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  1. Probably a great time to slot more youngsters in. Less pressure from the fans. They will have more energy at the end of the game. Transfer possibilities in the future may not be great, so see how they fare. Cocu’s Babes. And the way this season has gone. It’s probably written in the stars that we finally get our stadium on Fifa and reach the Premier league and we all miss it. Up the Rams
  2. Good social distance of 2m as long as they don't breathe out
  3. The wipers will sort it
  4. I think you put an n in that last word by mistake
  5. Paul Clement And Phil (Gee Whizz)
  6. Nairn sounds fast right enough
  7. That’s a load of Fochabers. ( sorry., not many folk will get this).
  8. A lot of fans will be getting a hard drive over this. But if it doesn’t come off, they will end up with a floppy disc
  9. Do you get it for free. Pride Park is never getting on it at this rate.
  10. Maybe the old lady has shoved a bottle of wine up his ar5e.
  11. Nothing left for the old folk. Basket's empty.
  12. It's a good job he's not a Czech. He might bounce.
  13. I used to go in the kids end at the baseball ground with my cousin, in the early 70's. John lives in Brisbane now and knows more about Derby County than I ever will. Drives a Ute with a big Ram on the front. Spreading the word. We once went to the baseball ground and all we saw was the cleaner. She asked if we'd like a mini tour, which was cool. Then asked if we'd like to see the cups. We even saw the saucers. Great times over the years and [plenty of bad ones. Great fans and a cracking Forum. Derby till I die.
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