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  1. It's a great post mate i said to my dad it's almost as if there's not only had to be a transition for the he players as to what rowett wants and expects and how his side is going to play but also for us a fans it's a complete polar opposite to mclaeens style and I think at times this season many fans have found that transition difficult to get their heads round and accept funny how winning games changes people's thought process have to say without getting carried away at all, as there's still plenty to improve on going forward we're starting to look like one of those sides that just know how to win
  2. Just don't get it!

    If russel was dog s*** what the heck does that make fozzys performance today.... that was posibly one of the worst full back displays iv seen in 30 years, one to forget for him i think, we know hes better than that today, literally was had on toast and his distribution was quite simply atrocious... lack of options at times granted but my god ok bad day at the office, my thoughts on this still havent changed, transition just keep chalking those days of til those 10 contracted players are free to go plus probably the likes of shackell, Anya, butterfield if anybody will take them
  3. GR good manager or lucky manager

    Re op what a truly utterly stupid question Is it a last hope of a pop at rowett that hes just plain flukey and jammed his way to a few wins ? Cos thats how it reads to me good grief... yer hes lucky ... just like that ferguson chap, he was a right spawny jammy sod wasnt he (sigh)
  4. And that my friend is the very probem... how many mamagers have been overhauling the squad in that time... thats why we're the disjointed mess that we are when u look at that squad theres god knows how many managers different ideas and signings in it. Some on big lengthly contracts that have proved hard to shift, so while rowett has had a degree of time when uv got little riggle room cos of a overhwelming wage bill.... and there was hardly a queue forming to take many of these said players off us one window isnt enough Time and patience is needed i reckon 2 transfer windows and we'll be looking a lot prettier. 10 players out of contract in the summer.... happy fricking days
  5. Im pretty sure play offs and if we dont failure has been banded about on here
  6. U dont get that negative vibe? Really? The very apparent one that theres people itching to jump onto rowett, lets watch this space when the next defeat comes in. 3 clean sheets straight, unbeaten in 5... there must be something there, we cant be lucky all of the time surely? Can we ?
  7. I mentioned keogh and that ability in another post.... he aint the norm at this level for ball distribution but im very glad we have him
  8. Im not saying that, its a forum its what theyre for, but it doesnt change the general vibe thats very apparent iv said this before and ill say it again, end of last season when we came away from that last game of the season, what part of anybody didnt think this team/club needed a real overaul... to a man so when it happens ......... it aint going to be plain sailing is it
  9. Reading all this negativity u really get the impression there are posters on here absolutely gagging for that next defeat to come, cant come quick enough for some, then they can really lay into rowett for me this was always always always a transition season,and so i expected disjointed, abstract and at times dire.... as long as theres chinks of light and progress im fine to get through a season and finish with the same manager would be nice #rome
  10. Id be looking and asking questions of Huddlestone and the options ahead of him aka lawrence, Russell, vydra and nugent are they expecting davies to pick them out with an eye of the needle pass??. thread one in the gap, lay one into feet through a crowded midfield???? Not at this level? Championship centre halves that can do that are like rocking horse s*** its been the way weve played for quite sometime isnt it... thorne... hudds even eustace... take the ball from the centre half and try and get it going from there personally i put no emphasis on my centre backs being able to kick start moves, if they can... great its a bonus but i wouldnt be laying any blame for the teams failure to create at their door and i cant see why any one would weve been spoilt with keogh in terms of a ball playing centre half as his touch and passing is as good if not better than many a midfielder but that aint the norm is it
  11. Ah good then we can have a right good moan when we dont win and we'll all be happy again lol
  12. Yep, im a season ticket holder so whats the answer... bring in sergio ramos to spray it about? at this level if u have a centre half that can win thhe majority of his headers and challenges and give the ball to a member of your team your up on most. dont disagree with the quality of The teams football but to have a pop at one of our centre backs conservative distribution is plain daft,
  13. U really moaning that curtis Davies, a ball winning centre half plays passes within his comfort zone.... like the majority of centre halfs at the level and above. good grief
  14. View from the outside

    No he was outstanding positionally

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