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  1. The only positive about administration would be that Mel is no longer in charge.
  2. We're getting relegated.. Nearly a certainty with our squad which I've accepted. Im far more worried about us going out of business.
  3. In the real world the vaccines are very much up to 80/90% protection for serious illness, but much much less for infection. Israel reckon Pfizer is only about 60% effective for infection at the most. Single shots are practically useless. The numbers seem to vary a lot depending on the studies. I'm not presenting it as an argument to not reopening. I just think it's disingenuous to claim the vaccine is close to being perfect and that it will protect everyone. Even when vaccinated there is still a large risk for millions of people, particularly if the virus is left to grow quite literally uncontrolled. Mathematically it's impossible to reach herd immunity via vaccination, as they are not effective enough, so inevitably many will be infected. I would agree personally. I think we should have waited for all adults to have been fully vaccinated before reopening. Boris seemed like he was talking to naughty children on Monday threatening to take away their toys... They haven't even had the chance to be fully vaccinated yet. Like I said there is no perfect solution although I think vaccine certificates will be an ongoing condition for international travel for years.
  4. Don't get me wrong I've lived abroad before, but thankfully in a 'dark market' where I got every game apart from FA cup. Can't remember the cost then but it was worth it. I now live back in England and sub to both sky and bt sport. I also sub to mlb.tv and the value is much, much better.
  5. It's this kind of stuff that makes me think the efl is completely not fit for purpose. And the fact that rams TV is completely not worth it for the midweek games when theyre on red button despite being better quality. For this price you expect an app to use on your TV, or casting, full HD... Look at what the Americans provide at that price...
  6. The vaccines aren't close to 100% effective though, you're making them out to be more effective than they really are. There are millions still vulnerable. I don't necessarily disagree with you about being unclear what the long term effects are, as the full trials are not complete but let's not kid ourselves in thinking everyone's protected who needs to be. And furthermore, the higher the level of infection in society the higher the chance the vulnerable will be infected. I don't think there is a good solution.
  7. Seen Derby have gone cashless. Coins and notes not accepted at all next season in the concourse.
  8. If the vaccine had more than emergency use authorisation would you agree with it being a necessary condition of employment?
  9. The whole debacle after the game with the gov, the racism and garbage just shows why they need to continue to make a stand. And I think footballers can continue to decide the best way to do that.
  10. Had the opportunity to grab a second vaccine dose a few weeks early.. I know a few people doing the same. Feels like the best thing to do right now with cases still rising. Will be interesting to see what the impact was on the semi and final to cases... Data seemed to show that case growth was slowing. Its really interesting looking at what Australia are doing right now.. Due to terrible vaccine supply and banning of AZ vaccine for under 60s they've barely got anyone protected. NSW looking like they're going to go in to full lockdown again.. No end in site for them if they carry on down this road. To manage the first half of the pandemic so well and to be failing hard on the second half...
  11. What a night. Was some soft contact with Sterling so pen was always on the cards. Lots of foreign people claiming we cheated but var ruled in our favour. Denmark lucky for the fk.. again soft. Denmark offered very little. Come on England..
  12. Yea i mean i still doubt (m)any younger folk will die because of it, but don't rule out long term health issues. I think the government bet too big on AZ vaccine and a couple of others which haven't got approval yet. This has lead to only a minor trickle of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines unfortunately meaning big hold ups. I'm sure they thought earlier on in the vaccination programme they'd have been able to hit that last date. If you look at the latest vaccine data from Europe, some countries have nearly caught up as their supply has been more consistent. the gov probably think that if they were to delay reopening further, it would have little impact but might push some infections coinciding with increase in flu cases in autumn which wouldnt be helpful either. Difficult decision.
  13. One jab has shown to be quite ineffective though. I know people whove been infected and got quite ill after one vaccine. The new variant is much more evasive. That's why you can't get a certificate until you've got two. Its been bookable to 8 weeks for about 3 weeks - it isn't new news, but boris needed to say something positive about dose spacing as its a long time.
  14. I don't know if it is close to flu or not. I do agree that potentially it isn't helpful for the media to keep quoting the numbers on the daily, particularly as they fluctuate day to day anyway but keeping the data there for all to see is important. The data collection and provision is very good and detailed. On your second point, I know a few younger people whove been impacted badly by covid and the range of illness they've had varied from a couple of days with no energy watching telly to being quite ill, months without taste and smell. Anecdotally friends of friends been hospitalised for pneumonia and because oxygen levels have dropped too low. I don't like being told that because the odds are more in my favour, the very real risk of bad illness is completely fine to take in my case. Feels like we've had to give up a lot of freedoms but we don't even get the opportunity to be properly protected before 'letting it rip. ' It is clear that almost everyone will get covid now... I can't see how cases will go down until mid August. Anyway I am a bit hypocritical because I almost certainly will be taking some advantage of the changes in regulations... If venues can remain open with the amount of self isolation required..
  15. I'm not sure intentionally hiding data/not collecting it is the right way to go about this. Its in everyone's interest that there's transparency in the outcome of the result. I'm sure the government would love the jump on we did the right thing. Cases aren't irrelevant, as hospitalisations and deaths are clearly a function of cases (although the ratio is much lower than it was). Anecdotally I know a lot of people being exposed to covid, and due to my age I have not had chance to have 2 vaccines. The vaccine roll out has slowed down a lot after it hit the under 40s. I would have preferred that everyone had the chance to be double vaccinated prior to reopening as I think there is a risk of huge numbers of people getting it and even more having to isolate. I know I'm supposedly not at (much) risk, but equally I don't like being told that my health doesn't matter either. The self isolation stuff is going to be a nightmare this summer. Booked to go away in August so unless the rules change, we're going to have to have a quiet week before to reduce the risk of coming in to contact with people.
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