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  1. I'd argue it is as well however I've gone on what Mr maguire was saying on his pod this week. Insurance companies have not been paying out on force majeure clauses. Interesting question about how much a chairman/shareholder should be expected to fund a club.
  2. Trouble is for the efl, I don’t think ‘other clubs haven’t gone in to administration’ is relevant to understanding why Derby went in to administration. i suspect Derby won’t win the appeal, as the administrators might struggle to show that Derby’s finances were otherwise stable, particularly if the hmrc debt predates COVID. also there is the question about whether COVID actually is a force majeure event.
  3. Trouble is people like that drive fans' conversations and opinion.
  4. The trouble with Mr P and Co is that they speculate so much on figures whipping up some hysteria for themselves. I can see that they struggle to keep their heads when they've deleted some posts. I don't really understand the level of their frustration. Wishing us out of business, reacting as if the club have commuted war crimes. I don't think they've really grasped the issue. Its crabs in a bucket mentalitu.. When you've got Newcastle being bought by a state investment fund to compete with other oil backed clubs... But you're upset with Derby who will finish below Bristol in all likelihood because they sold their stadium as a loophole and overspent by single digit million quid AND now in administration because our owner has badly managed our club and put us back 5/10 years. It's pathetic.
  5. Did Mr P miss the last train from Derby to Bristol once or something - I'm pretty sure his hatred for us goes beyond most forest fans.
  6. Who knows what the actual structure of the bid was. If its £1M upfront in cash then that's good but if its over 2 years or something it's not really useful to pay the bills that were due previously.
  7. Tbh in my view the government has dropped the ball on the final stretch of vaccination. They were too slow to vaccinate the under 30s and then too slow to decide to only partially vaccinate the kids. Schools are a huge driver case spread but seems to be only the risk to the kids that seems to be considered rather than wider community. People should be under no illusion that covid is an ongoing problem - 40k additional deaths per year is not a good outcome.
  8. Figures seem to be mostly showing covid tearing through schools now. 20s-30s seem to have low rates probs due to recent vaccinations. Im becoming a bit concerned that cases will not drop to a lower background level. Was hoping we'd see a sustained decrease.
  9. I'm surprised at how this film has been released.. Seems like it's been released in non-English speaking countries prior to US and UK?
  10. Think it's clear at this point that the vaccine has a great impact at preventing serious illness, death and in many cases infection. It wanes after a few months but not as much on death and illness. I think a booster seems like a good idea for everyone... But I imagine it's limited returns after that. I suppose it'll be incorporated in to the flu jab and a combination of inherited protection from infection and/or vaccination will over time reduce the symptoms and severity of infection. Australia and NZ seem to ridding themselves of the covid zero approach as vaccination levels increase... Cases in Victoria now seem to be roughly the same as in London and South East. NZ still have quite strict rules but very low infections.. I am interested in how their government will manage their transition from covid zero. I suspect NZ and the least impacted states of Australia have the worst of their pandemic to come.
  11. Well well well not a bad season from SF in the end eh. Probably not followed a season as closely as this for about 10 years..
  12. I think you’re right in that the efl want to resolve (ie negotiate rather than formal process) but they want it on their terms. The top brass at the efl probably feel more under pressure and accountable to the other championship chairmen than the temporary Derby administrators. They can essentially tell the administrators ‘it’s 9pts to make this go away’ or you can risk 12 or more going through DC. The merit of the ‘charges’ will never see the light of day and will be hidden behind an opaque statement… presumably part of the agreement. The administrators barely care… as long as they can sell the club and recoup the debt. They aren’t going to fund a legal case that drags out for months. The efl top brass get to placate the other chairmen, cosy their favour and keep in their roles. Derby can’t compete and we as fans suffer.
  13. There will be no proof of the charges. The administrators will be bullied in to it by the efl to placate Wycombe and Boro. They will release a vague press release and that'll be it and probably no transparency.
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