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v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

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5 minutes ago, Alpha said:

I think way too much emphasis on our actual defending.

They posed no threat until we decided to try a through ball with every touch from all areas of the midfield and charging forward to support it. 

I mean I'm no tactical genius but you know if you keep giving them the ball and they keep breaking on you... wouldn't it be a good idea to stop doing it and pass to the free men around you? No?

Not when you've got the Forum massive waiting to call you out for boring sideways passing.....😂

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6 minutes ago, Millenniumram said:

Been saying it all season, don’t force it, we keep saying that we’re playing this passing game... but look at the stats? We’ve got a worse pass success than we did lumping it under Rowett, we need to start playing football properly and not trying to be bloody superman playing 50 yard balls.

It amazed me that within seconds of the second half starting Bogle had done it again. 

And Wilson. He didn't learn from it when Norwich nearly scored. Then he didn't learn from it when they did score because he did it for the second half.

Keogh thought hoofing into the channel might come good if he did it 200 times. He felt by the 180th punt that cracks were starting to show. 

Massive lack of discipline with our front 6. And as in quite a few games, once the hoofing starts then the game is out of our control.

I mean are we learning any lessons here? 

Got away with it v Swansea. Got punished by Villa.... and these weeks later we are still falling into the same trap. Exact same trap. They aren't letting us down. They're letting themselves down because when they play as a team they look good. But then they do that stupid football for a solid half hour and concede during it. Thick

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