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  1. Knew a guy once who used to sell ice cream outside the Sitty ground. He was found dead one day. He was covered in strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, hundreds and thousands and flakes. They reckoned he topped himself.
  2. Pure class when he got both Wallace brothers in a headlock.
  3. eye eye, see what you did there
  4. Got a point there. Used to hitch to Derby and back a few years ago to fetch my kids. Couldn't afford 2 lots of fares. Was stuck on the A9 near the petrol station at Cumbernauld, 3 in the morning, for quite some time in the pouring rain. Those were the days
  5. He did a charity Bike ride from Rangers to Derby. One class act. Went to the Derby v Rangers testimonial for Ted Mcminn. Cracking atmosphere. 10,000 Rangers fans. Also remember when Ted Mcminn got fouled at the half way line by a Norwich player and Oooooh Mark Wright ran from defence and walloped the offender. those were the days.
  6. Dutch? Someone with 2 lips. Could be from Amsterdam.
  7. Tomori and Mount were great but so many times Wilson gave that wow factor.
  8. A few years ago there was a guy in the market place got arrested for shagging a goat. His mate got done for acting the goat.
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