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  1. I agree. A shoulder barge is shoulder to shoulder - his shoulder was into Byrne's back.
  2. Tactically, Bowyer got it right last night and Rooney didn't in my opinion. With them pressing us so high I think we had to be braver and play more longer balls down the channels or over the top to make them have second thoughts about what they were doing. To do this, we needed to play with at least two up top (when we had the ball) and, for all the long throw-ins, corners etc keep at least two players in attacking positions (I'd rather have three) so we had an 'out ball'. In some games this season we have done this but I didn't notice it happening last night.
  3. Dogs and kids allowed in the pubs at the top and the pub at the bottom. Sometimes the wife doesn't allow me in any of them!
  4. Predicted a defeat as it worked last game πŸ˜€ Rams 1 Boro 2 FRGS Sibley
  5. Really pleased with the attacking mindset tonight. We were very positive on the ball. Bird was excellent IMO, but overall a great team performance. Best of all of course - 3 points πŸ‘
  6. Such a funny bloke. Stopped me in my tracks when I found out. RIP Sean
  7. I watched it on TV so can't confirm it but that is what was said. If true I hope we maintain this approach and have at least one person left up front whenever we defend a corner or free-kick.
  8. My thoughts/opinions from watching today's game on TV where we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Positives: We looked 'in control' for large periods of the game Great finish from Stretton Sibley (and Ebosele to a lesser degree) caused them problems when running at them On at least one occasion we left 3 up front forcing Peterborough to leave 4 back. Negatives: In general we are too defensive, we kept the ball well a lot of the time but didn't look dangerous with it. On too many occasions we give the simple, immediate return pass back when there are other more attacking opportunities available. We give the ball away far too easily Too often, at key moments, our players lacked concentration and composure (e.g. Sibley giving away the free-kick (just prior to the equaliser), Jozwiak 'going to sleep' when he needed to make sure he got to the ball first (which led to the equaliser) and Byrne. Substituting Morrison so late on, which wasn't a 'like for like' change and didn't strengthen us defensively. All in all an incredibly disappointing result, in a game we should have won having taken the lead, but definitely shouldn't have lost.
  9. I feel optimistic as a result of the report out today. I feel positive that we can, and will, do something about this. Boris Johnson will, I think, take this report very seriously. Historically, the problem has been that major governments have been 'in bed' with the fossil fuel industry. That will change I think. It did with tobacco, so why not for fossil fuels? I think we will look to take a lead on this at COP 26 in Glasgow. I hope that there will be plans announced for help for all of us to reduce our carbon footprint when our current boilers come to the end of their life.
  10. Can't be there today. For all that are going, I hope you see a good game and the players do us proud.
  11. Good luck. Names? My money's on Mel or Melanie πŸ€”
  12. Really sorry to hear you've had to leave a job you really enjoyed Norman. All the best.
  13. Born in Barrow- in-Furness, spent 1 year there, then two years in Plympton, before moving to Barton-under-Needwood, Staffs. Until the age of 7, I 'supported' Man U - well in truth I loved Bobby Charlton. First game I watched was a Burton midweek game, but we left at half-time because I was upset by a man sat behind us who kept shouting! Got 'into' the Rams because my Dad and elder brother were supporting them. First Rams game I can recall is The Derby 3 Bristol City 3 Boxing Day game. I was a season ticket holder for a couple of years (1982-83 and 1983-84, I think). Lived in Derbyshire (Repton) for two years from 1983-85. Since then I've lived in Plymouth for three years, Bugle (Cornwall) for four years, Tisbury (Wiltshire) for 13 years and have now been in Shaftesbury (Dorset) since 2008. I usually get up to see a few games each year at Pride Park, plus a few 'local' away games - Bristol City and Reading. Desperately hoping that we make a good start this year. COYR.
  14. I was responding to your comment: You really think only 5 additions..? I can’t think of 6 players that we currently have that are good enough to challenge for 10th spot. All those IMO are capable of challenging for 10th spot. Of course the 5 brought in are key too.
  15. I think 5 additions is a good shout TBH. I can easily think of 6 players good enough to challenge for 10th spot (IMO of course) Marshall/Roos, Byrne, Buchanan, Forsyth, Davis, Shinnie, CKR, Jozwiak, Lawrence, Bielik (sooner the better obviously)
  16. Cottage booked in the Brecon Beacons for six, plus 3 dogs late August - Β£800.
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