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  1. beat swansea away to secure autos playoffs and then have a party final game of the season, love it.
  2. Look shattered can barely keep the ball. First touches are god awful.
  3. Been to see Union Berlin as well - great place to watch a game. Other matches ive been to incidentally rather than by plan are AS Varese v AC Milan preseason friendly, some FIFA U23 World Cup games in Istanbul and Bangalore FC in the Indian Super League. Of course next season im sure we'll be in some Europa League games after our FA Cup triumph.
  4. I think there's exceptions in cases like this. Don't get the armchair fans fretting.
  5. i hope im wrong but thats why we wont get promoted marriott would have buried a few of those chances.
  6. Just saw that replay of waghorn, no way was that a dive
  7. Not getting same problem on the laptop. Sometimes the app does that though.
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