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  1. Its all rumour. Not an ounce of truth to this..
  2. The countries still often exchange fire over their borders too. They are essentially still at war.
  3. Im surprised Baku doesn't have capacity as it holds an f1 race. the airport is modern, but small, granted.
  4. Cheapest is Derby -> Tamworth -> London Euston on cross country and west midlands trains only £38return takes 2h30m costs £38 each return. Risk being on the trains with the villa on the train home. Use contactless cards in London for cheapest fares.
  5. Normal supporters pub is at The Stage Door near Waterloo station
  6. Labour will be demolished on Thursday i reckon. probably more than the tories. Their wishwashy middle ground tactics is going to lose them votes from both sides.
  7. alexxxxx

    Eurovision 2019

    Jury results seems so corrupt tbh. 12 pts shared between greece and cyprus. The huge number of votes for macedonia. Gotta get rid of em...
  8. alexxxxx

    Eurovision 2019

    Yes we did lol Gotta say the jury votes were very strange.
  9. Wouldnt be surprised if we see at some point Derby buying it back on a mortgage?
  10. I hope they're only going to portugal or somewhere like that. Dubai is too far for my liking.
  11. Last years world cup saw matches on TV in bars in India, Thailand, Japan, Turkish Airlines over Russia, Azerbaijan and England. This years playoff final ill be in France.... 😮
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p078h4n6 for all those interested.... great comedy. good job that salt comes out of their mouths cause if it didnt theyd all be at high risk of heart disease.
  13. Trains are fine to/from Derby it appears. If not go via brum.
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