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  1. My only worry for next season is that some prem club will go for Rooney.
  2. I actually thought boris might have actually implemented a proper points based system rather than this silly lip service to his voters. There will be so many exceptions... Canadian system doesn't even require you to have a job if you meet enough of the criteria.
  3. One of Cummings madmen has left already due to the exposure of his views.
  4. I'm glad the moderators are getting rid of some of the worst reactions to this on here. Can't believe some people would post such stupid rubbish online. Unacceptable.
  5. Still some real bone head comments on other parts of social media. I hope they dont take calls on bbc tonight..
  6. I'm not gonna post screen grabs but one guy literally said 'well said ramage' and a lot claiming it wasn't racist comment for various reasons.
  7. I dunno if anyone is a member of some of the dcfc Facebook groups, but there are some real knuckle heads on there defending this.
  8. Difficult to see past it until we get to the point where we see the results of terrible policies.
  9. Anyone fancy the trip to Austria?
  10. What's to like about him? He's the kind of guy who doesn't care about what works or actually is good sound policy, just whatever works or is popular for whoever is paying him. He is exactly the worst kind of person to have advising number 10. His only political belief is cynical populism. Hes been involved in the party for 15/20years so he's not exactly a new guy either. Worked under Gove when he was bringing out nonsensical reactive stuff for the the DfE. He's married to some director from the Spectator. His only jobs outside politics are working on failed projects in Russia in the early 90s and is an independent schooled/oxbridge grad. This guy is part of the political elite and very much part of the swamp needing to be drained.
  11. Javid gone. Sounds like Boris and Cummings want total control over everyone.
  12. I imagine it's not cost effective and the business choice was made.
  13. Well I don't think it's closing down, I think it will still offer accounts to those in the rest of the EU, however it's berlin/German banking license will no longer be valid here. Not sure why you'd want to hold one of these accounts anyway as they don't even have fsc protection and you'd be dealing with German authorities if it went down.
  14. Tomorrow's game is on BT sport. At a time no one will watch.
  15. Back to back finals 2pm and 4.30pm kick offs
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