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  1. Don't worry, Prior to the season I already said to my dad that we have won only one or two games before my visit but my visit will change things as usually. 🙏
  2. We'll be there before the game against Birmingham so feel free to come and ridicule us. We won't understand any of it anyhow. I'll be the one under the table in my cowboy boots.
  3. Cisse


    I believe Cocu will do good things for us. He just came here last month. Our team isn't great at the moment. I believe Cocu will find us some suitable guys this season if we don't go after Steve McClaren too soon.🙏
  4. Cisse


    It's only August and people are getting us into the relegation battle. 😎
  5. Brentford 0 Derby 1. Lawrence
  6. I'm hoping for a long era with Cocu. The team we have currently however ain't the one we will go up with. Give Cocu a couple of seasons and he can take us to the next level as a club.
  7. Cisse

    Best Guitarist Ever

    I do like also Knopfler, Walsh and also Vince Gill.
  8. Derby 3 Bristol City 0 Waghorn
  9. Cisse

    Where should we eat?

    Don't worry, no one reads my posts.
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