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  1. I really do have a worrying feeling that Martin might be picked up by one of the relegated clubs or one of the clubs rebuilding after a tilt at the play-offs. Why else would he walk away from the table? With him being available on a free transfer, the risk is practically zero. Championship clubs like Bournemouth, Watford, Swansea, and either Brentford or Fulham will all see coveted players leave in the summer and as a result will have room in the wage budget to accommodate him and his wage demands. Bournemouth could lose Wilson and King. Watford could lose Deeney. Brentford coul
  2. On a serious note, I think this outlines what a tough season we have ahead of us. We probably needed five new signings before this news and now we need to find a replacement for Martin, and with an ever-shrinking budget to boot. I am not too hopeful to be honest. Our track record with recruitment has been tragic in recent years and I am not expecting too much to change.
  3. You just know that this decision will come back to bite us. We’ve just had that kind of luck lately. He’ll probably end up at Swansea, score 15 goals and get 10 assists and they’ll win the league.
  4. I said we had nothing to gloat about after the last gasp draw versus Forest. But now?
  5. Of course, in an ideal world, we would want to keep Sibley. He is such an exciting prospect. However he is also the player on everyone’s lips right now. Obviously the financial situation is unclear but if it is as bad as we fear, we might have no other option but to cash in and strike while the iron is hot.
  6. If we genuinely need to sell to buy, I think Sibley is the player that would attract the most interest and generate the most funds. That’s who I’d sell personally to give us the most room to manoeuvre. If we were actively looking to sell Bogle, it would have been more logical to cash in last summer after we had just reached the play-off final and he had had a fantastic debut season. If the consensus is that Bogle has had a poor season by his standards and the team has also gone backwards, it doesn’t put us in a position of strength if we look to sell him. I take your point that
  7. I think the trouble we have is that we have some good players who cannot yet be relied upon. Bielik is still recovering from a long term injury and we don’t know how he will look when he returns. Given his injury record, there’s a good chance he breaks down again. Holmes and Marriott also seem to struggle to stay fit. Neither player is ever far away from breaking down. So again, that’s two more players who we can’t genuinely build the team around. I also don’t understand this obsession with selling Bogle. In one breath, many of our fans believe he has had a difficult season and
  8. Birmingham 2-1 Derby Waghorn FRGS
  9. My gut feeling tells me we are in for another tough season, so I'm struggling to answer this question. I would imagine the only way for us to progress next season is through inspired planning and work behind the scenes, and as much time spent on the training pitches at Moor Farm as humanely possible. If we started planning for next season in January - as the Te Wierik deal suggests we did - then we might be OK. But I can also easily imagine a scenario where our climb up the table probably put the brakes on any forward planning too. Getting recruitment right will be tough. You'd
  10. I actually think next year will be just as hard a slog for Cocu, if not more so. With a potential eight week turnaround, it's less than ideal preparation for another tough season. Especially if we are bringing several new players into the group. With the FFP case hanging over us, there's the lingering threat of a points deduction. With the finances looking questionable and no additional investment looming large, there's no certainty of money to spend and pressure to drive down costs, e.g. the wage bill. With our recruitment team and key staff behind the scenes, there's no confid
  11. As long as we don't make Scott Hogan look world class, I'll be happy. 😄
  12. Let's see where we are in 18 months. We'll have a clearer picture of what Cocu can deliver. Next season will present as many challenges as the current one. Yes, our recent performances have been incredibly frustrating and exasperating, and offer little encouragement. But it's not the time to sack the manager. But we can't keep making excuses for him, by the same token. He does need to start living up to his reputation.
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