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  1. Agree totally Do u mean the INDEPENDENT experts in their field administrators? Read between the lines people mels words: its all about covid Independent admins first statement: this club has been badly affected by covid this was always the plan im not saying its a good one but it was the plan
  2. Bad signings are one thing a company having 2/3s of its revenue wiped off is another
  3. Was the payment issue not because of the botched alonso takeover?
  4. It really wont be hard our financial position is largely immaterial It carries some relevance obviously but was the reason we went into admin because we were running close to the wire or that we had 20m in revenues that had been budgeted for slashed off our accounts That same 20m will be on each of the previous 6 years accounts so covid wipes off 2/3s of a companies revenue and isnt the reason (be it Derby or southern electric) they go into admin? I think its harder to argue against it tbh best regards mel lol
  5. And with which form of accounting ? the perfectly legal one that they signed off twice ? or theirs?
  6. Thats the point isnt it we are Derby County…. We literally have a whole county to ourselves hence when the times are good 40k plus don their scarves and rock up at wembley
  7. Interesting good ? Or interesting bad iv had my fill of interesting bad of late quite honestly lol
  8. Agree… id add barker and shackle to thr big fee catagory chris martin on a free … that always win s it for me … oh a and bucko and eustace Now uv got me started lol bryson, russell..fozzy all for about 5 weeks of beadley johnsons wages lol
  9. “Alright” thats a comparative understatement when held against many of the countless amounts of expensive crap others have saddled us with slight difference in connor doyle not working out for us than Ikechi anya and co bleeding us dry for years to come
  10. Fozzy was outstanding yesturday I like many have been cirtical of him in thr past suggesting hes past it I was wrong pure and simple, hes been absolutely excellent this season bar the odd brain freeze
  11. I noticed that too today his starting position was excellent, the greasy top helped with that but was v pleased for him
  12. Fans were great again today difficult game to watch, but especially thw last 10/15 mins every block, challenge or chase down that brought us a throw in or some time was roared on Everyone knows were up against it and its great to see everyone to a man pulling in the same direction
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