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  1. Fraser_23

    Luke Thomas

    His Instagram story is him in London. Could be there to finalise the deal?
  2. Fraser_23

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Claudio Ranieri ?
  3. Fraser_23

    Scott Carson

    Why do they keep calling us county ffs ??????!???!?
  4. Fraser_23

    List of Derby songs

    ******* useless du du du du
  5. Fraser_23

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    My team next year Carson wisdom Keogh Davies New Hudds Johnson and Bryson new new new
  6. Fraser_23

    Derby London Fans

    Not going myself but many derby fans go to Covent Garden for pre match drinks
  7. Fraser_23

    New chants.

    Just a song for tonight Oh We Oh we’ve got Bradley Johnson Oh we Oh he’s better than Johannson Oh we Oh He never gives the ball awayyyy
  8. Fraser_23

    Parking tonight

    Yes think it is
  9. Fraser_23

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Not going to lie I’m feeling really confident tonight. Have wisdom and Keogh stopping sessegnon and Johnson in the middle to close down the centre mids, and put them under pressure. Prevent the service to mitrovic and I think we’ll win by a couple tonight. COYR
  10. Fraser_23

    Parking tonight

    I park at dunelm. Not that far and majority of fans walk back over that bridge
  11. Fraser_23

    v Fulham (H) - 1st leg Predictions

    Derby 2-0 jerome
  12. Fraser_23

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    Robert Huth leaving Leicester at end of season. Would be solid in defence
  13. Fraser_23

    v Fulham (H) - 1st leg Predictions

    2-0 Jerome
  14. Fraser_23


    Would rather play Fulham than villa
  15. Fraser_23

    Sam Winnall

    Loved how in his interview he was about to say “nobody’s scored a 30 yard screamer” but stopped himself and said shot instead. Shows how he’s not full of himself and is still a down to earth decent guy. Hope he signs next season

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