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  1. Yeah probs is. Was with some mates so I assume he’s come back for that. Only stirring about signing lol
  2. Just seen Newcastle centre back Lascelles at Derby train station. Think he’s from Derby so could be nothing
  3. According to Nixon Liverpool will sell for 15 mill and Leeds and us are at the back of the queue for a loan deal
  4. Arguably got forest to the best position they’ve been in years! If he can do it with them, he can do it with anyone 😂
  5. Yes please mate, in naan, yogurt mint sauce, bit of salad on top hold the onions. Ta
  6. Carson’s in Portugal with the fam
  7. Yeah both could work tbf. Rate bannan highly
  8. Him and Huddlestone in middle 😍
  9. Going to Costco tonight was a nightmare, and that’s a Tuesday without football! Probably the worst lay out I’ve seen for roadworks. Almost missed the turn for Costco on island, because it’s pretty sharp and tight. Planning is shocking, doing it at the Same time as ascot drive?
  10. Was on about for centre attacking role. Lampard changed to that formation recently with two holding midfielders behind. Would be good to have him back, especially after last season
  11. Everyone overlooks Efe Ambrose as our star player this year. Some even said Wilson and Mount were Better? His impact since he joined in January as been instrumental. Hope we sign him permanently. I reckon we could get him for 5 mill if we ask nicely
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