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  1. EssendonRam

    v Southampton (A) - Cup replay Predictions

    Saints 1 - Derby 2 Mount
  2. EssendonRam

    v Leeds (A) - Predictions

    Leeds 1 - Derby 2 Marriott
  3. EssendonRam


    To be fair, Burt’s eyesight may not be the best. Wasn’t it you, @BurtonRam7, who mistook the Ram’s horn for a beady little eye? 😂🐏
  4. EssendonRam

    NFL 2018 Season

    Ooooo-mar was, in my view, the greatest individual character in any TV show ever...in the greatest TV show ever. From what I understand of Poe, Omar Little could’ve been based on him...except Poe was an orphan so wouldn’t have escorted his nana to Church every week. 😂
  5. EssendonRam

    Loan Return Planning

    Exactly this! Nor do I think it’s necessarily a small point either: I have a feeling that getting talent from the Academy and being a sort of ‘finishing school’ for the big clubs’ starlets might be key planks of The Derby Way to be honest.
  6. EssendonRam

    NFL 2018 Season

    As yet another aside while I’m on a roll, I even got over my disappointment that my suggestion for the new Baltimore franchise - the Jacks - wasn’t selected. Although I still think the idea of the Baltimore crowd singing the words of Springsteen’s Hungry Heart (“I gotta wife and kid in Baltimore, Jack..”) during matches would’ve been sensational, I loved the idea of “the Ravens” both for its pretentiousness and its inaccuracy. For those who aren’t aware, the “Ravens” was chosen after the Edgar Allan Poe poem based on a notion of Poe being one of Baltimore’s most famous sons. Except he wasn’t. He was born in New England and raised in the South. The sum total of Poe’s connection to Baltimore was (a) that he worked there for a short time, and (b) died in a Baltimore Bar. He drank himself to death - it apparently took them a few days to realise he’d died too even though he was in the public area - in a bar of some disrepute. Even when Art Model got it right, he was still right based on misinformation.😂
  7. EssendonRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    Stay away from Twitter as long as you can. I ended up abandoning my Twitter account because I found it was getting overrun by weirdos... But your post reminded me that the lag in the broadcast was much longer than usual on the day of the match at Rotherham a few seasons ago (you know which one!). It was torture that day. Hearing the ping as you say and then listening to Craig Ramage almost exploding as Rotherham clawed back goal after goal.
  8. EssendonRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    I remember the old app had a full 7-8 minute lag one day. It was usually no more than 1-3 minutes behind but, geez, when it blew out, it could really blow out. I used to monitor the Gameday Discussion page in this forum when the lag was worse than normal. It's incredible how superior the Rams TV service is to the old app when you think about it.
  9. EssendonRam

    NFL 2018 Season

    I've said previously that I couldn't really support the Ravens until Cleveland got their Browns back...and I didn't. I was a Baltimore Colts supporter for most of a decade until the Colts were stolen so disgracefully. That the cursed Irsays should never have been allowed anywhere near Baltimore in the first place has always added to the magnitude of the betrayal (if anyone reading this doesn't know the background: the Irsays owned the Rams and did a straight swap with the Colts' traditional ownership: the Rams for the Colts. Within a few years, the Irsays did a secret deal with Indy. The first anyone in Bmore knew they were losing their 40 year old Colts was when they woke up one morning and the moving trucks had already departed for Indy the midnight before. And, still today, it irritates me when I hear idiots describe Johnny Unitas as the "Indianapolis Colts' legendary QB". Johnny Unitas was a Baltimore Colt and never went anywhere near flipping Indy!) And for Baltimore to turn around and steal another storied traditional franchise like the Browns - only the Bears and the Pack are more traditional franchises than the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Colts - was just terrible. I was pleased when the NFL forced Model to surrender the Browns' name, colours and history; I wish they'd thought of the option when the cursed Irsays did their dirty deed. But the Ravens have quickly become one of the best, most professional franchises in the NFL.
  10. EssendonRam

    NFL 2018 Season

    People are so unfair to Bill Bellechick. If you’d had to coach in Cleveland for five years and finally managed to get them going in the playoff direction after four; but got sacked a week after they announced the move to the glorious city of Baltimore to become the juggernaut that would become the Ravens (after being reassured repeatedly by Art Model that the job was his for at least another season...but, then again, it was the same Art Model that swore he’d never even contemplate moving the Browns from their ancestral home), you’d be an embittered, nasty old coot too...
  11. EssendonRam

    Goals Against

    If there hadn’t been after conceding seven goals in two successive home games, I’d be worried for them.
  12. EssendonRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    Has anything more correct than those words ever been said? And you forgot to mention those damn gypsies. They have it in for us as well.
  13. EssendonRam

    NFL 2018 Season

    Agree with that if you’re referring to colours, uniform, moniker and logo. It’d be between the Falcons and Da Bears. Houston’s home uniforms are pretty stylish too. But I can’t stand the fact that they recycled the Texans moniker from the failed Dallas outfit. I’d much preferred they’d called themselves the Oilers personally. Weirdly most Americans seem to prefer the white-based uniforms, ie the Cowboys and the Colts white and blue.
  14. EssendonRam

    NFL 2018 Season

    A veritable Battle of Baltimore. Just one between the New Improved and the Once Was...
  15. EssendonRam

    NFL 2018 Season

    I wouldn't be greatly surprised if the AFC Championship game is in Baltimore. I think the Colts and us will win this week and then both pull off upsets in week two. Unfortunately, I've little doubt that the Pats will be harder to knock over than KC. But I think we've got the huge mental advantage over the Carson Chargers (although they're probably as relieved as everyone else that they're not hosting a playoff 😂) after the crunch win a fortnight ago; and I think our Defence can really knock Brady around TBH.

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