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  1. Since Ray Clemence passed away I've been thinking of all my favourite goalkeepers of all time and here is my list. What kind of list you guys have? 1. Ray Clemence 2. Dino Zoff 3. Rinat Dasayev 4. Edwin van der Sar 5. Mart Poom
  2. Does this work? https://9japikin.com/2020/11/21/goalkeeper-hradecky-scores-own-goal-in-leverkusen-win-video/
  3. https://www.iltalehti.fi/jalkapallo/a/28d70501-4e01-487c-b5fe-d61a735625b9
  4. I'm waiting for Rooney to tweet about this.
  5. We already have the record points in Premier, are we on the way to a double?
  6. https://www.lainewatches.com/contact
  7. I want get out of jail free card with the relegation to League 1.
  8. This one really hurts. He was my first football idol as a kid. I loved him. I wanted and tried to be a great goalie which was a bit challenging as a four feet tall goalie. RIP Ray Clemence, you are always going to be the ONE as a goalkeeper.
  9. The son of Simo Valakari is a transfer target prospect for Leeds United. Just scored a great goal against France. A pity if Leeds get him. We should have dibs on him because his dads past.😀
  10. Watching Cardinals vs Dolphins. Boy that Kyler Murray can move. The Cardinals coach has some guts too for playing 4th and 1 pretty much every time.
  11. Happy birthday, enjoy your day.
  12. Phil Brown was the worst for me.
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