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  1. Funny Pics Thread

  2. Gaming

    Anyone else playing Shadow of War? Its the sequel to Shadow of Mordor which I thought was awesome and so far this is pretty good also.
  3. What are you eating tonight v2

    Beef tips with peppers and onions, green beans and mashed potatoes, texas toast
  4. NFL thread

  5. Norwich City V Derby County

    Yep I am.
  6. Norwich City V Derby County

    Aside from the big damn bat we had to chase out, it was a top time indeed.
  7. Norwich City V Derby County

    Spending this weekend in a cabin in the mountains that has no WI-FI so will miss watching this one. But anyway, I'd go with same team and while I think our form and how we have been playing, no reason can't go and get the win, but would be content with a draw tbh. COYR.
  8. Your Top 5 Greatest All Time Actors

    Here's mine: 1-Daniel Day-Lewis 2- Tom Hanks 3- Al Pacino 4- Philip Seymour Hoffman 5- Anthony Hopkins
  9. What are you eating tonight v2

    50 buffalo wings👍
  10. US or UK Comedy

    I loved Life's Too Short.Shame it ended so quick.I still watch this scene sometimes, find it hilarious.
  11. US Men's National Team

    Well embarrassingly we did not qualify for next year's World Cup and that will unfortunately I think just hinder our growth even more. With this being said, just curious on yall's thoughts on what US needs to do going forward? I definitely feel a total overhaul is needed, with the head of US Soccer Gulati getting gone being first thing. I always am excited to watch the World Cup, but tbh not even sure if will care to watch it at all next year.
  12. upcoming gigs

    Going to see ZZ Top this upcoming Friday.Always put on a great show.
  13. New joke thread

    I went to the zoo yesterday and saw a baguette in a cage. The zookeeper told me it was bread in captivity.
  14. Derby County V Notts Forest

  15. US or UK Comedy

    Seinfeld Night Court King of Queens Andy Griffith Show It's Always Sunny

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