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  1. If we lose Sunday...

    Or they need a fluffer.
  2. If we lose Sunday...

    I can see some pressure on Gary, but not neccesarily if we get beat. Anyone can lose a local derby, it's an impossible to call game, so I don't think you can let him go if we lose. However, if it's a soulless, drab, paint dry effort from our lads, there will be questions asked. If you can't get the lads up for this game, you are in the wrong career.
  3. Rams TV meets Shane Nicholson

    At reinvention in Darley. Trains a few lads from Chesterfield there, and a few of the Burton lads train there with Chris Beardsley.
  4. Rams TV meets Shane Nicholson

    I work with him. Lovely guy. Very knowledgeable about footie, and unlike a lot of players, is very switched on politically.
  5. v Forest (H) - Predictions

    1-1. FRGS Carson.
  6. The Tories

    Banking is a scam anyway. If a bank can lend 10x what it has in it's vaults, and can charge interest on that loan, it's basically charging interest on money that doesn't actually exist. Basically a giant Pyramid scheme that survives on Peter paying Paul, who pays Penelope, who pays Pippa. Eventually the thing will crash, and when it does, the banks that caused it all by lending money that doesn't exist, will then sweep in to repossess homes, leaving the bank with actual assets, and the people, buggered. It's almost as if it's a planned. :-)
  7. What kind of man has never seen Die Hard?

    Don't all men die hard?
  8. Extra money for Maddy

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/20/madeleine-mccann-update_n_1898023.html Fella spent 50k of his own money on scanners to try and find the body. Thinks he found it but Kate didn't seem to bothered about following up on it. Had it been my child, I would have done everything. Personally I think they are involved in one way or another.
  9. Extra money for Maddy

    The interview was from Australian Television. 2011 I believe.
  10. Extra money for Maddy

    Goes to show how far a funny handshake can get you.
  11. Extra money for Maddy

    Richard D Hall is a little annoying, but (whilst long) it is an interesting documentary with an FBI statement analyst.
  12. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Laid a little bit of corn, there.
  13. GR - stick or twist

    I think most fans would be happy to keep him if there was a plan. With Clement, I got it. With Pearson, I had no bloody clue what he was trying to do. Give Rowett at least until Xmas. If there is a clear direction, then we should support that with another transfer window at least. If by Xmas we are all still scratching our heads while being served up drivel, it might be time to have a think.
  14. Our next 10 fixtures

    9 points for me.
  15. Replacing Gary....a hypothetical question

    I would expect us to get a good hiding (if not on the scoreboard, certainly on the pitch) on Saturday, and then that sets up a rather ugly game against Forest the following week. A defeat there aswell and I fear this thread might not be hypothetical any more. He needs time, but he won't get it.

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