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  1. I think we’ve had a good window considering the circus that followed FL leaving us. i get the impression we’d have preferred to keep Carson as back-up keeper, but if Man City came calling, well he’s been a good servant to the club and I don’t think we’d keep a player against their wishes. Hamer is an experienced keeper a step below Carson but above Mitchell, he won’t play many games unless Roos is hurt. Paterson will provide competition on the flank for Jooz/Bennett and I always thought he was decent for this league. COYR
  2. I keep seeing £80k a week bandied around, is that confirmed any where? To be honest I see it mostly from other clubs fans and people against the deal. Any truth to it?
  3. Lots of twitter accounts are breaking the news of a done deal now, mostly odds checkers though.
  4. Some Twitterati on the dcfcfans hashtag reckon this means the end of Cocu, one fella convinced he’ll be gone by Christmas with Rooney given the manager role. 🤦‍♂️
  5. Does Bubbles Spa have an older ladies section or...
  6. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but the people behind the Panini Cheapskates are finally drawing some of the Rams legends: https://twitter.com/cheappanini/status/1155887017668042754?s=21
  7. I must say, I don’t understand the thinking of those who want Frank to make a statement and say what they want to hear. He’s said previously he wants to stay, he has 2 years left etc. Like Uncle Mel said the only difference is Chelsea don’t have a manager anymore. The papers and journos are going to tweet out rumours and gossip because it provides traffic. It would be unwise for Frank to speak out about another club, much less one we know he will join if given the chance. Right now his contract is with us, it will remain with us until Chelsea or someone else off him a new one. If you want him to come out and say he loves this club, he wants to get us promoted regardless of who offers him a job, you’re going to be very disappointed. Even if he does say something, it won’t stop the journos or twitter putting two and two together and getting seven. COYR
  8. Possibly, he and Jody have constantly liked Chelsea related posts over last season. It can be spun any way people want.
  9. Any manager we get who becomes slightly successful will be linked and speculated with a move to another club. frank is an easy target because Chelsea.
  10. Have you actually looked at that site? It’s all some bloke off twitters ramblings and rumours. Complete nonsense.
  11. Even if Frank stays for now, this media hype surrounding the Chelsea job will never go away. If Frank stays and does well: He’ll be asked if he’s ready for Chelsea? If Frank stays and does poorly: Has he blown his chances with Chelsea? If no Chelsea offer materialises: Why do you think Chelsea didn’t offer you a job? If Frank stays the rumours will stay, we may as well accept this. IMO Frank is right to not say anything. Let the agents and the press do it all. When there is something to say he’ll release a statement. I don’t see this as the same as Gary Rowett, Stoke was never his dream job. Frank was always going to want Chelsea, it’s come sooner than anyone expected. If he goes, good luck to the fella and the next manager will get the same support from me Frank will get if he stays. I want Frank to stay if only for the stability of having a manager for more than one season.
  12. A lot of people will be much happier about this when they realise that staff working for the club might not hold the club as close to the heart as they do.
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