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A little corner of positivity


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I'm all for freedom of expression and having opinions etc. but I'm getting worn out by so much negativity in every thread I read on here.

Yes, the season isn't going well and there's things that need to change/improve/happen for things to get better, but if there's one thing I've learnt through my own personal struggles, it's that positivity can grow confidence and really help put people back on the right track.

I watch football to be entertained and take great pleasure from Derby winning and playing well and we can all agree that isn't happening at the moment, but the consistent arguing the toss about coaching, recruitment, tactics, injuries, excuses, personnel etc. is really dragging down the quality of discussion on the forum.

I'd like this thread to serve as an area where we can pick out positive things about the team and what's happening and focus on those and hope that it helps with growing confidence on the forum and maybe instils some positivity into the team and anyone at the club reading this. Who knows if any of them read this, I hope Mel does though ?!

Can I request that any negative stuff be kept for the numerous other threads and that we can feel free as posters to write anything in here that we are enjoying at the moment? Perhaps a mod will help keep the discussion on track.

I'll kickstart the thread with this:

On the pitch, the team have been playing better match by match in my opinion. I loved the forward movement in the first half against Huddersfield. Key players are starting to get nearer to returning and this will hopefully culminate in better results and style of play.

Off the field, the sentiment behind the 3rd kit campaign is great to see and I'd love to see the club doing more of this stuff.

Recruitment. I think we've signed some excellent players and the squad is stronger overall than it was at the end of last season. When the best players are available for selection then we'll shoot up the league.

Rams TV. I've enjoyed being able to watch more games this season (haven't lived in Derby for 15 years now) and the club are doing a great job of broadcasting to the fans in difficult times.

Academy. I've enjoyed watching the academy progress under recent seasons and they have been a joy to watch. Really hope all the lads progress into becoming established professionals whether it's with Derby or not.

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Just posted this on another thread and I feel it bears repetition in this one:

Whilst the striker issue is indisputable, I think the recruitment team do deserve some credit for signing (1) Byrne, who appears to be every bit as good as Bogle at a tenth of the price; (2) Marshall, who has impressed me greatly since he has been here; and (3) Jozwiak, who is already good and will get better as he settles in. Ibe and Duncan are still to be seen, but I am optimistic about both of them. Not sure about CKR, but happy to wait and see.

With everyone fit and firing, we have a quality side, despite what the panic-merchants would have you believe. Keep the faith, get behind the lads and watch us climb the league.

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3 points from matches, one away, against 2 relegated sides is good and if asked beforehand most would prob have been happy with that. Even though they are still settling in really happy with marshall, byrne, joswiak, marshall back. As you say youngsters doing well especially Knight and Buchanan looks a different player. And I love the pink and black combo and the thought behind it!

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The team have definitely had spells of some really good football in the last two games. I liked the faster link up play with the fluid movement. I also am impressed with Buchannan's improvement. If we continue with 5 - 2 - 3 I hope we line up like this and if so I expect we will give a good account of ourselves.:


                   Evans               Davies           Clarke

Byrne                                                                            Buchannan

                                  Knight               Sibley

                 Lawrence           Waghorn             Jozwiak


Subs; Roos - Wisdom - Kasim Richards - Shinnie - MTW - Whittaker - Bird

(Possible alterations - Wisdom for Evans + Shinnie for Sibley)


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Birds’s sausage rolls are as good as they ever were.

There’s a sale on at ASOS.

It’s almost mulled wine season.

Football Manager 21 is released in four weeks.

It’s almost hot chocolate with Bailey’s season.

A new season of Unsolved Mysteries has been released on Netflix.

My niece is starting to eat solid food, so it’s not long now until I introduce her to tortellini with wild boar ragu.

Oh, you mean about DCFC?

We’re not bottom of the league.

It’s the best I can do.

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Remember; Ferguson came very close to getting sacked from Man Utd in the early days; he didn’t do too bad there in the end, after he was trusted to sort them out.

I seem to remember he had a crop of kids about which a wiser man than me than me said ‘you can’t win anything with kids’.

They did.

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i enjoyed the start of the Watford game. I was full of trepidation, but we saw a major advance in the speed we played the ball. we looked a lot more comfortable with the system against a side of some quality. This can only improve as players get to know each other better.

I am really excited about seeing Bobby Duncan join the first team and want to see Ibe leaving some burnt grass and opponents in his wake. Its going to be an interesting ride. Marshall and Byrne ! talk about finding a bargain at TK Maxx and we got 2 of them. Top signings.

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