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  1. I can’t wait for It to start, let them go and do their stupid craphole of a competition. big 6...give me a break.
  2. We won’t even need another point to stay up unfortunately.
  3. It doesn’t really matter what happens today.
  4. My father and all his family are from Manchester, I could have had a lifetime of following United all over Europe....instead,look at the crap I got. Ha ha
  5. I sometimes wish I wasn’t....I definitely wish I had told my son to support someone else...it’s a lifetime of let down and misery..... i have spent more money, time and energy following them all over the world than you will ever get the chance to don’t you worry about that.
  6. I have to say that anything other than relegation and I reckon I am going to be disappointed now. I have been looking at the teams we would get to play and I’m really looking forward to It. got to be better than playing Reading, Boro, Huddersfield, QPR, Preston every....single...week...
  7. Was just talking to my son about the team that lost against QPR and how that was a proper “team” with real “team spirit”...this sorry lot don’t look as if they like each other, in fact they look like they can’t stand the sight of each other.
  8. Wycombe late charge...!!! Give me a break.
  9. None of the results matter today. All we need to do is beat brum and we will be ok. Easy as pie.
  10. No, he isnt as good as people say he is, and Roos isnt as bad as people say he is either....neither of them are good enough to be in a top half championship team....so, they are about right for us.
  11. Picking Mason Bennett in the final was the start of It all going wrong. Then letting the barrow boy have a gap year before deciding he was too big for us and scrambling around after that.
  12. That’s the spirit.! (And we will get rid of Lawrence!) wazza’s at the wheel...!
  13. It would be great. Some of the best times In my football life were in division 3. trips to Blackpool, Lincoln, donnie, Plymouth, Wimbledon maybe even morecambe..what’s not to love about that.? we aren’t going up into the top division anytime soon, so why not go down and have a change of scenery.
  14. I really enjoyed It. It was a great game. It’s easier to enjoy It when you don’t care if we go down or not. you should embrace It.
  15. not at all, I did thoroughly enjoy the game it was an entertaining end to end game with plenty of talking points... and Bird was superb (again) and so was Roberts (he has done more in this game than Jozwiak has done all season)
  16. Bird and Roberts both fantastic tonight, thoroughly enjoyed the game.
  17. This is one of the most entertaining games this season, have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed it. We are all over them.
  18. @DarkFruitsRam7 you seeing this son.... 2021...the year I am always right...
  19. Paddy Robbo starting up top..!? I like It. easy win tonight we will pass them to death I reckon even driving miss Daisey Lawrence might get one.
  20. no, in conclusion exactly the opposite. klinnsman got nowhere near juri lowes achievement's Maradonna got nowhere near Sabella Van Basten got nowhere near that Dutch dude who i have no idea how to spell his name, somehthing like Bert van Marvjjjkkk achievements Giggs got nowhere near Colemans achievements
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