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  1. A new Cold War

  2. A new Cold War

    Moderate Syrian rebels. Lol.
  3. A new Cold War

    Fighting Islamic state? Is that the same Islamic state that accidentally finds US weapons, and always gained ground after US bombings on Assads troops? The same Islamic state that Vladimir Putin destroyed?
  4. A new Cold War

    "Israel’s Settlements Have No Legal Validity, Constitute Flagrant Violation of International Law, UN Security Council Reaffirms" "The international community considers the establishment of Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories illegal under international law, because the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibits countries from moving population into territories occupied in a war" And as for America, they currently have boots on the ground in Iraq (illegal war based on a massive lie. Swap WMDs for nerve agent) and Syria (With Assad's permission?)
  5. A new Cold War

    Depends if you believe Crimea is illegally annexed or not. And I wasn't talking hundreds of years ago. The United States and Israel both occupy areas of other peoples land, illegally. https://www.globalresearch.ca/crimea-time-for-the-us-administration-to-read-the-truth/5575535
  6. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    Israeli jewish guy made a video explaining how Pug video isn't antisemitic. Youtube took it down. Obviously. It's 1984.
  7. A new Cold War

    Talk to people in those Countries, as I have. The people are massively pro Russian. It's their Governments that like the $$$. If we're talking about illegally annexing land, then there are plenty of others we should be going for.
  8. A new Cold War

    Or, they're all NATO countries that have been loading up (In Latvia and Estonia) with NATO troops across the Russian borders for a couple of years. Maybe this is the excuse they want. Lets not pretend the USA and it's NATO allies haven't been poking Russia for a couple of years. I'm surprised we haven't blamed our yearly collapse on the Russians.
  9. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    I can't stand Tommy Robinson, as I think he's a bit of a dick and not particularly bright on a lot of things. However, as a giant champion of Israel (another reason I dislike him) and the Jewish population in general, I find it weird that he's labelled as a pro Nazi campaigner. What I do find ironic though, is that because we aren't allowed to talk about things like Rotherham, Newcastle, Rochdale, Telford etc, because the guilty parties were well organized Muslim groups, and their attacks were racially motivated, and that kills the lefts fake narrative that "multiculturalism is great in all it's forms", it actually GIVES Tommy Robinson and co their following. If we could actually have a proper open debate about immigration and certain groups within our community that frankly dislike us, and see young white girls as nothing but easy prey, then I think you'd see TR and Katie Hopkins lose their audience overnight. But we can't, because every white man is a sexist racist and every other minority is oppressed and wonderful. As Jonathan Pie said in a previous video, the left (not the old left. The new hijacked "Munroe Bergdorf for PM" mentalist left) are to blame for Trump, and they're partially to blame for any rise in Tommy Robinson's audience. IMO. And that's from me, a person that has always swayed left and voted for Corbyn.
  10. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    The documentary I posted really is worth watching.
  11. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    It also depends on who owns that outlet, where their loyalties lay (Murdoch has shares in genie energy in illegally occupied Golan heights and so toppling Assad is his desire). Also depends of the editors of those outlets. It's only really the independent that seems to go against Israel. The guardian a little, but not really. The BBC is a propaganda mouthpiece. Anyone that thinks they are independent and neutral is kidding themselves. They are no different to RT, only they question the establishment narrative even less than RT.
  12. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    They aren't at it to an equal degree at all. AIPAC is the biggest lobbying group in the World. 86% of Conservative MPs belong to the CFI. They have such power that they are even managing to stop a documentary being aired, because it shows their power. The above video I posted really is worth a watch, to show just how the ADL have politicians in their pockets.
  13. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    This documentary is an eye-opening film made by an Israeli Jew called Yoav Shafir. He shadows Abe Foxman (Head of ADL {Anti-Defamation League}) and a field trip with Israeli Jewish school kids. It really explains and makes clear the "hows and whys" of the indoctrination and propaganda that provides for the Israeli Jewish "victim" mentality., and how accusations of antisemitism are used to block any criticism of Israel. It is very good.
  14. Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    The New Statesman have gone along the lines of "good riddance". Idiots. The irony being that the joke would actually have annoyed Hitler - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/jan/07/nazi-fury-hitler-dog When you're in a situation where ***** like Tommy ******* shill for Israel Robinson are fighting for free speech, while the new hijacked extreme left are celebrating this lads conviction, you know you're in the twilight zone. But this isn't about banning jokes. It's about setting a precedent to ban any discourse in the future. Steve Hughe basically nails exactly how I feel currently -
  15. A new Cold War

    Yeah. The MET determined in an enquiry that it was "probably a accident". We all accidentally kill ourselves and fold ourselves into a gym bag. I did it so often that my wife banned me from sports direct.

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