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Nigel, tonight.

Warren Hobhead

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Pretty sure this is his first game back at Pride Park competitively speaking, just wondering what sort of reaction he'll get. A positive one, surely? 


I always felt he did a good job with limited funding, or at least in comparison to where we are now and whilst some of the football wasn't great as we tended to tread water, I felt his recruitment was pretty good overall. 


Had a tough time of it with Sheffield United but seems to be back on track back at Burton. Made a few canny acquisitions there and I fancy them to stay up which would be some achievement as I doubt their budget is the greatest. 


Won't be easy tonight, plenty of former players returning too, should they be selected. I'm looking forward to it.

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15 minutes ago, DRBee said:

'whilst some of the football wasn't great'   is a bit of understatement and surely it's the football we go for!

He deserves respect but no need to go overboard, as he's just a footnote in the club's history. But we need to smash Burton tonight.


The football itself was fine. His over cautiousness was the problem.

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Did well first 2 years wading through the Davies and Jewell rubbish, but after that we were incredibly boring and unambitious in both playing style and signings. A lot of the away performances in particular of that era were fantastically bad. To see the contrast to now you only have to look at away numbers.

A remarkably unremarkable manager for us really.

I'd pay him no notice if I were going.


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I have a funny feeling they'll beat us 2-1 tonight. Another one of those PP nights.

They are gathering momentum and fighting for crucial results to pull away from the relegation zone and they have made some shrewd signings - good experience in the ranks with Kightly and Luke Murphy and a sprinkle of exciting and unpredictable youth with Woodrow and Christensen. 

We look vulnerable and we are just casually drifting back from where we came. Other than the first encounter, they couldn't have picked a better time to play us. There is no oomph there, whereas Nigel will feel like he has a point to prove and will fire his players up for what many label their 'cup final'. We've been outdone by worse teams, let's be honest.

Nigel did a fair job in stabilising the club and building the foundations for the degree of success some of those who followed him have had, but it became painfully clear that he could only take us so far or that the board were unwilling to finance that push with at the helm.

Warm applause, why not?

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He did a good job given the circumstances. In essence, he did what was needed and did tremendously well at it. He steadied the ship and kept us competitive whilst slashing the budget year on year. Quite realistically, we should've gone down with our budget.

The football was poor, and we never looked (albeit from a 5 game spell with Commons, Bueno, Cywka, Kuqi) like challenging but should we have been in the circumstances? No.

Just as we were in a position to be competitive and were stable financially he was sacked. Was it harsh? Yes. does he have a right to feel hard done by given the sterling job he did? Yes. Was he given the money that his predecessors have been? No.

But, ultimately, whilst harsh we were right to sack him. He would never have taken us up - I just never felt he would. I feel a great deal more excited about the club since he left but he did a good job and deserves a good reception. He wouldn't have taken us up but we wouldn't be where we are now without him steadying our ship.

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He did a brilliant job given the circumstances in which he took over but I also feel like he wouldn't have been able to shift up a gear even if we did give him the same amount of cash we gave the likes of Clement.

I hope he gets a warm reception ahead of the game along with the ex-players that are currently at Burton. I then hope we hammer Burton 4-0 because we need results.


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2 minutes ago, Wolfie said:

He doesn't deserve any special treatment IMO. An average manager who since leaving us, has demonstrated that what he lacks in class, he makes up for in ability to bear a grudge.



Kept us in the division in tough times, so cheers for that... but we would be 16th forever and a day under him.

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He turned;

Bywater, Carroll, Price; Connolly, Mears, McEveley, Stewart, Camara, Leacock, Nyatanga, Davis, Todd, Albrechsten, Darren Powell, Sen Hines, Beardsley, Dudley, Hanson, O'Brien, Savage, Kazmierczak, Green, Addison, Barazite, Commons, Pereploktins, Teale, Pearson, Barnes, Sterjovski, Tito Villa, Hulse, Ellington and Varney…


Grant, Legzdins, Deeney, Smith, Freeman, Keogh, Bucko, O'Brien, Gjokaj, Barker, Fozzy, Hoganson, Lowe, Hanson, Eustace, Bailey, Coutts, Hughes, Jeff, Bryson, Ward, Russell, Jacobs, Bavies, Sammon, Martin, Bennett

…for a net spend of £0 all the whilst slashing the wage bill from the third highest in the division to the sixth lowest. He got us producing good football and performances at home but his overcautious nature hurt us big time away from home.

This article sums up a lot of his work with the academy and to be honest sounds like he was implementing Mel's vision three years before he bought us! http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/21615556

It was time to go but don't underestimate the job he did. His best work was off the pitch. 

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