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  1. Poor game. Two poor teams on the night. Draw a fair result. Worrall was correctly given MOM. Great goal from Kazim.
  2. We're not playing well but should have gone 1 up. Bad miss from Knight. Went to sleep defensively and Marshall gave them a goal - dreadful keeping which he'll know. Most worrying thing is how poor we were after the goal. I expect Rooney to make an early change or two. Fingers crossed for the second half.
  3. Lucky to be 1 up TBH. They scored a perfectly good goal - Ref was let down by the linesman (sorry assistant ref). Maybe that's the bit of luck we needed?
  4. I get what you're saying. I agree losing to Wycombe would be a massive blow but I believe we're capable of beating anyone in this league and having Buchanan and Byrne fresh for that game could be a master stroke. Time will tell
  5. Oh crap, I've already spent my £10 on RamsTV! No worry though, at least I'll get all that great post-match chat ........................................ oh wait
  6. Happy overall with that half. Shame we let them back in. We look the better team though, so hopefully we can push on in the second half.
  7. After a big blip we get back on track: Rams 2 Boro 1 FRGS CKR
  8. He might not score, but with a chance like that he definitely should hit the target and he'll know it.
  9. First goal: Poor from Marshall - should have come and collected it IMO. Second goal: Poor from Shinnie - had to stay with Crooks IMO.
  10. Definite yellow challenge on Shinnie from behind. Not even difficult to give. Was obvious IMO.
  11. I hope Waggy has a good game tonight. I think he's lucky to start to be honest. He's proved a bit of a liability with reckless challenges.
  12. Couldn't fault his commitment. I wish him all the best at Millwall.
  13. An armadillo wouldn't be any worse than some we've signed 🤔
  14. Reckon he has a big influence off the pitch too 😀
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