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  1. Jourdan

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Well I have just realised that we have to play the long game, and it takes out much of the anger and frustration when you understand where we are. At this level, the teams who are successful have either made inspired appointments who have an instant galvanising effect, or they have given a manager time to develop something and reaped the rewards. For the first category, think Bielsa at Leeds, think Nuno at Wolves. 12 months ago, Leeds were decidedly average. The same can be said for Wolves prior to Nuno’s arrival. For the second, think Hughton at Brighton, as a prime example of a team who grew over time. I don’t think Frank falls into the first category, sadly. He is simply too inexperienced. So we have to look at it as a project, where both the club and the manager can grow together. This is not Frank’s team. If he were a chef, we’d say he is in the kitchen trying to piece together a showstopping meal with the remains of what 4-5 other chefs left behind. So the summer clear out presents the perfect opportunity for us to press the reset button where the squad is concerned, clear out the fridge and the pantry and Frank can get to work. His job really truly starts in the summer, and I think when you understand that it makes everything a little easier.
  2. Jourdan

    Vs Leeds away. (Matchday thread).

    Did anyone actually expect anything else from tonight? This season, it’s Leeds away. Last season, it was Wolves away. The season before that, it was Brighton away. Teams are passing us by and we are standing still. Leeds are just the latest example. Let’s be honest, if it was anyone other than Lampard in charge, I think Mel would be getting the itch. Lampard is here to stay and rightfully so. He needs time and so we have to take the rough with the smooth. So I am looking to the summer now and to see how Frank takes stock, learns some lessons and puts his stamp on the team. Tonight obviously wasn’t nice, but let’s be realistic, promotion is the last thing we need to worry about right now. We’re simply not ready.
  3. Jourdan

    Snake City watch

    Nathan Jones was who I wanted us to go for in the summer, so it’ll be interesting to see how he gets on at this level. It’s shrewd from Stoke for a change. They now have a bright young manager with a vision and a fan-friendly style of play, so the fans will be more patient and more forgiving you would assume. I’d be very surprised if they were knocking on the door of the play offs. 8 points is a lot to claw back, even at this stage. But next season, they could be one to watch. In League One. 😆
  4. Jourdan

    Who will be the new central defender?

    If we are looking at League One and below, I doubt we will be in for the likes of Whatmough and Clarke or any promising youngster at this point. These are the kind of players you would expect to see us looking at in the summer when the state of our squad and the state of our finances will be much clearer. If we are looking for someone to fill the Alex Pearce role, I would imagine someone like Christian Burgess would be more likely.
  5. Jourdan

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    Greetings from Brussels! What a win - I almost choked on my waffle reading the scoreline! Frank still needs three years to take us anywhere, but give him the time. I mean if 90 minutes of football could encapsulate a team, today's would be it. It was there for all to see - the good, the bad and the ugly. But when it's good, and let's be fair we've only seen glimpses of it, it's such a breath of fresh air compared to what's gone before. To come from behind twice and win the game in stoppage time - what a show of desire, bravery and guts! if we can continue in the same vein against Boro and Leeds - two positive results and we'll all be scrambling for our Wembley party hats.
  6. Jourdan

    No more Chelsea loans please

    Sorry about that. Now I see what you mean. 😇
  7. Jourdan

    Midfield options

    The midfield balance hasn't been right all season. What may have worked with Huddlestone, Mount and Wilson, we stumbled upon. And let's be honest, there is no guarantee that it would have been successful for a prolonged period of time. I suspect it caught teams out, but teams would have eventually figured out a way to shut us down. Personally I don't think Johnson is the answer. On paper, him alongside Huddlestone sounds perfect, but whenever we've tried it out, it hasn't worked. It should be Huddlestone, Thorne, Evans, and Johnson fighting for one position. I don't think Bryson is the answer. Honestly, I've never been his biggest fan, not even at his peak. But he is years past his best, and even then there were multiple times when we would get absolutely slaughtered with him in a passive midfield. And quite honestly I am not even sure Mount is the answer. He seems undroppable. But are we even getting the best out of him? Can we afford for him to be a passenger in the physical games where he is heavily marked, crowded out and can't influence the game? I don't think there is a quick fix there in all honesty. We can fall back on what worked, but what happens when we get overrun in midfield and people are complaining that Huddlestone is too static, Mount too lightweight and Wilson too mercurial? I think it is going to take Frank 2-3 windows to find the perfect blend.
  8. Jourdan

    No more Chelsea loans please

    Who is being scapegoated? No-one is saying Mount is or has been awful or terrible. I am just saying that he hasn’t lived up to expectations. But maybe the expectations were too big in the first place. Is that really harsh? As McLovin alluded to, Mount came here with a big reputation. A reputation as Chelsea’s brightest prospect and the talk of him being the next Lampard. A reputation so big that he was already training with the senior England squad. Everyone thought he would come here and be our best player and the outstanding talent in the division, hitting double figures for goals and assists. Clearly we all expected too much.
  9. Jourdan

    No more Chelsea loans please

    Who is ‘digging Keogh out’? I like Keogh and I think he’s a top Championship defender, but a leader and a colossus he is not. He’s a very good defender and one of the best at this level, but it’s all about blend. He needs someone with more presence like Davies, Shackell or Pearce to lighten the load, so he’s not taking on too much responsibility. In the current team, he has too much on his shoulders. He has to be the leader, the mentor, the organiser, the galvaniser, even the bloody orchestrator! It’s too much. I am not criticising Keogh here. The point is that Keogh and Tomori is not a good blend moving forward. It ought to be one or the other, paired with a more experienced player with leadership and presence. Davies is a big miss.
  10. Jourdan

    Is Lampard just a man in a suit

    If Saturday’s game didn’t highlight it, today’s game must have. We need to lower our expectations. This season is a free hit now, with top 6 the absolute best we can hope for. Next season is when the real work begins with much of the squad out of contract. If we look at things calmly, Frank needs three seasons to get things right. Let’s be honest, we are enjoying a stay of execution in the top 6. A team that has lost 7 games from 24 and will probably lose another 5-6 between now and May can’t be considered a genuine contender for promotion.
  11. Jourdan

    No more Chelsea loans please

    It’s days like today when the injuries to Davies and Forsyth are really telling. Anyone who saw Tomori’s debut vs Leeds knew what we were in for. We simply have to take the rough with the smooth. Some days he’ll look top class, other days he’ll look like trash. He’s 21 and still very much developing on every level. From day one it has been evident that he needs a real leader and wise old head to play alongside him, otherwise he’ll be exposed. As much as I like Keogh, he is not the player to marshal a defence and lead young players. History shows he is at his best when he has an experienced partner to play with. As for Mount, he’s had a few moments but has been disappointing on the whole. But maybe our expectations were a tad unrealistic and we were all guilty of being sucked in by the hype. Usually we wouldn’t expect a 19-year-old loanee to come in and have such a massive influence. Why was Mount so different?
  12. Jourdan

    Craig Bryson

    Would having Bryson in there have made us less open? I doubt it. When Wilson and Mount play in central areas, they are getting high up the pitch, exactly what Bryson enjoys doing. If we add in another deep lying midfielder like Evans, we might become more defensively solid, but at what cost?
  13. Jourdan

    Craig Bryson

    I think we missed Lawrence today more than anything. Jozefzoon is quick and athletic but doesn’t offer anything else. He doesn’t have the guile or technique to open up a defence. Waghorn looks like he has been shoehorned into the team when he plays out wide. He is not really a winger or even a wide forward and doesn’t really offer an outlet to his full back, because he’s always drifting into central areas. Play him as a striker or not at all, for me.
  14. Jourdan

    V Bristol City (h) match day thread

    What a frustrating performance, and in the end we were lucky to escape with a point. It was the kind of performance you’d expect during the festive run of games. But not at the very start! It was just very flat and lacking in any real intensity and urgency. It looked very much a case of us having one eye on the upcoming run of games and thinking all we had to do today was turn up. I don’t think any of the changes really worked - I can’t see Nugent, Waghorn or Jozefzoon holding down a place in the team. Defensively we looked very wobbly yet again. The goal was charitable and we continued in that same vein throughout the game. We gave away so many openings and gilt edged chances - a more confident and clinical team would have scored two or three, especially in the last 20. And in attack, Mount and Wilson showed some glimpses of real quality, but sometimes too much. They are on a different wavelength to many of the other players around them. They take risks and try things that many players just don’t anticipate, and so our attacks break down. One thing that worries me is what are we going to do without them? If you take the two of them out of the side, we look so bereft of ideas. It’s all very predictable. But that said, we will still have more than enough to finish top 6 and I think that is where we ought to be. It’s just disappointing because I think the league is there for the taking, and we had three home games in four to really build up some momentum and put ourselves in the frame, and it’s not really worked out. Of course there are still many twists and turns to come, but today just really reaffirmed the feeling that it will be top 6 at best for us.
  15. Jourdan

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    At work tonight here in Porto. It’s not scarf weather, but who cares? ⚫️⚪️🐏

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