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  1. I get what you are saying. The division is wonderfully unpredictable and there is no set template for success. The hugely variable quality of promoted teams does tell us that. Of course we have a shot at promotion this year, next year and the year after that. But I think that comes down to the largely mediocre nature of the division, not because we are progressing as a club particularly well. Off the field, we are in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. On the field, we are still getting soundly beaten by any side worth their salt. Our form since January should be no indicat
  2. You can’t put us and promotion in the same conversation. McClaren’s team - our best in 10 years and a team that took five years under Clough to assemble - ultimately wasn’t good enough. Rowett and Lampard’s teams weren’t good enough. Play-offs? OK, yes. But promotion? This team still has a long way to go to be good enough. These young players don’t need to be burdened by the expectation that we’ll be next year’s Leeds or next year’s Brentford. We are miles away. Much like Hughes and Hendrick before them, Bird and Sibley need time to mature. The same goes for Bogle. It’s one
  3. I think we have to forget about promotion for 2-3 years and look at sorting out the infrastructure within the club. Today’s game was won off the pitch. Look at how far ahead Brentford are as a club. Their ability to identify and recruit quality players and coaches, bring them into a defined system where they can flourish, and add value - it’s an incredible set up. I really want Cocu to succeed, but the more headlines I read, the more I fear that it will be impossible unless massive changes are made behind the scenes. It’s all very well having a top academy and a manager wit
  4. True. I am not saying he is the answer. Let’s be honest, in his limited time on the pitch, he hasn’t got anywhere close to producing the quality that the likes of Ince, Russell, and Ward did - all of whom we still miss to this day. I really don’t know if there is any way back for him here. He looks like he is finished here like Blackman, Camara, Weimann and Anya before him. Both Cocu and Lampard have obviously viewed him as a last resort, a last roll of the dice. Honestly though with the way the squad is suffering with injuries and suspensions, I think we may be at that sta
  5. Who else is there though? Waghorn has two more games to run on his suspension and Whittaker is clearly not ready. I don’t mind Jozefzoon, to be honest. I don’t think he’s really been given enough of a chance. He has only started 19 league games in two years at the club. Half of the time he is not even the squad. Yes, he hasn’t impressed and things haven’t clicked for him thus far. But he hasn’t really ever been given a sustained run of starts to build form and confidence and he hasn’t really had the manager’s backing. Cocu and Lampard have managed him poorly, let’s be honest. Ha
  6. Jourdan

    UFC 251

    To be honest, Masvidal hasn’t built up enough momentum during his career to be in that many big fights. This is only the second title fight in his career. He has had 48 fights and his first fight was in 2003. He has some good wins on his record - Diaz, Cerrone, Ellenberger, Askren, Till - but it’s only in the past 12-18 months that he has gained traction amongst the masses and earned a big fight. I think this is his last chance at gold and quite possibly the worst timing and preparation possible. I think for a match up of this magnitude and for an opponent like Usman, he n
  7. Hamer Bogle - Evans - Clarke - Lowe Bird - Rooney Jozefzoon - Sibley - Lawrence Hector-Ingram -Lowe over Forsyth to combat Brentford’s pace -Jozefzoon over Holmes and Knight because he’s actually a winger -Hector Ingram over Martin because he needs a rest for the big game on Tuesday and Waghorn and Marriott are unavailable
  8. Who has said we should be playing teams like WBA off the park? Some people are frustrated that we didn’t compete whatsoever in the previous two games. A few openings. A shot on target. Some nice passages of play. A more flexible approach if it’s not working. Something to take encouragement from.
  9. It’s not really about personnel. it’s obvious that we are suffering with injuries and suspensions. Man for man, WBA were always going to be better in that respect. But you can bridge such a gap with tactics and in-game management. Sorry, I am just frustrated having watched 180 minutes of us not laying a glove on the opposition. Not winning is not the issue. We all expected this run to be tough. The manner of the last two performances are very dispiriting. Bielsa v2.0? It’s an impossible question to answer. One, the job is not available. Two, we don’t know who is available and wi
  10. Of course, we want to be entertained. But if you’ve watched the last 3 games, how much of it has been entertaining as a Derby fan? 55 minutes out of 270 minutes at a push. Just because I would prefer a manager who won’t take 3+ years to get us out of the division doesn’t necessarily mean I want a pragmatic manager by design. Could we adapt and adjust our style at times to make ourselves more difficult to play against and to yield more results? Yes. Does that mean we have to play in a pragmatic way? No. Read Alpha’s post on the match thread. It echoes my thoughts perfec
  11. Jourdan

    UFC 251

    I think the women’s fights are harder to call because there’s less exposure and also because female fighters tend to be very flaky. The only fighter with any consistency over recent years has been Amanda Nunes. With Usman and Masvidal, I just think the old cliche styles make fights applies here. Usman is a bad match up for Masvidal if Usman plays to his own strengths. He has Khabib vibes. Painfully effective. The only way I see Masvidal getting the edge is if he can talk his way into a stand up fight. But surely Usman will be too smart for that. The Holloway fight will probably be th
  12. Jourdan

    UFC 251

    I don’t really like Usman. Every interview and video clip I’ve seen of him paints him as unlikable and arrogant in the extreme. But his grappling advantage makes it his fight to lose. I would love Masvidal to knock him out but I am struggling to see it, especially on a week’s notice. Usman would have to be really sloppy or complacent. With Holloway v Volkanovski, I am less sure. If this was two years ago, I’d actually pick Max. He looked untouchable in 2017-18. But two years is a long time in this sport and there are new hungry guys coming up all of the time. I am tempted to go
  13. Jourdan

    UFC 251

    I used to watch the fights religiously. But I can’t remember the last time I tuned in. Requiring a BT Sport subscription makes it difficult. I still follow the sport, mind you, and watch clips and highlights from time to time and regularly read MMA forums and websites. On paper, Saturday looks like a night of decisions. Usman, Volkanovski, Yan, Andrade would be my picks.
  14. I just want to see more adventure from Cocu personally. Possession football is useless without a degree of bravery and risk taking. Getting a midfielder who is more direct and will carry the ball through the thirds will help. Having wingers who will commit defenders and stretch teams will also help. But it comes down to what the players are being coached. It reminds me of a Clough side in many ways. Watching that game today I felt like I had been transported back to 2012. Some flashes of quality, long spells of possession, but a mirror image of the manager - safet
  15. I have to agree. You have to bring the young players into a balanced and well-functioning team where they can slot in and be allowed to flourish. It was a thankless task for Buchanan, Whittaker, Brown and Hector-Ingram throwing them in with abandon. Let’s stick with Bird in midfield and Bogle at right back, and let the rest continue their development. Sibley and Knight would make the 18 but the rest need to be eased in and probably need loan moves.
  16. Cocu isn't going anywhere. We know that we have to get behind him and what he's trying to do. I think he deserves a lot of credit for turning this season around. Of course, I want him to succeed. Do I think he has what it takes to take us up a gear? I'm not convinced. His tactics, his team selections, his decision making too often misses the mark for me. A lot of times where you would expect a manager of his calibre to make a difference, he seems to be lacking. If I'm honest, he's a little too conservative and a little inflexible for me. Sometimes I think the dedication to the approa
  17. Well I think a different manager would be able to accelerate this process, that's all. But Cocu will be here next season and deservedly so. With smart recruitment, I think we will find ourselves in the play-offs next season. But to get promoted in the style and the manner that people are visualising, I think we will need more time.
  18. If we are sticking with Cocu and his project, I think we are two seasons away from genuinely competing for promotion. Firstly, I don't think the money is there for us to add to the squad sufficiently. Secondly, these young players need time. Thirdly, I think the pandemic situation is working against us. We needed a normal summer to really put plans in place, yet it will be another summer of a disjointed and uncertain nature. When you consider that we need a goalkeeper, a centre back, a winger or two, and long term replacements for Rooney and Martin, I don't think it makes sense to ex
  19. I just don't think WBA had to play particularly well and most troubling of all, their goalkeeper and back four could have taken a night off. For all of our possession, other than the half chance for Holmes, we created absolutely nothing. It was very easy to defend against. Our whole approach played into the opposition's hands. Obviously in stages we defended well. I've already mentioned that Hamer had a good game bar one mistake. But we had a lucky escape only losing 2-0 there. I just felt if WBA had cranked it up at any point, it could have been a massacre. They were obviously conse
  20. He made 3-4 good saves throughout the game that stopped it being a rout. Yes, his goalkeeping for the second goal was poor, but before that, he was probably our man of the match.
  21. Obviously Shinnie played there tonight. I'm speaking generally.
  22. Whoever said WBA were 'average' earlier, I'll have whatever you are smoking. They beat us while barely breaking out of first gear. Pereira and Grosicki ripped us to shreds. They won't have had an easier win all season. It could have been four or five if Hamer hadn't made some key saves. It was such a comatose performance from us. I do sympathise with Cocu in this case. The injuries, absences and suspensions have finished us off - no Wisdom, no Lawrence, no Waghorn, no Marriott, and to a lesser extent, no Bielik. Then you have experienced players like Huddlestone and Anya whose contra
  23. Tomorrow, Swansea go to Birmingham. We go to West Brom. At the weekend, Swansea play Leeds at home. We play Brentford. Cardiff have Fulham away. Given that, there's a good chance for them to be in 6th come the end of the week. It's easier not to expect too much with us and be pleasantly surprised. Let's see what happens tomorrow.
  24. Who is being negative? I was optimistic as anyone after Preston last week. But the Forest game on Saturday brought me back down to Earth. Let's see what happens tomorrow. If we get a point or more, everyone will be buzzing, including me...
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