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  1. The weather was great in Den Haag yesterday .
  2. I'm going to England for my holiday , towards the end of September ! My annual trip to the Costa del Sawley , during which I hope to see the Rams v Birmingham , pig out on fish and chips and takeaways , and enjoy many pints of well - hopped beer in the local pubs - luxury .
  3. Fed up , waste of money . I am only allowed to see a small pecentage of Rams tv matches . Boo .
  4. For anyone interested in American Bluegrass / Country , check out the amazing Molly Tuttle for incredible flatpicking . Please don' t speculate on what she could do to a guy , with that right wrist action ( I never have ) .
  5. Frogram

    Wimbledon 2019

    I agree , but what else drives me up the wall - what on earth is this wiping their faces on a towel after every point , you have towelling wrist bands for that ffs , and this ridiculous affectation for getting three or four balls from the ballboys/ girls , then throwing one or two straight back , aargghh drives me nuts .
  6. Remember that Paris is all but shut in August , they are all at the seaside in Normandy/Brittany/Vendée/ Charente Maritime , adding to the huge traffic chaos and packed restaurants . I live in the Charente , ideal for discovering the south west , and has direct rail links to the UK , Paris , and Bordeaux .
  7. Le mot que tu cherche est " une branlette " je crois !
  8. I thought they were members of the Wherethefekarwe tribe
  9. Drinking a huge amount of Ouzo . I was very ill for 4 days , during which time I would have paid someone to shoot me .
  10. I don't 😱 I have lived in France for 25 years , and relied on a good mate to get me a ticket , on my previous visits to Pride Park .
  11. If so I would be delighted to cadge a lift . Non smoker , house trained , old but not fat . I will drive to meet you , thanks . Ps I havn't got a ticket yet , is it still possible ?
  12. Has anything been heard from Piemeister Fat Kenny yet , or is it too early ?
  13. Joseph Wright of Derby . Amazing pictures in Derby Museum art gallery .
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