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  1. same for both sides just seems a little odd really.
  2. About right, sell the allocation as quickly as possible while rewarding season ticket holders
  3. Didn’t realise I was that unpopular 😁, have a great day coyr
  4. due to plane logistics I hope to be travelling into London with a load of upset Villa fans. Same happened when we played WBA, externally upset internally bouncing off the walls! So I won't be wearing anything to show my allegiance.
  5. weird. seems like there were at least a few spurious messages out there
  6. I was just giving some feedback from someone who was lucky I think we should just walk away from this discussion and accept we can’t effectively debate it
  7. Jeez why are having a pot at me, I think it was badly handled
  8. Not so far for me. Malaga to ema on Sunday, train Monday am, lgw to Malaga Monday evening
  9. Norm I didn’t but my good mate did expected arrival time 17:27. Believe me or not
  10. I really don’t know how he persevered, I was flying so missed out on the fun. Unless we get 50 k there will always be deserving fans who miss out and I was very close to being one of them
  11. Yep I was a bit confused by the response, what is a forum for if it isn’t for moaning😚
  12. Shouldn’t have allowed any sense that queuing had opened. I am grateful to my mate who went through this for me.
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