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  1. He was. The biggest reason for that was he didn't defend himself by telling the situation he was in. He rather took the abuse without explaining his situation than sacrificing his respect for the Clough family.
  2. He ended up in a lot of fights for defending people and things he couldn't or actually wouldn't say the reasons behind his actions. It was hard to follow how he got constantly labeled as the trouble maker knowing the story behind it. I haven't read the final version yet but I think people might see the reasons behind those arguments quite differently after reading the book.
  3. I'm happy for you Ronnie. Can't wait to read the final version. It was a hard battle. Congrats.
  4. What are you maniacs ranting about? One of the best on this decade. 👍😂
  5. One thing about Brentford I like is that they think how they can make the club go forward and do so without worrying that no one has come up with this idea before. Of course Mel's lot did the same and now we are in administration.🙄
  6. Any NY Jets fans here? I'm followed NFL for 36 years now and somehow I have always seen them as not very interesting team. What kind of future do they have in sight for the next couple of seasons?
  7. I would like to see a new owner that ain't a fan. A businessman who has a good record of making money with some connections to sports. A football club should be run like a business. Make sound investments and planning to grow step by step. Too much emotion could hurt a club. People tend to grow love their businesses so there would be enough emotion that way.
  8. Cisse


    I watched it live after the first plane had hit the tower. I saw the second plane and after I heard that Pentagon was hit too I thought this could start the biggest war in my life time. I can still recall the sound of the alarms that I could hear from the alarms of firemen that were not moving anymore. That hurt me the most for some reason. Also it made me feel empty every time I heard a jumper hit the ground when they were filming from the first tower. Those are sounds that still sometimes return. Years later I saw a police captain telling how he had attended over 50 burials in a year after the attack. I don't know how someone can endure over 50 burials in a year when they personally knew the victims.
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