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  1. alexxxxx

    Away game advice please

    nationalexpress is still on from Derby to sheffield so you might want to do that if youd like a pint
  2. alexxxxx

    Hybrid Vans

    there is or was an organisation that would do an audit of your fleet and then give you recommendations of where you could move to lower-emissions vehicles for free. can't remember what it was called but i think it was funded by the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) - https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/office-for-low-emission-vehicles
  3. alexxxxx

    Match Thread V Chelsea (A)

    Great game. Only moan would be that Carson should have saved the third and it probs should have been a foul leading up to one of the goals too.
  4. alexxxxx

    Drinking in London

    The Staff around Fulham don't know ducking anything about away pubs.
  5. alexxxxx

    Drinking in London

    Nah still live south-east london but been called for a client meeting in Twickers (that's what you posh lot call it right?) this afternoon...
  6. alexxxxx

    Drinking in London

    nice pub - unfortunate that the taddy lagers give you the worst hangovers known to man
  7. alexxxxx

    Drinking in London

    Gonna be coming from Twickenham so anyone got any names of away friendly pubs in/around Hammersmith?
  8. alexxxxx

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    On balance fair result but will be unhappy with the og and not scoring 2 in first 30min
  9. alexxxxx

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

  10. alexxxxx

    V Middlesbrough (A) Match Thread

    It's bloody wet and cold up here today.
  11. alexxxxx

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Ha yea it's my first time here and it is certainly a lot smaller than I anticipated haha. Flights delayed so another couple of pints on the cards...
  12. alexxxxx

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Preflight pint at Southampton airport before taking the plane up to the north east for the match.
  13. if anyone knows of a place more central people let me know cos ill be coming from work.
  14. i went in the away end when stoke got banged at the bridge last season and we couldnt find any away pubs in the area whatsoever. they were all checking tickets at the doors. mightve been different cause it was near xmas/new year. if you see any suggestions would be appreciated....

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