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  1. To be fair the only team that played against us that looked good/impressive was Blackburn and potentially Norwich , it’s more down to how poor we are at the moment rather than the opposition IMO , we had barrow and still couldn’t beat them sure
  2. Marshall 7, Byrne 7, Buchanan 9, wisdom 6, Davies 5, Clarke 5, shinnie 8, knight 7, jozwiak 7, waghorn 7, Lawrence 6
  3. Have to say I agree , 3 times a week we see it happen and it has grown tiresome , it seems any key decision that may be 50/50 the officials have been swayed to side agaisnt the team that beat them in the courts
  4. While the op is perhaps a bit ott surely we should realise by now that the football mentality of not playing attacking and worrying about the opposition no matter what level the opponent is a real concern and not going to change regardless of who is fit
  5. I think even with the players back he has a fear of losing and plays too negative, I am starting to lose patience and sure Mel won’t take too long to pull the trigger
  6. Marshall 6 , Byrne 7, Buchanan 7, evans 5, Davies 5, Clarke 5, bird 6 , shinnie 6, Holmes 4, Rooney 5, knight 7
  7. Any news on if he has got his international clearance yet ?
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