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  1. and he missed with both penalties that went left. Swansea knew his stats. Five out of the previous six penalties went left. He perhaps has been advised to vary his penalties a tad to make it less predictable as to where the ball might go.
  2. Most of them go to the left. Swansea worked that out which is why his penalty was saved.
  3. Why shouldn't he take it? because his penalty technique is poor. That's why.
  4. Please bring back Wilson. He knew how to take a penalty.
  5. In Waghorn's case his record is 50%. He has cost is victories to date against Swansea, Stoke and West Brom.
  6. A striker should score in a one on one situation from 11 metres. The odds are against the goalkeeper except when Waghorn takes a penalty when the odds are currently 50/50. his technique is poor. His angled run up means that he can only hit the ball straight or to the gaolkeepers left. Running in at such an acute angle makes it very difficult to side foot it to the goalkeepers right.
  7. Agreed. Malone has been replaced by an academy centre half! That send a message!
  8. It is not unfair.He is paid to score goals and should be able to convert a penalty.
  9. Please change the penalty taker or send a taxi to Bournemouth for Wilson.
  10. Why didn't Cocu slow the game down, and manage the time by putting on all 3 subs?
  11. Waghorn has an angled run. Being left footed he can only shoot straight or the goalkeepers left.It narrows the options down to two instead of 3.
  12. Time to bring on the subs. Slow the game down a bit.
  13. Farke had an average first season at Norwich but his second season was fantastic. I don't mind not challenging for promotion this season provided the foundations are placed for a challenge next season.
  14. Judging by our form on Tuesday this now appears to be rather embarrassing. I doubt Cocu does the hairdryer treatment but I hope he has some solutions for Saturday.
  15. You appear to have overreacted completely. I am pointing out that we didn't start the season well last year and that there were initially injury and fitness issues last year as there are this year.I think that Cocu was a good appointment but it might take more than this season for us to be in promotion frame. He has had little time to assess and recruit and hasn't been helped by injuries to key players such as Marriott and Bogle.
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