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  1. I wanted to do more than applaud this post mate, if I could give it a gold star and it’s author a pat on the back I would lol
  2. Ditto ... hold on franks JUST turned 41 .... bugger too late 😢
  3. David platt was a decent skipper and an England international there’s absolutely no correlation between playing career and managerial career Moore held back a West Brom side that with the squad and resources should have been challenging top two
  4. If we start next season with John terry as manager I won’t just eat my hat I’ll everyone’s hats complete utter rubbish and god help us if it’s true
  5. I reckon this is all Dave’s Doing to save off the inevitable close season forum lull hes the “inside source” that “saw” frank on Abramovich’s yacht im onto u David lol
  6. As has been said anyone with any doubt literally from the gore mouth 13 mins in ... I don’t think he can be any clearer on his stance now stop reading the tabloids and stop worrying its their way of selling papers while there’s no genuine football news to report on franks a ram 🐏 ..... for now lol
  7. Which media outlet the meeting on the boat out of interest ?
  8. Yes I know this, and as we’ve established Moore failed to evolve this with a far more expensive, talented and experienced squad so back to my original point ... he was holding them back Lovely guy, love wha the ddI for us as a player but I don’t want him as our manager give me Hughton or Adkins every day of the week
  9. Forest started that season on fire and capitulated as the season and Billy’s mouth ran away with him cumulating in that fantastic day if he’s that wonderful why has he been out of the game for so long ? no chairman will touch him with a barge poll ... and rightly so he’s poison, took us long enough to recover from some of his dross he signed Eddie ducking Lewis in the premiership .... do me a bloody favour lmao And let’s not go onto Claude Davis shall we
  10. Lots of ifs buts and maybes there buddy the buck stops with the manager over the course of a season does it not individual moments and games yes fair enough but a whole season... your poor at home ... that’s on the manager perhaps they were so poor at home cos teams new they could sit deep let them have the ball and hit them when the ducked up. if Moore was that good surely with the talent at his disposal he would have realised this but as I say we did it to them early season and forest for lack of a competant ref and that dodgy Dwight Gayle penalty that resulted in his ban did it to them after Xmas he learnt nothing
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