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  1. Baldocks one on one was a strange one wasn’t it. He opened his body up so far he almost had his back to goal🤣 as though he was “obviously “ laying it off. If he had dragged it to his left which I think even undiscovered tribes living in the east Amazon rain forest thought he would do ( according to the shamen ) it would have been a tap in. Worrying thinking from a striker.
  2. This is probably true. SW didn’t recover though did they? I’m not saying that six points is a relegation sentence, but we would also have to have a good team as well. If we submitted the accounts immediately and failed ( hypothetically of course) without a takeover and some way of not falling foul of FFP, would we have the funds to fields team that can avoid the drop starting at -6 ( at least)?
  3. This would solve a few problems, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that this would maybe result in a points deduction. I can’t see any other reason for the delay.
  4. Wisdom has never really been good at challenging headers in the box
  5. Oh dear Baldock. That was dreadful. Thought we played well against Man U, however QPR are beating them 4-1. On a positive note, at least Salford aren’t in the Championship
  6. Hmmm Morrison going for most pointless penalty award this season.
  7. I’m glad you’ve said that. When my lad showed it me, I said it could be photoshopped. He reckoned it wasn’t and as I know duck all about this type of stuff so I had no choice but to accept everything I see on SM. Added to the story about Celtic being after Byrne, I was in a right pickle for a while.
  8. I could only access 2or 3 blocks in the whole east stand, nowhere near my usual seat?!
  9. I’m still unsure how it will work for fans that renued season tickets last season. So we are allowed 23 home game vouchers? Do we have to go through the website ordeal every home game? Wouldn’t it have been easier to let us use the season ticket cards we already have? Apologies if I’m being slow here.
  10. Seemed to be a lot of area locked. Are these being saved for non season ticket holders or have they been sold? Seems a high number of sales if they have been.
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