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  1. Mary Poppins, everybody likes her. Nobody else I can think of
  2. considering he's no longer with us I guess the HMRC are the one's chuffed. I knew him and he was a nice guy
  3. https://www.internationalinvestment.net/news/4007112/wayne-rooney-jimmy-carr-stars-win-gbp263m-hmrc-battle?utm_source=Adestra&utm_medium=email&utm_term=&utm_content=&utm_campaign=New Newsletter - Special Report 2&utm_campaignid=6003&utm_cmdid=112389 Derby County's Rooney is among 675 investors, including comedian Jimmy Carr, Arsene Wenger, Roy Hodgson, the late Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt, and Lady Elizabeth-Ann Redgrave, wife of Olympic legend Sir Steve. In 2011 they put in £79m - an average of £117,000 each - towards the £263m Cobalt Data Centres 2 and 3 in North Tyneside, unused for years.
  4. I thought many think it's just down to benefits?
  5. yep it certainly has gone too far. Associations across lots of disciplines are desperate not to be seen as not taking the problem seriously enough so they over react. Not sure how this tide can be stopped and it starts from a good place. With any sort of prejudice (including sexism, apartheid) there are some that complain from the start and some that join in when it has gone too far. Personally, it gets my goat when things are done to appeal to baser instincts of some irrespective of whether it is racist or xenophobic. As an outsider I can tell you where the core feelings of brexiters I have spoken to. Dress it up as NHS or whatever but there is a deeper prejudice. Maybe I'm wrong and I certainly can't say I have spoken to everybody but I do have a suspicion that I cannot shake. Perhaps its because I am a foreigner myself and feel the issue more intently as a consequence
  6. According to UNESCO, the terms xenophobia and racism often overlap, but differ in how the latter encompasses prejudice based on physical characteristics while the former is generally centered on behavior based on the notion of a specified people being adverse to the culture or nation. Both are disgusting. why are you so carefully ringfencing the word racist?
  7. exactly my view when I misread. Looks and probably is very dodgy. Hard to see any other reason than the one that is obvious
  8. Isn’t this bit odd? Most clubs appear to have ye May or June. I wonder how anybody could justify July? If they had gone to end of June well ok but July? Starting to be a little concerned.
  9. super strange but that happened to me, school said it would be character building! It was, I don't trust anyone
  10. if so that could affect the 3 year period where it takes affect?
  11. TBF these entries took place sometime ago and must have been reviewed and, in the absence of criticism, approved. This bit worries me. The EFL are quite capable of 180 deg change cancelling previous approvals and think there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this approach. Not out of the woods yet but at least we can watch how SW deal with it first.
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