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  1. I quite like the Scottish national anthem. It’s the bagpipes. There I said it!
  2. Ticketless Scottish fans in their thousands seem to be enjoying their selfs in London at the minute. So much for go home if you don’t have a ticket!
  3. Good to see other teams benefiting from our academy! 🤨
  4. Watched the first episode of Time & I agree with everyone, it looks superb so far. It’s like a don’t drink & drive advert. Really grim.
  5. Another pun variant has infected another thread!
  6. FFS well and truly click-baited.
  7. A mate of mine has just opened a bar/restaurant in Swadlincote called The Balearic Eye. And somehow he’s got Peter Hook (New Order/Joy Division), Mr C from The Shamen, Mark Archer (Altern8) and DJ Trevor Fung to play there on July 1st. Should be fun!
  8. Had my second jab yesterday, so who wants to give me a hug?......
  9. I’ve just finished the 1st season after completely forgetting about it when it first came out. It’s also on Disney+ of all places lol.
  10. Well hopefully Chelsea can win the champions league. Much better when different teams win different competitions.
  11. This one will be worth a listen too...
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