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  1. The Liverpool under 18 left back. Played in the youth cup final yesterday and looked quality!
  2. Yeah I don’t wait on the stairs. I always make sure I get down to bottom of stairs and watch last few seconds there, so I don’t miss any of the game. Then I just jog to dunelm and get away without any traffic
  3. So you pay for a ticket and make the effort to get to the game but don’t stay until the final whistle?? I get the traffic part but In reality how long will you be sat in it for? Is it worth missing probably 2 of our most important goals of the season? I don’t think so
  4. Show the Americans how to chant in a football game for once
  5. I really don’t get it. 85 mins and derby attacking to potentially gain a play off spot. All derby and they needed our support! all for what? Not being in traffic for 10 mins? Strange
  6. They’ve started to do it in the east stand now. When they serve a bottle of whatever, they have to take the lid off. Quite annoying as it means you have to drink pretty much straight away so you don’t knock it over etc. Dont really understand why
  7. Can’t believe a simple question couldn’t be answered ffs 😂😂😂 unbelievable Jeff
  8. Where’s everyone going before the game ?
  9. The people who I go with have decided they’re now not going to going next season. Ive always wanted to move to the south stand and I’m currently in the east. Can I swap seats still or is that not possible anymore? Thanks
  10. Apparently been spotted playing golf this afternoon so probs won’t be in squad again
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