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  1. Cisse

    v Millwall (A) - Predictions

    Millwall 1 Derby 2. Mount
  2. Cisse

    v Oldham - (A) Cup Predictions

    Bugger! I came home late and didn't get a prediction in. Well it's Oldham 1 Derby 8. Keogh 8 goals.
  3. Cisse

    Manchester shooting

    Have they caught the shooter?
  4. Cisse

    Manchester shooting

    What is going on there?
  5. Cisse


    Unfortunately we don't have rodeos here in Finland either. Which is a bloody shame considering that I have been going around in my boots for over quarter of century and have about 400 country albums. That should make me a proper rodeo clown, right?
  6. Cisse

    v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1 Leeds 0. Lawrence.
  7. Cisse

    Holiday Plans - 2018

    I'll try to get my dad with me and that might happen in March.
  8. Cisse

    Holiday Plans - 2018

    Ok, I know this is absolutely ridiculous. The thing is I'm forced to spend my vacation in Prague. Everyone has recommended it after they have visited it and I believe I'll like it too. However I was hoping to get to Derby Feste after three years. It's a tough world.
  9. Cisse

    Worst 70s show

    Actually Benny Hill still is.
  10. Cisse

    Worst 70s show

    Benny Hill and Love Boat were my favourites when I was a kid.
  11. Cisse

    v Reading (A) - Predictions

    Reading 0 Derby 1 FRGS Nugent.
  12. Cisse

    What kind of area is Littleover?

    Yes that's the one that got me thinking.
  13. Cisse

    What kind of area is Littleover?

    I guess I would get better pretty soon. The dialects in midlands are challenging sometimes. I have a VHS videotape from 1994 where Jim Smith speaks and some of it goes over my head. When Sage is with me he drops his accent so I can keep up with him. I've seen so much American tv series that I'm more of a cowboy myself than a proper Englishman. I should do something about it.
  14. Cisse

    What kind of area is Littleover?

    It ain't. I read a lot in english so no problem there. However I speak english for one week a year and that's it. It shows. I'm really thinking about renting a place there for a few months to learn to speak.
  15. Cisse

    What kind of area is Littleover?

    Oh. I used to be a salesman in a store where people would get in and say what they would have for dinner and ask a good wine/champagne /beer with it. It was nice to help people like that.

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