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  1. Is there a chance that MM illness is actually very serious hence that's the hold up?
  2. Is it not between Dervintio Holdings and Mel Morris (or whatever company).. If Dervintio Holdings don't have any cash or assets then how could you go about enforcing the contract anyway?
  3. Mix up in currency conversion, turns out they sent the money in Egyptian Pounds.
  4. Thought it was odd this wasn't picked up by anyone else. Must be Gadsby?
  5. Don’t hold back how you really feel on our account!
  6. Byrne best player for Derby today.. About the only positive apart from bielik not being sent off.
  7. I'm not sure waghorn is suited that position today.
  8. RotherhamLook well organised when we have posession.
  9. Blurgh we aren't looking good. You wouldn't know Rotherham are on a dreadful run.
  10. Maybe I'm being dumb but what's the point in sevco 5112 as a shell and gellaw 101.
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