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  1. alexxxxx

    Snake City watch

    lol missed a pen last minute 2-3
  2. alexxxxx

    What happens when a match is abandonded?

    i swear ive seen a uefa champions league game which was suspended midway through due to weather and picked up again at the same point the next day, rather than replayed.
  3. alexxxxx

    18/19 Match Thread

    watford not looked the same since they took hughes off
  4. alexxxxx

    18/19 Match Thread

    thought it was just my NowTV. The two women presenting makes jamie redknapp look a little uncomfortable haha.
  5. alexxxxx

    Daddy Frankie!

    ha wondered why jody was doing the prematch conference yesterday
  6. alexxxxx

    First use of VAR in a Rams match

    the prem clubs are doing some games this season with var. problem is that they dont think they currently have the resources to handle all the games at once apparently.
  7. alexxxxx

    Declining attendances

    really doubt sky has much to do with it. people who like going to the football, go to the football - watching on sky isnt really the same thing. Sky need games to fill their lacklustre schedule as they have no champions league or even other leagues anymore. doubt ramstv makes that much money either tbh, id guess about 1000 watching on PPV maybe?
  8. alexxxxx

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    frustrating, just looked like it wasnt going to happen for us to be honest from about 70min onwards. thought we looked a bit slow nearer the end - brys, fozzy and nuge looked like theyd lost a few yards by the end of it. mount maybe could have/should have had a goal and was unlucky not to have scored on that FK. BJ looked like he lacked confidence with his attempts at goal. i think apart from a couple of lapses, the defence looked pretty good and carson the same. bennet and bogle looked good again. cant see how c davies will get back in the team when back fit. subs probably didnt make the impact that frank would have wanted. not a terrible performance and quite an entertaining game in the end, even if it was 0-0. a bit of a missed opportunity in terms of league position but on we go. coyr
  9. alexxxxx

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    It's like some cruel endurance event..
  10. alexxxxx

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    Sorry Johnson but you ain't gonna do it tonight
  11. alexxxxx

    F1 2018

    the sg gp looks like it would be a good one to go to. under the lights, fireworks, street circuit, the lot..
  12. alexxxxx

    Derby U23s games to be in Leicestershire !

    yeah castle donington, and of the rest of nw-leics is basically derbyshire all but name.
  13. alexxxxx

    Best sketches

  14. alexxxxx

    EU Nations league

    i quite enjoyed these games; most of the games that i watched were pretty competitive.
  15. yes but chelsea and everton are premier league teams so obviously their needs matter more

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