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  1. Gooooooooaaalll!

    More entertaining away from home, PP fans to realise moaning does not help
  2. This Kris Commons Interview

    Success and timing i suppose. Not convinced that BC style today would work given the need to manage millionaire super stars. I will now go out and wash my mouth out with soap and water!
  3. Live games 2017/18

    appear to be settled as a top half team despite what others may think, amazing really and something we obviously need to aspire to
  4. Happy Record Breakers Day!

    I had hoped that at least the interest would last until the New Year. Once again our record is safe before Xmas, hell we were carp
  5. RamsTV

    re Saturday's game, which I saw in small doses and with no sound (had a house full of visitors) post match analysis Johnno seemed to be criticising CM in a light sort of way, did you or anybody else see that?
  6. Chris Martin

    I thin who scored is most reliable
  7. Brexit or Eurin?

    let's face it she is just s...
  8. McGovern flogging off Derby medals

    Annoys me a bit, it shouldn't. He might not like Derby now but I guess there a number of us who fondly remember that time and our heroes (and he was one of them). I used to cycle down to Raynesway to watch them train and he would turn up in a sports car of some sort singing rock n roll, thought he was the coolest guy I'd ever seen.
  9. McGovern flogging off Derby medals

    really? if I'd have ever won a medal to prove I was a part of the best team in England it would have taken a damn sight more than £4k! They would have had to pry it from my cold dead hands
  10. World Cup Draw

    BBC When news of his provisional suspension broke on 3 November, the Peruvian Football Federation thanked Guerrero for his "immense contribution" and said the country stood with him in "solidarity" during "difficult moments".
  11. Chris Martin

    TBH first time I've heard that. Ramstv wasn't available then so I have no first hand experience
  12. Chris Martin

    I do think the way we set up to play to CM's strengths was eventually countered and we had no other method to change to, I guess you don't agree
  13. George Thorne

    what do you expect him to say, we are in negotiations with a few but the rest can go for no fee? I take most of these types of comments with a pinch of salt
  14. Chris Martin

    how long ago was that?

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