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  1. RamsTV

    Championship games are owned by BeIN Sports in France.. I guess they just don't show them.
  2. RamsTV

    Not sure why if it is on Sky it would have any bearing on it - think it would just come down to rights. It is probably a new thing, hence why the birmingham one was still blacked out.
  3. RamsTV

    Looks like Kim-Jong Un will be able to tune in now as well.
  4. RamsTV

    yeah should get leeds game tonight too.
  5. RamsTV

    Means that RamsTV will now show all games home and away in spain no matter if its on Sky.
  6. RamsTV

    That is absolutely fantastic for me. Ive got all the sports channels here in India but they don't show football league, although they do show the bloody belgian league...
  7. Compulsory Military Service in France

    probably a hugely expensive policy that wins you some grey and rightwing votes. surely encouraging more people to join the military with better pay, wider remit, better prospects etc is more useful than paying for a bootcamp for young people who dont want to be there.
  8. Premier League TV Deal

    surely there's some diminishing returns on the amount of games you buy. after youve sold the top games, surely there arent that many people bothered about games like west brom v palace and stoke v brighton.
  9. RamsTV

    Disaster averted.
  10. RamsTV

    anyone got audio working? that doesnt seem to work either?
  11. RamsTV

    same here......
  12. RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    i'd honestly like to see Savage.
  13. rams tv and the premier league

    Prem games in Spain are on movistar+ - whatever channel that is.. Doubt streaming would be permitted on RamsTV at all. Here in India they show 3 games on Saturday (lunchtime, a 3pm game and the late KO). I think you can watch the rest online through their system. In the USA all games are available and I think in the middle East too.
  14. New Manager

  15. Giving up being positive

    All I'm concerned about is players leaving and upsetting the squad.

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