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  1. Huddersfield 2 - Derby County 2 Marriott
  2. Leeds 1 - Derby 2 Wilson (Aggregate Leeds 2 - Derby 2 ✅)
  3. Are we still talking about football? That’s just how unwanted pregnancies happen.
  4. To be fair, 2007-8 proved that Derby fans are among the most committed in England.🐏
  5. Be still, my beating heart🐏😍
  6. Derby 3 - West Brom 1 Mount
  7. I died in 2007. Was dead for 45 minutes apparently. Then comatose for over a month. Awoke on the Thursday before the Saturday home match against the then 19th placed West Ham...The nurses reluctantly let me wander around the hospital at midnight on the Saturday night trying to get reception. So, yeah, I remember...and, even when I was dead or in a coma, I had more life in me than our season 😂. But, as others have said, you take promotion whenever you can. Fulham are the wrong comparison to make. Others have been promoted in a worse position than us and survived. They’re the precedent we follow.
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