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  1. Ditto living in notts I’ll never get away from it literally anywhere else in the world I could detach a little from it if I needed to but no … I’m stuck with it lol
  2. “Release” a few accademy players who just so happen to rock up at Tamworth .. get themselves a season of game time and to see if they earn their stripes for a certain parent… I mean random championship clubt o resign them when the dust settles ?? No too far fetched ?
  3. If we can sign them I agree totally
  4. In my time it’s certainly up there I’m a little too young (😂somehow) to not recall the winding up orders pre maxwell (just) and the 3 amigos was obviously right up there too but this is bad … what makes it worse it’s one of our own at the helm of it all .. it’s just a very sad situation in so many ways
  5. Release a couple of the kids .. let them carry on training with us bit of cash in hand to tie them over and a promise to make up the difference when things are sorted easeh lol ok joking aside this is all a massive worry suggests so much that we’re scraping the barrel for loans and freebies implying we’re miles away from any sort of takeover or submitting of accounts I’m very fearful and I won’t lie I’m starting to really lose patience with Mel and co This is like a slow death of the club we all love
  6. Think ur absolutely bang on there mate lots of positives, as u say aluko and Morrison could be a real difference for us IF … in Morrison’s case Rooney can keep ontop of him baldock was tidy … do think I’d rather have something a little more explosive as an alternative to CKR but to be fair young lad festy looked very lively indeed in that respect … obviously a little raw still
  7. Got to hope Morrison is that player First half side we’re moving it quite nicely through the lines .. 2nd half side was as some have alluded to move like last seasons lot
  8. Fozzy one for one straight to the opposition carrying on from last season lol:(
  9. Yer not a pretty moment again from bird get them out of the way now though while it doesn’t matter
  10. Playing alright will feel a lot more comfortable when we have some actual signatures on paper but look decent hard to tell or read anything into friendlies really but it’s been ok still think we need a little more at the sharp end but am hopeful
  11. Oh yes … to correct myself in normal circumstances friendliest don’t matter but as u say when it’s a total car crash as we witnessed then clearly it does
  12. Friendly schmendly It’s about minutes, fitness and building relationships on the pitch and avoiding injuries nothing else is of importance win , lose of draw
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