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  1. Great question. That’s a great question @Whoneedshuls here’s what I think, covid was just around the corner.
  2. Didn’t expect 4 points from wba & Stoke. I’ll take that. The players haven’t gave up even if our owner has.
  3. This is going to be one hell of a challenge on ‘Football Manager 2022’ this year.
  4. Well if this is true we can kiss goodbye to finishing 2nd in the league.
  5. Looks like the EFL have sent their officials to officiate the England game.
  6. Stand out character in The Wire. RIP.
  7. 4-0. Their goalie is awful. Kane could’ve had a hat trick
  8. Yeah I was wondering if he was on a wind up with this.
  9. 1-0 Sterling & then gets pelted with plastic cups from the crowd.
  10. Hungary seem happy for it to be one way. Think they’re waiting for us to make mistakes. See if they’re this compact when they get tired. All a bit slow.
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