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  1. We keep saying they were bad ... these are here for the taking can only Imagine what they’re saying about us
  2. Oh you’ve said it every game this season someone’s piped up and said these are here for the taking ........... and then what happens please don’t if only for my superstitious anxiety 😂
  3. Bar pace I wasn’t that impressed with him at the back ... thought he was rash and didn’t read situations particularly well... not when u compare him to Curtis or Clarke I see him long term as at the base of the midfield basically direct competition with bird with either a runner like knight around him or two infront of him in a midfield 3 basically we will look to phase Rooney out Or our reliance on him
  4. You’ve been smoking something u naughty boy 😂
  5. I remember listening to us get humped on his debut buy tranmere rovers at prenton Park with John Aldridge making our entire back four look a joke. remeber GR and CG on radio Derby say that stimac looked class but might take time to settle..... I was thinking u joking we’ve just been humped jim Smith then swapped to A 3 at the back .... igor and Derby county never looked back with the possible exception of Mark Wright he was the greatest defender iv seen in a Derby shirt he oozed oozed class , and when He’s stepped in , takIng the ball off a centre forward and strode out o
  6. Tbh I thought that’s was job of our very own “championship specialist “ ... not sure about roseniors input quite honestly
  7. It’s just gives us that platform to build from ... which is needed in this league
  8. Totally much better balance this is a little bit of my gripe with cocu ... I’m not having a go ... I think we’re making very slow tentative steps in progression. but last season he v naively thought we could pass our way through the championship and started the the opening 5-6 games with a midfield two of hiddleston and dowell... needless to say they were absolutely run off the park. When asked he stated that shinnie wasn’t technical enough .... well the argument against that was that dowell and Huddlestone wernt Mobile, athletic or hardworking enough results were poor an
  9. What a ducking great and inspirational post just sitting at work thinking we’ve got no chance tonight then I read that now I’m ducking pumping and right up for it come on u mother ducking rams 🐑 !!!!
  10. I thought he was a total mixed bag to be quite honest bags and bags of ability, lovely touch and certainly looks to try and influence proceedings but by the same token he looked Painfully slow and certainly brash at times. im hoping he comes back fitter and perhaps a yard more mobile, hopefully Phil will put a bit of mobility around him and not next to rooney otherwise we’re just recreating the Huddlestone/dowell, bird/ Rooney lack of work rate, mobility and intensity
  11. Don’t get me started ..... 😂 in a heartbeat
  12. You would think In light of cocu’s potentially precarious position having those two on the bench in a worst case or last 20 mins wouldn’t have been a bad thing given who it is and what it means ... in what is shaping up to be an otherwise meh of a season
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