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  1. In the 1950 's , a 9 inch Bush TV , in a fetching dark brown bakelite , 405 lines . "Don't sit too close , you'll hurt your eyes " I was told , as I strained to see Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men - flobberdob !
  2. I always used to like " Muffin the Mule " Never did me no 'arm , like .
  3. When I was a child , my Mum made the best chips in the world . Cooked in a chip pan , containing a wire basket , using beef dripping . I've not had better in all the years since . Drool ...
  4. I thought Mick Coop would be a great signing 😂 ............💩
  5. Frogram


    There used to be a nosh van at Ilson fair that did mushy peas with mint sauce - hmmmm
  6. I'm 72 , today ! I share the day with Gandhi and Richard lll , although I suppose they won't know it . I was was born in 1948 , same year as the beleaguered NHS , in the days before colour was invented , except that Trent buses were red , and trolley buses were green .
  7. During his time as a Derby and England player , Roy McFarland's car broke down opposite our house in Allestree , he knocked on our door and asked to borrow the phone - cor !
  8. Just buffering for me as well , Ireland is a good holiday destination , but still no picture
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