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  1. Block 112, Row 39 - Singing and bouncing all the way! COYR
  2. Cheers for the advice guys! Ended up getting it sorted - block 112!
  3. This question may already have been answered but if anyone knows the answer - greatly appreciated! I've just bought a season ticket to try to secure my final ticket (I'd been weighing up buying one for a while anyway but now seemed like an obvious moment)! I've been onto the play off final tickets and they are still greyed out. Does anybody know how long this will take to change? Or if I will still have to go through general sale anyway? Ta!
  4. I'm interested to know exactly where I said that - or anything remotely resembling that. I was illustrating that your assertion that we could use that £50million to fund a significant number of nurses, would actually represent a drop in the ocean. I don't think that that is the same as a tacit endorsement of 'squandering the odd £50m'.
  5. With nurses salaries and on-costs (which, given NHS pensions are pretty vast) you could maybe employ around 1,250 nurses for £50m. That is, of course - just for ONE single year. And given that Sheffield Teaching Hospitals alone currently employs 17,500 members of staff, it ain't gonna get you very far. When it comes to the public coffers, £50m isn't actually a huge figure. Referencing Sheffield Teaching Hospitals again, their annual budget is circa £1.5 billion.
  6. DCFC 🐑 1-2 SCFC 🐍 FRGS: Holmes
  7. Come on lads, all of these puns have hijacked this thread. It's not very sofishticasted. Let's just clam down and scale it back, shall we?
  8. DCFC 0-1 WAFC Never been more hopeful of being wrong.
  9. Would his trainers go with the mandatory waistcoat?
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