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  1. Spanish

    Who “Should” be in the Top Flight?

    my wrong impression would have been the Sheffield clubs over the east Anglia outfits
  2. Spanish

    Who “Should” be in the Top Flight?

    Interesting that you have dropped Man City for the likes of Bolton. Anyway, the teams that should make up the Prem are the ones that are there on merit imo. We have a bit of history and a fan base but most of our success was decades ago. The younger ones in other parts of the country may not see us as worthy possibly picking Bolton over us. Interesting thread
  3. Spanish

    Christmas Dinner

    Xmas will be on island just north of Auckland New Zealand this year. We arrive on Xmas eve so will have to just hope my daughter has purchased a variety of appropriate items! Chicken and the day, roast NZ lamb on boxing day hopefully
  4. Spanish

    What are you reading?

    dirtiest race was a good read but left a few bits hanging, enjoyed it though
  5. Spanish

    Dr Who

    Completely disagree. This episode was all about india and Pakistan. Central was religion. Not watched it for 10’s of years and very impressed how edgy the series is. Fearless in the way it is approaching sensitive issues. The Rosa Parks episode was excellent but I hated the pregnant man one old fashioned and stale
  6. Spanish

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    stop your moaning😂, something we will all have to get used to next season in the Prem. Sat 3pm will be a rarity
  7. Spanish

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    ryanair? bet the flight will be delayed also to increase the pain.
  8. Spanish

    When is your birthday?

    as long as both of us are telling the truth
  9. Spanish

    When is your birthday?

    and we have a winner
  10. Spanish

    When is your birthday?

    21st october
  11. how many times did the snake win it?
  12. only if it says DCFC on top of it
  13. thought the b meant something else
  14. the table ignoring differential is somewhat different showing we are the most efficient at converting chances to goals, not sure any of this is conclusive though

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