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  1. I think it will wide open next season. None of the relegated teams have managers. I think this is a good opportunity to go up.
  2. They will need more than a few Germans. They won't cut it in the Premier League by being fit and trying to win 1 nil! Their squad is threadbare thin and they won't be able to sign players on the cheap or I suspect bring in loan players because the other Premier League teams won't be daft enough to give them a leg up. Middlesbrough were a much better side and they came straight back down.
  3. Yet another scabby win for Huddersfield. An own goal and penalties in the semi final and penalties now! Four of their players return to their Premier League club and Wells is available on a Bosman leaving not much to confront the Premier league.
  4. Dale Stephens from Brighton on a free for me. Derby lacked a proper defensive midfielder all season and too many goals were conceded from the centre of the box from a position in front of the centre halves. Failing Stephens I would go for Leadbitter from Boro who is very combative and has experience of promotion.
  5. Four nil away at Brentford when you still have a chance of the play-offs is no joke. Rowatt needs a reality check. This was our worst result of the season.He needs a kick up the arse.
  6. jota on a free. Bryson out. No doubt.
  7. Absolutely dire result against a club which struggles to recruit 11, 000 per game. Tactically inept which gave Jota plenty pf opportunuties. Rowett has six games in the new season
  8. Awful result. Any chance of the play-offs has gone. Clearly by the number of chances he had Jota was given too much space and freedom throughout the game.
  9. Dale Stevens of Brighton and Nahki Wells of Huddersfield are both out of contract this summer. There aren't too many better central midfielders in the Championship than Stevens. Personally i would also look at loan signings. Huddersfield have been very astute in picking Mooy from Man City, Kachunga, and two players from Chelsea.
  10. Derby concede a goal from a corner yet again!
  11. Take a leaf out of Huddersfield's book. A few cost effective signings in defence from Germany, good loan signings such as Mooy, Kachunga , Palmer and Brown, a fantastic work ethic, a very fit squad and a coach with something to prove.
  12. Yet another clueless performance whereby Derby allow Burton to park the bus. Goodbye playoffs! Hello mid table mediocrity.
  13. A very disappointing result. if this doesn't say that the players aren't up to it i don't know what does? Warnock started life as a Burton Albion manager in the Northern Premier league and now mugs Derby by 4 goals. Our club should be ashamed by recent results.If it weren't for Villa Derby would be a complete laughing stock instead of a partial one.
  14. 3-4 Rebuild needed. What bunch of useless overpaid preening prats!
  15. 3-3 =stillshit!