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  1. Try to get rid of covid there, I'm yearning to have a proper beer in a scenery like that.
  2. I just had a Norwich Pale Ale. Not bad. 🤓
  3. What kind of offer your government has given to you?
  4. I have liked Cyndi Lauper for almost 40 years now and loved every genre she has tried. As a country fan I never expected this from her.
  5. Moving the team to another city like they do in US.
  6. Oh, Merry Christmas!
  7. You still got the car we paid for you? 🚘
  8. Congrats for the winner. Thanks Mozza for your hard work.
  9. I haven't smiled this much for a while. 😁 I love it!
  10. Birmingham 1 Derby 2 Knight
  11. I would like to see us giving Cocu a proper chance. We have had a decent season with a squad which wasn't a brilliant one to start with and as always our injuries have hurt us considerably. He has brought a lot of youngsters in to our squad with good success and if he can have some sound players to strenghten our team he can do at least as well as anyone else we could bring in.
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