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  1. I mean, as far as predictions go, those weren't actually the worst I've ever seen: Derby finished 6th, so 3 places +/- Sheff Utd went up (against the odds) and WBA finished 4th Middlesbrough and Leeds made the play offs. Brentford weren't a million miles off contention Notts Forest did finish below Derby Norwich did finish above Derby Ipswich and Rotherham did get relegated and Reading were in a scrap all season. Turns out the "super computer" wasn't completely misguided.
  2. Don't you come around here and start interfering with your facts. You're getting in the way of all the puns. Why don't you just slither off somewhere else, hey? 😂
  3. Also read: Ron Greenwood Graham Taylor Kevin Keegan Steve McClaren Fabio Capello Roy Hodgson Sam Allardyce Eileen Drury (because, quite seriously, the one that got away was Glenn Hoddle. I say to this day that we would've won the 2002/06 world cup or euro 04 under Hoddle had he been given a generation in charge a la Joachim Loew. The tactics that Southgate used last year, 3 at the back, were primed for that side of 2002-2006. Beckham and Cole as wing backs, Ferdinand, Terry, Campbell at centre half, Gerrard/Lampard, Scholes and Butt/Carrick in the middle with Rooney behind Owen and Shearer/somebody else with Hoddle's style of play. Potent)
  4. Honestly don't see there being a major transition needed tactically. Of course, there will be things done differently but consistency of style was central to the appointment. Can see it being a relatively seamless transition - hopefully, anyway!
  5. Yeah, saw this and was a bit disappointed - had this guy down as my back up Tomori. Very good price - pacey centre half seemingly fairly comfortable on the ball. Ah well, come on Frank.
  6. I know I can't really keep track of members changing their username, but I didn't realise that @Red_Dawn had become @oldtimeram. Have to say though, I have a worrying feeling about the dogs. Although, I try to predict Forest to go up every year if only to tempt fate.
  7. I'd offer the same but I reckon that that would put me in negative equity.
  8. Hopefully, mate. But if you look at some of the sorry states that other clubs have found themselves in, as a result of owners taking them for a ride, since, you'd have to question whether the EFL have ever really learned from this sort of situation.
  9. Absolutely. And never has this been more apt than down the A52. Whilst your point is right, there is something to be said for fans also underrating their own team and/or players and being unduly negative. Whilsy @Dimmu is correct about familiarity bias amongst a lot of people, there is also the flip side where familiarity breeds contempt amongst many others. All in all, supporters of a team are pretty much usually the least capable of accurately assessing their own team. Its one of the may reasons why I'd NEVER bet on Derby (that and the one miserable occasion where I included Derby to lose in an accumulator and they wen't and let me down and I've never been so disappointed to see us win. A valuable life lesson).
  10. Long and short of this is: if any of you want us to sign Harry Wilson, would you please nip down to the Megastore and purchase 240,000 shirts? Cheers!
  11. If this doesn't make you even more skeptical of the 'ITK' posters on here, then nothing will 😂
  12. A 30 year old, pretty slow, right sided centre half on the verge of a breakthrough as a gung ho, creative, attacking left back. If Neil Lennon can achieve that then there's nothing he can't do.
  13. Genuinely baffled that people don't want him back. I reckon he'd be the first to say that he had poor spells last season - but every single player in the world goes through a rough patch. And when people talk about him 'going missing', you need only look at the other 15 or so players who also went missing in the same time period last season. The guy is a quality player. Not faultless, no. But has quality that is above and beyond what many players have at this level. End product the like of which we've not seen from a midfielder for years. Add in the fact that he has probably learned from his year in one of the most gruelling leagues in the world and would be better for it, plus, Cocu might actually improve him with a more structured approach. If we have the opportunity to bring him back then YES, I'd bite your hand off. Also interested by the framing of things as: out of the 3 loan players, he's the one I'd least want back. Now, I can see what you're saying. If you give me the choice of all 3 then I probably would go for Mount, Tomori and Wilson (probably in that order) based purely on what I think we are lacking as a team. BUT, have we thought of it this way - that it probably isn't a straight choice between the 3? Because, I reckon that is the case - I don't think we have any chance of Mount, I am starting to think we have little chance of Tomori and so why are we getting obsessed with framing them in the Wilson question? It isn't a straight choice - chances are we'll get none of them and a slim chance we'll get one but nobody is putting a gun to our head and making us pick! If we can have Wilson, we should be grateful and we should be moving heaven and earth to try to secure it. His contributions were genuinely invaluable last year. If we can also have Tomori and/or Mount or anybody else then lets do the same there. But if you can't see why we'd want Wilson back then I'd suggest that either me or you needs to take a trip to the opticians - and I know who my money would be on.
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