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  1. I like him. I’d have him plus a defensive midfielder and a proper 10. Think that would be more effective. But we’ve gone back to the negative ‘two holding’ system with snails in there. Which kills your wide men. Early days. Sure Cocu will get there.
  2. Thanks to TL for that win. We deserved it though. Clarke looks a hell of a signing.
  3. I’m hoping that like Fulham and Cardiff came a cropper at the weekend, first game back after relegation, that Huddersfield too suffer a hangover. But I really like the look of Grant up front and they have some really mobile midfielders. I’d take a point.
  4. I think we’ll be well beaten in this one. These are no mugs and I’m not sure about our newly assembled midfield, although I wasn’t a fan of the previous incumbents so perhaps I’m just rambling and worried ahead of game one. 🤣
  5. Good luck to him at Luton if true. Big fight on their hands to stay up. I still think he’s a quality player and did well when he was seen as a regular part of the team. But once Mac departed, he was a casualty of poor management.
  6. I think of the current lot, Carson has always been overrated. He’s a steady enough keeper but up until last season you’d be forgiven for thinking he was Dino Zoff the way folk bigged him up. I still don’t get the Holmes love either. He’s merely okay from what I’ve seen. In previous years I felt Hughes was massively overrated. I loved watching him and I do really rate him. But again, the hype around him from our fans was embarrassing. But nobody was more overrated than Bryson. Was bang average the last few years. Others would have been pilloried if they’d played as poorly for so long.
  7. I’d be very disappointed if this came about. The sort of ageing midfielder I thought we’d moved past, won’t be earning peanuts and is always injured.
  8. Weird that we never heard anything about it, in terms of court appearances or whatever. And he married his partner soon after didn’t he? Surely, the Daily Mail were correct? Surely.
  9. Between 6th and 10th. I just want good football, personally. That would then take care of a better league position.
  10. Yeah, well done Mel for selling the stadium to yourself so that the huge debts we’ve incurred don’t impact on us at present in terms of FFP.
  11. That myth was dispelled some time ago by a poster on here. Whoever it was, they showed that he passed it forward more than Bryson, Johnson and Hughes was it? Something like that. He played about 80 times, scored about 10 goals, was actually very very good when a consistent regular upon arriving and very good when consistently picked by Mac when we went about 10 games without conceding or whatever it was. He was massively crucial for us at one time. Badly managed afterwards, as was Hughes who struggled similarly under Rowett. Butters has since had no games here and struggled out on loan also. I said it before, but he appears to have lost his mojo. He’s had a poor two years. But the way the majority of our fans go on, you’d think he had been horrific. He was at worst average, and I think that’s even unfair. The price tags didn’t help him or Johnson.
  12. Agreed. He could have sat on his backside all last season but tried to get out last summer, but the Hull move didn’t go through on deadline day. Then chose to go to his hometown club on loan for a few months in L1. And prior to that, he played most weeks with our 23s and got great reviews for his performances and attitude. Things haven’t worked out well for him in the last couple of years but people have convenient memory loss about his first year or two here where he was comfortably good enough. Some of the stuff I’ve read the last 24 hours from our fans online about him had me wondering if we were talking about a different person. I don’t know if the Blackburn thing will work out but good luck to him. On his day he’s top notch at this level. But his days seem a while ago.
  13. In fairness, we have Holmes, Shinnie and Huddlestone. We are hardly the Harlem Globetrotters.
  14. Terrific technician on his day, can shoot off either side and should really be in his prime. But he’s had a terrible couple of years now so I don’t know if he’s lost his mojo. Good luck to the lad.
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