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  1. but Leeds would have had more tossers, something we can all agree on
  2. They stole that from a sydney underground poster, I have a copy somewhere. Cracked me up when I saw it
  3. Are all these people unemployed or merely working from home?
  4. Still think that if florest and Leeds get prompted it will be a very bitter pill
  5. known unknowns 1 did we do exactly what we said we would do when we advised EFL of our intentions? 2 was the valuation truly independent? if the answer to those questions is yes then the EFL will have to use retrospective rules to find us guilty 3 do we trust the EFL to be fair and sensible and there we have why so many are worried
  6. lock down is lifted they have no cases and haven't done for ages. They did it right (so far). No comparison here with the situation in UK
  7. I think my campaign to get Alf garnett back on tv might not succeed
  8. I think i'm a bit worried that with the new rules it will feel like a friendly and that only the teams with definite chances will be up for it. Those already in the top spots should have a big chance sadly
  9. In a similar way , police have demanded Manure games are played in Manchester to dissuade their majority of supporters travelling from London
  10. I would guess that whether you show symptoms is linked to how susceptible you how rather than the virus being a different strain if it comes form an asymptomatic source
  11. associated with this unprecedented not a single covid briefing takes place without the multiple use of this word by a bloviator
  12. isn't this like renting a house and then complaining that the neighbours have sold theirs because they actually bought theirs. All 3 of their grounds are owned by the council, 2 of them used to own them previously. Independent valuation was used.
  13. It is a smear no doubt about it
  14. got to agree they really fell for the rubbish the government under Boris puts out
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