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  1. secretsquirrel

    Cardiff fan here..

    Conferance centre is opposite the Navigation and pretty good for midweek parking
  2. secretsquirrel

    Cost Cutting

    No problem if they get rid of Vydra at least we might get a decent fee.In my opinion i would have a full clear out (except Carson)-im sure though getting most out will be a problem.
  3. secretsquirrel

    What an awful chant

    If we go behind early against Boro then you will hear vitriol
  4. secretsquirrel

    What’s REALLY missing, PASSION or ABILITY ?

    Whats missing ,and has been for a long while is on the pitch leadership-only Carson showed any last night after the 2nd goal.
  5. secretsquirrel

    We HAVE to win monday

    Never mind top 6-we get hammered by a team in the bottom half.
  6. secretsquirrel

    What it’s like being a Rams fan in one sentence

    Never forget disappointment is just around the corner

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