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  1. If we had lost tonight, it would have left us with 1 point from our last 15 and we would be left three points adrift of 6th having played a game more. A loss tonight would have come on the back of pitiful away defeats to Forest and Villa and a equally bad home defeat to Millwall, as well as poor performances away at Ipswich and Brighton in the cup. Given Mel’s track record, it’s hardly a big leap to suggest Frank’s job was on the line tonight. No-one is willing Frank to lose his job. But when you are on a run like we’ve been on and when you have an owner who isn’t known for being patient, it’s just facing up to the reality of what might happen and whether Mel will hold his nerve or not. I think on the whole, the fan base supports Frank. Some acknowledge that he isn’t perfect and needs time to learn and grow and that’s reasonable. Just because some of us aren’t proclaiming ‘We’re back!’ or ‘Wembley here we come!’ after one win doesn’t mean that Frank and the club don’t have our support. Personally, I think we could be in for a cracking season next season after Frank has taken stock and put his learning into practice. I just hope we can back up today’s result and ride out the storm to see that happen.
  2. Frank’s job was on the line in those last 45 minutes. So it’s great to see the lads finally show some guts, some fight and some desire, and come back from the brink. It’s still all about next season for me, despite the fact the play offs remain very much in sight. For me, let’s not worry about that, the pressure is too debilitating. Let’s build on tonight, salvage some pride and end the season with some strong performances, so we can go into next season with positivity.
  3. It will be really interesting to see whether Frank will retain Mel’s backing. After two pitiful away defeats, I suspect he will look at the Wigan game as a pivotal moment. Win that, and Frank lives on. Anything less and it’s not hard to imagine Mr Wassall getting a call.
  4. Lampard obviously needs time, but the line up and the subsequent performance is the kind that destroys goodwill and faith from the fans. Imagine having paid £30 to go to the game and then seeing that line up at 2pm? It’s the kind of experimental line up you might dare to try when you are cruising and have Rotherham at home. The kind of move that Guardiola can easily get away with at Man City when they play Huddersfield or Cardiff. But us? Against Villa? At Villa Park? Was it brave? Arrogant? Stupid? A desperate last roll of the dice? You can see why some were fearing the worst. Hadn’t Villa won 2 in 14 before today? It’s indefensible really.
  5. If it gets to 7 or 8, it’s a possibility. 😂
  6. So I decided to hold off on going to the beach to follow the game. 4-0 down at half-time. Atlantic Ocean, here I come. 😂
  7. A brave team selection by Frank. I hope it pays off. You can see he’s hoping for a team that performs in a ‘sum greater than its parts’ fashion, and he’s also hoping the likes of Wisdom, Bird, Evans, Bennett and Jozefzoon are hungry, full of desire and ready to seize their chance. I don’t blame him for shaking things up, but there’s an air of desperation about it at the same time. 1-0 home win would be my guess.
  8. To the OP, I would say if you decide not to renew, be at peace with it. There’s no need to feel any guilt, no need to feel conflicted. You’re not giving up on the team and the club, and not renewing doesn’t mean you’re disloyal or some kind of turncoat. Being a Derby fan is about so much more than turning up to Pride Park 23 times a season. The connection will never leave you. Richard Keogh will still find a way to ruin your family picnics in the Peak District. Support the club on your own terms and don’t let anyone shame you for it. I haven’t been a season ticket holder for 11 years and I don’t have any regrets. Life goes on and you find yourself with different priorities. I still love the club and wear our colours with pride wherever I may be, but I am completely fine with missing Luton at home.
  9. I’d love to say that this is a huge overreaction, but it’s expected with us now. With GSE, Lampard would have had job security for half a decade, and a result like tonight’s and the run that we’re on would have barely caused a ripple on the concern-o-meter Mel has set a different, more reactionary standard and it’s inevitably worked its way into the thinking of the fan base. If Clement, Pearson and McClaren et al couldn’t survive Mel’s expectations, what makes Lampard any different? Has Mel changed? Personally, I’d keep Frank. He isn’t the right man for the job now, but with time, growth and experience, he could very well be. A second season could be all he needs. Why employ a novice manager if you are going to cut him loose 7 months into the season? It defies logic, but with our club, nothing surprises me.
  10. First 11 games: 6 wins and 20 points from 33. Middle 11: 5 wins and 18 points from 33. Last 10: 3 wins and 13 points from 30. It’s fair to say we have had a difficult run of late, but it’s probably just as accurate to suggest that we have been too reliant on Mount, Wilson and Marriott to have matchwinning moments. Wilson’s contribution has dried up, and Marriott and Mount have both suffered with injuries, and suddenly we are not scoring and not winning football matches. Looking ahead to next season, Frank has his work cut out for him. Keogh and Marriott will be first choice next season but as for the rest, it’s anyone’s guess about where they stand. Really pivotal summer.
  11. I think this game will all depend on which Forest turn up. Will it be the Forest who can match the best sides in the division on their day? This season, they have wins over Leeds, Boro and Sheff Utd, and creditable draws at ours, Leeds, WBA and Norwich - all games they could have actually won. Or will it be the Forest that have inspired so many laughing chimp moments? Since we are fast becoming a struggling midtable team, have terrible away form and look totally bereft of hope and confidence and odds on for a massive defeat, you know what’s going to happen, don’t you? Forest 0-1 Derby, and our safety from relegation secured. Thanks Forest. 😂
  12. The midfield has looked like a problem area from day one. I don’t know if it is Frank trying to keep everyone happy, if he doesn’t trust the players that aren’t ‘his players’, or if he genuinely doesn’t know what his best midfield is, but I get the sense that consistently having 7-8 players vying for 3 positions is hindering us rather than helping us. In the midfield, is there a single player who has made their position their own during the season? If we discount Mount and Wilson, that’s a worry, because who are we building around moving forward? We have got some really good individuals for this level, but we are missing the blend, the sense of being a well functioning unit where each player knows their role well, and with each passing week it seems that we are moving away from the kind of football Lampard wants to play. We really need the summer to come quickly, so we can reshuffle, recharge, reboot and go again. This season is dying a slow and painful death.
  13. We have won 3 in our last 10 and picked up 13 points from our last 30. I don’t think Frank is getting anyone’s attention in the Chelsea hierarchy with a run like that. Take the sentiment out of it for a second, we are in a slump of our own that Frank is finding hard to reverse, so why would he have any effect on Chelsea? Frank will still be here next season, and hopefully armed with the lessons learnt from this season to do better next time around.
  14. Having lived in three different countries in the last six years, it would be a crime not to show my face in this thread. I went to a Champions League game between Zenit and Monaco circa 2014. It was at their old Petrovsky stadium. It was half full and the game was dour, but the atmosphere was excellent nonetheless. I went on my own and sat in the home end. I had no trouble. I can’t speak for their new stadium, but it looks well worth a visit. More recently, I was a regular at the San Paolo last year during the final months of Napoli’s title challenge. By far, the most atmospheric stadium I’ve been to, also the least modern. If you are someone who enjoys going to overseas football matches, this should be top of your list. Currently, I am in Porto, so I am making as many trips to the Dragão as I can. It is absolutely second to none as far as modern stadiums go. The only trouble is that the club operate a membership priority scheme, so tickets can be either extortionate or impossible to acquire if you are looking to go to a Benfica, Sporting or major Champions League game without a membership card.
  15. There is also this service available: https://mobile.twitter.com/getnapoliticket?lang=en Their service seems pretty reliable, directed there from one of the most popular Napoli fan pages to follow.
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