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  1. No merchandise for me. It’ll be my retro 1970s Derby top and my black and white scarf that have survived years of living in various countries abroad. Covered in stains and spots from Port wine and wild boar ragu too, and smelling like Parmesan cheese and dried fish probably as well. Approach with caution. 😄
  2. Villa are a good side and deserved favourites, but we can match them and win if we play to the best of our ability. My only concern is how much gas do we have left in the tank? We required big performances against QPR, Swansea, Bristol City, WBA and Leeds just to get this point, whereas Villa finished in the top six comfortably in the end. Some of our players have played 50 games or more this season. Can we lift ourselves and give enough to handle another crunch game, another big occasion, probably the biggest game in their careers minus Cole? It’ll be close and competitive whatever happens. I could see 2-1 to either side.
  3. I still stand by what I said. I went to the home leg and the Leeds home game in August and in both games Mount and Wilson were completely shut down, so in the context of the two games that had gone before, it was obvious Frank had to change something to get the better of Leeds. Until Wednesday, it looked like Leeds had a spell over us. Don’t you change something when it’s not working? The three games prior, neither Wilson or Mount got a kick. Frank did change things around. Maybe not such a drastic change as my suggestion, but a change nonetheless. And what does it matter now? The team obviously used people, Rams fans or otherwise, writing them off as motivation for their best performance of the season. So, you’re welcome!
  4. Roos Bogle Keogh Tomori Cole Johnson Mount Holmes Lawrence Wilson Waghorn if fit I think the team largely picks itself. Nine positions are nailed down. The only question marks will be over Holmes in midfield and who plays up front. He might opt for Huddlestone in midfield to give us another experienced player in a key area, a calm head and someone who can pick a pass. Personally I’d opt for the mobility of Holmes, thinking about the Wembley conditions. He will offer energy, bite, direct running which will give Villa something to think about. I’d also give Waghorn the nod if fit. I just think he offers more in general play and is a good finisher when presented with a chance. The good thing is that Marriott and Bennett could easily step in, and they will be feeling confident after their exploits against Leeds.
  5. I think the seating plan on the club website doesn’t account for our whole allocation. I am sure we get some of block 527, because my best friend’s dad snapped up a ticket there in the general sale on the club website yesterday. Massive error on the club’s part if not.
  6. Sadly I think the system was there to be exploited. It was a free-for-all. Allowing season ticket holders a period of priority and then the opportunity to buy another two on general sale was the first mistake. And then allowing non-season ticket holders to buy two on their valid IDs was the second mistake. Take my case, I ended up buying 7 tickets, but if sales were restricted to one ticket per valid customer number, there’s three tickets available already. It was a recipe for panic, chaos and disappointment, and most of all, greed.
  7. @Archied There were 5900 Bovril drinkers ahead of me, but I got one! Now I feel sorry for the Kenco coffee drinkers. ☹️
  8. Also flying in, but only from sunny Porto. It probably will cost just 1/10 of Asheville Ram’s outlay. But the joy when we win - you can’t put a price on that.
  9. 525, la la la. 525, la la la. So stressful. I was the first one in my circle of family and friends to get through the queuing system. So I got a flood of ticket requests to deal with. Everyone I know is sorted, but I should have charged commission! 😂
  10. Lampard’s at the wheel Tell me how good does it feel Who is Keogh I don’t really know Only here to see Van Dijk and Bernardo Duh duh duh der duh duh duh der 😂
  11. Over 18,000 tickets sold today, my best friend read in the local press. How many will be sold tomorrow? My guess is 6,000. I think the majority of people who were eligible to buy today will have taken up their option.
  12. Relax, rammieb. The important thing is that you are there. Which block were you hoping to get tickets for? I’m sure there’ll be all manner of swaps and exchanges being made next week after the general sale rush. It’ll be like when Pokémon cards were in fashion. If I get a ticket in block 501, it will be just like the good old days when I was strutting around with a Dark Gyarados shiny in my back pocket. 😄
  13. If I don’t get a ticket, I will be furious. It will make me wonder if all those years of buying hot chocolate (that tastes like ear wax) on the Pride Park concourses was really worth it. No priority for hot chocolate buyers? Mel? Mel? Mel? Mel? 😂
  14. Excited for everyone going. Nervous wait for me until Sunday, especially with the increased demand at general sale possibly shepherding out long-suffering fans. Hopefully I won’t be singing ‘Where were you, where were you when Conor Sammon was up top?’ in a few days’ time. 😂😂😂
  15. He’s taken Leeds forward leaps and bounds, but his time there reminds me of McClaren’s first spell here. Bielsa’s tactical nous, coaching and man management has got an extra 20% out of an otherwise top half squad of players. Bielsa also hasn’t brought in a lot of personnel, so squad unity is high. But just like McClaren in 2014, the team has ended up not getting the promotion that was probably deserved over the course of the season. If they can keep Bielsa and 3-4 key players (Phillips, Roofe, Klich and Hernandez), they’ll be a threat again next year and quite possibly favourites for promotion, especially if they can add some depth and variety to the squad. But if Bielsa leaves, life will go on. But they might end up in a similar situation to us recently - forever a bridesmaid - if they make the wrong appointment. They have to find a manager who will continue the good work he has done. It will be hard for another manager to replicate this season if they appoint someone with a polar opposite philosophy.
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