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  1. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/Derby-county-transfer-news-kadioglu-4002046 ??
  2. Didn’t the DET report we were close to agreeing a 15m euro fre for some lad from Turkey talk about polar opposite reporting one suggesting we’re on the brink of insolvency the other saying we’re about to spunk a small fortune on a young player .. I guess neither are true and the truth is somewhere in between
  3. What substance do we think clement was on when he decided he would be a good signing ... I mean really
  4. Didn’t he also bring through the likes of Paul Williams and lee carsley? i May be wrong I seem to remember Roy max doing pretty well after the fall out of the cox spending spree, galvanised the club on reduced resources and he signed Paul Trollope
  5. Not in America still baffles me why they don’t have an nhs that documentary sicko by michael Moore ... who granted some would say had an agenda against the government at the time ... but even so it literally beggars belief, if it was referring to a third world country it would still be horrendous but that it’s the most powerful nation on the planet is simply mind blowing I believe u can watch it on daily motion for anyone that wants to
  6. And this is what Mel meant by “a Derby way” when we brought in Pearson and rowett people spoke about it not being the Derby way, truth is it has nothing to do with playing style but one of a club philosophy as u described above aka self sufficient
  7. God dam it that was a strike hit the winner against the red dogs at Wembley like that and I’ll personally build him his own statue in the middle of Trent bridge
  8. Energy and desire ... it boils down to this one of my gripes earlier in the season was that we had no one running inbehind the front man, no one breaking into the box, basically an isolated striker no matter which it was I said we we’re missing a bryson type .. this was my issue well... now In knight, sibley, a rejuvenated Lawrence, shinnie we have it in spades and my god we look a different beast. the quality into Martin subsequently is better .. Cos we’re closer together and he has options and low and behold we look so so much better long may it continue
  9. I ducking love him Iv said it before, but in the championship there is nothing better than watching a confident and in form Chris Martin the guy is a joy to watch simple as he’s like a championship teddy sherringham physical speed of a tortoise after an 8 course banquet and chocolate pudding afters but the speed of thought of usain bolt on steroids love him , absolutely love him he’s an artist
  10. Outstanding summary mate totally utterly agree re bird he keeps going like this, bulks up, get some exp under his belt there’s a future Derby captain right there ... and to be honest that could just be the tip of the iceberg
  11. Couldn’t agree more re Clarke I really really like him, is he faultless .. no but dam it he ain’t bad is he wins the absolute majority Of his headers and duals and is very easy on the ball would love to see him here next year if it was at all possible
  12. We’ll probably sell him for a couple of million and a bag of skittles to a Watford or the like while forest sell one of their been in the team for five minutes for 7m quid like Ben f ing brereton ... I mean really I like Mowbray as a manager but did he have a brain freeze that day
  13. Agree with all of that can we start a petition or crowdfunding page to get Martin his contract
  14. Can we just sort Chrissy Martin out with a contract already was focal to everything good going forward #mancrush
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