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  1. London for next summer 2018.

    Museum of London is a good couple of hours and try the lunch menu at Nathan Outlaw London (need to book) great food at a fair price
  2. Left v Right

    Whats needed at some point prior to an election is politicians to be honest (never happen!) and itemize the level of service the public sector will provide and it will cost X amount and do you want to pay a level of tax to fund it.Also something needs to be in place to make people who do not turn up for appointments bear responsibility they are costing in particular the NHS millions.For example my wife works in hospitals relating to cardiac matters and last week on a day of 10 appointments,6 did not turn up, staff paid for waiting around,spaces that could have been taken by others plus all the admin costs of contacting,re-booking with postage etc.One lady when contacted said she couldn't make as she was having her hair done.Waste is not all by the staff an incredible amount is by the patients-it all needs a good overall.
  3. Top 20 players you have seen playing for the Rams

    Watching Paul Mcgrath when he was with us made me realise how good he must have been at Man U and Villa-No training ,knees shot it but he was total class.
  4. Just an old shirt ?

    Roy Macs away shirt from 70s-regret using it for running in-it was near mint condition when i was given it
  5. Pearce, Bennett, Guy & Bird New Contracts

    Surely no brainer from Pearces point of view,a years cash security for him and he can still look for a first team opportunity with another club.
  6. Are we a stronger and better team?

    Think we are probably mid table hard workers-Still need to get players out then next phase of rebuilding .As someone said it will take 3 windows to turn around the staleness.Just one thought though how will certain players react now GR has sort of shown his hand and they know they would have gone if a deal could have been done?
  7. Marcus Maddison - Signed new 3 year deal at Peterborough

    Certainly for the championship probably not for the Premier if it keeps them up.
  8. Elsnik & Gordon join Swindon on season loans

    Hopefully regular competitive games will bring them on to our benefit either as squad members or cash sales.
  9. Cameron Jerome

    Swansea bid 12 million for Oliviera-might mean they need to keep Jerome if they sell
  10. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Its got to be down to wages-I would have thought Fulham would have made more sense to him(possibly not his agent though) -harry has a good track record in not caring about clubs wage bills and they all have trouble clearing up his mess
  11. 'Panic Buy'

    Mikel Beck-there's panic
  12. Jackson Irvine - Signed for Hull City

    If irvine goes will it see a Clough move for Bryson on loan?
  13. Jota - Signed for Birmingham City

    Listening to Rowett -I think he wants to get rid of players before he purchases-A manageable squad size has always been a priority for him. I think we will see a flurry of exit deals after the weekend.
  14. One win from Wembley ?

    I think from tottenhams point of view its not players its available mid weeks with champions league.
  15. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Can't complain about the effort but he never seems to look up enough and frequently makes the wrong decision-

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