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  1. Get in. Karma. I’ll be calling in sick tomorrow. Good job I’m my own boss these days! 😉
  2. As poor as we were at times again today, at 1-0 down we are still very much alive in the tie.
  3. I was indeed. But that was against a big club with good players throughout the squad. That defeat didn’t upset me anywhere near as much as the Millwall and Forest games. And again, tonight we are exactly the same - crap. I’m quite displeased. Dunno if you can tell. 🤣
  4. We are horrendous (again) to watch. Bleak. Nothing positive at all, and I wouldn’t give a toss if tomorrow I found out that 90% of these players had left. Which says a lot.
  5. I didn’t even come on and post after the Villa game, such was my bad mood. I’m going to pretend the last few weeks have been a bad dream. Wigan are terrible especially away from home so we couldn’t have picked a better game to have. Let’s see a vibrant, brave, attacking display. At least that. If we still lose, fine. But entertain me ffs.
  6. I’d love to see them involved, Sibley especially. Absolutely bizarre that we brought King in anyway. I said he was shot to bits. Sadly proven true.
  7. Wisdom looks horrific every time he plays. I’d take Bogle over him every day of the week.
  8. Bogle is very young, he will continue to make mistakes and that’s the learning curve. You are blind if you reckon he’s escaping criticism. I’m fed up of reading posts about how bad he is. I would rather us play our young, promising players and allow them support and patience to develop. Nobody is top class straight away. It’s about time. Also, it’s nonsense to blame him for the Forest defeat. We had another 94 minutes to fight back. I’m not sure it was his fault our midfield were playing a game of hide and seek.
  9. I like the original post, but I’m not having this myth continue that we ‘brushed aside’ Norwich or WBA. We really didn’t. They were close games that could have gone the other way. As for this ‘we beat Man Utd’ obsession, yes, we did. But again, it wasn’t this great performance where we were massively better. They should have scored four or five in the first 20 minutes. A lot went for us that night. I do though agree with the point the OP made regards opponents now having lots of footage of how we play. We’ve probably been sussed out. It’s up to the coaching staff and the players to give teams different looks. Lampard is doing no better than any of our recent managers other than Pearson who lasted five minutes. It’s not a sin to say that. But I would still like to see him given time. Because like the OP points out, success isn’t a simple straight line.
  10. He’s our most talented player. Him being on the pitch also allows others more space and time. Wilson in particular. The bad thing being, he isn’t our player. Nor is Harry. We miss Lawrence too, and he is ours. That doesn’t excuse how bad we’ve been recently, but we have looked bereft of an attacking and creative spark.
  11. Have you spent a lot of the intervening years in a coma? Butterfield scored 8 times from midfield in his first season here, in his proper position, earning us 6 points more than we’d otherwise have got just through those goals. Which got us top of the league. He was cast aside when Clement was sacked. Didn’t get picked in the playoffs against Hull having beaten them previously with his goals. He did little after that, under another three managers in about 12 months, as did nobody else other than Ince. Even Hughes was ordinary in his final season such was the shambles that we were. Johnson was also decent his first year. We were bossing games and top of the league at one point. He, Butters and Thorne worked well back then. Hendrick in now and again. But once Bryson and Hughes returned everything went south for the others. Have they been good signings? Not really. But the worst signings, as you suggest? Give your head a wobble. I’ve had to watch Huddlestone, Bryson, King, Evans, Ledley the last year. In midfield. Absolute garbage. Tonight was another example. We’ve zero quality or creativity in there. We have moved on Thorne and Butters, stopped picking Johnson, and that’s fine if you’ve improved and replaced them well. Shouldn’t have been hard listening to this forum. We have Keogh still doing the midfielders jobs as well as his own. And he’s another who’s had massive stick on here. Honestly, I don’t think many on here would know a good player if David Silva knocked them on the head. Crackers. And sad for others like myself. Because you get what you deserve as a fanbase. And what we have now is embarrassing to watch in midfield. *Holmes has grown on me. I also called for Bird/Sibley to play (got shot down for it though). But no. We watch the same failures fail, again.
  12. We are a worse side than last season. The football is no more enjoyable and we aren’t winning as much. I didn’t like Rowett but Frank isn’t doing much for me either, I’m starting to see that little purple spell months ago as a bit of an anomaly. I keep saying it, but what are we trying to do here? What’s the plan? We aren’t building anything in terms of a squad or style of football. I’m all for sticking with a manager at last, but I need to see something positive. Tonight was appalling. A very average Forest were still much better than we were. I feel dreadful.
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