. PA System

    In West stand upper the noise was ridiculous and totally unintelligible. If we ever have a forced evacuation there is no way we will hear or understand the instructions. And for the record it was the same with hearing aids in or out!
  14. v QPR (H) - Predictions

    2-1 FRGS Lawrence
  15. Rowett's style is so direct

    Playing direct means you are through on goal with less people around you, by definition closer to goal so you will get better chances and a higher probability of conversion. Man City don't go long very often because the opposition play so deep its pointless. The bit people are missing in this discussion is entertainment value. Long balls are not hoofball when played with purpose and accuracy. They get (most) of the crowd going. Clear goalmouth action is what we want, direct does that. Watching a 20 player scrum with the ball pingponging somewhere in the middle is frustrating. I am sure there are some here who will moan every forward ball over 5 yards. Fine, go and watch indoor 5 a side! But I fully agree with earlier posts that you need to vary it and you play with what you've got in the team so there is no right way!

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