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  1. Andouillette , oysters , andouillette ....💩
  2. They don't , but teachers still tell their pupils that France has the best cuisine in the world ! I have never had a decent steak here in 26 years .
  3. Big breaths ......
  4. Around 1958 , a small group of us 10 year olds decided it would be a good idea to go and watch a Rams training session . We set off from Chellaston with only a frozen Jubbly in our pockets for sustenance , and arrived at the Barracks (I think ) via a long slog over Sinfin Moor . We pestered the players as they came off , some lighting up ciggies , and I got the signatures of Parry , Straw , and Barrowcliffe plus others . There was a right rollocking waiting when I finally arrived home , my parents considered Sinfin Moor to be a dangerous place , I never did really find out why !
  5. The Baseball Ground 1958 , v Grimsby Town , Third division North . A friends dad took us in his car , we parked in Litchurch Lane . It was a soggy damp afternoon , and we stood in the Boys enclosure , my mate had a rattle ! Derby won 3 - 1 . Bearing in mind this was 60 years ago , the facts could be somewhat different !
  6. Leftover Tarka dhal and dry naan bread , black tea ( on a diet )
  7. A disgusting state you were in last night .
  8. Tell me that you love me .
  9. Paul Mcgrath , John Terry , Harry Maguire , not exactly mercurial .
  10. Yes , he has always put in a decent shift when he plays , not very quick , but with Tomori beside him ....
  11. When I was a kid , Derby used to smell of aviation fuel , if you were downwind of Royces' test beds .
  12. I believe the " if you're looking for sympathy " thing is a UK forces saying , and I heard it during my time in the Merchant Navy .
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