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  1. I was wondering about the same question today myself. I think we might be the worst team scoring from corners on this decade.
  2. When I was there for Birmingham home game I was wondering how many times we can get away with these stupid passes near our own goal. Not too long I see. I very much doubt this will be the last goal we concede this way.
  3. Cisse


    Anybody want to buy a boat? Or perhaps a canoe?
  4. I too believe Cocu will take us up. Not with this squad however nor this season. Perhaps the next season but definately season after that at the latest.
  5. Derby 3 Wigan 1. Martin hat trick.
  6. I think the squad is more of a problem at the moment than Cocu. If we had Jake Buxton in our squad then it would be a different ball game.
  7. Seven day power reserve would be nice.
  8. Cisse

    Holiday plans 2020

    I'm considering Derby. 👍
  9. Derby 3 Birmingham 1. Waghorn
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