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  1. The three points were very welcome. However the general performance won't give our next opponents too many sleepless nights. There were far too many individual errors with the gift of a goal we gave them as a prime example. How do we expect to get anywhere when we gift goals?-Millwall,Ipswich,Forest and now Wigan . Bristol City have a horrendous run of fixtures playing Leeds, Boro and Sheffield Utd in the next 4 goals so hopefully this win will kickstart our run into the play-offs. We could also do with Mount and Lawrence back. Any news?
  2. Since the Ipswich game our form has been dire. I know there are injuries to key players but Derby are a shadow of the side which confidently defeated West brom away, Manchester United away and Norwich away.
  3. They will be flocking to renew their Derby County season tickets after this drivel!
  4. Since the draw at Ipswich Derby have gone backwards at a rate of knots. Something is drastically wrong. Frank wasn't able to strengthen the side in January and here we are again. I know Villa have spent millions and have generally underperformed this season but 4-0 at half time is very poor.
  5. An extremely disappointing result but losing at home to Millwall was inexcusable following a terrible result at Ipswich. Derby are lightweight and have lost their way.
  6. What happened to the team that ran rings around Boro and pasted West Brom and Norwich away? Derby have gone into a coma.
  7. Very disappointing to be polite.
  8. Dreadful. This has been on the cards since the Ipswich game. We don't move the ball quickly enough!
  9. Ipswich are bottom. They are having a dreadful season. Derby have ambition to be promoted. This should have been a 3 point banker. No doubt about it. In the end we were hanging on having been outplayed.
  10. They certainly are! This accounts to management naivety and stupidity. 2 morepoints down the drain!
  11. Derby played like a team in a coma. The results against Ipswich away, Millwall away, Bolton away, and Rotherham away will lose us promotion. No lessons have been learned, We played like a team without purpose. The management is naive.
  12. West Brom are now playing Stoke away,and appear to have hit reverse gear since making 3 signings during the transfer window.
  13. A good win and a clean sheet. Same again at Ipswich on Wednesday please.
  14. Can Alex Pearce be re-called from Millwall?
  15. An away draw at Preston wasn't a bad result under the circumstances.However Derby need to be winning games to stay closer to the pack above. the next game against Hull will be interesting as they are a form side. Is their winger Bowen a left or right winger? If he is a right winger I fancy Cole to start.
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