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  1. Great to read these exchanges but I can't shake this image of you both😁
  2. Butterfield, definitely, BJ with 2 years to go certainly. I really hate the unique approach we have which is just to gamble that we can sell the guy for a similar figure to what we bought him for. TBH our current recruitment policy means that every player loses at least half his value immediately he is bought.😁
  3. If you think there is a chance that we may get excluded from the next 3 windows wouldn't you wish to utilise this one as much as possible?
  4. I'm not suggesting madness just that this could be the last window for sometime yet to be decided, recruitment needs to consider areas where we are short and those with contracts expiring.
  5. that's the reason why we will get him. Could be a few windows that we are excluded from, so we may be stuck with January's traditional cart of poo
  6. Part of the problem yes, but buying players who don't deliver and are sold or end their contract at a large loss is the killer. Not reducing their carrying value through the period of the contract just makes things worse. I suspect Zoon is still valued at around £3m. I wonder what Thorne is valued at? and Lawrence....
  7. anya and Lawrence are likely to have a negative P&S affect,
  8. you need an independent valuation to support the transfer price. The EFL are effectively saying that the valuer is not competent
  9. You've got it spot on about the management of player values. In addition we uniquely do not adjust carrying values, which is not against the rules it just means if you get the purchase wrong you get hit with the full cost in the final year. So Anya and currently Lawrence, Marriott, Bielic, Waggy all look like future losses. Our recruitment has been incredibly poor. when you consider the club trading loss and how much Mel spends on top of this, to make no significant improvement on the pitch is horrid.
  10. I heard we are to be forced to train in Iran and wear shirts criticising Trump
  11. apparently auditors are warning that there is a “material uncertainty” which casts “significant doubt” on their ability to continue as a going concern. They have done a 'Derby' and sold their ground for a mere £23m
  12. so it's not just me! every time I read the thread title it clicks as an address. 😁 hopefully let's avoid administration avenue
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