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  1. been in that sector for over 20 years probably why I don't immediately dismiss something I don't agree with
  2. the active market argument is really confusing The LAP is quoted 44. The Club’s case was that it used the Cost Model, and that there was no “Active Market”. It accepted that it was obliged to amortise the intangible asset, namely the right to the player’s registration over the period of the player contract, because at the end of the player contract the right to the player’s registration had no residual value. the club's argument is that they did amortize on a cost basis just not in a straight line. Just my reading, happy to be advised otherwise
  3. this is where I was for a time but the 2 x DC and LAP findings indicate to me at least that they had no intention of writing rules but required compliance with accounting standards. It is when you get to 18.2 when it gets wobbly. Many accountants think it compliant, a professor of accounting that LAP relied upon does not.
  4. thanks didn't realize the embargo would stop us negotiating something that had a year to run. You say that we would be due money if he left at the end of his contract, is that due to his age/academy involvement
  5. horrible isn't it? But he needs to sign a contract extension otherwise it is a nailed on loss
  6. needs to be renegotiated or sold, pronto
  7. I recall one mod referring to anybody exploring the EFL case as not right minded. Apart from the odd wum everybody here is 100% ram. As in life in general it is a pretty healthy approach to challenge your principles by exploring contrary opinions. Doesn’t mean you believe in them just because you feel the need to try to understand them.
  8. seems very unfair, as usual the EFL spend 5 seconds in writing a rule without considering the fallout.
  9. Spanish

    The Hundred.

    or make the men bowl from farther away when women are at the wicket. Perhaps they include a multi ball option where several designated bowlers could bowl at the same time. That would be exciting and just the thing to get more viewing figures.
  10. Spanish

    The Hundred.

    sorry it was a bit of bait but it started from a good place, I agree the concept of mixed teams may have traction
  11. Spanish

    The Hundred.

    or why not mixed teams, it's not that the hobby is particularly a demanding athletic sport
  12. recently happened in Madrid. Nurse told guy to wear his mask on the metro, guy hit him with 'knuckle duster' smashed his glasses and damaged one of his eyes. I read today that police have made an arrest
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