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  1. Statistically you would have to keep Ince. Creates more, and chips in with plenty of goals. Runs at players, wins penalties by the bucket load, gives us width and provides a great counter attack outlet (Birmingham away). A no brainer really.
  2. But not all.
  3. Not sure that means no chance.
  4. What was said there that gave you the "no chance" impression?
  5. One would hope that we aren't shopping in the Championship. The best years under JS were about having a great scouting network and picking up bargains. Same goes for NC. Bryson and Russell would have cost considerably more if we'd bought them from Norwich. I would hope that names banded around back stage would be well away from our radar as supporters.
  6. Another 600k if he scores the winner in the Champions League final.
  7. If Boyd is better for the team GR is building then I trust his judgement. We went for the stirling individual signings in Butters and Johnson and hardly paid off. Boyd knows where the goal Is, has got promoted, played at a higher level. Don't see it as a bad one.
  8. He wasn't given anything like enough time to settle. Which is tragic given the dross we endure here.
  9. I say partner him with Keogh, then when the defence is still crap, call for Davies to be replaced.
  10. That would be grand.
  11. He does look like pob though.
  12. Unless the other irons in the fire are all young players and he thinks, we should grab some experience to balance. If he signs 4 young low wage players, and Curtis Davies, the plan is still in tact.
  13. #ITKlad
  14. It came from the mouth of a former player we still has links to the club. But by all means, delete and wait for the sun to print it.
  15. I don't know what he is thinking. That would be what the word "maybe" would signify. Keogh has been here since Clough. Clough, SM x2, Pearson, Clement, and now Rowett. And let's be honest, he hardly covered himself in Maldini in the games he played under GR last season. Certainly not enough to be unsellable.