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  1. Last Night. My Views & Ratings

    There were some good performaces and to a man it was better than against wolves i thought keogh was excellent truth be told played a captains role, defended well, won his headers, won his challenges and took the responsibility upon himself to try and get us going at times a very good showing from our skippper i too was pleasantly surprised by olsson and weimans performances iv been indifferent about osson, sometimes he good sometimes hes bad but last night he was excellent, and obviously weimann put in a real shift ... still need to see some actual product from him before i start waxing lyrical over him but he worked his taters off and showed plenty of drive and endevor
  2. Sam Gallagher

    Its a great post mate, iv been thinking exactly the same. i think the honest answer is that if rowett had a blank canvas chris martin isnt his type of player hes sung martins praises when it became clear he was coming back and we all know what chrissy brings to the table but i honestly can see him getting phased out with time ill be disapointed but will undersrand why if it does indeed happen
  3. Thoughts on Tonights Substitutions

    I know hes really our only other option but i thought that brining martin on was a little strange tactically i realise it was to freshen it up but with 20 odd to go it was obvious preston were going to press more and send more balls into the box, so as we or any team tend to do when this happens ... we dropped back in that situation u really want someone who will chase lost causes and works the channels and sare i say it... give us a threat on the counter yes i know chrissy can make it stick, im a big fan of our main man, but tbh the more i watch the more im sat there thinking to myself that martin isnt a rowett player
  4. Jota

    Hes right u know folks
  5. Why Why Why Weimann

    Youve literally ready my mind as to what i was going to post spot on assessment imo
  6. great link up vydra/nugent

    They looked lively didnt quite come off for nugent tonight and he should have buried that cut back but i thought he worked his socks off and was the platform for the performance dont get me wrong im wasnt bouncing out of my seat but i feel in a rowett system nugent is a much much better fit than martin. i like martin... a lot, and when he has players up and around him and he's on song hes as good as anything in this league, but rowett as he said in his interview wanted to stop preston hitting their long balls, ie we had to close down from the front, and we all know that int martins game.
  7. U23's v Arsenal on Rams tv for free

    Really good that the u23's get some airtime, and a good game to watch with lots of positives shame we couldnt make it 3 when we had the chance but to then lose it 3-2, well it wouldn't be the club we all love would it lol
  8. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo A Nearly 40 year old man deep in the heart of nottingham about to have an epic teenage meltdown. stamping of the feet and continue shouting its so unfair very close but we saw him first ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ฉ
  9. phew! nearly had a ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜–of epic proportion then lol
  10. Sam Gallagher

    You aint kidding i remember reading we had signed gabbiadini via teletext them we're the days
  11. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    We've currently got much more pressing problems than richard keogh... fact
  12. Jon Toral

    we do need a box to box midfielder but we also need a player who can play between the lines vydra is that, but if the plan falls apart when hes not available then we need toral
  13. Sam Gallagher

    I used to hold the telegraph as gospel back in the day but like the evening post over here its nowJust regurgitating national media reports which more often than not have minimal substance to them hope it happens though lol
  14. Sam Gallagher

    This where all the "weve been linked with him" and "derby are rumoured to be one of a number of clubs chasing the signature of him" then loads of people get the tails in a flap cos we havent signed said player good grief have a day off people "the sun reports" u may as well ask my mrs who we're about to sign next
  15. Repeal and Replace

    Its a tougher job than the one jim smith had when he took over those players had failed in the same way but could at least be remarketed as young untapped potential and the likes of short, pembridge, johnson and kitson all got moves away to bigger clubs. im not sure we'll be able to market bradley johnson and the like as young untapped potential

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