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  1. AmericanRam

    Picture where you are now(guess where Froggg is)

    Definitely, she has a tv set up outside so I will be grillin and watching hoping yall get it done.πŸ‘
  2. AmericanRam

    Would it be that bad ?

    I do us see us eventually signing some players,but agree that what we have now should be good enough to compete; especially also like the things Lampard has said as well.
  3. AmericanRam

    Picture where you are now(guess where Froggg is)

    The lady and I about to get some steaks and ribs at a great local butcher for a cookout were having this afternoon.😁
  4. AmericanRam

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Will be cheering for ya'll today.Think will be a tough one but see ya'll getting it done.πŸ‘
  5. AmericanRam

    Post in here when you’re on the cherryade

    Damn next door neighbor goin to go piss in his car dont turn off that damn rap music. Whats smell think my gosh darned brownies are burning. Wooooo
  6. AmericanRam


    Just picked up our new puppy CosmoπŸ˜€
  7. AmericanRam


    The lady's birthday is coming up in September and since it is a milestone one really want to do something special for her. She has said before she's always wanted to go to Belize so really looking at taking her there. Anyone else ever been? How was it? Restaurant recommendations? Anything to know? Thank you.
  8. AmericanRam

    Things you wish you were good at?

    I wish I was a bit better at dancing also.The lady wants to try salsa dancing lessons this upcoming weekend.We...shall see lol. Wish I had better hand-writing also.
  9. Only guaranteed starters imo as it were are Carson and Davies.Other spots go to who he thinks are best. If he thinks Martin is his guy, fair enough.If not, solid option off the bench.
  10. AmericanRam

    Most Overrated Bands of all Time

    Aerosmith Chicago Bush
  11. AmericanRam

    'Appy Bufday Pearl Ram

    Have a good one pal.πŸ‘
  12. AmericanRam

    Choo choo!

    I hate crap like this tbh, just come out and freaking say what it is.
  13. AmericanRam

    On baby - best punk track ever!

  14. AmericanRam

    On baby - best punk track ever!


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