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  1. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    Bidding is pointless if the club don't want to sell and the player doesn't want to come. Rowett can bid for Neymar if he wants but he isn't going to come. Perhaps it might have been worth working out which players were available. Fulham sold their two best players Dembele and McCormick, replaced them, played good football and had a good season. They had a plan. Derby don't appear to have a plan other than to keep fingers crossed that something positive will transpire by the end of August.
  2. The Blame Game

    Rowett took the job in full knowledge of the situation. That he chose to sell our better players without replacing them is entirely his fault. That he failed to scout abroad is his fault.That he has scouted loan players without knowing whether they were available for loan is his fault. He has 4 games then out. That will be his fault.
  3. Why only 27,000 today

    There is no feelgood factor around the club, Rowett has neglected to make signings who will make a difference, and it is August.
  4. I want a manager who will succeed. However Gary Rowett to date gives me no confidence that he will succeed. He needs to bring in key signings this week otherwise he should go.
  5. I don't feel sorry for Rowett.He has time to assess the squad and has one of the best supported teams in the division. It was his decison to sell our two better players.The owner needs to stick an electric cattle prod up his backside this week to make key signings otherwise Rowett can leave.
  6. Alan Nixon summer 2017

    I have been saying it all along. Selling your better players at the end of June with no replacements is no preparation for the new season. Rowett is at best naive and at worst a bad manager. Huddersfield at by this time worked out their signings. their loan needs, and their tactics, Derby have worked out bugger all. Rowett says he has put bids in but for whom? Tom Lawrence, Tom Lawrence and Tom Lawrence!
  7. Rowett: "We want to make one more signing.."

    Rowett has no clue. Out by September!
  8. In my view Rowett has 4 games then out. He is too naive for promotion.
  9. I am sorry for all the sympathisers on the board. Rowett is a naive idiot.Like Huddersfield/Brighton last season or Wolves this season I wanted a squad ready to get promoted. We don't have that.Instead we have 'we have put bids in'. Laughable! In my view he has 4 more games then back to Long Eaton United. He is out of his depth.
  10. The current score of 2 nil vindicates the signing of your target players before the start of the season. Wolves did and we didn't.Rowett has been naive and better pull his finger out very quickly.
  11. So far it proves that selling your 2 best players and not replacing them was utterly naive. Rowett needs to get busy in the transfer market quickly.
  12. I even forgot that Jota was on the radar. This has become boring.
  13. I can't see why Brighton would want to sign Lawrence. He has only had one good season in the Championship. It hardly qualifies him to help keep Brighton up.
  14. Is it unrealistic for Gary to improve what he inherited?

    We have an ok side but it needs some star quality which has been sold and not replaced by the incumbent manager.
  15. Che Adams

    Smacks of desperation. Very poor planning to sell your star quality without securing replacements.

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