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  1. we could also sell him to Italy in the summer
  2. Spanish

    Phone Screen Time

    I read the one above as massages @BurtonRam7
  3. I know and I'm not overly worried it was just the comment 'Not necessarily an issue for us as fans' when actually it could be a problem. Anyway I think we sort of agree.
  4. not surprising though is it, silence from MM and the club are probably justified but doesn't help. we have to wait for the fans forum I think. Personally I don't think the article is far off just sensationalised to make good reading for the mirror man/woman. He could probably have added something along the lines that Derby's season started to nose dive once MM told FL of his intentions which were different to those promised before his arrival. The championship has potential to collapse in the next 2 years and only those that have been very prudent with carrying values or you can rely on parachute money
  5. 3 managers their coaching teams, manager of luton his coaching team. I don't think any evidence will persuade you so I will leave this now
  6. I agree with all of your comments fwiw. for me this comment is significant in terms of the model going forward. if you buy a player you have to be pretty damn sure you can sell him for close to what you bought him for before his contract ends or you achieve promotion. The advantage that relegated clubs get is only going to increase as FFP starts to hit. Next season is likely to see a number of championship clubs on the naughty step and looking to the academy(long term)/loans (short term) solutions.
  7. your view is fine and its great that you hold to it however there a number of professional football managers and coaches who disagree with you. Sadly I can only conclude that he isn't good enough
  8. and people have been using that thinking it was normal😁
  9. do you have me a on ignore?😂
  10. having played them once and lost we have an advantage if worst came to the worst for them
  11. Pretty much how I was going to say
  12. 18 months ago I decided to get fit and needed a target which was the masters athletics world championships. I now find myself 1 week away from competing n Poland representing Great Britain wondering how I got myself into this😀
  13. much depends on the expectations. Some I thought were good buys, some bad some meh. Scott Carson - good/as expected Andre Wisdom - meh/as expected Craig Forsyth -meh/better Craig Bryson - good/as expected Fikayo Tomori - good/better Richard Keogh - good/as expected Harry Wilson - meh/as expected Mason Mount - meh/as expected Martyn Waghorn - bad/as expected Tom Lawrence - good/worse Florian Jozefzoon - bad/worse! Jack Marriott - meh/better Bradley Johnson - good/worse Alex Pearce - meh/as expected George Evans -meh/worse Jacob Butterfield - good/worse Chris Martin - meh/better Mason Bennett - meh/better Kelle Roos - meh/better Nick Blackman - meh/worse Duane Holmes - meh/better Max Lowe -meh/as expected Ashley Cole - good/as expected David Nugent - good/worse Marcus Ollson -meh/as expected Ikechi Anya - bad/as expected Curtis Davies - good/as expected George Thorne - good/worse Jayden Bogle - meh/better Max Bird -meh/as expected Tom Huddlestone - good/as expected Scott Malone -meh/as expected
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