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  1. TibshelfRam

    League 1 & 2 18/19

    Would his trainers go with the mandatory waistcoat?
  2. TibshelfRam

    The street where you live

    Was it a creperie?
  3. TibshelfRam

    The winger conundrum

    I don't dispute that, I think that's definitely the plan. I just think that if we were to mix up our wingers and interchanging the side that they play on throughout the duration of the game, it might help us be a little less predictable. Only my own, very limited, tactical view.
  4. TibshelfRam

    The winger conundrum

    I'm not one for suggesting sudden changes in system etc. but there is an element to which I agree with this. I like the inverted wingers as I think it probably gives us a greater goal threat from those wide players. However, I do feel that it is stifling Marriott a bit. I love Marriott, I think he's genuinely a quality attacker and, from what I've seen, the best instinct finisher we've had at the club for some time. Give him a chance and he'll likely take it. But he's not a backs to goal striker a la Martin or Waghorn that others can feed off. To try to get him to play as such diminishes his ability and also that of those around him because he doesn't 'link' the play well enough. Imagine Marriott with balls fizzing across from wide with our wingers getting to the byline and cutting them in - I think he'd be lethal. I'm not saying we ditch the current system, far from it. But I do think it wouldn't hurt us to mix things up. As a side, we looked so dangerous when our wingers (Russell/Ward, Ward/Ince, Ince/Russell or Ibe etc) used to switch. It made us less predictable and encouraged our wingers to get to the byline and get balls in when they'd switched. That being said, I'm not sure we have the wingers to play that way, with the possible exception of Jozefzoon, I think most of them like to come inside (Lawrence, Wilson, Holmes, Waghorn). Just a mere observation, for what its worth.
  5. TibshelfRam

    Premier League 18/19

    'Is it bigger than the bread bin?'
  6. TibshelfRam

    Albentosa to Bolton

    https://www.shoezone.com/Stores/Bolton-1774 FYI, Raul: Just in case you forget your insoles again.
  7. TibshelfRam

    Should we be worried?

    He's been learning the secret art is espionage from Marcelo Bielsa
  8. TibshelfRam

    Should we be worried?

    For the record, I am categorically ruling out leaving my Mrs for Megan Fox.
  9. TibshelfRam

    v Ipswich (A) - Predictions

    ITFC 1-0 DCFC Back down to earth a la Bolton & Rotherham
  10. TibshelfRam

    Efe Ambrose - Signed on short term deal

    Can't understand the hate for this signing. For me, I feel far happier about this than the prospect of bringing in Pennington. What is to hate? He's coming in on a free, he will probably be being paid less than most others we were linked with (or Pearce, for that matter) as I think that the average salary at Hibs is about £2K per week and he's come in as COVER for what we've already got. Why are we getting so worked up? As it happens, I actually genuinely rate him and I have watched more than a few 'youtube' vids. For those who say that 'he's got a mistake in him' - yeah, that's football. I'm not being funny but every single footballer out there has got a mistake in them. And centre backs have them more heightened than others because their mistakes usually get punished, unlike, say, wingers. Reality is, Frank wants centre backs to play out from the back so we're only going to go after centre backs who can do that. Which means, the 'keep it simple, no nonsense' defenders like Shawcross, or Flint etc are not going to work for us. If you want a centre back who can play out from the back and hasn't 'got a mistake in him' then I suggest you go and support Man City or Barcelona because anybody like that is going to be playing at that kind of level - not in the Championship, they'd simply be too good for us. Who didn't the Rams ever go out and sign Rio Ferdinand, or Ricardo Carvalho, or Alessandro Nesta? Ambrose plays out from the back, if he didn't have a mistake in him, he wouldn't be anywhere near us, he'd be at City or United. But, as it happens, this guy is decent. From his build, I understand the Sol Bamba comparison because he looks like a no nonsense kind of CB. But, whilst capable of doing that, I don't actually think that does him justice. I know that he likes to play out from the back and bring it forward - I've seen, at Celtic, Hibs and others have commented on those forums, that he is a ball playing centre back, capable of launching attacks. He's also got a hell of a lot of pace on him. This is a guy who has a lot of caps for Nigeria, who won titles at Celtic and who has played in the Champions League. He is now coming here, on a free, on (probably) not a huge salary as BACK UP to Keogh and Tomori. And yet, we're kicking off? Do me a favour. He suits how we play, he's experienced and he's as good a back up as we were ever going to get. This is a bit of business that I see only a positive and have no problems with at all.
  11. TibshelfRam

    v Hull (H) - Predictions

    Yes please, cheers! Although, I suspect that I might not have many points attributed to me!
  12. TibshelfRam

    Forum Introductions

    Have only just stumbled across this thread so will take advantage of it, in spite of me browsing DCFCfans on a daily basis and occasionally adding the odd comment. I'm Ben, 26 and a lifelong Ram. Spent most of my time growing up in Wirksworth (so may well know @McRainy?) and held a season ticket for years before eventually surrendering it upon moving down to Kent for uni (Hence the recent name of KentRam). Spent several years living and working in Kent/London including a long spell as a Special Advisor in parliament before finally moving back up to the shire last year to run a large charity in Sheffield. This forum is genuinely such a fantastic place. I am incredibly grateful to @David for its quality - a glance at most other clubs' fora and you'll see that very few even come close to comparing with ours. We don't, perhaps, quite know how lucky we are. And when I see, on a daily basis, the array of views, whit, debate and humour it makes me proud to be a Ram. Keep up the good work! Enough about me, nice to "meet" you all. As you were... COYR
  13. TibshelfRam

    Pearson Sacked

    Think that's exactly it. If you look at his aforementioned track record, he is up there with the best in this division and should be able to walk a job in the Championship because he clearly knows his way around the division a la Warnock, Bruce, Holloway etc - he SHOULD be one of those managers a club appoints to guarantee them a way out of this division. But the reality is that his non-footballing reputation precedes him and it prevents anybody from touching him with a barge pole for fear of how his antics will tarnish them. For all of his footballing successes, he has left each and every club he's been at in acrimonious circumstances because he's fallen out with the board as a result of shouting his mouth off. I don't think he helps himself with the 'unfinished business', 'lies have kept me out of football' and speaking in the third person nonsense which just feed the narrative that he's a stuck up, egotistical fantasist. That coupled with the extensive legal action he's taken against those he's fallen out with is hardly going to entice an owner to giving him a shot. RE jobs in Scotland - absolutely agree. His record, as I alluded to, suggests he should be able to walk a job in Scotland, outside of the Old Firm, as I have no doubt he'd be a success there. But it appears that he has been held back by the same problems as down here. As crazy as it might sound, I am led to believe that even Scottish second tier sides wouldn't touch him so I suspect his not taking a job up there might not be his own decision. This article talks about how St Mirren (who were bottom of the Scottish Championship at the time) decided against appointing him and went for an unknown. The author suggests that Davies even being linked with a Scottish second tier side is an 'insult to his managerial record' but, perhaps, provides some context as to his chances to getting a job any time soon... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/billy-davies-cv-premier-league-9005496 Unfinished business, indeed.
  14. TibshelfRam

    v Hull (H) - Predictions

    DCFC 1-2 HCAFC FRGS: Waghorn
  15. TibshelfRam

    Will MM sanction a CB for Frank

    No. But you can bring someone in on a free transfer, provided they're currently unattached to any club.

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