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  1. Yea someone shared the twitter post I agree with you here. People seem to be conflating the administration being linked to the alleged rule breaking. Almost as if the administration proves that we've been breaking the rules. At this moment in time, it still seems like the argument related to the accounting of amortisation still hasn't come to a resolution. If the administrators can somehow prevent further rule breaches and can successfuly argue that mels approach is legal then is it 16pts the maximum deduction? Probably enough to relegate us still but still something to play for?
  2. Yea reading some other clubs forums and people really hate us, as fans. Seen some boro fans are calling us all deluded cos one person on here said sky would be upset that we wouldn't be in the championship anymore. So much for fans solidarity. Fans calling other clubs to get points deductions or be relegated or calling other teams cheats should be careful what they wish for.
  3. I hope he gives a bit of an update on that. Unless the administrators tell him not to.
  4. I wonder if the club can call in cash owed to it by Morris for the stadium sale?
  5. Perhaps you're right and could be tied to a licensing regime for owners rather than FAPP test. I personally think the whole model needs to change. Each club having its league status, name and intellectual property owned by a fan Trust and then a licensed 'operator' who is granted exclusive rights to operate the club. As long as they operate the club within agreed parameters (ie they don't just pull the plug when things get tough) they can hold the operator role for as long as they like, or they can make investments and sell. Punishments by efl for rule breaches could then be made on the operator, with ultimately loss of licence being the final punishment and therefore their investment. The trust would then need to appoint a new operator. I'm sure there's loads of holes in this idea, or that fundamentally this model makes investment or ownership less attractive but I think it's a good halfway house between fan ownership and wealthy benefactors...
  6. Yeah but if you own a 120y lease on a property then you can give that as security. I think that's what Derby have done?
  7. I thought Stoke did something like write off their whole teams value?
  8. As much as I like the optimism, the small squad will come back to bite. And the efl will never allow us to not be relegated. Cue new charges come Feb if it looks like there's any chance of us staying up.
  9. Yeah this is so true. A 5 year contract at 40k a week is 10M. Plus NI contributions. Assume If you've signed them for £10M that means every year you lose over £4M on the books... How big clubs can ever justify paying big transfer fees and wages is beyond me
  10. I can't bring myself to listen to KM on this. I quite like his podcast but I get the impression he really hates the club and not always convinced he has been fair on us. I'm also not convinced he is genuine on feeling bad for us as fans. Can anyone quash my fears?
  11. I will listen to this in time, but it's inexcusable that the accounts were put in late. Absolutely no excuse whatsoever. It was speculated that the accounts were probably already done.
  12. Frankly we knew something was seriously wrong financially when basic stuff clubs do like sell tickets and merchandise couldn't be done. Or when rammie wasn't there for some reason. Season tickets... Season tickets...
  13. I do hope that @Owen87ITK and Co will be OK.
  14. Does it mean Mel Morris has given the keys to someone else now?
  15. What for? Our alleged rule breaking didn't happen during their time in the championship and administration had duck all to do with them. They were poo and got relegated.
  16. There's a real chance we're going under.
  17. If that's the case we are doomed.
  18. Lots of people here seem to think having forest on the board makes them more likely to dislike Derby. I disagree, I don't think there's anything between Derby and forest owners, if anything keeping the other in the division means a game where they can sell more tickets at higher prices... It's in forest and derbys interest for the other to be in the league, but not for a team like boro.
  19. Just did it today. Very easy at the hospital I did it (QuironSalud chain). They give you a certificate with the result 15min after. Whole process takes about 25min.
  20. If the retorts are true... See you next year cos we're going down. Suspect admin will come after that.
  21. Yeaa unfortunately it seems like most people get tested at the airport just before departure but because our flight is relatively early seems like more of a hassle. The other options all seemed a bit more complicated or a bit more unclear. This option seemed to be OK because it was a hospital next to a metro station just outside of town.. Probably should have just done those ones you take with you.. Seems a bit ridiculous to me these predeparture tests because you can get on an internal flight or train without any sort of test anyway.
  22. Currently abroad in Spain. Masks still very commonplace here inside and outside in crowded areas although everything is open as normal. Interestingly they use the more effective FFP2 mask here more than the surgical or cloth masks. Bit weird having to go to a full on hospital to get a covid test before coming back.. Can't seem to get tested in pharmacies or anything here.
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