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  1. Who really knows the extent of McClaren’s involvement and the impact McClaren will have? At this point, no-one. McClaren as technical director could be an inspired appointment. He could be the next Jon Rudkin or Michael Edwards or Monchi. Or he could be the next Chris Evans or Suso Pitarch. We really don’t know. For someone who goes around telling everyone else to be positive, to stop moaning and to give people a chance, perhaps you should follow your own advice? 😉
  2. Interesting move. I think this signals that it won’t be Allardyce or Benitez or anyone of that stature, but it is more likely to be a younger, more progressive manager. Brendan Rodgers has done an amazing job working alongside Jon Rudkin - and Rudkin had never been a Director of Football prior to landing the role at Leicester. It was very much the appointment of someone who had extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the club rather than someone with vast experience in the role. So McClaren is along the same lines having worked at the club multiple times previously. Leicester are a g
  3. Boro 2-1 Derby Byrne cross gets taken in by the wind
  4. Allardyce potentially coming in reminds me of McClaren’s arrival first time around. McClaren was widely written off, widely viewed as washed up, and widely believed to be not a good fit for what we were looking to achieve. Then he delivered the best season we’ve had in probably 15 years maybe more. You only have to look at what Mourinho is doing at Spurs to understand that sometimes the best fits are the ones you least expect. Allardyce wouldn’t be my choice. I’d much prefer someone younger and up-and-coming like Cooper, Jones or Cook. However I can see both sides - fo
  5. Bird / Bielik plus Knight and Sibley should be our midfield three until further notice. It’s a risk pinning all of the responsibility on the shoulders of the young players but it’s a necessary one until we can strengthen. If Lawrence, Jozwiak, Ibe and Waghorn don’t score, where are the goals coming from? That’s why you have to have Knight and Sibley ahead of Rooney and Holmes. They are far less experienced, but as players they offer more threat and can do it on a more consistent basis. Funnily enough, if you combined Rooney’s and Holmes’s strengths, you’d probably have the
  6. Marshall Byrne - Te Wierik - Clarke - Buchanan Bird Knight - Sibley Jozwiak - Waghorn - Lawrence
  7. Personally I wouldn’t go for Allardyce. He would be a long way down my list in fact. He’s not managed in the Championship since 2012 - a time when King Billy was still relevant. He did so with West Ham - a situation similar to Benitez at Newcastle where he was set up to succeed and with some ease too being the biggest club in the division at the time and the one with the most resources. But I can see why people might think he’s the answer. In previous jobs, he stabilised Blackburn, Sunderland and Palace who were all under threat from relegation. He’s also not necessarily a negative m
  8. I think most would have expected us to lose today. The game finishes 0-0 and we are probably feeling encouraged by a hard earned point. But in the situation we are in, I disagree that it’s blind panic. In ordinary circumstances, catching a play-off chasing side on an off day, being competitive and still losing would probably be a hard luck story and we wouldn’t be so downbeat. But these are not ordinary circumstances, far from it. We are bottom of the league and we are in big trouble. Don’t forget that we have already lost games v Luton, Blackburn, Huddersfield, Barns
  9. Are we meant to be enjoying being bottom of the league? Great work by your two favourites, Cocu and Rooney, I have to say.
  10. What has happened with Louie Sibley? I am really surprised that he has gone from being a key player and the star of this team to getting 5-10 minutes here and there. Was there more to the Leeds interest than we were told? Was his pre-season injury worse than we were told? I joked at the time that he would be affected by the Leeds move not going through, but something is definitely not right. Any ideas?
  11. Waghorn is no Chris Martin, that is undeniable. But he is a massive confidence player. Look at how he was playing under Lampard - the evidence is there that he can be effective in that position. The problem is that Lawrence is struggling for form, Sibley seems out of favour, and Ibe and Jozwiak are still finding their feet after recent moves. Waghorn will look a lot better when the others around him are producing the goods. A bigger concern for me is how Sibley and Whittaker can’t get a look in.
  12. I’ve got a grip, thank you very much. I am just frustrated at the way this club is headed. I agree with you that Cocu had to go and I was glad to see him go. But I don’t think Rooney or Rosenior are the answer either. Personally I would have let Wassall take charge. I said so days ago. 4-6 points from the next two and I’ll quote you with a profuse apology about Rooney and Rosenior, but I doubt I’ll need to.
  13. Like I’ve said in previous posts, if Rooney and Rosenior and the interim team start to get results, they will get plenty of credit, from myself included. For me, I don’t see it happening and I firmly believe we need a clean break and the sooner the better.
  14. My bitterness is showing? What bitterness? I am upset that we are bottom of the league. Plain and simple. I’ll be happier when a new manager and a new backroom team are appointed and I feel confident we’ll start moving up the league. If I wasn’t a big fan of Cocu for large spells of his time here, why is it such a shock that I’d be against two of his key staff steering the ship? As much as Rooney and Rosenior want to suggest they are new, shiny and revolutionary in their ideas and on a different wavelength to Cocu, the evidence of that really does remain to be seen.
  15. OK, but like I’ve just mentioned, all teams have problems. Bristol City may have been unchanged, but they also have many key players missing through injury (Mawson and Weimann) and a recent COVID outbreak to deal with. They overcame their problems today. We didn’t. Cocu is not the man for the job. Never suggested otherwise. It is my belief that neither Cocu nor Rooney nor Rosenior should be anywhere near the manager’s hot seat. We need a complete clear out, that’s my only point.
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