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  1. Although we don't have a prayer of finding out,it would be nice to know what the exact tie up with 32 red is.As part of paying his wages is there something in the contract that says unless injured he has to play a certain percentage of each match?.I do think that since he returned from lockdown his fitness ,concentration and effort has been poor.I just wonder if he sees Cocu getting sacked as a real opportunity for him to get in to management-maybe i'm just cynical.At present for me he should not be in the starting line up .
  2. Boris clearly knows the importance of yesterday
  3. Looks like we could be 6 months away based on today's speech from Boris
  4. Cocu has been given the task of turning the tanker which unfortunately takes time-getting players of the wage bill has and still is in the case of Josefzoon is very very difficult.The problem he has ,as all managers do ,is that there is a section of support that demand instant gratification and success.We have to have a period of stability in the club and a realization that we are going to be dealing in a very different financial manner which will mean we cant pay huge fees and ridiculous wages going forward. Cocu has had a continuous set of problems to deal with which has slowed the rate prog
  5. I think a fair number of people understand the way Cocu wants the team to play is not what is happening on the pitch,whether this is due to the management team not getting the message across ,they seem to have countless A4 prints in folders with play positions,maybe its too complicated for them.It maybe, and i think many of us have felt there is no leader on the field,not just a problem to Cocu but for many of the managers over the last however many years and no-one takes control on the pitch as the nerves set in.Probably we could do with someone like Pontus Jansen-i was/am hoping Te Weirik co
  6. The Boss cheers me up with some new stuff.
  7. Im sure if the government can break the law in a '' limited and specific way'',when some people bend the rules it wont be an issue.
  8. According to Hancock this morning-Bubble is only for those living in one house and stated only 1 grandparent should visit.
  9. For families of 5 ie 3kids and 2 parents only one grandparent can visit at a time under the rules from Monday.
  10. This government spokesman will be making a statement shortly.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54019867 BBC summary of premier season tickets
  12. Maybe a fairer system would have been to scrap season tickets for this season and sell say 6 game packages (i know everyone would want a forest one)-with the proviso that you can only buy one package this would allow several lots of 8 to 10 thousand ensured and knowing what games they were going to.If the government changes things,additional tickets can be sold based on arevised capacity.Hopefully everyone would know what they are getting,opportunity for most who want to to attend and much reduced outlay.My main concern at the moment isn't watching the game its how getting in getting out will
  13. Don't think there is any chance of away trips next season- possibly 30% capacity at home from October for the season pending any spikes
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