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  1. Cisse

    I hope we get a nice kit for the next season

    That would work also come the collapse of the March.
  2. Cisse

    Clough and Burton

    Burton has Bolton next so they might still make it. I guess we can't.
  3. Cisse

    Next Years Collapse

    I have been a Rams fan for a while now so I don't understand why I feel such a disbelief for what is happening to us once again.
  4. Cisse

    v Middlesbrough - Predictions (H)

    Derby 0 Boro 3
  5. Cisse

    v Burton (A) - Predictions

    Burton 1 Derby 2. Vydra
  6. Cisse

    v Wolves (A) - Predictions

    Wolves 2 Derby 0
  7. Cisse

    Favourite Derby shirts

    Hey, isn't that Mozza and Steve Brummie in the front hunting for autographs?
  8. Cisse

    watches....to dream on for

    Hublot has put a lot of money into advertising and it is paying off big. It has become very popular very fast.
  9. Cisse

    watches....to dream on for

    I have a Bremont U2 Blue dial which I bought 2014. I have been really happy with it. I wanted a watch that looked nice, is really scratch resistant, is accurate and that's just what I got.
  10. Cisse

    v Bolton (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Bolton 1. Weimann
  11. Cisse

    Homeless People

    I'm aware of the kids having a fault of their own but I talked with a couple of kids that were thrown out because their parents were not quite what you would expect. I asked them about social services helping them out but they thought that social services were so swamped that there was no help for them. That's just sad.
  12. Cisse

    Lets really back lads on saturday

    Hey, it's easy three, trust me.
  13. Cisse

    Homeless People

    On my visits there I have talked with many homeless people and what strikes me so odd is the way they have become homeless. Here in Finland it's mostly due to alcohol, drugs and mental illness that makes you homeless. Although it has started to change so that other people are in danger too. However I have been surprised that in Britain there are kids that are thrown out from their homes by their parents at 15-16. I find that unbelievable. Several people have just lost their jobs, some of them due to an injury. It's strange how easily you can become homeless there.
  14. Cisse

    Active shooter at YouTube HQ

    I have always been suspicious of vegans and now they are running amok shooting people.

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