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  1. Expectations were higher than the bottom six, but more out of hope that Cocu would find his feet than anything else. Anyone who had watched our last 6-7 games of the previous season and the pre-season games could see the warning signs that were present. A struggle looked almost inevitable. I don’t recall a lot of optimism. We were crying out for goals in attack and creativity from midfield, the inability to address this overshadowed the entire window. It might do so again.
  2. ‘And it’s Derby County, Derby County FC, we are by far the most eloquent team the world has ever seen’ ‘Get your dictionaries out for the lads’ ‘Sibley’s on Countdown. Your defence is terrified.’ 40,000 Rams fans back at Wembley, loud and proud. What’s not to like?
  3. We are 2.5 weeks away, yes. But this is still something we should take our time over. We have got recruitment very wrong in the past. How is that going to change if we hand out contracts with little to no vision beyond ‘get some bodies in’? I get it - the fans want signings, the coaching staff want signings. But surely with the restrictions in place, it shows a need to operate more carefully and make informed choices. Personally I don’t think it makes sense to rush deals over the line. There’s no point in getting bodies in for the sake of it when we are likely to regret it 3-4 weeks down the line.
  4. It’s blind panic because these are obviously not signings we have had lined up for months on end. Do you think we would have approached Morrison and co. in ordinary circumstances? For me, it seems we are just reacting to how the dominoes have fallen and there’s an air of desperation about it. Also a player can look good in training but perform differently in matches, so it’s not necessarily a strong indication of what we can expect. Especially when you think of players who might just turn it on to get a contract and then revert to type.
  5. I am not suggesting we do have a lot of choice, but it doesn’t strike me as particularly clever on our part to give contracts out in blind panic. The aforementioned six or seven players are surely not the only players looking for clubs, be it on a short term contract or a loan basis.
  6. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Of course, we are in a difficult situation and the first league game is 2.5 weeks away but losing our heads and signing the first five players we take on trial simply because they are in the building is hardly going to resolve anything.
  7. Personally I’d be going back to the drawing board and seeing who else is out there. The last thing we should be doing is rushing into signings after minimal due diligence.
  8. I don’t doubt his potential. There is obviously a reason City made a beeline for him and paid so much in compensation. But it’s one of those loan moves that could go either way when you are that age and so inexperienced in footballing terms, especially coming into a struggling side lacking creativity. He could be a Brewster and fly, or he could be a Troy Parrott, who went to Millwall on loan with significant hype and did so well he ended up on loan in League One in the second half of the season. It’d be a brave move on our part, I think.
  9. I am not writing him off. I am just wondering why some people see a player of his type as the messiah. He is very much unproven and very much in need of development, just like any other player of his age. The hype behind Mount and Wilson was justified. Prior to joining us, they had played for other clubs (Vitesse and Hull) and given a significant glimpse of their potential. Delap has made one substitute appearance in the Premier League, played a full 90 minutes in the League Cup, and had a 15 minute cameo in the FA Cup. I am not entirely sure that equates to top Championship striker in waiting.
  10. Am I missing something? Delap is very highly rated, I know. He was one of our best Academy prospects, I know that too. But where is the evidence he would ‘tear up the Championship’ at this point in his career? He’s still only 18 and the majority of his game time has come in under 23s football, which is not always the best indicator, or we would have done everything to keep Morgan Whittaker. Why are we so confident he would have such a big impact where our other youngsters wouldn’t?
  11. I am not saying that experienced managers would be queuing up now or even guarantee anything. We are past the point of return. It goes back to past decision making being poor, the appointment of Rooney included in that. You keep referring to players managing themselves under Pearson at Leicester. How do you know that to be true though? A lot of stories get dressed up as fact. Let’s deal in facts. We ended the season with one win in 15. Inexperienced and experienced players struggled alike. Rooney offered very little in the way of inspiration or problem solving. Short of something remarkable, that will only continue this season given our circumstances are far worse and far more challenging. I don’t dispute experienced players may help to some degree, but the right kind of experienced manager would surely be much more of a tonic right now. But again, that decision should have been made months ago when we had the chance. Instead we have only allowed things to deteriorate further. I just think we might as well accept our plight and back the young players now rather than scraping the barrel for numbers and without any discernible strategy.
  12. Time will tell. This job looked difficult 8-9 months ago. The situation has only further deteriorated and many of us are rightfully fearful of what’s to come. Of course we all hope and pray that Rooney does well against the long odds. But I don’t get your logic. You’re all for experienced players to come in (irrespective of quality and suitability), but an experienced manager by the same token would make no difference. Experienced players need leadership too...
  13. So you wouldn’t be more confident of the season ahead with a more experienced manager in charge?
  14. In this situation, I think the experience is needed in the dugout more so than the pitch. But it is what it is.
  15. CKR and Marshall are still contracted to the club, so they are not relevant to the point being made. I said in my post that Davies will be a miss, but the rest? Will we really be losing sleep over not being able to call upon Sone Aluko?
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