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  1. Yeah its rubbish. I imagine the parachute payments are just advancements on those duento clubs and won't be distributed.
  2. Well yes I appreciate that, I just didn't realise how long people suffer with the virus.
  3. Confuses me too. Surely infections should be slowing. Deaths probably continue to increase due to a lag but I don't understand why it doesnt slow. I mean the evidence is there that it isn't because Spain and Italy are only just slowing down but I don't understand it.
  4. Imagine your older sister being 65years your senior
  5. Difficult to quantify economic benefits. People poo poo governments for not investing in the country's infrastructure but then there's always some reason why they won't back a big scheme. HS2 will transform the nations rail network, well beyond what the name suggests it does much more than cut journey times. It is a truly modern system and would be one the world's best if built. Would (and is currently) putting thousands of people in work.
  6. Im very much in favour of HS2 but can see this gives the government a good excuse to shelve it.
  7. Completely predictable on the private sector front.
  8. Interesting analysis but overall it relies on the original modelled numbers being correct. All it would take is that one of the assumptions are incorrect and this very crude COBA falls apart. I guess you could apply the same analysis to other areas of government expenditure and it would fall apart. Terrorism prevention measures must cost hundreds of millions but no one would argue that its not money well spent. Ultimately the decisions are political and not wholly based on economic advice or by health advisors.
  9. Nearly 400 yesterday now.
  10. I mean people refer to SARS as its name...
  11. Really? I think itll be remembered as coronavirus or covid-19... No one in the press or government is calling it Chinese flu.
  12. not sure where the connection is between the finance minister of hesse and coronavirus is?
  13. Housing policy and the way the housing market is structured the root cause of so many issues in our society. I love this city though despite the insanity of housing.
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