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  1. Frogram

    What You Heard in the Stand?

    When I was a kid , Derby used to smell of aviation fuel , if you were downwind of Royces' test beds .
  2. Frogram

    What You Heard in the Stand?

    I believe the " if you're looking for sympathy " thing is a UK forces saying , and I heard it during my time in the Merchant Navy .
  3. Frogram

    When is your birthday?

    October 2nd , same as Gandhi and Richard 3rd .
  4. Frogram

    Post in here when you’re on the cherryade

    You can do it when your'e young , make the most of it !
  5. Frogram


    Very cute , Mr Cone .
  6. Frogram

    Anybody else overseas cannot get today's game?

    It was perfect during the build up with Wilson and Barker , then went off a few minutes before kick-off , until the second half . I wasn't very happy , to put it mildly .
  7. Frogram

    v Preston North End (H) Match Thread

    Nothing here - bugger .
  8. Frogram

    RamsTV Feedback

    I get TV legally via Freeview . I don't really want to use a VPN , but I suppose I might have to .
  9. Frogram

    RamsTV Feedback

    So that's it then , I might as well unsubscribe and save 15 euros a month . Once again it says I am living in an " Unauthorized country " . No , not South Sudan or Eritrea - France . What with the sky games , and this , I have only been able to watch the pre season friendlies . It was nice while it lasted , I should have known it was too good to be true .
  10. Frogram

    least funny 'comedian'

    McIntyre has made a good living out of having strangely bobbing hair , about as funny as amoebic dysentery .
  11. Frogram

    RamsTV Feedback

    Very good for me tonight . I think the camera man fell asleep for a while during the second half , not surprising really .
  12. Frogram

    The stupid things people say .

    But surely nobody , even in their most desperate , saddest moments , could believe that to be true . I have lost many family members , friends , and cherished animals in my adult life , but never once have I entertained the thought that they are " up there " .
  13. Frogram

    The stupid things people say .

    As in :- " He'll be looking down on us from above . " Really ! Do people think their ex relative / friend / favourite pop star , is sitting on a cloud above us wearing a pair of comedy wings, and carrying a small untuned harp ?" This seems to be perpetuated by the media who seem to enjoy the sight of footballers and other sportsmen throwing kisses to an empty sky . Grow up I say !

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