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  1. Who is in the LAP? Who appoints it?
  2. Not to mention odd contract extensions...
  3. Unfortunately not the case but very low rise from low base. Think we can say that the response to opening up from the government in a slow manner has been pretty good so far and it's driven case rates and deaths pretty low. Vaccines have been good up til now but theyve not been able to expand the supply enough to keep working through to the 30s and 20s where there's a lot more potential to spread and carry the virus. In places like America, Canada and Germany they've not been as quick to take up the vaccines but it seems like almost anyone can get one regardless of age at this poin
  4. Cases on the rise now. But deaths down to basically nothing.
  5. KM does hate Derby you can hear it in the way he speaks.
  6. Watched the extra time thing on Facebook yesterday and thought Colin Gs interviews and the general views from barks and Johnson were pretty critical towards the top of the club.. Wasn't too much sugar coating. At the final whistle Stephen Pearce looked a very very relieved man. The board probably felt they needed to say something
  7. What I don't get about this charge is surely there's got to be an element of 'time served' due to the amount of embargoes etc. The embargoes and general instability has arguably cost us over 6pts anyway.
  8. Don't think this can happen now. Onl thing that concerns me is if somehow Wednesday get their 6pts back?
  9. Don Goodman is a Bamford. Thank the lord we stayed up. I don't feel sorry for Rotherham.
  10. This game is devoid of all quality. Hopefully Cardiff do us a favour and we only need a goal.
  11. I'm completely numb to this game.
  12. Wtf are you doing missing that garner
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