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  1. Made me laugh a lot more than I think It should have.
  2. @DarkFruitsRam7 another one brother. thanks sir, it’s some of my better work.
  3. He passed the ball around Roos. He had to knock It far enough away from him to get It round him, he knew exactly what he was doing, and did It very well, Roos was stupid commuting that far out with no chance of getting the ball. like I said, if It had been the other way around you would be screaming for him to be sent off.
  4. Sorry. Two separate incidents. He certainly knew what he was doing to get Roos sent off, but It was a sending off no question.
  5. Nope, It has to be stopping a clear goal scoring opportunity, which It was. It was a sending off. A stupid sending off by Roos but a sending off.
  6. It was definitely a penalty, 100%. He knew what he was doing for sure, waited for Roos and made Roos look a clown, but It was a penalty. Put It this way, if It had been then other way around you would have been screaming for It
  7. Roos 0 - we would have won this game with 11 men on the pitch Byrne - 7 Buchanan - 7 Jagielka - 9 awesome Davies - 9 would have been 10 but for the handball…. Still amazing performance though Shinnie - 10 outstanding Bird - 8 another solid game Morrison - 4 didn’t notice he was on the pitch really Sibley 3 the only time I spotted him was when he was pulled up for being offside all the time Lawrence 5 oh Thomas, what were you doing at the end…? Baldock 4 should have scored but lacked much service.
  8. Rooney just said allsopp is playing Wednesday.
  9. Pay off Keogh in 1 penny pieces and make him drive (oh sorry he cant) to the club every week to collect his next 1 pence. Buy the stadium off Mel and sell it to my wife, then get her to sell it back to me, then sell it to my son, then back to me, then to me son, then get him to sell it to my wife, then back to me and keep doing this on and on and on live on TV in the car park at Boro in Steve Gibsons parking spot.. Put on a gig at Pride Park with Paul Heaton headlining it and the Wedding Present as support, give all the tickets away and get @Inverurie Ram to be the host of it all. Send over a crate of Belgium beer to @Eddie, a pink kit to @B4ev6is and some koi carp to @David The rest I would just waste on stupid stuff.
  10. Rooneys stole the wheels tell me how good does It feel We’ve got no money left in the bank Our owner is not worth a bank(W) da da da da da da da da da da da da negative points on the board duck you all..
  11. @DarkFruitsRam7 can you get a welcome pack sent out to put latest member of the cult please and thank you. welcome on board @Chester40 invidious…. Excellent word by the way.
  12. I was just reading a post on here and saw IMHO…. I had no idea what that meant…thought I would stretch my mind and try and work It out…. Did that for 3 minutes then googled It….all while sat on the toilet having a pee for a nice treat/rest… (It means In My Humble Opinion….BTW) (BTW means by the way, by the way)
  13. Everyone gave us no chance, there was a time that you couldn’t even get a bet on Derby to stay up… as for Wycombe proving that you always have a chance….they were absolute garbage last season, let’s not pretend anything else, and they went down, they lost 25 games….and had a negative 30 goal difference…let’s not pretend they were ever anything else but rubbish….even we managed to beat them…!!!
  14. I pee in the shower at work almost every day…
  15. By two takeaways from this drivel are… one and only King Billy…. Oh sweet William… and bagpipes….!?? Bagpipes.!!? Really ?
  16. Give yourself a day off. the guy is speaking from his heart and making some pretty mature sensible and emotional points.
  17. Well Wayne, what a stirring press conference that was. the dumb, money grabbing scally from the council estate of Liverpool outsmarting the multi millionaire smooth talking businessman. love to see It. thanks Wayne, you shouldn’t have to put up with all this, and I’m not sure many others would have.
  18. I just finished listening to It. I can’t stand Dawes, his comments abs commentary are almost 100% drivel and self serving rubbish, BUT he was excellent on this program today, you can tell It is hurting him just as It is us all. Well done. (Still won’t be listening to him on Saturday though!) as for Rooney….oh my, that boy is a legend.
  19. In the grand scheme of things It wasn’t that bad…but I felt awful doing It. I was applying for a new job, I have never done It before so felt bad enough as it was…. I sent off 2 applications to different companies, both really great fits for me, during the interview process I realised I liked the sound of one of the two jobs more than the other….of course I got offered the one I didn’t like as much…but It was still great so I took It…. on Day 2 of my new job after all the on boarding, meet and greets, free stuff handed out to me, tours of the facility, security clearance approval, free dinners etc etc I was offered the other job I applied for…. After a sleepless night I went to work and told them that I was quitting after 2 days….. felt terrible but to be fair they were totally fine with me, let me leave that afternoon and I haven’t looked back since short term pain long term gain but I felt like the biggest poo in the world doing It
  20. Happy 51st Birthday. Loads and loads more to come.
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