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  1. surely they can only come after you in your limited capacity as an executor
  2. where's the comfy chair, think I need it
  3. Proud moment on ignore from a mod. How many more facts do you need to see? Yes I've been going on for ages because I was worried where he was taking us and received a fair amount of criticism for saying so. You and others were not and I wont forget being accused of not being right minded. I even sent you a PM about a shirt auction because I knew you had expressed an interest in the past. I have always tried to treat everybody's comments with respect even if I wholeheartedly disagreed with the stance and I won't apologize for having my own views
  4. got a good seat though and I think he even went in the dressing room a couple of times
  5. trouble is Morris history of gambling on our club's future is very poor
  6. I recall saying that it may flush out buyers who were otherwise waiting for a better time to buy, now there is real motivation to get a deal done because after the admin is in we look a lot worse. Much now depends whether Morris leaves the admin as long as possible, surely he can give is until the end of next week?
  7. perhaps the anti Morris lot saw it as a support for his actions?
  8. I am also clutching on this particular straw
  9. Sage, I didn't notice sorry. I have also mentioned this previously but I can't recall much flak, maybe I will get it this time?
  10. I disagree with you once again. You have your mind set on me, so be it.
  11. I hope it draws out a buyer before we appoint admin, then we can appeal for an extension to the intention filing meaning we can get to January with a new owner and no 12 point penalty
  12. I assume that when an administrator is formally appointed then the penalty will apply immediately. The liquidator then can/should appeal it based on covid causes. Goes to IDC so I can predict this will roll on unless liquidation beats it to the finish line
  13. do you not think entering admin is evidence of a guilty verdict?
  14. the debt is owed by a company that Mel owns, not him. The company has 1 asset which we are told has a charge over it, not ifo the club. Not a great scenario
  15. I hope he can make it to PP for the Reading game, maybe we could add his name to the list of supporters that our great forum members are generously funding for the game, hate him miss out now he doesn't have a seat and is brassic
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