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  1. Many moons ago, when I was a youngster, my cousin and I used to go to the Racecourse and sneak through the gap in the metal fence and watch Derbyshire play cricket. One time, I went alone. I played a game of cricket with another two lads. after a while, their dad shouted "come on boys". The dad was not other than the mighty Brian Clough. As Harry Hill would say, "what's the chances of that happening". true by the way
  2. If he is lying, he is going to get pumped
  3. Well spotted. Silent l (Mel and frank)
  4. Totally agree. Nerve wracking and horrible experience to be honest trying to get tickets, let alone failing to get one. Hope the fans that did not get tickets can have a great time watching it elsewhere.
  5. Wow. Well done. Hope you are on cloud nine after the game, then we all will be. Glad you got your ticket and did not have to go on the 'Who didn't get a ticket/ticket wanted?' thread. Miserable gets to the back of the queue there. lol
  6. Bristol city 1 Derby county 2 Lawrence
  7. Surely there will be some snuff involved and maybe a ferret in the pants
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