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  1. Cracking show gents couldn’t agree more with ur summaries of our two centre halves
  2. Don goodman drives me up the wall next time he’s on just listen to him He only starts talking when one team have scored .. and when they do from then on in they are Barcelona in his eyes no matter how crap they’ve been or badly they’re playing , he’s so blinkered it hurts me awful co commentator ... makes me genuinely wish Trevor Francis was there instead lmao Ok he’s not that bad but it’s close
  3. Without wanting to sound like a negative nelly but first half today he didn’t actually find a white shirt once he was shockingly bad ... no more so than Lawrence but Me and my brother were watching him closely as had been the discussion on the way down second half he improved a bit but I tell u now if I was a Liverpool scout watching him today and assessing his all round game then I’d go away thinking he’s got a helluva a long way to go before he’s Troubling their first team fair play for stepping up for the pen but I’m sorry a pen and a tap in doesn’t disguise that he was really poor again with the ball today, especially if he has aspiration of playing for Liverpool Kept going though ... as did Lawrence til subbed but let’s not muck about either could have been taken off today
  4. I’ll hold my hand up for the first time ever with an all square scoreline I left early work emergency granted, but with 5 to play and them doing more time wasting than Wigan did a couple of years back I was hardly forcing myself to stay til the end shame on me 😞 lol
  5. What a truly truly funny game for one reason ... harry Wilson first half he was quite simply atrocious literally , and I mean literally didn’t find a white shirt once, I lie .. he did he played it into mounts(I think ) feet when he had a man right up his ass coming straight through him (ooo er Mrs) second half he found a similar coloured shirt on a few occasions to his credit but I’m still talking counting on one hand .... but then he steps up and does the business probably bagging motm in the process as he was far from alone in his loose passing the beautiful game for all to behold ... don’t u just love it
  6. Because he didn’t find a white shirt in 45 minutes genuinely .... I was watching closely lol
  7. Agree completely all round game is significantly better, Marriott when in form has shown to be a very good finisher but waghorn is far from shabby in that respect , tbh from what Iv seen he’s pretty sharp himself both are identical mind, like all strikers ... or at least the vast majority that without the right service look ineffectual
  8. All teams get denied penalties and decisions against them If u listen to the red dogs they’d have u believe they led be crowned champions if not for some of the terrible refereeing decisions against them to be fair they genuinely have had some poor decisions against them none more so than that roofe handball goal so I’m not having the refs have cost us this year... all clubs would claim that as for Lawrence I agree whole heartedly he is a marmite player with fans I think they’res a v good and v valid reason ... his performances have been pretty marmite from game to game and within a game itself good player but blows so frustratingly hot and cold
  9. He symptomatic of one of the reasons we’ll probably miss out on the play offs / promotion forgetting our indifferent displays defensively but he like Wilson will go through big periods of the game where u would honestly mistake the ball for a scolding red hot potato he tries to make things happen, which like Wilson I applaud and have no problem with what I do have a problem with is when we’re under the cosh, pinned in and they try something or a pass they’ve failed to compete 3 times already and we just gift wrap possession back to the opposition his game management like Wilson’s is poor and I simply wouldn’t trust him in the middle ... further up centrally perhaps. mount shows perfectly how and when to do things
  10. Does forests complete and hilarious end of season collapse, kinda sealed with today’s defeat mean that everybody’s favourite gobshite kenny burns goes into hibernation until the summer and they start wazzing more money up the wall and telling us all the titles going to be theirs by the end of November lol
  11. Which away from home has quite often been the case they really are front foot players when we’re in the ascendency they come alive but when we have to try and be cute and clever and patient away from home they can be frustratingly cheap with the ball
  12. To add to ur need to sort the defence out and how susceptible we are at set pieces couldnt agree more the irony being that it’s between our two centre half’s for player of the year lmao the irony joking aside, Iv said this all season two more than capable centre half’s ability wise but top centre half’s concentrate for ninety minutes .... ours don’t as has been highlighted so many times, they are both probably two of the most able defenders in the league ... but concentration and focus they don’t have I also accept that at times they’re really not helped by those infront of them and they’re hot potato attitude to the ball
  13. He needs his head looking at tbh lol he doesn’t like us, villa or Wednesday , but he liked the thought of appointing anti football tony Pullis to his club clearly not right up top lol
  14. Agree, but in theory that could be down to the owner to maintain which could be to Derby’s benefit 😉 or vice Versa I’m sure mel is aware this a grey area and there to be manipulated as he see fit ... clever accounting and all that
  15. If a business rents premises from a landlord, the landlord gets his/her rent but the business /shop/ restaurant takes the turnover, profit and monies the stadium is now merely a shop for derby to air their goods in. what they make from it is of no concern of the landlords providing they pay their rent
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