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  1. Yeah Martin was trim. Looks younger now he did than 2 years back.
  2. Just lacking the quality really. Not a terrible performance but why are we making so many errors? Unbelievably frustrating. It's like the team haven't played with each other before, can't control the ball. Can't seem to find the passes correctly.
  3. Can't seem to control the ball. Pings off us like pinball
  4. Not a booking what a joke. What an awful FK tho.. Welcome back chris.
  5. Think we look the better side so just hope we pick up the 3pts basically.
  6. Silly pen to give away but should have had that one on waghorn.
  7. Thought this was really good - top work.
  8. To be honest I've noticed that brexiteer commentators recently have toned down their positivity to what brexit will hold to more of an argument of brexit is the only way for people to keep faith in democracy.
  9. I think that's the point, that prorogation isn't based on an actual written law but is more based on precedent as is a lot of the British constitution. As far as I'm aware theres just a procedure that should be followed for prorogation rather than a defined point when and for how long. In the past it has been used to end parliamentary sessions for a short period to prepare for a new one. This time however it appears that the prorogation is not being used for this purpose. The English Court said they weren't in a position to judge on it, but the scottish court, under a different legal system, thought it was. I expect it will be thrown out by the Supreme Court, though.
  10. If this happens though I do wonder if Boris' government would struggle in a general election if Labour commits to brexit.
  11. How players cannot be aware of these rules is beggars belief. All staff at football clubs aren't allowed to bet!
  12. kane missed a penalty!!!!
  13. looks like forest have signed a cracking keeper
  14. would like to see that sancho replay again for the second. kosovo manager not a happy chappy
  15. I suspect this is the outcome. He goes back to Brussels gets some small concession / small change and brings it back for a vote. What could happen is that the EU refuse to budge on the agreed deal until a General election on the fear that nothing will be ratified by Parliament.
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