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  1. Maybe there is a financial penalty for ending the arrangement before a certain date quite easy really
  2. ok not that I'm interested in defending Mel but what is he supposed to do? Best interest of the club is probably to wait until Alonso's option expires then bin him and wait for the next chancer. All this publicity will not have increased our value
  3. we only get the ground back by forgiving the loan. Given that this may be reducing in line with Mel's monthly contribution we may owe money in return, PP worth 80 loan now reduced to 60 maybe. Just impossible to even guess when the financials are so overdue
  4. we don't own the ground
  5. don't think so, where is the justice in that?
  6. more social media rubbish to follow then. Morning briefing, Gibson is little rocket man, the Middlesbrough virus and the like
  7. if we haven't already reworked these figures in the time we've had I would be very much surprised
  8. Not sure why the ref to PP?
  9. the EFL blamed Boro didn't they, hilarious. Wycombe should sue Boro
  10. for my sins I do sit and have sat on certain councils and tribunals. Personally it would have been of no interest to me that the EFL would replace me with a tamer version. I am not resigning over a little fit, I am resigning because I have failed to meet the standards expected of me and maybe even that my independency has been challenged. Remember I have dismissed Prof Popes evidence, the EFL's expert witness
  11. The DC dismissed Popes evidence and now they are told that was wrong, fairly strong critcism in my opinion.
  12. Because I would in their position, they are professional highly skilled individuals who have been told they made a mistake by a group of people with apparently less technical knowledge. I think it borderlines insulting.
  13. difference between incompetence and not being competent!
  14. in theory this could pit DC against EFL. Not sure how I would feel if I was on the DC I think I may need to resign. A different DC might be less aligned to our side of the argument
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