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  1. Rooney just basically confirmed he will be signing
  2. Right I’m not coming back until 11pm to see who we ACTUALLY sign 😂
  3. To captain the u23s at United shows how highly rated he is. He has already made his debut for their first team which is obviosuly very impressive. Maybe worth a punt should Wisdom or Clarke get injured
  4. Our last foreign signing was Jozwiak, and I would argue he has settled very well
  5. How can you forget the Guinean King himself: ABDOUL RAZZAGUI CAMARA
  6. With no CB cover and now bielik potentially out for some time, was what I was getting at
  7. I don’t doubt that at all. However, Evans is really our only CB cover and now bielik looks like he could be put for a while. I only hope we are selling IF we have player(s) to bring in
  8. You’d like to think so. Especially now Bielik may have a serious injury!
  9. Strong powerful winger so I would deffo take him. Even having him on the bench will be better than what we had today
  10. Really don’t get why we are selling him
  11. Yeah I reckon he needs a bit more experience tbh. Looks like a good player but to get that sort of money for him, I feel as if WHU will want assurance he will be able to step into their team and play premier league football quickly
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