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  1. But it was already over the line, he had to flap it out because if he caught it it would be clearly a goal, wasn’t bayford given the goal
  2. I can vividly remember getting off a plane and reading (no pun) that score with shock. I said to my wife that we should just sack him after that so the momentum was there at least in my mind. I still think he continues to fail by losing motivation or energy. Nothing that he has done since makes me wonder what we have missed
  3. first sacking followed a run of W2 D6 L5 ending with a 3-0 defeat at home on the final day. I can't argue with the decision to sack him and I was in favour of PC as most were. From those 4 decisions I could only say that the appointment of PC was ultimately a terrible decision
  4. Spanish

    Beer Thread

    back in the UK last weekend and went to New Inn at Shardlow ; had a lovely pint of Titanic Plum Porter
  5. Walk past it everyday and train on that track
  6. No. Both have something to prove and i am surprised you chose not to recognise it. You know a lot about dcfc and I agree with many of your views but the blinkered support of the 2 is puzzling. I hope they prove me wrong but I have my doubts
  7. Need to see more against real opposition our u23 would have hammered them and maybe U18 would have got a result. GT and CM both looked ok in the reserves last year. Hope they make the step up but nothing proven yet
  8. just been to Naples for the upteenth time. Also stayed at Sanibel which was ace. Thinking of flying into Tampa next year as Miami is awful, 2 hours to get through the checks
  9. doesn't need to leave the penalty box to be in play. Opposition must still be outside though
  10. And I didn’t say we should get rid of him for a bag of sweets and a balloon. So we basically agree, get rid of him if we can
  11. Or we hold on to him, he doesn’t improve and goes for free at the end of the contract. The Derby way, brilliant. Let’s hop Cocu is a bit more switched on in his transfer dealings than some on here would be😉
  12. bonkers if this is correct, valued at 1.5 at the time of transfer. Jeez clubs must love it when we come calling. Hear we are about to bid 5m for a guy called Anya SeasonDateLeftJoinedMVFee 18/19Jul 20, 2018BrentfordDerby1,50 Mill. €3,10 Mill. € 16/17Jan 27, 2017PSV EindhovenBrentford1,00 Mill. €450 Th. € 13/14Jul 1, 2013RKC WaalwijkPSV Eindhoven1,00 Mill. €275 Th. € 12/13Jul 1, 2012AjaxRKC Waalwijk350 Th. €Free Transfer
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