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  1. Thanks for your kind comment! 4 of my staff, my wife and I had what we all put down to flu in January. Key issues were a fever and shortness of breath. Knocked us all out for 48 hours. Ordinary flu symptoms at either end. We all had flu jabs in November. No idea as to whether it was a weaker version of cv19 but I have not discounted it.
  2. she must be doing something right; NZ 1 CV19 related death. Faced with earthquake, volcanic explosion and a pandemic in 1 term.
  3. Based on the unproven belief that having it once provides immunity. Hope so
  4. Interesting how the scale on the global death comparison graph we see everyday on the daily briefing is compressed in the upper layers which flattens the visual representation
  5. has anybody with actual technical knowledge confirmed that catching it once gives immunity?
  6. love ryanair, no refund just a credit for future fights which all appear to be double the prive pre CV19.
  7. dont think there is much of chance of turkey at christmas
  8. There is too much reliance on this being a reaper of the old
  9. Very recent, things are falling to pieces here they can’t really tighten it much further but some of the exceptions are hilarious, dry cleaners. Love the tabacconist exclusion when damaging your lungs by smoking is a major reason for the virus to lock on. Death in spanish males is greater than80 %. If we get through this we may have a National duty to perform
  10. New controls in place tonight, Rich, travelling to work s no longer allowed unless in certain roles. That’s me locked in now but tbh no real change just takes away flexibility. Can’t understand tabacconist exception😀
  11. go ahead then and ignore the government advice and the pleading of NHS staff.
  12. Are they just immune to the appeals of nhs staff or feel they are better than normal people?
  13. Yeh I know. Our problem was made worse by the Madrid contingent that immediately left Madrid when they heard about the lockdown
  14. Aren’t you guys subject to essential travel rules?
  15. Really this is the key to issue, what sort of immunity is proved to be retained by those that have been through the first round
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