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  1. NottsRam77

    Life long Ram in need of help

    Cheers buddy yes ur so right, he’s has good and bad days, better and not so good We keep fighting it though
  2. NottsRam77

    Life long Ram in need of help

    Unfortunately not he just wasn’t up to it going to watch the cup game with him round mine and have been talking about what we do moving forward Saturday was more about fatigue than anything else, he just has days where he’s wiped out, radio therapy induced I think apparently the effects kick in up to 5 weeks after treatment will be speaking to the club again see what else we can do to get him down they’ve been really good so far
  3. NottsRam77

    Signed DCFC shirt - Charity auction

    Ur a star mate cant say thankyou enough god bless u
  4. NottsRam77

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Agree completely also I believe nugent is out of contract end of this season and I wouldn’t have thought he will get a new deal with us, so gradually phasing Marriott into championship football is a pretty savvy idea in my imo Some people forget we’re only 9 odd games into the season, there will be injuries, suspensions and loss of form I’m sure Marriott will get plenty of opportunities to stake a claim to taking over the striking Mantle im not worried in the slightest anyone who is getting there nickers in a twist over Marriott and his lack of game time .... Kemar roofe ill leave u with that while u untangle said under garments
  5. NottsRam77

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    Iv loved Natalie Sawyer for years, after that transfer window and the yellow dress she became my number one celebritory crush. and now I just want to marry her lol love u nat
  6. NottsRam77

    Mason Bennett

    I think most of the front players were shattered today Am I right in thinking all 3 front players got replaced ? when ur playing with that energy and work rate that Frank is demanding I think it’s very much part of the tactic game to freshen up the front line as they inevitably start to tire no team or player can maintain a full press that intense for 90 minutes even city freshen things up in the forward areas frequently think it’s called defending from the front
  7. NottsRam77

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Forest ? Just saying Only one defeat this season, starting to get that Karanka hard to beat mentality without setting the world alight those sort sides aka Burnley tend to be the ones that maintain a very strong challenge as much as it pains me
  8. NottsRam77

    Life long Ram in need of help

    Cheers buddy, yer it was a real shame, going to try and get him to the Brentford game, have got car parking at the ground so being a Saturday kick off gives us a bit more time to get there We’re investigating that avenue re seating coyr
  9. NottsRam77

    Life long Ram in need of help

    It was an utter pleasure mate Cracking to meet u and best of luck with your uni course massive thankyou too buddy and say thankyou to ur mum too, really kind of her COYR
  10. NottsRam77

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    As many have said good performance my concern at the moment is that for all the good football, and It was really good at times particurly through bennet and Bogle was that we’re just not working the gk enough. canny champiship sides know how to defend their box and for all the pretty football we were crying out for a vydra type to just turn and last one from the edge of the box. Thought Danny graham caused keogh and tomori a few shaky moments too and I always feel we’ve got a mistake in us at the back atm clean sheet though so can’t conplain too much about them
  11. NottsRam77

    Free spare ticket for tonight’s game

    Gone to the man in the middle
  12. NottsRam77

    Free spare ticket for tonight’s game

    It’s yours buddy if u want it I’ll pm u mate
  13. NottsRam77

    Free spare ticket for tonight’s game

    “Tonight’s lads game” ??!?!! flipping predictive text should be tonights home game lol Can meet lucky winner of said golden ticket outsid the club shop before kick off to make Life easier
  14. Long story but we’ve got a spare ticket for tonight lads game it’s a single ticket by itself in the east stand upper me and my bro thought we’d offer it out as a goodwill gesture. dont want anything for it other than knowing it’s gone to a good home, really prefer it wasn’t just touted out obviously. first come first served.
  15. NottsRam77

    Life long Ram in need of help

    Just to say, i mentioned dad was meant to be having a photo pre game tonight unfortunately we have had a bit of a blow, ontop of everything else his knees have gone... completely They don’t think it’s cancer related as such but more to do with years of sport combined with the last few years of chemo and radio.. basically the cartlidge has gone ... so day to day he’s in a lot of pain which is heartbreaking the club have been good and let us buy blue badge parking but at the moment he’s struggling to get to the end of the road never mind up to our seats so will have to see what we can do ongoing about getting him there but needless to say he just couldn’t have managed getting on the pitch which is heart breaking fortunately he can watch tonight’s game on rams tv being a midweeker and all that and after that I need to get my thinking cap on

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