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  1. I would rather stick red hot pokers in my eyes that have been soacked in dog poo for 2 months than end up like Man City...
  2. thas good... very good, im not sure it has got the recognition it deserves.
  3. they better be saving us a spot in the European Super League.
  4. Michael Jackson was cleared...so was OJ....
  5. ha ha...course they have...and Mel was innocent!!
  6. i just checked, we are the only team that plays any of the good teams, everyone else just plays the rubbish teams....its something to do with a new EFL regulation where only Derby have to play good teams.. There is also something in there that referees are only allowed to give Derby County 2 decisions a match and that they can disallow goals without justification.
  7. I think he has as much chance as anyone else...
  8. No, he won’t get us promoted this season, but neither would a combination of Ferguson, Wenger, Jose and Pep...
  9. Where does it say anything that I care what others think of us...?? I just think that no one does, we are totally blah...just nothing interesting about us at all.... and you geniunely think the EFL have treated us badly...? Really..?
  10. We wont be anywhere near getting relegated....we will be the most mid table boring team ever.... there has to be a case that we have taken over from the likes of Birmingham and Reading now as the most non descript mid table team that no one care about now..?
  11. want a couple of pounds on that sir? I will take that bet...
  12. So was Steve Howard...and Giles Barnes...and Matt Oakley...that make all those players idiots too...?? Still can’t pay the fact that he is the best and most successful manager we have had since Jim Smith...and he got the “worst team in history” promoted easily....!! Just let that sink in...
  13. You really think (however you want to put It) that immense and Shinnie should be in the same sentence...?? Come on...get a grip.
  14. You mean the only person in your lifetime that has got us promoted....? That idiot...??
  15. I stopped reading when I got to “immense Shinnie”.... wow.
  16. Almost as if Mad Mel shouldn’t listen to the moronic fan base..?
  17. If we do sack him....that bloke at Millwall seems to be doing one hell of a job...
  18. Didn’t roeder also miss games because he had a brain tumor....?
  19. I didn’t hate watching that today...although how anyone thinks we dropped 2 points is beyond me, they were better than us and i would say a draw is a good result. i realized how much I hate listening to that radio Derby commentator again tonight, thank the lord for Rams Tv.!
  20. If you aren’t interfering with play then what’s the point of you being on the pitch.......???
  21. Was he between the last defender and the goalie when the ball was hit.?
  22. Sorry, was It given offside? Or not? Am I missing something?
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