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  1. I just don't buy it, though. We are a Championship club and it's probably the most results-driven division in the country and possibly in the whole of Europe. Is there room for a four year plan, a philosophy, and a long term vision? It's all laudable, don't get me wrong. But why would Cocu - someone who has only played for and managed traditionally top flight clubs and could command a job in a top European league - take his first job in England outside of the Premier League if he didn't back himself to get Derby out of the Championship as quickly and as impressively as possible? Do you really think he signed a four-year contract and agreed to this 'vision' knowing very well it could be two or three years before we got promoted? I really highly doubt it. This job does nothing for his reputation and does nothing for us if we don't find success quickly.
  2. Yep. From me. At least a week ago now. 😛
  3. OK, but be realistic about where you are. Millwall are overachieving as much as Derby are underachieving. Millwall finishing 8th in the Championship is not the norm and the majority of your recent past you have spent in the bottom half of the Championship and or in League One, so coming on here saying your players are much better than ours and not a single Derby player would get into your team doesn't hold much weight. Unlike you, I won't pretend to know the relative strengths and weaknesses of your team, but I can say with some confidence that Jayden Bogle, Craig Forsyth (in his natural position of left back), Tom Lawrence, Chris Martin, Duane Holmes and Martyn Waghorn would all be welcomed with open arms at the New Den if the deal was right for Millwall. That's before you even get into the substitutes and the long list of injured players we have. Let's not kid ourselves here. Those same Millwall players who you have lauded so much finished 21st in last year's Championship. So in that sense, yes, bravo, what a job Rowett is doing. Good luck for the rest of the season! 😋
  4. If you could afford their wages, I'm sure you'd take 10-15 of our players. We have some good individuals, but for several reasons, we are not working well as a team. As for your top players? All of those claims are on the basis of an eight game run though - very subjective in the extreme. I'd understand your confidence if you were 3rd and looking comfortable. But you're 11th in a tight division with a lot of inconsistent teams. All it takes is 3-4 games where things don't go to plan and you could easily find yourself in the bottom half again. That said, I don't begrudge any team some success. For example, the job Alex Neil is doing at Preston is fantastic, and perhaps Rowett will do similarly well at Millwall. It remains to be seen, and really it would be refreshing to see. Who doesn't like an underdog story, or a club overachieving with very little resources? But don't let that success go to your head. Would you see Sheffield United fans going onto the forums of Premier League mainstays saying 'We wouldn't take a single player of yours'? No, you wouldn't.
  5. How can you call us deluded? You wouldn't take a single player from our line up? Be honest. You'd take several. Remind me, where did your centre half Alex Pearce come from? Credit to Millwall and congratulations on your win. You are having a good run and getting some good scalps under your belt. But any team in this division is capable of a good run, and they are equally capable of going on a bad run. Before you start dreaming of Wembley, Charlton and Swansea would be cautionary tales worth remembering. Look how they started the season and look where they are now. I mean, fair play, enjoy your win. But coming on here criticising our squad and our transfer policy is a bit much coming from a club that is known more for what happens off the pitch than on it and haven't been relevant in footballing terms for at least 15 years. Rowett is doing well and you've had the 'bounce' a new manager brings. But a season isn't eight games long, it's 46 games long. Let's see where you are in April before you get too carried away with the bragging.
  6. The trouble is that this appointment was never one you could describe as logical. Logical would have been hiring Hughton, Monk, or someone of that ilk, a manager well versed in Championship football. Especially given the knock-on effects of Lampard's departure. When Cocu was first announced, many could barely contain their disbelief. He was on absolutely no-one's radar. Cocu's reputation was such at the time that many thought he could have landed a Premier League job. Not little old Derby. The reality is, clubs in this division only make high profile appointments such as this with the expectation that the manager will be a cut above - e.g. Bielsa at Leeds and Bilic at WBA - and breeze through the division. What we are seeing is something that I really don't think was part of the plan, and hence why we are seeing the desperate, senseless tinkering and shuffling of the pack. Cocu possibly underestimated the difficulty of Championship football and - dare I say - fell into the trap of believing his own hype and believing he was above the division. To be honest, it seems cruel to prolong this. Cruel on the fans who aren't enjoying the football, cruel on the players who aren't enjoying playing for him, and cruel on Cocu too whose reputation is in absolute tatters.
  7. Hold your horses, guys. If they win their game in hand, they are back in the top 6. But then again, they couldn't even beat Boro at home. So...as you were. 😂
  8. The thing is though we could have made this thread in July. Dowell was never going to be a good signing for us. But even as someone who wrote him off when he first arrived, even I'm surprised at just how bad he has been. Much worse than expected.
  9. People are saying that the key to improving under Cocu is him bringing in his own players. But would you trust Cocu and our infamously bad recruitment team to get those signings right? And would you trust Cocu to get the best out of them? I defended Cocu earlier in the season, but in the last 5-6 weeks, it’s become evident that he’s the wrong fit for this job.
  10. Just readying my ‘We’ll be back in ‘21’ banner.
  11. Huddlestone is not the answer in the long term. But I definitely feel his experience would make a difference in this team, especially when we are struggling away from home. When Bielik is in midfield, do you feel confident that we will control the game? Bielik has all of the attributes you’d want in a midfield player in a physical sense, but in reality, he is going to need 1-2 years to come to terms with this division. He needs to settle down at this level, get over his fitness issues, get a regular run of games, and produce mature and consistent performances to boot. You can’t rely on a player that is still so green in terms of his footballing intelligence and also very injury prone to be the epicentre of your team. He should not even be in the same conversation as Kalvin Phillips right now, who is arguably the best midfielder in the league.
  12. I am not ignoring the injuries at all. Like I said in another post, the injury situation has been brutal. But since Middlesbrough at home: We have changed the goalkeeper (Roos for Hamer) We have changed left backs (Malone for Lowe, and Lowe for Malone) Wisdom and Dowell have been in the side and now find themselves out of the side again. Marriott and Waghorn have been in the side and then out the side, rinse and repeat. Even our most influential player Chris Martin has been in, out, and then in again. Cocu is choosing to tinker!
  13. The injuries are the only sympathy I have for Cocu at this point. To lose Bogle, Keogh, Huddlestone, Clarke and Shinnie for long spells over the course of the season has been incredibly unlucky. That’s before you even mention the number of times Bielik has broken down. But that doesn’t excuse the lack of a consistent shape, system, style and identity. If you have that, injured players drop out and another player can slot in. If the 4-4-2 diamond with Lawrence, Marriott and Martin set up was now seven games old and we were suffering because of the absence of three key players, I think many people would be more forgiving. But we have made more than three enforced changes. We have changed players, formations, styles, everything. You could replace the forum prediction league with a guess the line up league, you genuinely could.
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