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  1. Full frontal lobotomy?
  2. You've overlooked my original point which was that the referee wasn't influenced by the Leeds players but by the linesman immediately in his ear. This was in response to your original post. I agree that the way it was officiated was bizarre at best.
  3. You've genuinely made my day with that last comment.
  4. Are you David Carradine in disguise
  5. If you review the match footage again the linesman was straight in the refs ear.
  6. If Lampard doesn't think of a way of counterattacking Leeds methods of neutralising us yesterday over the next 3 days then it'll be the same outcome. No pressure Frank.
  7. You're coming on here and attempting to have a reasoned debate. That was your first mistake.
  8. Over the course of the season Leeds have been better than us as they have achieved 9 more points than us. Which is fact. However the playoffs are a one off head to head scenario. And we didn't manage our game plan effectively enough yesterday to overcome them. Which is nothing to do with Leeds being better than us.
  9. I was waiting for thread. And for someone to postulate that we will need a new left back right back left winger right winger defensive midfielder etc etc
  10. People have quite rightly called out that it was pretty abject yesterday. Speak as you find
  11. It's very presumptuous assuming what someone is meant to know or not know.
  12. I think you need to understand that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit before we discuss anything else.
  13. You've missed my point entirely either intentionally or through ignorance.
  14. I've always been an exponent of the team which finishes 3rd goes up. Which isn't likely to be changed anytime soon.
  15. You mentioned Bielsa's 600 games experience against Lampards 50 odd so if you didn't think that was a contributory factor to the result today then why mention it in the first place.
  16. I like all the false logic statements spouting that as Leeds beat us today ergo they are a better team then us. In that case then why didn't we give them a bye into the playoff finals.
  17. Yes I thought that was the jist of it
  18. So what you're saying is that we should have just given Leeds a bye into the play off final as the result before a ball was kicked was already a fait accompli
  19. Fair comment apologies for being hyper sensitive. I'm just intensely frustrated that we've engineered to get ourselves in the playoffs with some excellent results against Bristol City and WBA then contrived to pee it all against the wall with that today.
  20. You may want to read that back when you have 5 minutes
  21. Yes I understand that my point was that not turning up in the most important home game of the season undoes all the hard work over the course of the season that got us there in the first place. I don't expect you to agree with me so lets leave it there before I get accused of orchestrating a witch hunt against Lampard.
  22. The problem is that 90 minutes of football unfortunately can define the course of the entire season.
  23. Just trying to add some balance to your original comment apropos being fortunate that the board was down which spared the outpourings of angst against Lampard not being up to the job.
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