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  1. RamsTV

    No sound .
  2. RamsTV

    Watch it in Spain , but not in France , difficult to understand ( boo , hiss )
  3. RamsTV

    I was constantly refreshing it in the first half , but no go ! I managed to watch the last half hour ☹️
  4. RamsTV

    No live video , only Radio Derby commentary - Aaarrggghh
  5. RamsTV

    Mine was mostly good throughout the game , until 5 minutes before the goal , which I missed of course . Thanks a bunch .
  6. RamsTV

    I'm sure it's not your fault Owen !
  7. RamsTV

    I am in France , paying the full whack . I have been patient so far , but tonight really pissed me off . Breaking down every 10 minutes , indecipherable messages on screen , having to keep logging in - is this the best we can expect ?. Can't somebody fix it ?
  8. What would you have done differently?

    I would have banned the 5 course meal that they had obviously had for lunch , and made them do with a sarnie .
  9. RamsTV

    I apologise if this has been covered already , but did anybody know why Rams TV has such a low sound volume . It's very low on the laptop , and when I hook it up to the TV , I have to turn the volume up to 100 .
  10. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    It looked like there had been an explosion in a nearby Rizla factory . Perhaps a management rethink on that one ?
  11. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Who's bright idea was it to dump binloads of waste paper all over the pitch ?
  12. Derby v Chelsea 1968

    Me too , almost impossible to describe the noise and the atmosphere .
  13. RamsTV

    After a few initial gremlins , it's been good for me in France . But you will only get commentary if you are in Allestree !
  14. RamsTV

  15. RamsTV

    Me too

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