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  1. v Brum (A) - Predictions

    Birmingham 0 Derby 1. Vydra.
  2. Rams Managers ranked by points per game

    I love Jim Smith, me.
  3. you are the landlord

    This is a really hard one. Thornbridge Jaipur Fuller's ESB Koff Porter Chimay Blue Schneider Aventinus
  4. Your all time classic tracks

    France Gall died today. RIP.
  5. v Man Utd - Cup Predictions

    ManU 4 Derby 0.
  6. Douche of the year

    Logan Paul. Have you heard of this guy? He has twenty millions followers and lots of them are children. This guy goes to Japanese suicide forest, finds a dead body hanging on the tree and laughs at it and jokes about this poor guy. What the **** is wrong with people these days? How are you supposed to keep children away from garbage like this guy?
  7. v Sheff Utd (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1 Sheffield U 0. Vydra.
  8. v Ipswich (A) - Predictions

    Ipswich 1 Derby 2 Vydra
  9. What has he brought you?

    I got a large variety of candles. I'm not burning them from both ends though.
  10. Is it too early to get excited?

    Clearly it was.
  11. v Hull (A) - Predictions

    Hull 0 Derby 1 Vydra.
  12. watches....to dream on for

    I hope so. I just bought a new pair of boots for myself as a birthday present. They are really nice but could use a luxury wristwatch to make them even better.
  13. watches....to dream on for

    I wish Santa Claus brings me this one tomorrow. Perhaps Boycie has arranged it. https://www.chrono24.fi/vacheronconstantin/toledo-18k-yellow-gold-leather-mens-watch--id5409784.htm
  14. We're coming after you Wolves

    We could reach 2nd place. That would suffice.

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