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  1. Im getting worried that we can't score enough to stay up 😂 I thought defensively we looked generally alright apart from their goal. Every game we are making bad decisions that are preventing us from having a good strike on ball. I liked some of the attacking play we had but frustrating to see chances for passes to open players fluffed. Some of our half chances are poorly struck. We don't seem to be winning balls headed down balls. Can't seem to get good purchase or direction on headed balls. It must be really getting to the players now.
  2. We... Just.. Don't... Score.. Enough.. Goals...
  3. Don't think we have kind of stopped going forward here just think we've made some very poor decisions going forward.
  4. How predictable eh. We can't carve out a proper chance.
  5. Looks like joswiak has to play the ball to himself if he wants a strike on goal...
  6. Tom should have switched to joswiak there. Lawrence down..
  7. No Wilson 🤔 Bit gutted for Marshall, hope it's not too serious. Cardiff started looking a bit drab.
  8. This is all so depressing. What a waste of a year and seems like everything we've done is for nothing. Gonna be the worst Christmas ever.
  9. In my view it looks like they're trying to see what works and what doesn't when applying time-restricted measures. They will probably make a comparison between what happens in Wales and what happens in Nottingham to determine what to do in the rest of England. I'm sure Scotland will be looking at it too. Czech Republic looks like a cautionary tale though that you really have to eradicate the virus if you stand any chance of going back to normality. In July they thought they'd overcome it with few infection and an early lockdown - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-532446
  10. It's absurd to stop supermarkets from selling a relatively small selection of non essential goods. Just causes resentment, makes the policy look ridiculous and likely would drive noncompliance in other areas.
  11. Thought he looked shattered before the game and after he looked really upset.
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