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  1. DCFC 🐑 1-2 SCFC 🐍 FRGS: Holmes
  2. Come on lads, all of these puns have hijacked this thread. It's not very sofishticasted. Let's just clam down and scale it back, shall we?
  3. DCFC 0-1 WAFC Never been more hopeful of being wrong.
  4. Would his trainers go with the mandatory waistcoat?
  5. I don't dispute that, I think that's definitely the plan. I just think that if we were to mix up our wingers and interchanging the side that they play on throughout the duration of the game, it might help us be a little less predictable. Only my own, very limited, tactical view.
  6. I'm not one for suggesting sudden changes in system etc. but there is an element to which I agree with this. I like the inverted wingers as I think it probably gives us a greater goal threat from those wide players. However, I do feel that it is stifling Marriott a bit. I love Marriott, I think he's genuinely a quality attacker and, from what I've seen, the best instinct finisher we've had at the club for some time. Give him a chance and he'll likely take it. But he's not a backs to goal striker a la Martin or Waghorn that others can feed off. To try to get him to play as such diminishes his ability and also that of those around him because he doesn't 'link' the play well enough. Imagine Marriott with balls fizzing across from wide with our wingers getting to the byline and cutting them in - I think he'd be lethal. I'm not saying we ditch the current system, far from it. But I do think it wouldn't hurt us to mix things up. As a side, we looked so dangerous when our wingers (Russell/Ward, Ward/Ince, Ince/Russell or Ibe etc) used to switch. It made us less predictable and encouraged our wingers to get to the byline and get balls in when they'd switched. That being said, I'm not sure we have the wingers to play that way, with the possible exception of Jozefzoon, I think most of them like to come inside (Lawrence, Wilson, Holmes, Waghorn). Just a mere observation, for what its worth.
  7. 'Is it bigger than the bread bin?'
  8. https://www.shoezone.com/Stores/Bolton-1774 FYI, Raul: Just in case you forget your insoles again.
  9. He's been learning the secret art is espionage from Marcelo Bielsa
  10. For the record, I am categorically ruling out leaving my Mrs for Megan Fox.
  11. ITFC 1-0 DCFC Back down to earth a la Bolton & Rotherham
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