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  1. My best mate, who died last July, and I have a saying for his AFL side and my English side (Derby obviously)... The pain of loving them is half the fun after all. Stick fat. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  2. Villa 1 - Derby 2 Waghorn Villa’s done pretty well by himself after being killed off, along with everyone else in Blake’s Seven, but that’s life...🐏
  3. Mr Clough’s bad younger child 0 - Mr Clough’s much more loved first child 1 Waghorn
  4. It's certainly the most entertaining and competitive league in the world IMO...although even the traditional Rams-Ewes double entrendres couldn't have saved the PNE-Derby match as a spectacle.
  5. That was my attitude when our Docklands Stadium opened in 2000 to be honest. But the reality is that the grass can't grow properly so you're automatically spending a fortune on 'drop in' pitches. And, as others have said, the temptation to solicit for other events to build a revenue stream sufficient to earn a return on the incremental spend. Frankly, while the closed roof is wonderful when it rains, I've always felt that Docklands Stadium is colder in mid-winter than the MCG (they're less than a kilometre apart) as the closed roof seems to create worse wind tunnels.
  6. If you want to know what sort of idea it is, google what's now called Marvel Stadium - it's been variously named Etihad Stadium, Telstra Dome, and Colonial Stadium since it opened in 2000 - in Melbourne. It's primarily an AFL venue but Melbourne Victory have played their bigger home matches there for years now, as have the Socceroos from time to time, but maintaining a decent surface for AFL matches, let alone a football-appropriate pitch, has been a constant problem. Seriously, just don't even consider it.
  7. Accrington Stanley 0 - Derby 3 Waghorn
  8. I hope you’re right but my rough calculations say we’re likely to be an unlucky third... FWIW, my guess: Norwich 92 Leeds 87 Derby Co 86 West Brom 83 Sheffield Utd 83 Boro 80 That’s assuming we win 11, draw 7 and lose none of our last 18 too...
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