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  1. After the phrase has been trending recently-im listenining to this;
  2. Hopefully a good preseason and he can be a regular for Oxford next year-he deserves a bit of luck in his career going forward.
  3. Not really bothered we havent signed anyone-we are going nowhere this season shame we cant offload a couple more-Jozefzoon ,Anya
  4. They are in with a shout of the play offs-we're not
  5. BY a long way-Jason Byrne Ross Noble excellent but very much off the wall
  6. No point in spending unnecessarily until we clear a bit more dead wood-realistically we are not going to be serious challengers this season far too inconsistent-one third of the season gone and only one win away.We do need CB though and that should be looked at
  7. Definitely the Chelsea league cup tie in 68-unbelieveable
  8. I wonder if they all did a runner and one took a tumble hence the others returning.I have never believed one would be left behind deliberately.I would imagine if anyone was left ,the others in the squad next day would not be very welcoming.
  9. Easy to see where the cash goes-15% of my season ticket just for Keogh
  10. Having said that Bobby Moore was famous for the quote' win or loose we're on the booze'
  11. Poor old Cocu-why should he be left to clean up the mess it should be someone from board level to explain.Coco really has had crap from day 1
  12. From a Labour MP: We look like a chaotic,angry,deluded,dangerous rabble.We hate success, hard work, intelligence & wealth.We like mediocrity, irresponsibility.We're chanting the name of our leader like a cult.Why would anyone vote Labour? Text recieved on Newsnight sums it all up
  13. Yesterday was a totally abject performance with no shape structure or plan. Movement was non existent and players seemed as if they didn't want the ball or responsibilty. We looked slightly better second half especially for the first 10 mins but realistically Brentford took their foot off the gas and kept us at arms length. we have to remove the tinted glasses and admit our whole squad is unbalanced, lacking creativity and im sure we have not seen our best 11 starting at anytime this season ,im not sure anyone knows what it is. At best we are a middle to lower championship squad at present and i believe we have to give the manager time surely we cant keep changing. Unfortunately we have too many want it all ,want it now merchants following us who are full of hate, bitterness and poison (like a large chunk of today's society) who think nothing of berating/abusing players etc at the drop of a hat via social media and in the stadium and im sure this plays a significant part in pushing players in their shell and affecting performance.
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