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  1. Sounds garbage. I'm willing to give Cocu time but we need at least some points to keep us out the bottom 3rd of the table
  2. Playing devil's advocate here, but why should the North count for the same than the south when there's more people in the south?
  3. Your view seems to be that certain votes from number of seats' views need special protection because they are of a different socioeconomic or geographical makeup from some others I don't care about American politics I only care about the UK. We have a completely different national identity, government structure and party diversity. We aren't a federation of nations or constituencies.
  4. Obviously a ridiculous divisive view written in 1996 in a local newspaper. Not unlike the ones written more recently by our prime minister.
  5. Yeah but that's the problem, people vote in their best interests. I could make the same argument about why should the big cities be ruled by regional seats. Everyones vote should be equal regardless of where you live. You're making the argument that certain views from different areas are intrinsically more important than others.
  6. But why is it unfair that the more populated areas dominate in a national democracy? We are not Southern or Northern we are english/British. You are just making arguments for regional assemblies or more powers to local authorities.
  7. Really? I voted Labour in a safe seat in a metropolitan area, however the polling has consistently shown the Conservatives well ahead. Anything negative has seemed to come out in the wash for Johnson and the Conservatives over the past couple of months. Labour seem to be seen carrying baggage from the last decade. No brexit party candidates in tory seats neutralised any possible swing to Labour. No surprise for me, apart from perhaps the exact number of seats, whatsoever.
  8. Why? Her friend, in her own party which she leads, who survived cancer, only 27, won Jo Swinsons seat?
  9. Absolute garbage reasons if I'm polite. And mostly not relevant to UK politics as there the US government structure is different due to the power that states have to legislate on many things than the UK national government does. The current system just leaves constituency boundaries open to gerrymandering and doesn't deliver a fair result. Big cities are where many, many people live. The fact that less dense, regional areas have different issues that they vote on doesn't make the issues that I vote on any less relevant. Nor are they of different importance.
  10. What a strange argument. So you feel that regional seats should somehow be worth more than cities for no real reason? The reason why London has so many seats is because 9million people live there. Nearly double of the whole of the East Midlands. Labour got 31% of the seats with 32% of the popular vote this election, about right overall. Conservatives had 44% of the vote and 56% of the seats. My London constituency is a huge labour majority so my vote doesn't matter one jot.
  11. I can't help but feel let down by Labour leadership over the course of the last year. Party needs to really look at clearing out the top and start afresh.
  12. if mark francois can be an MP, i feel i can be one too.
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