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  1. What worries me is the sheer number of creditors we have and the absence of a viable solution. Even a fire sale of first team players would achieve very little in terms of servicing the debt. Do we have a group of players worth anywhere near £60 million? Not even close, especially in the current financial climate. I am struggling to see a way out. A takeover is months away. We might be able to strike a deal with one or two creditors, but I highly doubt every creditor we have will be so sympathetic to our plight. Then of course, as time goes on, our liabilities will only increase and new creditors will appear, especially if we can't secure a loan for the day to day operations of the club. Will we have a club a year from now? The way it is looking, the administrators will never have to buy a pint in a Derby pub ever again if that can be achieved.
  2. It’s the Italian model. Any sign of discontent and the manager is gone. In Serie A this season, two managers have been sacked after two games! Brentford and Brighton have both had excellent starts to the season, which has probably forced Watford’s hand. 7 points from 7 probably wouldn’t seem so bad if not for that. The trouble is that they have got 1 point from 12 v Wolves and Newcastle at home and Brighton and Leeds away - all teams they would be expected to reasonably compete with.
  3. Derby 2-0 Swansea Morrison FRGS
  4. The next 6-8 games present a genuine opportunity for us to make ground on the teams above us. If we can build momentum and get into that winning habit, I am not sure the players will even be concerned by another points deduction. This is largely a very poor league and points are there to be won in every game. There are three very good teams, yes, but generally no-one to fear. Coventry being in 4th and getting smashed 5-0 by Luton tells us everything we need to know. I feared for us after Birmingham away. We made a fairly average team look good. But the response since then has been very encouraging and unlike earlier in the season, we are not just competing and battling but also digging in and getting good results to match. The odds are stacked against us, but the players and the coaching staff have responded exactly how we would have wanted. Another win on Saturday? Why not?
  5. He stopped climate change, he stopped climate change, Wayne Rooney, he stopped climate change. 😂
  6. How about this one? I once was lost But now I am found Was blind But now I see (repeat) Then finish with: Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney Rooney
  7. He paid for my car, he paid for my car, Wayne Rooney, he paid for my car. or He rescued my cat, he rescued my cat, Wayne Rooney, he rescued my cat.
  8. She read your post and decided to leave me.
  9. I am not anti Rooney. I praise him and criticise him just as much as I did with Cocu, Lampard, Rowett and so on. As I’ve said before, it takes me time to really warm to and invest in managers of the club. They tend not to stick around long enough or do well enough to make that viable. If Rooney is true to his word, he will become the most popular manager the club has had this century. Something not even I will be able to argue with. I hope he is being sincere and that I will be able to lead the Rooney chants from the away end at Home Park next year, because he has really dug in and committed himself to turning the club around. If I was anti-Rooney, I would have had a field day when the newspaper reports of his night out in Manchester came out in pre-season. The way people carry on, you would think I dive into Plymouth Sound in despair every time we win. I watched the press conference. Like I’ve said before, look at the mood around the club, he only said the kind of things that would inevitably hit the right notes with the supporters. I feel the best tonic at the moment won’t come in the press room but with a stirring performance on the pitch.
  10. I don’t disagree. It is gutting to see what a mess Mel has left behind. But if a self-described fan of the club, who was once worshipped and considered ‘one of our own’, could be so reckless and act with such self-interest, surely you can see why some might be wary of anyone else in a significant position or with duty of care at the club. Indeed Rooney is saying all of the right things, but time will tell if he is true to his word.
  11. Who gave us no chance? Probably media types who don’t understand football at this level or those who wanted to feed the hysteria. At this level, you’ve always got a chance. Wycombe, a club who don’t even particularly stand out at League 1 level, proved that. And so have countless others. I am a supposed pessimist and I have predicted us to win several games this season. The last two games were very impressive but overall 10 points from 24 is merely a decent return, one that could have been better given the opposition. We have dropped seven points from winning positions, let’s not forget. Let’s see how the players respond on Saturday. A spirited performance would be so encouraging to see.
  12. Drivel? I must have learned from the master of it. 😋
  13. I guess time will tell. Let’s hope so. Lampard was also worshipped for a time and knew what to say and do to ‘work the crowd’. How quickly that turned around.
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