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  1. I still hate Roy Keane, an absolute douchebag
  2. No. We need a new owner with a fire in his belly and a clear idea what we need to do and how to achieve it.
  3. I was on a cruise and there was this magician that was just horrible. It got so awkward that a lot of people left. After the magician finished the main attraction, a famous singer came on to the stage. At this time the place was half empty and people were stampeding out. The singer looked around the place in disbelief and said something to her band and they started with her biggest hit. People leaving stopped and started to come back, the singer saved the day eventually.
  4. Adnams Triple Knot Tripel. Oh my god God, this beer is just awesome. 2018 was a good year for them. 👍
  5. Anthony Bourdain's death made me feel sad. I've watched his programs so much that somehow he had started to feel like a guy I actually know. Jim Smith dying made me feel sad too.
  6. I must admit that I've never understood the fuss about royalty of any kind in any country but Prince Phillip was an exception in that. Somehow he managed to be very warm even though they have to be in character all the time. RIP Prince Phillip.
  7. Another one of my favourites
  8. It's impossible to say just one but this guy has to be mentioned.
  9. Anybody thinking about getting a new watch? What are you considering about?
  10. On our newspapers there is a news about you protesting for rights to protest. Is there any discussions about the current situation how governments everywhere are trying to limit the rights for protesting? Is this only due to the current covid situation or are they seeing their chance to make it permanant that we just ought to shut up and pay the taxes?
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