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  1. I’m sceptical maybe it’s my Nature I think he took a knock but because we have a right back on the bench that needs to be eased back into form he made the change I wager widom is fully fit for the next game
  2. @Tyler Durden go on then how’s bogle better defensively than wisdom ?? this ought to be good ?
  3. And our recruitment team gave us Kieron dowell lol
  4. If he plays centre back, which is where I prefer him u have to play fozzy to Make for the lack of height from set pieces .... midweek at Bristol case in point have to say I find it strange that away from home where u need to be tighter, more assured and battle hardy cocu went for the ever so lightweight and fragile bogle and lowe combo .. then at home against a side 5 points off the drop he elects to instead of opening it up and go for the young exuberant kids he goes back to the old guard he does baffle me sometimes, although I realise both the young lads needed taking out of the firing line after the midweek game
  5. Genuine question, but how wrong do u think he actually is? i dont think he’s too far off the mark as they stand currently but they’re both hugely talented and young and will make mistakes, it’s part of their learning curve and development
  6. They’re 5 points off the drop, they’re not a good side either They were there for the taking but we didn’t do enough plain and simple we move on
  7. Love to hear some actual footballing reasoning by those that have added the laughter reaction to my statement that wisdom is a better defender than bogle he is , plain and simple bogle is hugely talented and will play in the top flight probably not with us but at times this year defensively he has been a liability with and without the ball. plain and simple he hasn’t improved on last year fact
  8. I saw. Seem to walk off it fine, didn’t look in any sort of pain, discomfort or anything to suggest he had done himself an injury
  9. Strange call to bring on bogle for wisdom in my book unless of injury there’s really no need to unsettle the back line we weren't chasing the game and tv way wernt exactly troubling us down that side more to the point wisdom is just plain and simply better defensively than bogle
  10. Hmmm a lot of room for a lot of improvement holmes going off has really hurt us in terms of balance .. now playing with two defensive minded holding midfielders expect to one of the young full backs on shortly to try and open things up a bit more
  11. Fozzy is equally productive lowe gets forward more but fozzy has much better end product
  12. It’s the right call hes a young talented player that is still learning his game nigel clough quite rightly said sometimes young players need to sometimes come and sit on the sideline and watch what others do, learn and reflect on their own game game time is massively important but in the name of development so is recognising your faults and weaknesses he has plenty of time, he will get their ... as will max
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