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  1. Couldn’t agree more i don’t have a problem with his work rate, he puts a shift in and he’ll always try and get on the ball ... he doesn’t hide which is commendable as some players when it’s going agains them do but his decision making is just simply shocking in all areas of the pitch he’s out next game and I’m not going to hammer him, I’m not a fan he’s just not my type of player but I will be interested to see how we perform with one of the chief culprits for turning over possession out of the side that said against a side like Leeds he’s the sort of player that could step up
  2. I saw it as a bit more of a mixed bag tbh As u say there was much to be encouraged about especially bielik and Holmes the latter I though was excellent and quite simply miles ahead of Dowell for me my concern is how we are so inept at some of the basics, how many times was a ball allowed to bounce, go unchallenged through hesitancy, communication is a basic skill, some of the loose passing Keogh and Malone both had a moment each they’ll want to forget giving away needless possession in horrendous areas to do so that on another day costs us Lawrence is still a truly frustrating enigma and despite the endless clamours from many quarters for Marriott to start I’m still unconvinced he’s the most suitable candidate to be playing alone up front from the off For what it’s worth I’m dying to see him playing off someone in a two aka Leeds second half While it was a huge improvement on Brentford ... not hard, I’d rank that one as ok but we still have a lot to do
  3. There wasn’t some good some bad final third at times Waggy looked very lively and Holmes made a huge difference to drive and mobility of the midfield but u can’t ignore the clear lack of communication that seems to be manifesting itself into our play how many times were balls left for the other, uncontested cos one thought the other was going for it that needs addressing were still mistake ridden too and appear at our most vulnerable when we actually have control of the ball... Keogh and Malone playing two truly shocking and near suicide passes bogle back will be huge he’s a good player but more importantly I don’t think it can be underestimated how much width we’ve lost in his absence onwards and upwards
  4. The lack of communication over some simple Ariel duels or bouncing balls is quite frankly worrying and frightening All over the park
  5. I’m not going to lie, I’m worried we look ok in their box and around it but everything around that is borderline car crash defenders giving the ball away, then inviting one of the most powerful sides in the league free hits into our box with cheap free kick after cheap free kick there’s a distinct lack of cohesion, early days I know but I just have a small tinge of concern moving forward
  6. Consider me suitably upset lol about cancel why council tax DD ... I ain’t paying for that
  7. Jesus if Forest pay a rent for that poo hole I’m giving my garden shed a lick of paint and putting it out to tender lol
  8. Re Dowell, Who told u that mate? i live and work amongst the dirty sods and many of my closest mates are season ticket holders they were unanimously happy we had signed him ... they were even happier when like us they cottoned on cocu appears to want to play him one season ticket holder who’s opinion I value implicitly said of Dowell started well... but always would flit in and out of games and by Xmas I was willing him not to be in the side has taken us 6 games to get the same feeling but then we are smarter than those numpties lol
  9. Was my choice too im still backing cocu, we have to it’s way too early but I am currently incredibly perplexed as to roseniors actual input he was brought in as “mr championship” anyone who anything about the championship knows u need energy and mobility in at least one of your central midfielders... so why the duck are we lining up with Dowell and Huddlestone It clearly isn’t working
  10. Lmao.. what for having an opinion that doesn’t match yours ?? arrogant twit iv probably got more years of watching football than u have lived For ur Information mate Iv watched football and this club for over 32 years, played semi professionally and was coached by a manager who was one of Brian cloughs right hand men in his hey day at forest i don't claim to know everything about football far from it, I get plenty wrong but I also have a well educated footballing brain and can see a poo show when I see one work needs to be done at all levels of this club at the minute, and I’m not 100% sure that cocu quite understands what needs to be done ... he’s surrounded himself by people that “know” this league ... yet we’re still putting out Huddlestone and Dowell ???? i had a red dog say to me yesterday .. well that won’t work .. I said well Dowell got pulled at half time... and he doesn’t even watch us... it’s just common sense how many times does a Manager have to haul players off at half time before u start to question his opening line up ?...... that’s not not supporting the club that’s asking a genuine question get over yourself
  11. I wish we hadn’t spent the money we did on Malone and gone out and addressed the dmc issue
  12. Agree ... I just thought there was better in the division at doing the Bradley Johnson job I was brought up on a diet of Geriant Williams, Daryl Powell and Robbie van der laan for my defensive / destroying midfielders ...imo he wasn’t a patch on any of them but that’s old news and totally irrelevant now
  13. Kinda makes it that little bit more painful doesn’t it
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