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  1. I liked the look of Aluko in the pre-season matches.
  2. Not really enough though is it? Especially when Preston were there for the taking.
  3. Sounded like a good half. No anxiety attacks but alas no goals. COYR🐏👊
  4. Not listened to a game on the radio for ages
  5. Yeah, we might be a couple of thousand short recently, but from the atmosphere, I think some of them were the moaners that turned up every week to moan for 90 mins that have stayed away. Not great fir the finances, but aren’t missed at the ground. Obviously many positive fans can’t make it atm, and ARE missed 👊🐏
  6. Hmm, not too patronising but ok. So that doesn’t affect the teams we play? Maybe you have an insight into the psych of the team, but watching interviews with players we did seem to be in a positive place mentally considering the deduction. The only player that didn’t look fit enough to me was Ravel. Anyways it was the first half that lacked that extra effort, I was pleased with the second half effort, so I’m not sure about the argument that we are not physically or mentally fit enough to play 11 games.
  7. Also, are we really that exclusive being tired? Granted we have a small squad, but other teams rest the odd player. Not the whole team!!? Leggy? FFS!
  8. Tired in the first half? Particularly the first 20 minutes?
  9. Most of the teams that finish in the bottom half of the championship are. Also I’m not sure how much effort you can attribute a team from just from audio. There was a lack of effort from a few players today that isn’t mentioned in commentary, mainly off the ball. Being second to react is also about effort and we were guilty of this for the first 45.
  10. At least Jozwiak might get some game time ?
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