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  1. A few things I've noticed on my visits to Derby. The location is very good. A great cross roads for people who want to tour England with day trips by train. I don't if you advertise that fact. I think you could create some life around the river. When you walk to the Pride Park from the city centre it's not the high point of your day, is it? It wouldn't mind if there was more special stores to visit in the city centre I ain't a fan of chains. There should be more life in Eagle Market. It's kind of sad now. You really don't advertise much what you have in Derby. Last time I was there the information place was closed. It's kind of hard to learn about Derby. The first Derby Feste I attended with my mate was very nice. For some reason it got down played a lot on this forum. Later I learned it was the biggest out door fest in the whole country. Now it has shrank but you could do something with it.
  2. A lot of teams were out of stock but team Derby was still available. People have done nice things with their stadiums with floodlights. If I had a spare room I might build a place for mighty Rams myself.
  3. I was talking with my friend who had that when we were kids. I googled it and found out that they still sell that stuff. Does your kids still play with it or is it all about computers? Anyone got Baseball Ground at their home?
  4. Are you related to the guy on the right?
  5. Well it has been tough at times. Fortunately after the next week they open the restaurants and you can go out to eat with friends. Two people I know has had Corona but they both got better. Mostly I miss the sports from tv.
  6. My dad has the same Tissot as a dress watch. It's a beautiful watch.
  7. I have been thinking about downsizing my wristwatch collection. I have nice watches but they don't get the wrist time they deserve. There is two big problems though. The first one is that I like all my watches and don't really want to depart any of those. The second one is that if I would go to say four watches what kind of watches should I have. I know that my Bremont U-2 is a keeper, that is certain. But the other ones are harder to decide. Well a vintage watch is a must of course. For that I've got a Glycine automatic gold watch from 1969. Just can't find anything like that for as inexpensive I got it. The two other watches are in consideration. What kind of watches would you recommend? What kind of watches do you like and what do yo appreciate in your watches?
  8. A big beer for a little dog. Seems to be happy with it though.😎
  9. After a few years I watched Rio Bravo once again. It still works. A great western.
  10. I recommend 1919 Angostura Rum for you if you are not familiar with it yet. A great taste and the aroma is from heaven.
  11. I know it's early but all I want for Christmas is to visit Derby and
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