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  1. Add Holmes to that list ... I assume he was in there to try and replace Lawrence in having someone with that ability to commit the opposition thought for the second game in a wider position he was poor ... he needs to be more central imo
  2. Absolute toss of a showing from the minute we laid out the red carpet to joe lolley to wind up on that left foot no one in the championship is aware of .. oh wait just our players and coaching staff pretty ducking angry right now
  3. Max bird most improved by some distance the kid is rapidly turning into a star
  4. If he gets his poo together ... and I don’t mean that in a horrible way, but stays focussed in game, cuts out the little lapses that have cost him his place in the team in the past he’s got the potential to go right to the top ... same character he said for bogle Jesus Christ ... then u think ... knight, sibley, bird .... duck me we’ve got a team boys!!!
  5. Youvr summed it up perfectly buddy absolutely nailed it he’s rapidly becoming my favourite player
  6. Cracking win tell u what max bird gets better and better doesnt he Hope to god bogles Injury isn’t too bad otherwise it’s going to look a rather makeshift back line if Andre is out too
  7. Kinda key though isn’t it .. commanding your area and all that neither are good end of sadly
  8. He’s been second choice to hamer for a while ... with good reason the truth is neither are particularly good goalkeepers for a side aspiring to achieve things Roos is a decent shot stopper and has a lovely ping on him but when crosses go into the box both just look like a total bag of nerves hamer still somehow edges it as he can still command his area better than Roos and perhaps doesn’t put the fear of god into the back line when a ball goes in.... but we’re talking such ever so fine margins ..... however he’s so prone to a Monster flap like today and Swansea, we have to
  9. NottsRam77

    Max Bird

    Lol... like some people thought we’d get with tomori Cos frank loved us lol
  10. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/Derby-county-transfer-news-kadioglu-4002046 ??
  11. Didn’t the DET report we were close to agreeing a 15m euro fre for some lad from Turkey talk about polar opposite reporting one suggesting we’re on the brink of insolvency the other saying we’re about to spunk a small fortune on a young player .. I guess neither are true and the truth is somewhere in between
  12. What substance do we think clement was on when he decided he would be a good signing ... I mean really
  13. Didn’t he also bring through the likes of Paul Williams and lee carsley? i May be wrong I seem to remember Roy max doing pretty well after the fall out of the cox spending spree, galvanised the club on reduced resources and he signed Paul Trollope
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