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  1. That’s just the one of the worst questions you should aim at any boss because it’s laden with criticism. But I guess that’s the point. In football I don’t see anything average as being anything other than failure. We are a fat ugly bridesmaid. our academy is about to arrive but a season too late and there is a risk that we will feed our prospects to more successful clubs. Mel’s sole contribution is in jeopardy. As you may notice i’m not particularly positive about our future and I am at a loss to see how we get out of it
  2. So true, openly defied efl and got a slap on the wrists. Teams will follow this and if penalised more than 9 points will sue.
  3. I think it has potential to be more difficult FFP wise. There are few contracts ending for players we overpaid for
  4. twitter followers does not mean they're actual friends 😃
  5. I think that's what the aimed at, 12 points would have been a different story
  6. It needs embargoes and points deducted. It also needs consistency none of this subjective depends on the seriousness carp. There is no comparison test of fairness and leaves everybody believing that teams have been treated too softly or harshly. Breach the rules and automatic 12 points deduction and 12 months embargo. Second offence within 3 years 15 points and 24 months embargo. I think the whole thing needs scrapping due to the unfair support that relegated teams get by way of parachute payments. In order to compete it encourages other clubs to risk punishment because the relegated sides have too much pulling power
  7. budgie and breadfan now that's a song
  8. gosh, brings back memories. Saw Eddy and the hot rods, boomtown rats, the Adverts around that time also. I've got the Dickies white 10" single (sound of silence?) somewhere. Derby got a fair number of events in those days. Curved Air with stu copeland (police) on drums lots of other great artists
  9. I was sat in the Dolphin when the news came out that they had been banned from performing
  10. bit of advice, ban smoking and dark fruits, both can leave nasty stains
  11. oh c'mon it's bloody LA, probably got one for the dinner lady
  12. I hope you didn't think I was talking down to you. Spain is a great place, we've been here since 1994. Hope it works out for you, we love it here
  13. so they have got away with it, 9 pts instead of 12, no embargo and no fine
  14. you must have a reputable, English speaking lawyer of course. The first requirement is the most difficult! If at all possible try to get recommendations but your are right it can be a jungle out there. Unfortunately, the phrase 'reputable lawyer in Spain' is an oxymoron
  15. we could also sell him to Italy in the summer
  16. Spanish

    Phone Screen Time

    I read the one above as massages @BurtonRam7
  17. I know and I'm not overly worried it was just the comment 'Not necessarily an issue for us as fans' when actually it could be a problem. Anyway I think we sort of agree.
  18. not surprising though is it, silence from MM and the club are probably justified but doesn't help. we have to wait for the fans forum I think. Personally I don't think the article is far off just sensationalised to make good reading for the mirror man/woman. He could probably have added something along the lines that Derby's season started to nose dive once MM told FL of his intentions which were different to those promised before his arrival. The championship has potential to collapse in the next 2 years and only those that have been very prudent with carrying values or you can rely on parachute money
  19. 3 managers their coaching teams, manager of luton his coaching team. I don't think any evidence will persuade you so I will leave this now
  20. I agree with all of your comments fwiw. for me this comment is significant in terms of the model going forward. if you buy a player you have to be pretty damn sure you can sell him for close to what you bought him for before his contract ends or you achieve promotion. The advantage that relegated clubs get is only going to increase as FFP starts to hit. Next season is likely to see a number of championship clubs on the naughty step and looking to the academy(long term)/loans (short term) solutions.
  21. your view is fine and its great that you hold to it however there a number of professional football managers and coaches who disagree with you. Sadly I can only conclude that he isn't good enough
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