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  1. That we still have the “promotion thread” open ?
  2. I said the same and got laughed out by the happy clapper brigade
  3. Trust me I will get absolutely no joy in it whatsoever not a ducking drop it just wound me up when only what a months or so ago the Derby we’ve won were great what’s relegation brigade were basically embarrassing themselves and anyone reading it u know the “promotion thread” lot ... I mean really ? Do we feel that entitled ? That we’re that ducking untouchable There’s a core of Derby Fans ... I’m guessing millennials or slightly further back that think the worst that can happen to this club is getting relegated from the premiership well.. it ain’t far from it If we
  4. Gloating??? I live in the middle of Nottingham mate... have done for 30 odds years all my mates and work colleagues and anyone I know are stinking red dogs last thing I’m doing is gloating I live the Derby nightmare every ducking day Iv not said a lot last few weeks cos it’s been utterly depressing and unlike many happy clappers I saw this coming a ducking mile off while so many had their heads in the clouds
  5. I am.. I apologise for that We were certainly winless and utterly clueless and IMO he should have gone a lot sooner as it become blatantly obvious he was never going to change his failing tactics although not much has changed since the initial new manager bounce still say we should have landed mick McCarthy... but he gets dismissed by so many for not being fashionable enough despite knowing this league inside out
  6. Apologies I am we’re in absolute worlds we go down doesn’t bare thinking about
  7. Bottom of the table and winless end of ducking story
  8. Erm didn’t say that but whatever I said he takes a massive chunk of responsibility huge difference bur at least ur awake and aware of our plight now so that’s something
  9. A proper manager who had us bottom of the table by 8 points and winless in god knows how many games yer ducking brilliant he was have a day off will u
  10. Oh do me a favour we were bottom of the table by 8 points ffs cocus piss poor management is a large slice of why we’re in this mess (along with previous duck ups from others)
  11. Still laughing chuckles @86 Hair Islands? finally woke up to reality just give us a nudge when you’ve caught up
  12. Yes ... which emphasises exactly how poo we are I hope all these people who have had their head in the clouds finally realise that we are in real trouble shame it’s taken so long for them they past that Derby entitlement they live in
  13. I disagree on that but can’t be arsed arguing the toss about it right now we’ve bigger things to worry about right now
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