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  1. I agree, many countries are much less sensitive to this (I am not justifying it). In the Bahamas the N word was frequently used,. to my initial shock. We had a helper who originated from Haiti who periodically was refused entry into our urbanization because she had 'dirty black skin'. Our 'guards' were not white. Many places are where the UK was in the 70's, could you imagine a prime tv prog that referred to 'n*g n@gs' now? Although much of the blatant racial slurs have now been eliminated I don't think it has got rid of core racialist views. It takes a few generations but the point is that we have to start somewhere and places like Italy haven't even got to the start line
  2. It won't happen, the Aussies are more scared of getting swamped by our less desirables
  3. where are you going with this one? anybody who can't trace a bloodline back to a period before english involvement gets 'sent back'?
  4. My FIL always said that markeaton should have had a flyover from the start Coxbench; trying to pull out from the old level crossing and turning right was one of the most risky manoeuvres going in my opinion. the cars coming round the corner from little Eaton were crazy. I was quite pleased to see that last time I was over
  5. When did this click with you? It has been obvious to most of us, patience grasshopper it will come in time
  6. I used to love Muffin the Mule Intense therapy rid me of this filthy habit😁
  7. They have to park somewhere whilst they move the bins...... @Ewe Ram
  8. I know but it impacts wheelchair and pushchair uses
  9. The only true value of any asset is what someone will pay for it. If The original valuation is challenged it is the valuers problem tp explain/ justify but if there has been some collusion between them and the club that is the only scenario that should cause a problem
  10. From what I’ve read every time you go to the toilet in a football ground you passively get a hit😜
  11. Christ I’m that desperate even I’m considering a recall for CM at least it is an option rather than playing out from the back and getting mugged all the the time
  12. Not beyond the possibility that he just walks, reality must be biting deep
  13. I think it is close to desperation where the suggestions made for improvement are the equivalent of reorganising the deck chairs on the titanic. We have so many problems it is difficult to know where to start. We need to find a way to get the ball from goalie to the forwards without losing possession. I understand why we are playing out from defence but we are not good enough to do that. The opposition just wait for the mistake then attack. It is so obvious but we blindly follow the pattern, we are sitting ducks.
  14. Spanish


    Looking like it sad to say
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