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I'll read more about Rams TV later but I'll ask here for now.

1. How much is it?

2. What do you get for your money? (U23 games live, 1st team matches 'delayed' etc)

3. What do overseas Rams get that UK based ones don't?

4. Is it PC friendly or just laptop, phone and ipad? 

5. Does one subscription allow you to watch on different platforms?

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Thought of more questions
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4 minutes ago, Fraser_23 said:

So.... if I want to watch just the wolves game when I'm in France, I'll have to get a wifi or 3G connection and buy it from France? Will this cost me extra or will it stay the same price? 

You can get match day passes, I believe it is £5.00, but not 100% certain. And you will have to get it whilst in France (or anywhere else not in the UK and Ireland)

Just had a quick check in the club website;


If I’m going abroad and want to purchase a live stream game, can I do so before I leave or does this have to be done once I’m abroad?

Supporters who are travelling abroad during the 2017/18 season and wish to purchase the live stream pay-per-view package will only be able to do so once they are outside of the UK & Ireland. The option to buy this package will remain unavailable until supporters are outside of the UK & Ireland.


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