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  1. alexxxxx

    Tidal v Spotify

    Had Spotify for 10 years when it was invite-only so cant see myself leaving it now tbh.
  2. alexxxxx

    Sonos Beam.

    can anyone suggest something that is like the Sonos Play 1 but has a line-in input.
  3. alexxxxx

    Tory party eats itself

    lol are you sure
  4. alexxxxx

    Its come home !

    oh wow
  5. alexxxxx

    Brexit or Eurin?

    maybe im wrong but i was under impression that the erg amendments arent as damaging as its made out to be. symbolic more than anything.
  6. alexxxxx

    Brexit or Eurin?

    The only reason trump loves Brexit is that he hate multilateralism or any sort of unions. NATO/TPP/TTIP/NAFTA. He hates these because he believes that the USA can bully any other country into giving them what they want. The 'great' in MAGA is about economic imperialism by the US. Trump isn't a real racist but he knew his controversial "policies" would work to get enough support. Brexit follows the same logic - some of the 'sovereignty' arguments are complete balls. Many trade deals have some sort of dispute mechanism independent of national courts.
  7. alexxxxx

    Brexit or Eurin?

    i think it goes a bit more than that tbh. leaving the biggest trading and political bloc for some unknown future, lead by opportunists and ideologists is ridiculous. taking a step back from multilateralism is just plain stupid. the 'cost' of the eu was always a difficult one to quantify as it performs governmental operations that will have to be undertaken anyway, at reduced efficiency. leaving the EU is only a political and ideological one - there is no practical or financial case for doing so.
  8. alexxxxx

    DCFC Website / DET

    dcfc should put a short ad before the videos. it's really annoying having two or more videos playing on the same page.
  9. alexxxxx

    Next season's live coverage

    Cant get the games on the radio in London for free! It's been this way probably for about 10 years.
  10. alexxxxx

    Next season's live coverage

    Thanks Owen, Looks like it could be a bit complicated for fans abroad as it isn't entirely clear how many games will be available, but I guess it will be around the same level as Swansea's. Hope that the streaming platform provider will be a bit more reliable this year and that you can turn the volume up a bit more.
  11. alexxxxx

    Open air bars London

    Looking a bit cloudy this morning in the city.
  12. alexxxxx

    Open air bars London

    I got a ticket.. just hoping it doesn't rain.
  13. alexxxxx


    glad theyre out but i hope the teacher's actions are properly scrutinised, particularly as that american guy got killed.
  14. alexxxxx

    Next season's live coverage

    So I've been snooping around on football league's website and from the start of next season games which are not 1500 KO times and which are not on bank holidays, or selected for full Sky Sports will be available for streaming - it is kind of confusing as it appears Sky will also be able to show these games on the Red Button or online too. @OwenB87 - do you know when prices or more information will come out about this yet? If the games are on red button will we be able to watch on ramstv too? What kind of improvements/changes will be made for next season, and will there be broadcasts of the preseason games and U23 again this year? It was really good being able to watch the games whilst I was living abroad last season. Some issues with some of the streams but hoping that they can sort out something a bit more robust this year. I know there's a feedback thread but might be nice to have a bit of a wishlist...
  15. alexxxxx

    Tory party eats itself

    I was under the impression that telecoms are better. UK broadband and mobile markets are pretty competitive.

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