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  1. Wonder what waghorns ban will be. If its 3 I'd consider an appeal.
  2. Just outplayed really and started the game poorly what can you say.
  3. Don't think we've been that bad tbh Forest very organised. We've had more possession and more attacking play in general.
  4. Quite clearly the rules need to change. The ref signals for play on for the foul but then the goal gets chalked off for handball.
  5. Missed players not getting paid on time!
  6. Another game another 3pts. Roll on Forest.
  7. Don't really like it tbh. Quite dull. Hope the home kit looks a bit nicer.
  8. This happened Saturday and its only come out Monday night?? Mustve been serious if he's still in hospital.
  9. Absolutely terrible news. Get well soon.
  10. I hope I can finish work on time before this 🤨
  11. Bet365 really not eating us getting in the playoffs, we are at 10/1 whilst Millwall are at 4/1. Guess the pricing is based on the teams we have left to play.
  12. Seemed OK to me too.
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