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  1. trying to remember but definitely lower than the pitch (about 3 ft?)
  2. from what I've read, unless it is someone out of work it will be Wassall in at least a caretaker role
  3. joking apart it would look awesome with a massive Ram's head on it
  4. I guess the steps were not more than 5cm deep?
  5. Why do ppl go on about this? She showed a vid of hubby getting a cake on his birthday and at the end of it the bar played a song which may or may not be related to Chelsea. There are a lot more things that would have been an obvious insult. Anyway moving on, Frank is going to his dream job which is one of the biggest in football and I don't begrudge him the opportunity. He has done nothing wrong. I think for everybody (DCFC, Frank and CFC) it has come too early but it would have been a big decision to let it pass him by.
  6. if that is true and it maybe, then the replacement must be currently out of work
  7. the one where the bar put on a song in the background? If so, harsh and unfair
  8. why do you think we hate him? he's not good enough and does not have the connections to find good players well at least not to get us promoted. Great guy, good manager but not good enough for us. No hate
  9. Spanish


    Shaking my head in disbelief. One of the rules which is clear but oh no let’s just ignore it.
  10. I can't escape the feeling that Zoon isn't quite good enough for us
  11. offered the job after spending years as one of the most recognised proficient doctors and spent a year in theatre experiencing the methods and procedures of brain surgery. I know what you are saying but he is no GCSE student though.
  12. you reckon Zoon is better than Bennett?
  13. had me there! I thought the minute I suggested suspending the forum till 1/7 it had happened!
  14. this. that, something, P&S, something, FFP, something else. Sorry @RoyMac5no idea but unless all this is absolute and total dribble then there must be a reason to the alleged lack of approach to DCFC. My only worry is that our preparations for next season will have been badly delayed if he goes. I think we all know that he will go at some stage and the best we can hope for is that is because he has done a good job and we get compensation I suppose. Much prefer it if we were debating transfers
  15. so is it worth continuing this thread (the Frank bit only of course) or park it until 1 July when something may or may not be known?
  16. how will Curtis be? think we need something extra in CD Bogle not staying? Rest is ok I suppose but we appear reliant on Holmes staying fit given he covers a number of spots. Generally though if we want to do better this year then that squad does not look better than last year
  17. watch out or Boris will have these sites closed down in the hope of increasing GDP
  18. Spanish


    Goals change games, who knows what would have happened, neither of us. Do you want to bin the goal line technology? In one sentence you suggest that we would still have lost to Argentina and in another we wouldn't have won the WC. The fat drug cheat handled the ball but there is nothing clear about the WG goal We hold different views. All I am saying is that things could be improved if handled the correct way. I've made the point about objective and subjective scenarios. In no way have I naively suggested that this is a solution to end contention. FWIW I thought it was handled well during the last World Cup it's just the recent adoption that appears to be crazy
  19. I think it only fair that I should formally announce that i have no interest in taking up any offer from Chelsea if it was received
  20. Spanish


    Trouble is when there is a option to review a ref or the video ref would be a fool not to take it. Where the offence is objective than it should be straightforward but others are always going to be a problem. How do they possibly identify what is not a clear and obvious infringement. If this is to continue then the existing rules need to change to meet the way VAR is currently used. I would to make it the responsibility of the teams to ask for a video review on a limited basis. What we can't have imo is a hand of god incident or Henry v Ireland.
  21. I really believe that she is there sitting thinking about DCFC fans, I really do
  22. I agreed with everything @Mostyn6wrote until I got to the idiot sentence
  23. not sure it tells us anything for certain. The bar staff put the music on either because he has been talking about it (unlikely), he was about to leave the bar, or the bar staff were trying a wind up after failing to get any response from him
  24. Spanish


    change the rule for offside. the must be daylight between attacker and defenders torsos. Forget the arms and legs thing. As someone said the rule was designed to stop goal hanging
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