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  1. Just getting Sausages out for tea, but so many decisions: Thick ones/thin ones Pork or Beef or(gags) pork and beef To fry or grill To split down middle or rick. Eat in a bun or bread slice or off a plate Brown sauce, ketchup or no sauce. Think I'll have bread and marmalade!
  2. I'm paraphrasing but: Anyone who wants to own a football club should be disqualified on grounds of insanity! Want to turn a fortune into a smaller one, buy a club! I have never met Mr Morris so have no idea what drives him, but I'd love to know what he gets out of owning DCFC apart from l load of grief.
  3. It won't just be us. All clubs below top 6 will suffer financially from lack of crowds. The economics will change dramatically, viewing of TV games will peak for now but die back when you don't have a personal team to follow. Sky/BT/Amazon etc will also cut funding due to lack of interest. I foresee the league dropping to maybe 30, mainly city clubs, the small fry will go. It will end up like sport in the states, very restricted numbers in NFL Baseball Hockey.
  4. We get this number of Flu deaths WITH a vaccine. How many covid without?
  5. There was a time teams rarely worried about shots from outside the box. The stance was let the keeper deal with it. Liverpool were key exponents of that philosophy. Long shot goals were rare, that's probably why we remember them so fondly. These days the beach balls we use are so unpredictable in flight its often worth a try.
  6. Yes. Forecasting sites have all amended their probability algorithms to reduce home advantage. Its hard to be precise but it looks like the bookies have as well.
  7. My perception under most managers, was we seemed to be doing well by Christmas, then came the January slump, year after year, usually about the time the early bird ticket sales were announced.
  8. They say with age comes Wisdom! Well I'm elderly and Wisdom is here (avoiding, saying Wisdom has come) so why change my mind! I enjoy the football debates but largely I still maintain my starting position albeit possibly less extreme. The debate elsewhere on depression opened my eyes and increased understanding.
  9. Thanks for that, I'll look up a copy.
  10. Plenty of goals yes, but in which goal. I tried to find some games played like that on the net (very hard to determine formations from one camera highlights) but it seems even in the fifties there was a concept of a 4 man defence, then sweepers came in. The was something glorious about watching a sweeper charge across and take out a rampaging forward( remember them?)
  11. My reaction to Cocu saying his players were not following his plan particularly in the first 20 minutes is he must be losing his authority over the team. And to lose authority over a bunch of kids is deplorable as a manager. Has he lost the dressing room already? A kick up the backside, if not during the game, certainly at half time, was definitely called for , but it appeared it never happened. You can forgive lack of skill, you can sometimes accept that a formation is forced on you or doesn't work, but lack of effort is always unforgivable! But having listened to Mourinho ranting
  12. Lack of sausages at the training ground!
  13. 3/9. Decided to now self re-identify my car as as cycle. That way I can do what I like and its someone elses fault if it goes wrong.
  14. Been before many times so know what I want to look at, also she who must be obeyed is only tolerant of my train obsessions for so long.
  15. Thanks for that. That's actually the plan! Railway museum first then lunch then 'her indoors' gets to pick afternoon jaunt as long as it doesn't include shopping. Thought if it was wet might try Jorvik but I guess you have to book in advance.
  16. Finally got my TUI deposit back after 4 months after several phone calls. Strange thing is they didn't tell me. Just saw the credit on my card. Cruise money still outstanding after 5 months, but apparently its coming end of September. 3 days in York doesn't have quite the attraction of a week in Lake Garda next week.
  17. A very good point. I saw somewhere that 1400 players are out of contract at end of June. Some will have done deals but I'm guessing 1000+ will be available. How good they are is debateable how fit they are is less so. Should we get one in say October they won't be match fit till December when the next windows looms. There may be the odd gem out there, but are our recruitment teams good enough to find them?
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