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  1. Oh right,sorry Carl,I was just interested in the original source. Kudos to Rooney if it's true.
  2. Be good to hear him squirm when he doesn't in that case.
  3. Dawes had nothing to lose from not asking those questions once he is in there,live on air. Mel's not in a position to freeze any journalists out anymore. I'm one of the few who hadn't got a major issue with Dawes and I expect he will ask the relevant questions.
  4. With a 21 point deduction we are down without a doubt. I just want to go down fighting 👍
  5. Ive never been a big fan of Rooney and have been critical of him throughout his time at Derby,in both roles, but today he impressed me with his humility and consideration for the hundreds of staff who are facing redundancy at the club. In addition he continued to express his loyalty to the club and seemed to mean it. I'm slowly warming to him through these difficult times.
  6. Just in from a phenomenal afternoon at pride park (had to drop the number 1 son back at Nottingham uni afterwards) Almost had us in tears at the start of the game as the crowd was the loudest and proudest I've ever heard it and the players reacted to it as soon as they came down the tunnel...even they were in awe of the noise and the stoke fans were immediately shocked into silence. Immensely proud of the team today who all fought like lions and of all of the fans who continued to be relentless in their support. I love this club and I'll support it whatever is thrown at us and wherever we end up.
  7. Hard to avoid when there's non stop nonsense 365 days a year.
  8. Still stunned from administration actually occurring in the manner it has... Off to the match today though and hoping that my season tickets still allow me entrance into the ground and that they will continue to do so. poo times for the fans,I just desperately hope it doesn't lead to liquidation...I can cope with just about every other scenario but that would be the end for what we know as Derby County.
  9. I'll admire Rooney if he stays on zero wages...I doubted that he stayed with us for the love of the club,suspecting that he had no other management options at the end of last season but this might prove otherwise if he essentially carries on with no significant pay. I can't help but feel that he's extremely naive though and has had the wool pulled firmly over his eyes...he clearly didn't see this coming despite all the signs being there and he couldn't of been in a more advantageous position to be in the know. Im honestly still not sure if he's not a little dim,extremely stubborn or a combination of both. Whatever though,he is all we have and we absolutely have to get behind the squad today,who are already hurting from this...I know we all imagine them to be living the dream with huge houses and fast cars (and they are!) but we all spend to our means and not being paid is no different to one of us suffering the fate and wondering how we are going to pay the mortgage this month.
  10. It's not even this season I'm worried about now,it's the next one,trying to avoid division 2.
  11. Probably heard the same time as we did.
  12. Not going to be great for the players morale though is it... Unlikely to be paid this month (or a few more) an uncertain future etc,etc. I'm not sure how either Rooney or the lads are going to get Uber motivated for this one. They have just had the stuffing kicked out of them.
  13. To be fair,Rooney didn't have anywhere to go after last season,clearly no other clubs,especially premier were interested enough to pay him off from his contract here and we weren't in a position to sack him. Plus by staying he has given himself a chance to show his ability as a manager and get those more interesting job offers in the future.
  14. Christ,we should be 16 nil down. Top effort by the boys and especially Roos who has been outstanding
  15. C,Mon boys,time for a shock result.
  16. That must be his useless super hero talent,somewhat like the invisible Man who's only invisible when no one's looking at him.
  17. Roos having a great game...all reaction saves which are his forte. If we survive this,I've figured out that Rooney's plan is to get us to survive by draws alone,as I can't see us scoring if we played continuously for the next 12 months.
  18. Bit unfair on salmon,at least he actually scored the occasional goal.
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